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How To Dance Like A White Girl

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Text Comments (10074)
Dean Briar (8 hours ago)
kathryn cotter (1 day ago)
I don't dance like that that's stupid
Madison Hoselton (6 days ago)
1:25 the way she said yeah 😭
lili uwu (18 days ago)
julien looks RIPPED
Malaika Best (21 days ago)
your dog is so cute
Noel Towart (21 days ago)
I love when they did the singing too loud and Julian screamed PROBLEM😂
Dria and Nia (21 days ago)
This is so funny
The Bound Bowman (22 days ago)
Content for the lowest common denominator.
Dean Briar (8 hours ago)
says the one who likes skyrim roll play
Matt Michel (22 days ago)
yes moq is born
Curly Cyn (23 days ago)
Still funny in 2019 😂😂😂
Benjamin Britsch (23 days ago)
I NEVER saw a white girl behave like that.... But I guess haters gonna hate, don't they. Lol stop hating at the end, guess haters have to say that
My Life As Kira (1 month ago)
Julian’s face during the Miley Cyrus
sunny day (1 month ago)
I wish every girl to have a boyfriend like Julien 😂
Lynn Meiger (1 month ago)
They are so sweet together, even back then. Too bad they're just friends
Daddy Big Bod (1 month ago)
420, whatcha smokin
Landy pants (1 month ago)
Headphone-cat (1 month ago)
The origins of Moq
Coffee The Dutchie (1 month ago)
Mickey Mouse (1 month ago)
0:43 This should be called the white girl or people ( *ORANGE JUSTICE* )
Mickey Mouse (1 month ago)
(How to dance like a ( *white person* ) *FORGET HOW TO FUCKIN DANCE AND JUST JUMP AROUND AND MOVE YOUR HANDS EVERYWHERE* No offense white ppl😁
Smol Nerdy Short Child (1 month ago)
I love that is is 4:20 long that's just wonderful
Sophie D (1 month ago)
*As a white girl, I can confirm*
Alana Carlsen Hayes (1 month ago)
Why does she remind me of sammi from the jersey shore lol dink dink
Paul Moore (1 month ago)
Psst… your girl friend looks like a guy!
Sarah G (1 month ago)
MOQ is inspiring.
Lol JENNA please react to this video 😂
Ann Jay (1 month ago)
Okay Youtube, you can stop recommending this now... (But honestly thank you and how the hell am I only now discovering her channel? I am like a millions years late wtf)
Jose Gutierrez Ceja (1 month ago)
I'm always the, "I cant find my friends, help me find my friends", when I'm drunk haha
Pluto (1 month ago)
Y'all have been the best since forever. I stan Moq
Neave MCGEEHAN (1 month ago)
Why is Julian still with her
Dean Briar (8 hours ago)
Neave MCGEEHAN because she’s a sweetheart
Rick Hart (2 months ago)
Only female comedian that cracks me up
Sydney Sacino (2 months ago)
I love you omg this just popped up on my timeline I’ve literally been watching your videos since I was 10 and the only vids of you on the internet were how to trick ppl into thinking your good looking and you on the floor at the strip club. I remember when you started putting Julian in your videos and I was like ew wtf who is this guy and then you kept putting him in your vids so he grew on me lol. Land shark will live on forever in my heart along all of your ex boyfriends in your old videos lmaooo
Lolly Alwazxmas (2 months ago)
I love you both so much!!!
Katherine Walker (2 months ago)
Fuckin Julian in this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carly W (2 months ago)
Morgan Peterson (2 months ago)
Omg Jenna I LOVE YOUR HAIR JUST LIKE THIS!! It just makes you glow and you're always gorgeous but it just makes your face and skin just dazzle!!! Also I fucking love you and Julian any time I'm having a bad day all I have to do is watch videos of you and him and you just make my day turn completely around THANK YOU!!! 💞
Taicia mangle 2 (2 months ago)
When julien fuckin did the deep voice I died
Karlie McNab (2 months ago)
Agnieszka N. (2 months ago)
Omg just found this 😂❤️
tea is lit (2 months ago)
i’m dying!!!!!
WholesomeBaked Beans (2 months ago)
Lol i used to do that shit a few years back. Not all white girls dance like this though some are actually REALLY GOOD. and deserve way more credit tbh
Bre P (2 months ago)
I love that she actually knows how to dance lol
Kodie Cray (2 months ago)
Allison Price (2 months ago)
0:45 proof Jenna created orange justice... she coming for u @fortnite
Blooming Love (2 months ago)
Is this Twitter?
Maja Dedic (2 months ago)
4:20 david dobrik before david dobrik!
A girl and her scale (2 months ago)
Kermy is so young here. 💓
Alexis Mycah (2 months ago)
ciarri winter (2 months ago)
Whippet or Italian greyhound?
Dean Briar (8 hours ago)
ciarri winter Italian greyhound
Shuaa93 (2 months ago)
2019? xD
Ebony Donovan (2 months ago)
HuRrY uP!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!1!!!
TaylaTakesOnTheWorld (2 months ago)
This gives me reflection anxiety
Jaena (2 months ago)
i was 15 almost 16 when she posted this and i remember being like haha i wish i knew what that’s like but now that i’ve been going to bars for a couple years i just- i can’t dance so i really am just a white girl dancing terribly like a white girl
Naomi Hardwick (2 months ago)
Rewatching this now that I’m old enough to go to clubs and I feel personally attacked
lunakristal (2 months ago)
throwback when people werent so overly fucking sensitive
Blasée (2 months ago)
Looks like a Sims in a Ew episode.
Iri (2 months ago)
0:52 Tell me I am not the only one who dances like that
Sydney Venetsanopoulos (2 months ago)
i feel attacked
Hannah Truesdale (2 months ago)
Who the fuck shaves the side of their head but not their armpit lmfao
Mirrhan Anderson (2 months ago)
Julien at the end had me dying, he went from before puberty and after.
Aurelie Grenier (2 months ago)
When julien said : we gotta go AHAHHAHAHAHAHA HE IS SO FUNNY
Aurelie Grenier (2 months ago)
This was so funny
Aurelie Grenier (2 months ago)
The cermet videos whas not made and she call him cermet omg ahaha
Aurelie Grenier (2 months ago)
“Why do you means i can’t dance on the bar ahahahahahah” i died
Aurelie Grenier (2 months ago)
I died of laughing when julian screams the song AHAHAHHAA
Venin Rouge (2 months ago)
If someone made a video "How to dance like a black girl" half of the internet would just scream : racism and discrimination.
T Grady (2 months ago)
2:30 you can't find it because some random chick smashed it
Casey Wiener (2 months ago)
please tell julian that he did very well in this video
Joya Trif (2 months ago)
0:44 uhhh... THIS is where orange justice came from!
monchey97 (2 months ago)
this is the reason i don't dance at all. and don't go to parties at all. and don't go outside basically
Sophie Anastasia (2 months ago)
I'm the one steping from side to side. Not because I think I'm hot just because I can't do anything else ^^
Amie Maureen (2 months ago)
Re watching in 2019
Katie Hoyt (2 months ago)
julien was having a hard time keeping his cool
jamie utitus (2 months ago)
julian is too funny!!
Peter Maezi (2 months ago)
GlamQueen728 (2 months ago)
xt0dayimsadx (2 months ago)
the best video on yt i swear
Han Nguyen (2 months ago)
KasiaExtra (2 months ago)
Youtube notifications hwat are you trying to tell me
Jamileia Godfrey (2 months ago)
thank god im black
Mad Max (2 months ago)
Hahaha😂😂😂 the lick on the face was awesome 😂😂😂 hi Kermit
gtfosuzanne (2 months ago)
thank god jenna didn't turn into a basic dumb girl not funny 'comedy' and is actually funny
Isabella /\ _ /\ Lost (2 months ago)
My teacher did one of those dances...
Wrandi Davis (2 months ago)
1:06 you forgot to aggressively af pull the nearest friend towards you and scream-burp in her ear. Then when she says "wHaT?" You whisper it lol.
ARMYYY! (2 months ago)
hahahahahahaa omgggg JULIENNN
pitbull Productions (2 months ago)
Zefster (2 months ago)
4.20 mins hmm
Eowyn Simpson (3 months ago)
Poor julien
LPS Chicken Nugget (3 months ago)
This is a weird country
4.2k dislikes are the white girls 😂
Catherine McCoy (3 months ago)
Jenna: We gotta go, like it’s time to get outta here, let’s go!!!!!! Julien: HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!
Catherine McCoy (3 months ago)
Julien made this video even better.
Mackenzie Cohall (3 months ago)
Lauren Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Awe baby julien haha
Emily O'Sullivan (3 months ago)
watching this five years later and YES it's still accurate
Emz (3 months ago)
true damn
Maddie Reynolds (3 months ago)
i love how at 1:07 kermit is looking at jenna and julien like wtf is wrong with my parents
Milda Macenaite (3 months ago)
So this is what im watching at 2pm huh. Thanks
groovy babiidoll (3 months ago)
This jenna was so hott. Go back to this color
Céleste Aperghis (3 months ago)
its 2019.
Astrid Darlington (3 months ago)
Julien is such an Aries in this video lol! 🤣

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