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Girls Hostel E03 | The Midnight Plan || Girliyapa Originals

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The SVM Dental girls all have interesting weekend plans, but they first need to deal with the hostel in-time curfew. The warden plays party pooper and thwarts Jo and Zahira’s old tricks to sneak out. So how will Richa and Mili manage to go on the late night trip with Aarav? Will Zahira and Jo keep their differences aside for the greater good? Watch this exciting escape unfold in Episode 03 of Girls Hostel! #Girliyapa #GirliyapaOriginals Whisper Contest to win an adventurous all girls trip - http://bit.ly/Whisper_India Follow Girliyapa on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girliyapa/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Girliyapa/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Girliyapa Want more awesome original videos? Head to https://tvfplay.com/ Download TVFPlay now: Android: http://bit.ly/tvfplayandroid iOS: http://bit.ly/tvfplayios Credits: Written by: Ashish Manchanda Co-Written by Shreyasi Sharma, Chirag Ratnasingh Directed by: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum Edited by: Akash Bundhoo DOP: Ashwin Kadamboor Cast: Ahsaas Channa, Srishti Shrivastava, Parul Gulati, Simran Natekar, Shreya Mehta, Gagan Arora, Bhavini Soni, Khushbu Baid, Trupti Khamkar, Harish Peddinti Wardrobe Courtesy: Mystere Paris, Vero Moda
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Text Comments (12823)
Girliyapa (4 months ago)
Tell us about your Warden and your fun sneak stories!
arya nikam (4 days ago)
Khizra Rabbani (2 months ago)
I hate wardan 😓
bhumika roka (2 months ago)
All these series are mind blowing... It gave me the flash back of my hostel life... And all the character s of this show are amazing ❤
Rajdeep Biswas (2 months ago)
Nice video 👍
Roopa Mukunda (1 hour ago)
Wow loved it... jo.. u r awesome.. never saw u like this in any other videos .. loved ur attitude 😘😍
Deepak Sharma (15 hours ago)
You took too long for 2nd season
Anish gupta (18 hours ago)
College fest kon jita btw ??
Pooja Pooju (19 hours ago)
I like Jo love yaar
Bhupendra Singh (1 day ago)
Ohh..Bc..Sbhi comments girls kr h...m akela ldka girls hostel to nhi dekh rha
Priti Rana (1 day ago)
Me and my two friends.. we jumped the wall of hostel at night 10 o clock and went to hill top for bonfire with our other friends & unfortunately next day we caught in the market by our warden and she asked us where were we so we told her that we came to receive one of our friend but he didnt reach at time so we are going back to the hostel& she only drooped us till hostel.
jaimal patel (1 day ago)
Superb yaar
Pubg loveR (1 day ago)
Noor tv (1 day ago)
Official partner-Whisper ultra
dev dutt (1 day ago)
Who liked this ? - mili, "kisi ke pas danda hai kya sidhe cerebral cortex pe marke ise behosh kar denge abhi"
moin ul islam (1 day ago)
Girlyapa is love ❤️ awesome videos.. breaking stereotypes
THE BURHAN 226 (1 day ago)
Warden ki acting is most noticeable
Shakti bhooshan (1 day ago)
Ped bhi katwa di h Aur pagal kutte chhod diye h🤣🤣
Abe pireads 😆
majitha maji (2 days ago)
plzz put eng subtitles for us, i don't know hindi
Ritika Chowdhury (2 days ago)
But Richa is not so loved in this video
new bhojpuri jadia (2 days ago)
yaar aur video nikalo video bahut achha hai
Manisha Swain7 (2 days ago)
Gurudutt Sharma (2 days ago)
Can anybody tell me the name of the song which they had played in the last.
lalita jayant (3 days ago)
Nice jo😀😀😀 and richaaa ...girlyaapaa😉😉love you guys
Manu Awasthi (3 days ago)
Yrr padai bhi Kar lo
Ridaj Giri (3 days ago)
My hostel warden is too strict once I and my friends went out from hostel and went to eat noodles and chat pate but we were caught
Godi Jade (3 days ago)
Jabardast yaar tlant to Sala India me hi milta hai....TV's jabast hai
Sanjay Somvashi (3 days ago)
Is jo is tomboy??
Ankit Kumar (3 days ago)
Kya bakchodi hai.. 🤣🤣 Hostel se bhagne ka plan 🤣🤣
Murssa Anam (3 days ago)
Mje 7 episode ni mila
safwan mustafa (3 days ago)
this is a real story qr what
Archana Churendra (3 days ago)
Kash mere bhi koi friends hote .. mujhe to joo jaisi friend chahiye
Archana Churendra (3 days ago)
Apki video dekh esa lg rha meri jindgi bdal rhi
Electric Current (4 days ago)
I literally have a crush on jo
humera khanun (4 days ago)
jo u r jist awsome
Knici Chatterjee (4 days ago)
Mili is so fudging cute lol😂😂
Taniya rajput (5 days ago)
I loved Jo
Zarnab Baloch (5 days ago)
ya arav kitna handsome hai pata nahi kis ka cousin hoga :D
Dev Ahuja (5 days ago)
Ahsaas plz bollywood me jao bollywood ko ap jaise actors ki jarurat hai tavi hamara bollywood hollywood se acha banega
hema singh (6 days ago)
I like all stories
Anisha Pal (6 days ago)
Jo is my favorite.. Seriously damn she is awesome 💜💜
Ruwaifi Ahmed (6 days ago)
What would be the mixture of Jo and Zaira
Saroj Rulania (4 days ago)
Saroj Rulania (4 days ago)
imran ahmad (7 days ago)
Anupam Gautam (7 days ago)
Aap ne mees wali baat sahi kaha
Riza Hazorika (7 days ago)
Very nc
Raghavi bala (7 days ago)
i love jo
s p (7 days ago)
isi typ ki ldkiyan gayb ho jati h fir inke ma bap police k pichhe pd k rote rhte h
s p (7 days ago)
ye madrchod sbse bda chutiyapa h
Zareef Ahmed996 (8 days ago)
InshAallah apko blood cancer ho jaye .. jo ka dailoge😁😁
Hony Stark (8 days ago)
Yaar awesome , story line is so damnn cool !!! First time i saw a great story line on medical student rather than engg. Student !!
Rinkoo Chaubey (9 days ago)
In seriously like milli's character so much that I am into it Who wants sixth episode leave a like we need more series like these This is just it gives a feel of adventure I also like jo's character alot
blessy varughese (9 days ago)
Jo's bhaigiri dialogue nd zahira's attitude killer
susmita sardar (9 days ago)
Love fr jo
nature lover (9 days ago)
pubge khelte souh jati hai 😂😂😂
Devrtraj Kshtriya (10 days ago)
चार बेगुनाह लड़कियां होस्टल की दीवार पार करके चुदने के लिए जा चुकी ह फिर कहेगी की हमे तो चोद कर अनसेफ कर दिया
Manish Mishra (10 days ago)
Ho gya.. Chal ab under chal
Ashmita Chanda (10 days ago)
Very true
Ashmita Chanda (10 days ago)
Hats off
Ashmita Chanda (10 days ago)
Manjinder Atwal (10 days ago)
Wadan mam nice acting nice yar
Chandan Kumar (11 days ago)
Richha is so cute
Anusaya Rajput (12 days ago)
What's the name of song played in the end?
Ravi Vishwakarma (12 days ago)
I wants next apisod
PAYAL TANEJA (12 days ago)
I miss my hostel life nd is episode ko dkh k hmari worden yad aagyi vo bhut khdus thi so funy😂😂😂😂
Rahul Parsai (12 days ago)
Mili AAP swit & inocent Ho or bhenkar Vali pyyari Ho aap
Galib Raees (12 days ago)
Freedom fight sceen was best
Galib Raees (12 days ago)
Chasmis girl is best acting
Rekha Vishwakarma (13 days ago)
I too love cardi B
Pranay Verma (13 days ago)
I dont knnw why i find mili as the most beautiful girl in this series.... love
Hena Kauser (14 days ago)
I love zaira's beauty and Jo's attitude 😎
Shrestha Sen (14 days ago)
I just love this yrrr
AMANVEER JOSHI (15 days ago)
Milis character was repchik
Haseeb Ansari (16 days ago)
Want more series like this
Haseeb Ansari (16 days ago)
Want more series like this
Hafizur R M (16 days ago)
Chosma wala mera crush ho gaya
The Ong Girl (16 days ago)
Speech by sreesti .... 😂😂
Masarrat Rizvi (16 days ago)
Jo 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
My World (16 days ago)
I love mili😘😍
Sumukhi Pandey (17 days ago)
18:06 senti ho gayi Girls know blackmail
Sumukhi Pandey (17 days ago)
7:33 maybe loose the cringe...
Ramsha Shoaib (17 days ago)
Hit like if u r watching it in May
Ramsha Shoaib (17 days ago)
What did zahira say at the end about Jo?
Ramsha Shoaib (17 days ago)
Jo helped Zahira 😍😍😍😍
Ramsha Shoaib (17 days ago)
Jo is so good she allowed Zahira to go and get the keys... and she didnt even get to go out but still she was happy...Jo is love 😍😍😍❤❤❤ Hit like if u also agree
Maclin Baby (17 days ago)
Amazing video I jst loved it.. '
Jas Pabla (18 days ago)
Garters video 🍺🍾🤟yo😎
Laiba Horeen (18 days ago)
And this channel is awesome and interesting, later one is the major thing. It's adorable. I'm to inquire that do boys also watch it?
Laiba Horeen (18 days ago)
Thanks for increasing my knowledge, I didn't know that "Bonjour" is a version of greeting. As in Pakistan, it's the name of a petroleum branch. The curiosity of Youtube is also because of increment in knowledge. :-)
Heikrujam Geetashori (18 days ago)
Milli u r too cute
Palanivel K (21 days ago)
I love Jo I want to be like her when I am in a girls hostel
Rajanikanta Mahalik (21 days ago)
I like this web series a lot
Chirag Khimsuriya (21 days ago)
7:39 background music ??
Smita Pandey (22 days ago)
18:01-18:17 HATS OFF TO Jo ... 😘😍✔✔ SO SO TRUE !!!
Suresh Choudhary (24 days ago)
Mili is awesome ❤️❤️❤️
Manoj Kumar (24 days ago)
Total over act
POORNIMA DEVI (24 days ago)
Wow... Girls that's so crazy yarr
Deepak kumar (24 days ago)
girl sex
Ramsha Shoaib (24 days ago)
Omg palak scene is AWESOME 😂😂😂😂
Shraddha Shah (24 days ago)
Omg wow jo..
winnie the pooh (25 days ago)
Aarav ♥️♥️♥️
Anusaya Rajput (25 days ago)
That warden laughter made me laugh

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