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*NEW RELEASE* Tonka 25 by Le Labo

65 ratings | 769 views
Check out my first impressions of NEWEST RELEASE from Le Labo - TONKA 25!
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G L (13 days ago)
What type of camera do u use?
Just Add Light (17 days ago)
Finally got to try this one today! NOT BAD AT ALL. I know exactly what you mean by that woody DNA. Definitely a little sweeter than I was expecting based on what others were saying, but certainly not "designer" sweet. As for PdM's Percival....lol that's a NO for me. It's basically MontBlanc Legend with a sour greenness. Huge disappointment.
robert quinlan (18 days ago)
Le labo is a house that just doesn't work for me , i only own oud 27 by them. That one i love but the others i've tried underwhelmed me espically for the price. Great review as always 🙏
Dollars & Scents (17 days ago)
Thanks for watching buddy!
Shaun Leonard (18 days ago)
The price ....... OUCH!!! 😱
Tim Weed (18 days ago)
Dude you can't go in the store not wearing anything you will get arrested lol🤣🤣 Great review as always. ✌
Tim Weed (18 days ago)
+Dollars & Scents lol, yes I was just joking with you. Have a great weekend!
Dollars & Scents (18 days ago)
Thanks buddy - I didn’t wear a fragrance knowing I was gonna wear this one lol
Shaun Leonard (18 days ago)
Tim Weed ..... He is a Cowboys fan. Those guys have no shame. 🙊😂🙊😂🙊😂
Michael Bullock (18 days ago)
Great review and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it have a blessed night
Dollars & Scents (18 days ago)
Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks for watching!
MrBluewater2121 (18 days ago)

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