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Text Comments (8075)
BaleJrSpeed (4 months ago)
Triple g v Canelo has been uploaded :-) Hope you guys like it!!!!
Brendan Jackson (1 month ago)
My bad, I thought that said Triple H trying to be funny😂☮️
Brendan Jackson (1 month ago)
If you don't shit the fuck up😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀 bruuuhhh
mos ab (1 month ago)
Martin Anaviso (2 months ago)
You know what if that was ufc fight mayweather is down mcgregor is not fit for boxing watch the fight he want to put him down but he cant do it
Fernando Fuerte (43 minutes ago)
some people may hate Conor but to talk your way into fighting a Goat boxer and idiots actually bought the fight was really impressive
Jacob Monk (1 hour ago)
12.45. Check out the tits on him!
TheOuterLimits (2 hours ago)
McGregor did not belong in boxing. He looked like a monkey jumping and flailing around
gerardo delarosa (5 hours ago)
This is not McGregors stuff now if it was kick boxing may weather would of lost real bad like if u agree
TimeGallon (5 hours ago)
Who is here after the past?
The Last Snow (6 hours ago)
the fight was what it was but that ref was a twat. jumped in when there were no rules being broken. fuck sake.
Anand Singh (7 hours ago)
Floyd was holding back or the match could have been finished in the first round. Respect to McGregor for giving us the opportunity to witness such entertaining match.
Cornford (10 hours ago)
Imagine if it was Anthony Joshua instead of Mayweather, that would literally be murder. Yeah I know it’s different weight class but still tho. (Sorry but I need to do this on every video I watch): Oh yeah yeah and Šùbśčríbė to PewDiePie
skorpion red (10 hours ago)
Conor can Not boxing
Connor should just remove his gloves on and murder that fucking black cueball
Juampi Carp (16 hours ago)
Alguien habla español ?
_GABRIEL_ (50 minutes ago)
Leoneil Decena (17 hours ago)
Ez money!
Lucien Morningstar (18 hours ago)
I love seeing loud mouth floyd get beat up
Kenji GamingYT (18 hours ago)
He's trying to headlock😂😂
Kenji GamingYT (18 hours ago)
McGregor is UFC he tries to boxing
UNKNOWN UNKNOWN (18 hours ago)
Why Floyd keep running from Pacquiao?
Ki0 Gaming (19 hours ago)
McGregor thinking he fighting in the octagon
fabriziolucera (19 hours ago)
Aijaz Nabi (20 hours ago)
Ass hole macgregor so poor. Lots of love for Mayweather
Entertaining fight but let’s be honest, Floyd wasn’t even trying this fight. If he really wanted to knock him out he would’ve ended it in the 3rd or 4th rd
Lavand SF (1 day ago)
Khabib.... khabib.... khabib....
_ (1 day ago)
Conor would've killed him in a real fight, no cap.
Nikki Cruz (1 day ago)
Why the referee stop the fight? Floyd was enjoying the show! If I was the referee that night I will not cut the fun.
McGregor is a true master of pitter patttering punching!!
Awesomo 360 (1 day ago)
Now let’s see floyd v him in the octagon
Jesse Himmelfjord (1 day ago)
When Conor even tried Diaz...at that point...Conor just lost his fucking mind...😂😂😂...
chookalatemuffin (1 day ago)
They should have never even fought. Mcgregor’s guard and grappling was absolutely garbage. No footwork and technique in his punches. MMA skills do not transfer at all to the boxing ring.
Georgie M (1 day ago)
The narrative went from "his head is too small, Conor is gonna fuck Floyd up" to "in defeat we learn" REAL QUICK lmao
Iceberg Slim (1 day ago)
Basically it was another payday for him
sugarshonda (1 day ago)
When I saw the way Mcregors shorts fitted I knew he couldnt win!
aB Ali (1 day ago)
6:48 is that James harden
Moses Domingo (1 day ago)
watch 2:59 - 3:05 that was a cute punch on the nose
Its kzeee hvra (1 day ago)
McGregor make it like MMA 😂
Mark Jason Baguio (1 day ago)
Connor the hugger
Mark Jason Baguio (1 day ago)
What the heck is mcgregor doing
Ivo Mihailov (1 day ago)
I always think of Trevor when i hear Mayweather
just joel (1 day ago)
2019?? Anyone
chimong Danny (2 days ago)
Looking back this is a joke but regardless it takes some balls to go against the goat in a different sport. Respect to both
Prof Nazrul Islam (2 days ago)
An Exhibition show predetermined with May-weather to Win.
Don Juan Carleone (2 days ago)
McGregor got torn up & a nice payday.. McGregor ate his words
osman abdi (2 days ago)
myweather would not survive up to 10 rounds in UFC, with cannor
Artex (2 days ago)
Why does this remind me of Ksi vs Logan Paul
frenzua rotchi (2 days ago)
if he fight pacquio 2nd round will be his last hahaha
Mr Miner (2 days ago)
Floyd the only trash talker that backs it up
monkeyfury (2 days ago)
lmao Floyd wasn’t even trying in the first half of the match, once he started to care he was dominating, all Conor could do was grab his neck and hammer his head 😂
calvin kronu (2 days ago)
Baby punch 😀
The Fucker (2 days ago)
Wow boxings today is boring af. No tyson no evander. Just boring
Smith, F. (2 days ago)
The funny thing is, McGregor actually landed more punches than Pacquiao.
Ciro Mendez (2 days ago)
Que pelea mas arreglada ... se nota que silo fue puro marketin ... era claro q que money no peleo de verdad
Dom Erick Tibule (2 days ago)
If this is how Mayweather will fight Pacquiao on their rematch, then Pacquiao has a very good chance to beat him.
Meljohn Maruzzo (2 days ago)
Its only a business..
Jaycel Ansing (2 days ago)
If Mc gregor have enough stamina to fight in a 12 round match it. Would be a great fight cause McGregor got the moves.
Eric Kerti (2 days ago)
Music from the background?
Red Guy (2 days ago)
Mayweather wasn't even trying lol
Daniel Galvan (3 days ago)
Too bad Mcgregor didnt employ the turn around and stick your ass out strategy.
Justin Brown (3 days ago)
Conor would kill mayweather if this was a ufc match and everyone here knows it
Robert Labelle (3 days ago)
We need a second fight with a more conditioned Conor
Chaala Waday (3 days ago)
Who’s here after the pacquiao fight?
Romiel Franco (3 days ago)
2:36 cracking a egg
The Rational Saiyan (3 days ago)
I feel like people aren’t giving enough credit to Connor, I mean think about it he was at a HUGE disadvantage the whole time, considering it was in the ring and not the octagon It would of made 100x more sense if they fought in the octagon, so then both fighters wouldn’t be restricted to rules
papi deb (3 days ago)
rematch please conor vs maytrashweather in ufc lets see!!
Jay V1th (3 days ago)
Peep James harden 6:46
Saitama (3 days ago)
fook dis boxing shyt
Peli Poy (3 days ago)
6:32 slow mo, look closely mcgregor hesitate to punch
Breazie (3 days ago)
saved by the ref
MasteRidley (3 days ago)
Octogone, pas d’arbitre
Kurdyjski Pasterz (3 days ago)
Floyd pokazała bardzo dobry boks.
Jonny Moistbane (4 days ago)
Ireland took an L
Kuya Omer (4 days ago)
Hahahaha UFC figth
Kuya Omer (4 days ago)
Floyd manny mayweather
James Adolfo (4 days ago)
This fight is scripted men
Milagros Fh (4 days ago)
El talento se impone a lo que quiere la mayoria
Darellano (4 days ago)
You got to admit mcgregor did put up a good fight, mayweather was struggling with him, but you can’t beat a man at his own sport, mayweather all the way.
RektOmegaRage (4 days ago)
Billy Lzer (4 days ago)
Floyd is an ENTERTAINER . he quit boxing years ago .
Yousouf Jamrock (4 days ago)
McGregor, gotta respect this guy koz this was not his field.. Just tryna imagine how the fight would have ended if it was in the octagon... Hehhehehe
StaRacer94 (1 day ago)
Yousouf Jamrock imagine if mayweather was the same age as him.... yeah stfu
BlackMamba (1 day ago)
+Random Dude who the fuck is that guy?
Rj Woo (2 days ago)
Bro this was the easiest fight mayweather ever had stand in the pocket so body shots take him out late
lady marmaduke (2 days ago)
respect. lol
Ephram E (4 days ago)
McGregor don’t belong in boxing. He hammerfisting mayweather on the back of the head
Samuel Fernandez (1 hour ago)
Hammerfisting to the back of the head isn't even allowed in the UFC, so Idk what he was doing
Maddox Armendariz (6 hours ago)
Yes brother
jeric ray (9 hours ago)
+Cornford yeah am sure
Jerry Vasquez (10 hours ago)
Hello my brothas
Cornford (10 hours ago)
jeric ray R u sure?
poutine la frappe (4 days ago)
What is the music pls ?
Nikola Vukicevic (4 days ago)
bigger cardio wins not skill fuck you nigga Connor is CHAMPION!
Richard Krich (5 days ago)
Overall money may da man but they should do one Mma match. I still fink may will win he's smart .
Thin Lam (5 days ago)
floyd money may feateher
Muhammad Zayd (5 days ago)
Point is that not even a single boxer stood mayweather this good but mcgregor did and thing is that mayweather would hage never survived in mma or ufc liie mcgregor did mayweather wouldhave tasted dust in two rounds ins mma he is a boxer not fighter and mcgregor is a fighter knowing different techniques and not just dodge and punch
Jeffree Flores (5 days ago)
ordinary human (5 days ago)
fake? conor is not cocky? his face tell that his thinking for someting, also look at mayweather, his toying conor, thats not how mayweather figth, he used to run, but watch how he cover while conor punching him they are like idiot
ordinary human (5 days ago)
conor punch has no power
Lilpebbles Pebble (5 days ago)
The one punch the mayweather landed on his face tho😂😂👌🏿
EAR Th (3 days ago)
Lilpebbles Pebble ONE PUNNCCHHH *soulja voice*
大谷京平 (5 days ago)
3:05 メイウェザーのすごさ! 鼻にすこし当たるのかわいい笑笑
John Jones (5 days ago)
Mayweather could've knocked him out at 1:20 but intentionally missed.
Susana Correia (5 days ago)
He can’t afford a suit but he can broke your teeth mother fucker
Thug Life (5 days ago)
derek gleaton (5 days ago)
Racist people are pathetic just look at this dude
NextLeader (5 days ago)
Haha tinitira ni gragor si may weather hahah 3:16 hahahahahahaha
dianawapooh (5 days ago)
most mma fans dont know shit about boxing. you see things like wow conor did really well bla bla bla. no he didnt. thats a 40 yr old small dude thats not even a puncher that knocked conor out. and just to clarify because like i said most mma fans dont know shit about boxing thats TKO a technical knockout so that still counts as a ko n floyds record.
dianawapooh (5 days ago)
ufc was created so that white dudes who cant make it in boxing have a place to go
CK Dimz (5 days ago)
Goodjob for the referee for stoping mcgregor when hes going at the back of floyd, cause hes about to takedown that guy and definitely kill him with ground&pound or even broke his bones. 😂
DEVILDOG 03 (6 days ago)
Yeah Mayweather looked real good. He saved his power and programmed himself during the first couple rounds. Conner May have appeared to be the aggressive one, but that wasn’t the case. Once he was ready to hit the gas, it was over. Mayweather as usual gave us all a good show. He is an outstanding athlete, a real modern day gladiator.
Andrew Clarke (6 days ago)
Mayweather toyed with him the whole fight
Every guy above 70 kg and 180 centimeters can fuck these guys up this is a joke
Pv Pwner (6 days ago)
It looks to me like Conor is barely even throwing his punches compared to the speed he has previously shown.

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