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Text Comments (9239)
BaleJrSpeed (6 months ago)
Triple g v Canelo has been uploaded :-) Hope you guys like it!!!!
Saroj Jena (1 month ago)
+Roberto Rivera yes bro true
Roberto Rivera (1 month ago)
+Saroj Jena that was just my opinion on the fight ,just like I believe that McGregor would beat the shit out of Mayweather in an octagon. Dude a shark will fight only as far as you keep him under water. That truth is irrefutable.
Saroj Jena (1 month ago)
+Roberto Rivera shut up bruh khabib chock him because khabib took advantage on ground.. Otherwise the game might turn
Saroj Jena (1 month ago)
Connor is one of the best he accept the challenge to play boxing ...but if maywhether goes to mma...😂😂 Connor hammer fist will knockout maywhether what's the whether lol
Brendan Jackson (3 months ago)
My bad, I thought that said Triple H trying to be funny😂☮️
Jonas Moser (8 minutes ago)
Not a real fight. Floyd would have roasted him in the second round
frankenclouds !! (2 hours ago)
The choreography... Just beautiful. Jackie chan couldn't have done this any better himself.
Freedom ! (2 hours ago)
Floyd pulled the race card during the fight build up. Typical
Carl Brehmer (2 hours ago)
Floyd toyed with him
Martin S (3 hours ago)
Floyd carried him
Dontaye Romero (5 hours ago)
I want to see Floyd in the Octagon.
Ewolf5150 (5 hours ago)
Floyd just toyed with him till Conor gassed out. Floyd knew exactly what was gonna happen
F S (11 hours ago)
Ended to eraly
Matthew Tonic (11 hours ago)
Train like floyd, swagger like McGregor. Increase your skills!! Head to https://www.beaniebasher.com
Matt Eagle (14 hours ago)
Conor got his butt kick by Floyd!!! Conor can't box!
U.S. 678 (8 hours ago)
Conor knows how to punch tho. Floyd seemed like the underdog the entire dude dafaq u talking bout
William Womble (9 hours ago)
for somebody who doesnt box 10 rounds is pretty good. Place mayweather in the octagon and conor beating his ass
rajesh bawankar (15 hours ago)
Joelson Sabado (16 hours ago)
Soo howcome gayweather couldn't do pacquiao like he did to McGregor?
Joelson Sabado (2 hours ago)
+TheOne McGregor was in his prime but gayweather didn't have problem winning by tko, but against pacquiao he couldn't even hurt him
TheOne (2 hours ago)
because he was scared of him back then lol simple as that when manny was in his prime
Robins Francis (16 hours ago)
If it was in the UFC Mayweather will be no more..
No-Genocide D0tC0m (1 day ago)
Conjob McTappin was deliberately cheating by punching Floyd Mayweather in the back of his head multiple times.
Dylan Pritchard (1 day ago)
Also no one should feel bad that McGregor lost because he talks so much shit lol
Dylan Pritchard (1 day ago)
Lol idk why this fight got so much hype. Like Connor Mcgregor has no clue what he was doing. Mayweather is an undefeated champ in this sport. That’s like some random NFL wide receiver going against an NBA team. Sure you’re fit and can catch a ball, but that doesn’t mean you know shit about Basketball.
spongebob (1 day ago)
Who’s here for no reason
Austin Iron Bosin (1 day ago)
1:54 was pretty solid
yavin99 (1 day ago)
I think it would have better to see eather Diaz brother against Floyd they actually have the stamina and boxing skills to go the distance.
0 MuRillO (1 day ago)
As the fight went on it looked rigged.
0 MuRillO (1 day ago)
Damn conor actually did pretty good.
trung nguyen (1 day ago)
Mỗi mình tao việt nam lạc vào đây à ai việt nam điểm danh phát
Hesekiel Martin (1 day ago)
Please fighter part 2, with MMA version.
Hesekiel Martin (4 hours ago)
+TGcubankevin people dont know, that conor so great in boxing and mma. And so gentleman
TGcubankevin (8 hours ago)
Hesekiel Martin people say Conner is a shit boxer, but he lasted 10 rounds with the best boxer of our generation and 90% pro boxers can’t do that, even mayweather said Conner was one of his hardest fights
Hesekiel Martin (8 hours ago)
+TGcubankevin yeah, thats i want
TGcubankevin (12 hours ago)
Hesekiel Martin dude Floyd would get ko in the first round, Conner is a better fighter all around
Arcel Cabrales (1 day ago)
He could've beat floyd, McGregor have no power punch that's the problem.
Kyle McCarthy (1 day ago)
Lmao get rid of that referee and mayweather, maydead.
John Stark (2 hours ago)
VapeKoll (1 day ago)
logan paul and Ksi have been changed damn...
Tanner Rosner (1 day ago)
Mcgregor would kill mayweather in a street fight
sebas mu0612d (1 day ago)
Like si quieres q seden enla jaula
🇺🇸 vs 🇨🇮
Fuck Yourself (1 day ago)
Da title should be "STOP STOP STOP" lmao
Rhensie Suayan (1 day ago)
Conor may weather part 2
Rhensie Suayan (1 day ago)
Conor mayweather 2👋👌😘
David Sanders (1 day ago)
that was complete bs, like Ali vs. Sumo ringer decades ago. Male boxing really hit rock bottom with this farce. Probably in a few weeks people will say, Shields vs. Hammer was the most notable bout of the 21 century. What a shame for all male boxers !
Crycry abueva (1 day ago)
Floyd should fight like this if the opponent is pacquiao... Aggresive style not a 100 meter dash.
luis guerrero (2 days ago)
What a shame, for both guys.
Brandon Wright (2 days ago)
I wouldn't say he did well. McGregor showed he was a pretty good jab and good timing. Over all he's a decent amateur a side from his timing. He got lost on the inside, didn't know what to do when Floyd keep his guard up, he was terrible at ranging his punches via his footwork. He looked like a fish out of
Dennis Baca (2 days ago)
Hammer fists are childish and useless, like McGregor in the ring. His lack of athleticism exposed.
Dennis Baca (9 hours ago)
William Womble grown men should not hit like a woman and child.
William Womble (9 hours ago)
really not they are just useless with boxing gloves, very helpful in ufc fights.
Oof GangYT (2 days ago)
Mcgregor shpuldnt box
Alejandro Rocha (2 days ago)
8:50 really hurt Mayweather. He tries playing it off as if he was hit in the groin, but it was a body shot. I feel like if Conor wasn’t so use to grappling, which he ended up doing after hurting Mayweather, he could’ve won right there if he landed his shots. Also, definitely an early stoppage
Alejandro Rocha (17 hours ago)
+Elle Brasco Mad? You might be interpreting what I'm saying incorrectly. Understandable though since emotion is lost through these types of communication
Elle Brasco (17 hours ago)
Alejandro Rocha why you so mad tho😂😂😂
Alejandro Rocha (1 day ago)
+Elle Brasco Say something productive or go waste your life elsewhere. Don't be pathetic
Elle Brasco (1 day ago)
Alejandro Rocha hahahahahahahaha Stfu
Vic Lowell (2 days ago)
mayweather is so technical and his training shows
Washington DC (2 days ago)
THIS fight never gets old...FLOYD!!!!!...WE BOX!!!!!
Alphacool7 (2 days ago)
Bruce Lee Vs Both. Bruce wins... 🤔
Paul Charles (2 days ago)
Message to McGregor. Grabbing a dude, holding him whilst rabbit-punching the back of his dead and grinding on his thigh and ass is not boxing where we come from. Keep that shit in Ireland with your fellow gays!!
Paul Charles (2 days ago)
Mayweather whooped his paddy ass!!
Tony Scaffy (2 days ago)
So fixed. I’m still mad I payed 90 for this ballet dance. Never again
Christian Wind (2 days ago)
Connor should read the rules again. All the time he tries to get behind Floyd, grab him and hammer him in the back of his head.
3:05 omg that was the funniest thing I've ever seen
Shinigami (1 hour ago)
lol it was conor testing distance, but it was funny when it was in slow mo... Boop.
Zach (2 hours ago)
vinit varghese “cute”.. i wouldnt call a professional fighter cute
vinit varghese (3 hours ago)
Flyod knew, conor has gassed out. That little boop is so cute.
Rafie (1 day ago)
AMS let's hypothetically say tryna fuck these hoes to sleep
Bearded IBMOR (2 days ago)
7:26 conor tried to do some tricky shit and still got tagged lmao
Elizabeth Lopez (3 days ago)
Negro maricon para pelear
ToXc Rain (3 days ago)
KSI vs Logan Paul X10000000
Bobby Iseton (3 days ago)
May weather who thinks he's the best boxer ever, couldn't even put this bum out that had never had a boxing match. If mayweather was any good at all, he should have put this bum to sleep in 1 round. Imagine sugar ray leonard , Thomas hearns, or Marvin hagler, fighting someone that had never had a pro boxing match before. It would be murder in the ring.
TabascoPlayz (3 days ago)
The prob is that mcgregor doesn’t know the rules
Ahmed Alkabasi (3 days ago)
Song name?
Trenton Frazier (3 days ago)
but if it was a UFC match conor would have destroyed him
Troll X (3 days ago)
Es como maywater y mcgregor en estos días el talento se impone a lo que quiere la mayoría!! !!!
Yo tambien vine por eso xD
Adrian Wright (4 days ago)
Seems as if everytime McGregor got ahold of him then it's stop stop stop? But when the tables turn that's ok? Smh put mayweather in an octagon then let's see how great he is McGregor went into his sport let's see mayweather do the same!!
ChronicScrub (3 days ago)
It was McGregor’s choice to get into the ring, Floyd isn’t going to take such a risk to his career just to prove himself. They broke up Conor’s grapples because they were illegal 95% of the time. This isn’t the UFC.
Stretch TV (4 days ago)
ViiPerZ_ MazingaZ (4 days ago)
Strategy win
Chaotic Twixt (4 days ago)
Who’s here after completely forgetting this happened?
Buch 23 (2 days ago)
Gnome Child (4 days ago)
I just wanted so see someone land a few punches on that smug face of Mcgregor
Gnome Child (4 days ago)
+Connor Johnson You mean that im a bad person because it sometimes feels good to see a person who talks a lot of shit defeated?
Connor Johnson (4 days ago)
😂 you're pathetic.... And if you reply to this, then it really shows you are...
Angelica Smith (5 days ago)
Put mayweather in the mma ring an see what kinda skills he’s got too prove lol he get his shit rocked within the minute sad fight
Oh yeah yeah bud (2 days ago)
Angelica Smith he's not an MMA fighter no shit lmao stop being salty
Paul Harbron (5 days ago)
Typical boxing bullshit
Paul Harbron (5 days ago)
How do you stop a fight with a UFC champ when he’s not even on the ground
ChronicScrub (3 days ago)
It’s called a standing count you McGregor dickrider. Conor had his hands down and was eating shots, unable to defend himself.
Akbar Zaman (5 days ago)
Coner done better then all the boxers floyd fought except maidona
Akbar Zaman (2 days ago)
+refugigator mmmm yeah and maidona knocked him about
refugigator (2 days ago)
+Akbar Zaman still, Pacman probably gave him his hardest achieving victory
Akbar Zaman (2 days ago)
+refugigator lol floyd says bye nah on a serios note floyd is clever in catching fighters at a catch weight
refugigator (2 days ago)
Pacman says Hi
Dokkan Boi (3 days ago)
he was 40 years old tho and did he really try hard
Daniel Allen (5 days ago)
Honestly that looked staged
Daniel Allen (5 days ago)
I stand corrected after watching after round two
Ayflac (5 days ago)
now tell Floyd to fight in the octagon
Ayflac (14 hours ago)
+Benie so you mean mma takes less skill?wtf, respect all forms of fight
Benie (14 hours ago)
+Ayflac thats why i called that messy fight. Anyone can fight messy but when you have to follow rule to keep balance etc and have good skills, as for May he would knock out Mcgregor for sure.
Ayflac (14 hours ago)
by Octagon I meant MMA ,you can play with your own style ,boxing is not Conor's nature cause he can't use his legs or grapple
Benie (14 hours ago)
He will do good because Octagon is messy. Messy as someone can fight on your back. So now imagine punches from everywhere landing over M. mcgregor will just have died already
Balli5tic_I4n (2 days ago)
Poor kid gonna get his ass kicked by the shittiest fighter there
Roland Marinas (5 days ago)
Who find d super slowmo funny?
12-Mojo (5 days ago)
No offence but I think Mayweather kind of exposed the business. How a pro goes 9 rounds with some nobody whose got literally very little experience in the art is very baffling. Surely if his ‘world greatest’ he would of killed the man in the 1st round no competion due to the vast difference between the two but nope that didn’t happen. VERY STRANGE.
Disco Dan (6 days ago)
McGregor looks so happy when he gets his grapple on!! ;D
berrykey324 (6 days ago)
McGregor reminds me of an over zealous kid.
Brian Carey (6 days ago)
Look a pro boxer vs a non ameture boxer, I wonder why Mayweather won? I want to see Floyd in the octagon now
Issa Tro på Gud (5 days ago)
Floyd knows he can't match Conor in the octagon he will be brautally beaten and quick. No way he will put him self in that position. Floyd the better boxer Conor the better fighter.
ZEGS i (6 days ago)
Ok now Floyd has to fight in a ufc ring... Its the only way to know whos really the best
Sharrod Stewart (6 days ago)
Why do people keep saying “if this was mma...” as if Mcgregor didn’t step onto Mayweather’s court.
Oscar Amaro (3 days ago)
+Sharrod Stewart I ain't your daddy, go look it up.
Sharrod Stewart (3 days ago)
Oscar Amaro show me
Oscar Amaro (3 days ago)
Probably because Mayweather said he'd beat him in MMA as well..
Javier Gonzalez (6 days ago)
All saying mcgregor week stamina,i wonder how many of you actually has 1% of the stamina he has
Jovany De La Flamé (6 days ago)
McGregor fighting like he's in the octagon 😂
dude (6 days ago)
When a Guitar Hero champ challenges Mark Knopfler
uhuh (2 days ago)
+Alejandro Rocha exactly. Hey @dude you just got educated
Alejandro Rocha (2 days ago)
dude Not even close. These guys are gods in their own sports. Conor gave Mayweather a good fight this being his FIRST boxing match. Hurt him plenty too. Mayweather goes against Conor in the octagon, easily would’ve been defeated. They’re different realms with different rules
George tzav (7 days ago)
Boxing never loose the respect like a sport!!
Jar Head (7 days ago)
Greatest boxer my ass didn't knock him down once and mayweather had to stay back till Connor way drainned or he would have got hurt
Bylaw (7 days ago)
10:52 You see R Kelly huahahahahahahha
tennouji1425 (7 days ago)
tennouji1425 (7 days ago)
Bryce Horton (7 days ago)
That’s how you know America racist as hell, they cheering for a foreigner, when Floyd served the country in the Olympics and always repped them. Sad
B. Devoe (7 days ago)
Bryce Horton mcgregor is such a personality that it is hard not to root for him
Hethos Deus (7 days ago)
Looks like Mayweather's strategy was to guard the first few rounds only taking shots if wide open, while Mcgregor wears himself out. He knew McGregor was going to come out swinging trying to prove he can box with the best.
Galaxy Anderson (7 days ago)
Mayweather is a little bitch, he knows how to curl like a bitch.
I've never seen that hammer to the head technique in boxing before. Are you even allowed to do that?
EJ (7 days ago)
Nope that's very illegal
terence lois fuentes (7 days ago)
Mc gregor weak stamina
terence lois fuentes (7 days ago)
WTF mc gregor aka chicken. What are you doing men..
Jakob Braun (6 days ago)
Hahaha alright man.....
somatai kathing (7 days ago)
no way conor could mess with mayweather
Ernesto james (6 days ago)
How about mma???!
jancel 1234 (7 days ago)
If this only happens on octagon. Mcgreg have a chance to knock maywether
jancel 1234 (6 days ago)
+crisb8713 he landed to many punches on may so if that only happens on octagon yes theres a chance.. and mcgreg haa powerful left hand and powerful kicks
crisb8713 (6 days ago)
wouldn't happen. . . Mayweather is purposely guarding and bending his head so the boxing rules take away points from Conor.
Ashley Griffiths (7 days ago)
Who's here after i fucked your mum?
CLow (8 days ago)
(7 days ago)
Floyd wouldn’t last a minute in a street fight
Deadass b (8 days ago)
Yeah ok random internet tuff guy
DeezNuts (8 days ago)
Who's here after Frazier vs. Ali "Thrilla in Manilla"?
jamietherooster (9 days ago)
McGregor looked good. Not only held his own, actually controlled most of the fight. For those that are gonna reply now........."mayweather wasn't even trying" my response is.... first of all, if we are making insinuations that Floyd Is somehow the tougher man, lets see how he'd get on in the octagon, which is far more representative of a real life life or death situation. Secondly, in what way does it benefit mayweather not to try? There were some extremely complex exchanges in this fight, far too complex to be choreographed, IF Floyd got hit in such an exchange, his record would be down the drain and his reputation in dispute, so why on earth would he be taking it 'easy'?.
James Villota (9 days ago)
Nobody ate or bites an ear!...why you call this sport?!😠...
Pablo Prado (9 days ago)
se pegan como niñas los p....
Chris Battaglia (9 days ago)
Lets see maywhether step in the octagon...
Lautaro RK150 (9 days ago)
A eso le llaman boxeo, parecen 2 chicos de preescolar peleándose
J Pweek (9 days ago)
I wanted Conor to lose but after watching MMA, boxing just looks like an incredibly silly sport. It's like, if you wanted to playfight with your little sister.... you'd box with her .... and those silly fucking gloves. They look like a couple of clowns.

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