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'Mad Men' Stars on the End of an Era: 'None of Us Wanted to Go Home'

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AMC's Mad Men starts their final countdown on April 5, but the cast already said goodbye to the set after they wrapped shooting last year. ET got the scoop on the mood for their last day of filming.
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Sonja Neuschwanger (8 months ago)
Loved Betty so much, such an under rated character.
водка (1 year ago)
Damn I hate peggy
whanowa (1 year ago)
Maybe in the first two seasons...but if you still feel like this after the last episode, you truly misunderstood her character.
Samuel Hailai (2 years ago)
The best series, love it. I give you imagination how life in 60s and early 70s was.
Angela Carleton (21 days ago)
A lot of it was true to life. Now if these men acted this way they would be accused of "sexual harassment" but they would get away with it still because "sexual harassment" doesn't favor women despite the concept - after all, it is one woman's opinion against authority which sucks! So what's the point to sexual harassment complaints? Personally to make it seem they will listen to the person that is making the accusation nothing more then they proceed to let you go for reasons unknown.
Kevin Flanagan (2 years ago)
Peggy isn't an account executive. Smh
Omar Encarnación (3 years ago)
The best Serie
Zeyu Wu (3 years ago)
He is THE man for Don Draper

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