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How to Meet Girls In College (Step-By-Step)

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http://systembytodd.com Your college years are one of the absolute best times to meet girls. All the normal rules of game apply, but there are many additional opportunities you can take advantage of. College game is "easy mode" in many ways, but a lot of guys who learn pick up make college game much harder than it needs to be. Find out the key adjustments to maximize this unique opportunity in this video.
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Dakid015 (1 day ago)
This guy's advice is truth. I think entering college, it can be easy to have high expectations in mind of what experiences with women should be like. These high expectations can cripple your actual confidence when you meet girls in the flesh. Because those expectations don't reflect reality. Not to mention the unnecessary pressure you put on yourself, especially when you hear tales of guys who luckily hit it off with a girl at freshman orientation or first day on campus or something like that. It's good to realize those stories are not always the norm and playing the long cool approach is better.
iamspencerx (2 days ago)
Man, this is what I did, and What I'm still doing, with no success. Everyone tells me "wow, everyone knows you" but I'm getting none of that pussy (also I'm looking for a relationship). I can't switch from platonic to non-platonic, because if I show premise, no matter how little it is, it's suddenly different from how I usually speak. So now I started doing cold approach, but in a limited amount so I'm not that guy, yet. Some lines I use: You seem cute (pause) today. You and I will never get along. You're cool, I thought you'd be boring the first time I met you. One thing I like about you is ... , the rest is all bad though (deliver as a joke) but that's just a little bit of premise, and I can't escalate more that this.
Jesse B. (2 days ago)
I lived at home for 7 years of school so pussy was just not in the cards.
Morten Skjøde (5 days ago)
I really love all your intermittent setences
T Oni (17 days ago)
Have you had more ass than Barney from how I met your mother
Thomas (17 days ago)
I'm in dance! He's right
Doctor Drake (20 days ago)
r.i.p most of my hobbies are full of dudes.
Brian R (2 days ago)
dudentp (21 days ago)
So I got 1 year of college left but havent kissed a girl yet. I've gotten a lot of numbers but they never meet up with me. I did cold approach and girls I'm in club with. There are no girls in my classes cuz I'm in computer science. I hope I can finally at least kiss a girl my last year
Michael Lin (1 month ago)
There’s a girl in my math class who smiles and tries to talk to me. She’s also a hot blonde. How do I get her to sleep with me?
Tim Thomas (1 month ago)
Much gratitude.
Andrew King (1 month ago)
That is a dope shirt!
Abhishek Tomar (1 month ago)
Not for me i am a total introvert.
citizen000 (1 month ago)
I've used the same lines on same girl an hour later. Brings me to next important point, don't drink too much. 3 beer rule
Anton Boludo (1 month ago)
Schooling all boys private school from ages 6 to 18. No girls :( University was Engineering. Very few girls. Fair enough, but the Engineering school was cut off from the other faculties. Bad luck! Boo Hoo! I had to correct this later, which I did, fortunately ... All the best to everyone!
George Mihai Mitrofan (1 month ago)
Nice advice, good relief knowing that you don't have to have "perfect game" in college. Question: What are the steps to do to after a pull to keep her coming back? (Neediness kills the vibe afterwards)
Mecil Wolf (1 month ago)
Thank you todd, in two months ill be in my first year college Wish me luck guys 😊😊😊😊
ares sthetics (1 month ago)
How to quit the need to have perfect interactions and not putting pressure on myself to not mess up ...i actually overanlize my interactions even when it went smooth I beat myself up and I go"owh I shouldve said that I should've did that and responded that " owh maybe Ill lose her .....ect any help
Yagshemesch (1 month ago)
what if im a very nonsociable guy? How much does it hurt my potential with girls?
Ch, college. The one place you can cold approach a girl and have her respond, "You've done this before. This is the fourth time you've hit on me.", and not have a clue to what she's talking about. Fun times.
Same Kid (1 month ago)
Alexander Topf (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, Question: What are the ways to get girls into my normal life? And here I really mean the plural. Do I always have to do day/nightgame (where you mostly only interact with one girl) or are there other ways where you interact with more than one at a time such as in social circles Best
Cussy Richards (1 month ago)
The ONLY way to date is Tinder nowadays. Women prefer it because they can be much more picky than in real life. If you approach women at uni you can easily be accused of sexual harrasement (up to you to prove you didn't do it, not up to the accuser because of hastag believewomen) and you can get thrown out.
Mike Blake (1 month ago)
Question: What were the Top Hard Core Shit Tests you received in your life? Thanks for your Content!!!
Christmas Is Awesome (1 month ago)
You will still need to evaluate your overall looks. If its good then use this advise. If not, use it carwfully
luke jacob (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, some weeks I’m more confident but some weeks I suck. What do I do to overcome this?
shasha antil (1 month ago)
Hey Todd . Do a vedio on how to pick up girls on beaches?
The Green Pill Mindset (1 month ago)
All the girls are whores on beaches. Just bring a drag net and a truck and load up.
AlexTrainsChest (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, I watched an interesting video recently where a guy goes around and asks girls whether they prefer a "dad bod" or a "six pack." I would say a solid 70% of girls who I thought were attractive enough for me to approach said they preferred the "dad bod." I'm kind of a gym rat, so my question is can having a six pack / body builder style physique actually work against me in game? Most of the girls who preferred a "dad bod" said they think most guys with a good physique are douche bags. Does this mean I should aim for more comfort in general?
Mikko Valtonen (1 month ago)
I would say athletic body matches with pretty face and turns girls on, but a muscular body and an average face scares them. They might see a dad bod guy with an average face, but good personality and game as a cute "teddy bear" type of guy. If you have a dad bod however, make sure to have at least some muscle so you won't be just fat.
Việt Dũng Nguyễn (1 month ago)
How to respond/recover when she cancels the meeting at the last minute
RMS (1 month ago)
Wasted one and a half year not gaming chicks in college.. Hopefully I can implement these ideas!
Caleb Suhl (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, we've loved your breakdowns of what Hollywood gets right and wrong so far. We'd love to see one of James Bond. He's probably the biggest ladies' man ever. What do you think of Daniel Craig's character?
ArashkG (1 month ago)
"That said" - Todd V, 1398 SH
Andy Faull (1 month ago)
Uni is fun. Just gotta self amuse and have fun. Game is defo easier because you are networked yo everyone, even girls you haven’t met yet Power of having a good Instagram 😉
ma long (1 month ago)
How do you make your hair?
How many channels does this guy have? todd v dating, backup channel, asktodv. Am i missing something?
Chandrashekar M (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, when are you starting the personal finance series of videos, I found only two videos I found them very educational ...
Adams Omede (1 month ago)
Jojo Baggins (1 month ago)
What if you're in college at age 34? lol
The Wise Guy (1 month ago)
Question: I'm a young guy (19) but my interests are...different. I like opera, history, philosophy, music theory, and overall have hobbies seen as prudish or simply put "hobbies that don't sex". I've read Garrett's article on internal congruency on your website and want to be authentic while also enjoying pickup. Can I have my cake and eat it, too? Side note: I am not an actual prude, in fact I think my humour can be borderline vulgar with my use of misinterpretation and exaggeration which I have accidentally honed before discovering your material.
Admiral Beotch (28 days ago)
The Wise Guy try different, more conventional hobbies. If you find one you like, pick that up, and you’ll have something that you genuinely like & have in common with a lot of people.
Filip, Live Free (1 month ago)
OF COURSE you can. Dont make it into a limiting belief
Juan Camilo Chaparro (1 month ago)
Hey Todd! In heading to Cancun next week and I wanted to ask you, any tips on “spring break game”? Like how to build a mini social circle in the hotel, deal with flaky girls and lmr, etc. Hope you have a great day!
MrUaliev (1 month ago)
Todd, I'm a 3rd year student in college and I feel like I missed a lot of experiences and time to build reputation. Am I too old for starting to build up reputation? I got only 1 year until I graduate
Adam Malik (1 month ago)
MrUaliev you also have way less to lose in that situation too, considering you’re never going to see those people soon anyways..
MrDominic600 (1 month ago)
College is the best case scenario because everyone frequents the same places. Make female friends(preselection), lift on campus to get built(physique), be popular(status) and the girls will chase you. Also if your just popular in campus that entitlement will encourage you to approach and even if you get rejected u won’t care and no one will either. Do you think Will Smith would be shamed for cold approaching? Lol didn’t think so
Om (1 month ago)
I did game without even knowing it was game in college. I just approached girls that looked at me. One became my girlfriend and the other I went out on several dates with. I must have had no approach anxiety lol. Plus I was in High School at the time. High School student dating college chicks. Fuck High School girls.
greg ustymenko (1 month ago)
Baller shit man lol
Tsholo (1 month ago)
hy todd what if i do not know what to talk about with the girl
Drone Nation (1 month ago)
Tsholofelo Ramashilabele ur f*cked
Pete Kennedy (1 month ago)
Nightgame Logistical Question: Would you recommend going out Solo to practice night game? I find it difficult to rally friends on a regular basis to go out to train. Thus it seems the only way to get regular night training is to go out Solo. How do you address the inhernet awkwardness of being out by yourself? Should you keep location hopping so you're not the try-hard guy in the corner just waiting for targets?
Jaka Basej (1 month ago)
I already have player / fuckboy label. How can I use that in my advantage?
Vyse Arcadia (1 month ago)
Hi Todd you're awesome love the system and your channel. In your opinion what are the best life experiences/events or parties to enjoy?
VISHAL RANA (1 month ago)
I'm in college,should I keep approaching while I'm with some girl from like 2-3 days. Because whenever I'm with some hot girl I find another one and don't want to lose the chance.
Niels (1 month ago)
Go for it, why wouldn't you, you're not married
Lucky Jero (1 month ago)
Tfw you live in a small town in Germany where College isn't a thing compared to the US. ;-;
Lucky Jero (1 month ago)
Also girls in germany are kind of stiff towards strangers unlike in the US. Approaching is most likely awkward.
Ruturaj Mansingh (1 month ago)
Better than most RSD 🔥
Lambertus (1 month ago)
Hello Todd, I have got two questions which might be interesting: -Meditation: at [some company's name] meditation is very frequently recommended as a method of being more present and thereby getting better results in game. What is your view of this? -Premise in group settings: this is a personal sticking point of mine. If I am talking to a group of girls and want to flirt with one of them, I am always rather concerned with the emotional experience of the other (especially if I notice she is into me as well). What is the experience like of a girl when her more attractive friend is being hit on and how can I try to flirt without making her feel insecure? (Or should I just stop worrying about other people's feelings so much?) Hope these provide interesting content.
Niels (1 month ago)
you should acknowledge the less attractive girls and just be nice to them when you feel they get uncomfortable or need attention, but always stay focused on the one youre trying to lay, and keep going back to her after acknowledging one of her friends
Lambertus In Todd’s program Women a mission he assigned was meditation. He’s in favor of it. His only negative comment about it was some people think it’s a cure-all.
david wilfand (1 month ago)
What about high school game?
Adams Omede (1 month ago)
david wilfand somehow I wish I could do high school again... a lot of girls liked me and some of them told me, but I was too shy to ask anyone out.
L1k3toplay (1 month ago)
Is this idea of college game just doable right from the start or can you still do this halfway through without it being awkward since they already are familiar with you?
Tanvir Islam (1 month ago)
Golden Psychology Keys (1 month ago)
whats name of outro song anyone?
The Triangle Guy (1 month ago)
What to do when she kinda looses interest, how can i keep her invested even if i played really well in the beginning.
Victor R (1 month ago)
Not much to do. Back off, do you, hit up other girls. If she comes back cool if not whatever.
Frankwhite0802 (1 month ago)
First off Todd, your content is amazing and thank you so much for sharing your understanding and knowledge of game with the rest of us. My game is more online than social circle or cold approach based (looking to diversify) so I have found your content on online and dates absolute gold, keep them coming! The issue I have, which can be seen as a good problem for some is multiple girls all wanting relationships. I don't want to be an ass that lies and string girls along but I also like the sex and company.... As you do :) . Please how do I go about this? It feels like a difficult balance with too many spinning plates particularly with girls of African descent. Thanks FW
luke jacob (1 month ago)
Last week I was good at game, got like 5 numbers. But this week I was dressed better and approached two, both rejected me bad. What do I do?
Niels (1 month ago)
Two is a small sample, they could 've just had a bad day or whatever, don't put too much thought into it.
Hey, how can one best take compliments? I have good singing voice after karaoke or I make a good joke or point; how does take the compliment and not get stuck in a value seeking frame? Thanks so much
+Salvador Diaz del Valle Santana it feels like missed opportunity
Troy Keys -Applying Principles As simple as this : say thank you. No more no less
jaime d (1 month ago)
Omg this is what I needed
DudeSwedish (1 month ago)
This is golden stuff right here gentlemen! What Todd is talking about is literally social circle on a large scale. This is something You should start applying ASAP if you are in college as of right now. It has the positive benefit that you will appear as a "very social guy" instead of "that creepy PUA dude". By using something very innocent such as a "Hi!" to all girls repeatedly, you are applying "The Mere Exposure Effect" which means that the more exposed you are to something, the more likely you are to like it with time as long as each exposure is either neutral or a little bit positive (e.g. songs on the radio played several times a day that you might listen to at work). Because you start with something as innocent and socially accepted such as a "Hi!" people cannot say, "Hey, you are trying to the mere exposure effect on me!" because that would render them as fucking socially inept which no one wants to be perceived as. So, you are using social psychology at its best! In a sense you are just "fishing" for the smallest amount of compliance with that very simple "Hi!" that you repeat to the same girl.
Con mon (1 month ago)
+Same Kid this ain't it chief
Same Kid (1 month ago)
DudeSwedish chief called and this comment is stupid
Righteous1 (1 month ago)
Class, work areas, library, eating areas, and walking around campus, you'll see many girls easily at these places. All you have to do is practice game on them.
Gabriel 2323 (1 month ago)
What to do in this situation: A girl of my class, who i´ve been talking for a while, rejected me (totaly my fault. I came out too strong) and therefore I lost some value and now I have to see her every day and she freaking text me every day? Can I ever retrieve my lost value?
Anirudh Nataraj (1 month ago)
Gabriel 2323 just move on there’s so many girls in college
ZonanSG (1 month ago)
So in other words, social circle game?
T schmied (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, I’m currently a junior in high school. All my life I’ve had a small social circle. My grade school class had 23 students and there are about 400 people in my high school. I didn’t always know game and I’ve made my mistakes. The problem is however that since my social circle is small, I’ve developed a bad reputation. Despite the fact that I am the best looking guy in high school, play on multiple sports teams, am in multiple clubs, number one in my class, and am very confident, it seems that my reputation is ruining my chances. I’ve learned game for the past two years and I am a changed person. The problem is that whenever I act confident, people either think I’m being fake or don’t notice. How can I change that? Tons of guys who have nothing on me seem to pull girls so easy and it’s frustrating because I know I could too. How can I fix this problem?
Masterstealthy (1 month ago)
Reputation for what m8?
T schmied (1 month ago)
KatsNotDogs the problem is that I wasn’t confident freshman year but over the summer I made a huge change and continued to become more confident during my junior year. I am one of the most popular guys at school (sometimes when show up to a sports event I get cheers from the stands-no joke) and believe me I work out around three times a week and am I great shape. The problem is that the girl I am interested in now was my friend for a year. When she came to my school, I only saw her as a friend and didn’t close. Now, however, that’s changed and I fell a vibe but she is always so busy that she can never hang out and/or takes a while to respond. And while I know that some of her story is true, some of it is complete bull. It just seems that my reputation is holding me back and no one sees me for who I really am.
KatsNotDogs (1 month ago)
Doesn't sound like you're acting confident enough/all of the time for people to question it. You're gonna be stuck in that environment for a while so I'd suggest more subtle moves. Try befriend some of the popular guys, that will increase your social status. Think of ways you can benefit them, maybe help them with their grades, or shit like that. Outside of that man, hit the fucking gym and get jacked. I wish I was going to the gym in high school, one of my biggest regrets. Good luck.
Tom Reed (1 month ago)
Tomorrow I was gonna go game in college WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS
Steen (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, would love some advice on flirtation, anywhere anytime. Please make a video on this.
Infinity-Productions (1 month ago)
Great!! 1 question: what do I talk about with college girls? About the professors and teachers and subjects? Seems boring and standard for me. But if I talk about xyz other different random things, I have the feeling that the girl would know that I like her too much or try to fuck her. Of course outside college this would be good but there it should not be to obvious that I want her. Ideas? Can someone give a short example like the following I imagine: Me: hi, how do you like the class xyz? Her: hi, it is ok, seems to be not so hard. Me: I heard that this professor once ... xyz Her: yeah ... blabla Me: ..? How to proceed? Ask what she is doing besides college? This is the part I am struggling with
TheHvk (1 month ago)
Take this advice youngins on here. I wish I had this when I was starting college a decade ago.
TheHvk (1 month ago)
I almost didn't watch this video since it was a brutal reminder of the self-sabotage and inaction of my college years.
INSPIRE (14 days ago)
It’s ok man. Use your degree to increase your value, and go out and game
InfernoGalaxy1081 (1 month ago)
I fucked up my first year socially; didn't went out clubbing, studied at home, didnt care to socialize etc cosequently I didn't make any friends, it was fine back then, but now I realize how much of a value that is. Have the reputation of the anti-social guy though however. Going in to the second year now, is it over or do I have a chance, can I change the reputation?
Anton Boludo (1 month ago)
+Searching In Progress Excellent! All was not in vain :)
Anton Boludo (1 month ago)
+TheHvk Now it is funny, but not at the time, LOL! xD
Anton Boludo (1 month ago)
How did you self-sabotage?
Chris Bertucci (1 month ago)
Met a girl today who asked for my number. Shes in 2 of my classes. I told her that ive been wanting to talk to her for a while and she said the same:). Then this video pops up hehe
INSPIRE (14 days ago)
Go on a date with her and pull
Donny Rickles Jr. (1 month ago)
Adams Omede no worries, get an ass transplant.
Adams Omede (1 month ago)
Donny Rickles Jr. lmao
Donny Rickles Jr. (1 month ago)
Chris Bertucci is that the only thing that popped up? :^P
MagicLink43 (1 month ago)
Question: How can us young guys fully practice game if we don’t have our own place?
Jesse B. (2 days ago)
INSPIRE (14 days ago)
Dude when I was in college I always got myself back to the girls place EVERY TIME
Eken Bunton (20 days ago)
Rent an Airbnb for a weekend.
Simply Balling (1 month ago)
That's why making money is super important
MagicLink43 (1 month ago)
富馬愛助絆兄 Intriguing approach. I really do wonder how that would play out in my environment. Might give it a shot perhaps. It sounds rather adventurous.
Briorix (1 month ago)
Could you do a video like this but for gym game?
ratmdeathwan (1 month ago)
The best and easiest way to get laid is to join a fraternity. Its no secret and its the reason why a lot of ppl join them. I quadrupled my lay count in a year since joining it and my game hasnt changed that much
+Rushen Patel really depends on where you go to school. Fraternity culture varies on location but with that being said there are constants like parties, community service, philanthropy and chances to travel and network.
Rushen Patel (1 month ago)
What is it like being in a frat. Super noob question lol. I attent community college so there arent any frats here
Inert Brian (1 month ago)
21 year old at UMD, can confirm - Todd nailed this 100%
CG (1 month ago)
Summer is coming! Tips on beach game/ approaches? How is it different from typical day game?
Mikko Valtonen (1 month ago)
Start with a fit body.
urmanascrewed (1 month ago)
I'm in college and I find it a great place for cold approach. I have really only gone to big schools so cold approach is fine and at some schools girls are very receptive and happy. You also don't have to game your own school exclusively. I have a very special relationship with a girl from a different school. I have never had success with social circle, I'm in a lot of clubs and student organizations, but it's not for the girls. Hot girls usually are not in things like that, because a lot of them don't do anything or get taken immediately.
michael jones (1 month ago)
I almost was about to go around introducing myself to eveyone haha
ChatpadHD (1 month ago)
Todd! Please talk about the same situation 19 inexperienced even young looking whos NOT in college.
Vincent mejt (1 month ago)
the most hottest and attractive girls in college can be very friendly and love to make new contacts. Looks are an illusion ive experienced that.
Abhi Raj (1 day ago)
Have you started the conversation? How did you started?
urmanascrewed (29 days ago)
True, they usually don't do a lot and have high standards, so they won't hookup with drunk loosers at parties. Sometimes a princess mentality of finding the right guy, because very few guys will approach.
Patrick (1 month ago)
but looks helps a ton with having girls getting excited giving you positive emotions and confidence which changes your mentality. However, you can do it by yourself...changing your mentality without looks but it comes easier if you do workout to change your looks. Seeing these girls have lustful eyes after I hit the gym makes me feel like a god. When I feel like a god it is easier to have that alpha mentality. It makes my standards go higher... This is how attractive women get their bitchy mentality. They need it to not have lower value men approach them. At first when they are young it is different...older guys are high value if not weird. Eventually they get fucked so much and go through different relationships they turn bitchy. Their standards go up but their looks don't improve either lol.
Adams Omede (1 month ago)
Vincent mejt True.
Masterstealthy (1 month ago)
Yep their standards as just the same as any other average looking girl
Kingpin Kobe (1 month ago)
Does this apply to community college?
urmanascrewed (29 days ago)
I began on this path at a community college, but I visited the city university for my first approach. I cold approached a couple girls at a community college that I did not go to. The purpose was to get comfortable enough to ask a girl in my art class out, she brutally rejected me but I didn't mind since I had met other hot girls and had a new skill, but it was awkward since it was a small class and she was a bitch for the last month
Kingpin Kobe (1 month ago)
Don't move to Houghton thanks bro 👌🙌
Donny Rickles Jr. (1 month ago)
Sick man. They needa get you off the streets quick.
Don't move to Houghton (1 month ago)
lol no. Do whatever you want in community college. Socially, everything is throwaway anyway. Do cold approach game normally. Working hard and getting into the best transfer school you can should be your highest priority though.
Vitalii Medvediev (1 month ago)
Todd , I wonder how you are preparing for the night. What do you eat (light / heavy food)? Do you go to bed before going to in field? Do you stimulate your psyche by reading, crossword puzzles, and so on. Tell me please about your own schedule when you are preparing to go in field before night. Thanks!
Vitalii Medvediev (27 days ago)
Donny Rickles Jr., thank you for your feedback, appreciate that. Honestly it just a very subjective experience so I found what’s better for me I think. 4 years in game. I’m 21 years. Probably I’m not actually this natural as you talk about. But what I’ve noticed is this: Lets say you’re going go pickup girls this night. So your result will be amazing and much interesting if: 1. You read some book for 2 hours before you go. Because your brain works faster and so produces more ideas, thoughts, ways how and what to do. 2. You go to sleep before you go. At this point you just refresh your mind like in a computer. You will notice that you feel yourself much much better and fresher, no matter how difficult this day were for you. 3. Go to GYM in morning before this night. This is all about testosterone. It’s increasing when you’re gaining. But you should be attentive when you’re at the gym. It shouldn’t be impossible hard train, no, middle train for 1 hour is fine. 4. 15-30 minutes of meditation. Will help you as @AskToddV say “keep your all shit together”. Here emotional control is coming. 5. Take cold shower 30 minutes before you go. Noradrenalin and adrenalin will thank you. Here are we increasing our mood and energy. Againg, this is absolutely my personal experience that helps me being the person I do love to be. Thanks Donny, I’m looking forward to your reply.
Donny Rickles Jr. (1 month ago)
Vitalii Medvediev wow man. You know Naturals don't put all this thought into meeting women.
Kiwi Hero (1 month ago)
How to Meet Girls In College... if you not enrolled and look too old to be a student??
JKMiracle (1 month ago)
Guys what do i say to the girl after an opener do i proceed to neg instantaniously or talk about something thats a around us? I drastically need a few examples what people say after openers. Any help is appreciated.
KingBowserVlog (1 month ago)
Todd, I would love a serious relationship and have heard you vouch multiple times for pursuing one. My question is how do you get over/cope/accept the fact that the relationship will most likely end with her losing interest, cheating, branch-swinging, etc? Not asking this out of insecurity, just aware of their female nature and how much of a kick to the balls it is to invest so much time and effort only for it to be thrown out the window. Thanks Todd and great content!
KingBowserVlog (1 month ago)
+Paul Edmondson thank you, my dude.
Paul Edmondson (1 month ago)
+KingBowserVlog anyone can get cheated on so I don't know what to say. All I do is not invest a lot into women so when they leave, they leave. Not a lot of gifts, movies, dinners, etc. Women have money, if she don't do for me equally, I'm doing too much. Not sure what else to tell you.
KingBowserVlog (1 month ago)
+Paul Edmondson fair enough. I mentioned branch-swinging, though, which is I think the crux of this. As a guy, I can fuck a gal, shake her hand and say "see ya". A women will mostly sleep with a guy for very different reasons and a lot of times a gal will "fall in love" with this other dude and start questioning the relationship she's currently in because of the feels. If girls could fuck around and still treat their man like a king, fine, whatever. However, most of the time this isn't the case.
Paul Edmondson (1 month ago)
I have a question for you. Why do you think it's female nature to cheat or level up? About 90% of my guy friends cheat on their women. It's human nature not female nature to me.
Jakub Turliński (1 month ago)
I have a logistics problem in the a university I am attending. I attend a university of technology in Poland, which many fields are dominated by men, including subject I am studying - Electronics. Many of my colleagues live in student hostels. I, on the other hand, live with my parents. Although there's a plethora of clubs and activities, the amount of workload (labs every week, assignments and 3 or more tests at once) discourages me from participating in them. Besides, I play in a music band and am supposed to find summer intership... What can I do in that situation if I want to get better in game and create a broader social circle?
Mikko Valtonen (1 month ago)
+Dávid When you graduate and land a high paying job you can slay all the pussy you want. Girls like guys who make money.
Dávid (1 month ago)
Haha STEM fields are very rewarding to study, career and growth wise, but dont expect to meet tens at an electronics course lol! If you want to meet tons of hot girls in college, study economics or law or languages. I study mechanical engineering and there are like 2 hot girls in my school. I just accepted the fact that im not going to meet sluts while calculating differential equations and focus on cold approach and social circle outside of school. The best advice I can give here - the fact that youre not studying economics will not stop you from going to a economics university party :)
Mehran Amini (1 month ago)
Find a way to improve your logistics and your going to have to find a way to make time
Kajual social (1 month ago)
Start banging dudes
Taha Hammouchi (1 month ago)
Connor O'Neill (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, Would you say learning game is a lot about faking an alpha personality until it becomes your dominate personality? Or would you say its better to discover your unique qualities as a man and then hone in on those? It seems like every advance level guys have different styles and personalities, but a lot of them talk about faking it till you make it. As a beginner I'm just confused on whether it would be better for me to focus more on faking high value till I achieve it, or just hone my own unique personality and figure out the rest later.
Lowkey Sellin (1 month ago)
Connor O'Neill definitely discover your own unique qualities, im telling you once you know who you are and you believe it %110, you will be irresistible
No Ghh (1 month ago)
what does close mean? like close and end the convo?
Adams Omede (1 month ago)
...”it was really nice talking to you, we should keep in touch.” Or “well I gotta go, but it was really nice talking to you, we should grab coffee sometime.”
Adams Omede (1 month ago)
Yes... basically end the convo and get her contact, (doesn’t have to be her number, it can be Facebook or instagram... I’ve done all 3) lol
and1rew96 (1 month ago)
No Ghh Look up: How to close - Todd V
malachor5ve (1 month ago)
Name of the song at the end?
Drastic Gamers TV (1 month ago)
Todd...answer this (not just him buy anyone)... I met this girl couple of months ago n I didn't know abt game but I still approached but didn't set the intent n it seemed like she got that I was attracted to her ....after 3 days of meeting each other in the campus she went away n I knew I was never gonna meet her in the campus so I searched her insta n hit her up there...(I would've directly asked her insta now but back then I was shit) so we texted good but suddenly we stopped texting n that's it ....it's been months....should I text her again or not? (I stopped texting bcoz I saw her unfollowing me idk y) now should I text her? Answer me plz
Drastic Gamers TV (1 month ago)
+Adams Omede yeah I unfollowed her as soon as I saw her unfollowing me....never talked since...I should've known game before
Adams Omede (1 month ago)
I agree with Quinn. Speaking from experience while you were talking on insta you should’ve let her know you liked her. If she unfollowed you, unfollow her and move on... don’t contact her. Protect your reputation. Go out and meet new girls. 👍
Quinn Tolchin (1 month ago)
Drastic Gamers TV if she unfollowed you she is not interested
Dony Prasetiyo (1 month ago)
Good video because I just recently planned to join college only to game
Con mon (1 month ago)
+Tovar 富馬愛Jovanny 助絆兄 dance, thats where all the girls are
Im curious. What major?
Masterstealthy (1 month ago)
You must be loaded
Donny Rickles Jr. (1 month ago)
Truth, that's the only reason to go to college. Famous parents pay coaches and SAT proctors millions just for that reason.
Ameida (1 month ago)
upgrad3z (1 month ago)
Just graduated; wish someone had given me this advice 5 years ago. Had friends that absolutely slew in their time at university while I was lost in the background.
INSPIRE (14 days ago)
It’s ok man. Use your degree to increase your value, and go out and game
Devil's Advocate (1 month ago)
KingBowserVlog (1 month ago)
Same here, my dude haha all that young, hot pussy 💔
Jesse Simpson (1 month ago)
Thank God for Todd. I needed this video so badly lol. My school is small and in the middle of nowhere so I have to game on campus lol
igormaxbr01 (1 month ago)
This video will save my year, thanks Tood keep doing good videos
Byron Linares (1 month ago)
Also, asking "where are you from" is a good conversation starter. There's lots of foreign exchange students at my school. Works with girls and guys.
Firestorm (1 month ago)
Hey Todd, question for you: I've had an issue that's been bugging me for a while now. In the last 2 years, I've had 75+ dates and hopped into bed with 30+ women, but I've never really had the situation where for those I've bedded I've really fallen in love with a girl/wanted a relationship with, and I'm not sure why. Most of the time, I just get bored with a girl quickly. Have you experienced something similar, and if so, how did you deal with this issue? Thanks
Same Kid (1 month ago)
Pietje I’m new to game too (2 months) I’m at +5 dates an 1 bed if your results aren’t at least similar you need to be approaching more
CreedColisionAC (1 month ago)
I wouldn't say that's an issue, that's nature doing its work lol
Karlo Novak (1 month ago)
Thats the curse of game.. once you enter the world of game, you become less emotionally invested in any relationship you get. The longer you are in game, the less you invest. I think that you practically reprogram yourself in a way that its hard for you to love/care about a woman as you used to (for example before game).
Pietje (1 month ago)
Holy shit, how does that all feel? Must be great to have that much contact. I never had any of such experiences and I'm feeling really lonely lately and I wonder, do you feel like that as well or does it get better after that much experience?
Masterstealthy (1 month ago)
Why are you confused when you only approach women with the intention of smashing them you dumbass nigga
Impulsifier ! (1 month ago)
How do I not get emotionally attached to the girl and leave her better than I found her?
Donny Rickles Jr. (1 month ago)
First answer don't. Second answer end with a facial.
fols adetola (1 month ago)
The mantra is “she’s not mine it’s just my turn”
Rusty Shackleford (1 month ago)
Have many girls in rotation. the abundance of options means that you won’t catch feelings. Always be prospecting new girls to replace those ones with lower relative interest
Dmitry Medvedev (1 month ago)
Todd, first of all thank you for all these videos. My question is: could you please talk about jealousy in a relationship. I had a situation where I was in a monogamous relationship and wasn't jealous at all. And this pissed my girlfriend because she thought that I don't care about her at all. And she even had a thing where she was talking with some guy for a few months in order to provoke me. So my question is: how to show jealousy in a proper way so you don't look insecure and what is the right amount of that? Thanks in advance.
Dávid (1 month ago)
Man I had the exact same thing with my ex. She would say "why are you not jealous? dont you care about me?" Understand that the two of you have completely different mindsets. If your girl is doing stuff like that, she has probably had bad examples in her family and thinks that you have to be manipulative and overreactive to keep a partner around. Try and talk to her about this stuff. Not just when youre irritated because she was checking your messages again, but really try to sit her down and really talk. If you really care about her that is. If it doesnt work, youre probably just not really compatible right now :/
UserName (1 month ago)
+Masterstealthy *Nearly no girl is relationship material
Masterstealthy (1 month ago)
You don't have to be jealous at all. Your girl is simply not relationship materiel
zero (1 month ago)
did she let you know she was talking to other guys or did you find out yourself. because if she is talking to other guys, she has one foot out the door in the relationship and shes setting up your replacement
UserName (1 month ago)
Why is she playing those stupid jealousy games anyways? Sounds really childish.
JKMiracle (1 month ago)
Good advice Tod! Just when im finishing my foundation year. Takeaway: have an abundance mindset, Its about the experience, join as many societies, social events you can
alswords (1 month ago)
I do this with Lindy Hop, great fun/tactile skill, they have amazing international festivals where there's lots of very hot girls who really want to dance with you:) Throw in the holiday vibe too and you're laughing! But day game is still superior because you're like an assassin and you do it anywhere any time, for free. It's a no brainer. The skill will also protect you in your LTRs. That's the most important point trust me.
Afonso de Portugal (1 month ago)
Avoiding using the same lines is absolutely critical, not only at universities but also in the rest of the world. Women like to tell their "romantic" stories to one another, so men who use the same pick-up lines will almost certainly be burned, even if it takes a few years for them to get caught. The world has become too much of a small place!
Afonso de Portugal (1 month ago)
+Ontario Citizen I believe you. But tests are not exactly the same as lines.
fols adetola (1 month ago)
I can use the same lines on girls you’ll never see again
Ontario Citizen (1 month ago)
Lol idk what you're talking about. I still use the best friends test from back in 2002 and girls never recognize it
AskToddV (1 month ago)
I first learned game in college, and I wouldn't sacrifice the lessons I learned during those years for anything. That said, there is a much better way to game in college than what I did so long ago. Here is what I wish I'd known back then.
yeahyeahblabla someguy (1 month ago)
Attraction is mostly about genetic looks
Dominic dominic (1 month ago)
Todd how many dates before you close in the date? Some say it's sleep with her on the first date Some say second dates Girl say it's a 3 day rule? how much fast should you close???
Joyful Savage (1 month ago)
Thanks Todd, wish i had this 5-10 years ago!!

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