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How I Bought a $20,000 Shoe Collection in Two Years

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Wanna build your sneaker collection quickly, without spending a lot of your own money? The tips in this video helped me buy over 30 pairs of shoes in 2 years. This guide will show how I built my rotation, invested in new shoes, sold others, and bought more. Enjoy fellow collectors! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonydelucv/ My Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/anthonydeluca SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2yjbi7Q Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnthonyDeluc... SNAPCHAT: @anthonydelucv Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AnthonyDelucV SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/anthonydelucv
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Text Comments (186)
Suraj Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
Where are you man??? Ik you kinda lost your confidence after chopping off your hairs But that's in the past I guess its the right time to come back
Ale (1 month ago)
reseller piece of shit motherfuckers ate the fucking cancer of the industry! DIE
Renaldo Ali (2 months ago)
I really do miss this channel, i know you have started a new journey on another channel but this was the vibe. Not really because of the hair content but honestly just you as a human being.
obec_18 luv (1 month ago)
Anthony DelucV what's your new channel?
Anthony DelucV (1 month ago)
+Renaldo Ali I appreciate that, I just felt this channel didn’t represent where I wanted to go, and it kept limiting me in trying new things. A lot of my subs weren’t willing to support the evolution so sometimes you have to learn to let go and start fresh :)
Oliver Vilca (2 months ago)
wya bro
Evandro Paul (2 months ago)
You've been gone for a long time. We miss you!
Yerassimos Katharios (3 months ago)
Buzz your hair completely
Dead Pool (3 months ago)
Haven't seen him in months. Did he left YouTube?
Impulse S (3 months ago)
Holy fuck this channel is dead
Bhaut maja Dega (3 months ago)
Where r u buddy???
Michael Pesavento (4 months ago)
Hi Anthony,I've enjoyed your brilliant content but I'm dying now so see you next life.good by.and THANKS.
Alex Malcolm (4 months ago)
You look better with short hair
Huxley The boxer (4 months ago)
If I had 20 gs I would not buy 1 pair of those shoes , pfffft
Suvinthan Murali (2 months ago)
Well that's why you don't have 20 gs, you BROKE FUCK!
Vee Riva (5 months ago)
when new vids?)
Cesar301 (5 months ago)
Please come back ):
sirus312 (5 months ago)
way too much work buy bitcoin
Harbans Brar (6 months ago)
Upload dudw
Zach'sJourny (6 months ago)
You should make a fitness channel or just post fitness often as well
Geronimo Jr (6 months ago)
I hope one day I'll be making enough money to the point that this is just a waste of time and I can buy everything retail no problem
jose the type of zunniga (6 months ago)
u growing ur hair again?
Smokey42 (7 months ago)
Where did you go Anthony? Missing your content
Jaime Carvalho (7 months ago)
More videos?
MikeThompson (7 months ago)
Yo Anthony, where are you?
Anthony DelucV (7 months ago)
+MikeThompson I’ve been on my other YouTube channel!
Brock Lesnar (7 months ago)
Bro come back its been a long time at least make a 10 sec video so that we r convinced that u r alive😭😭😭😭😭😭i always loved ur puffy hair ,ur peculiar beard ,ur way of speaking and most important ur hardwork . You r the best man dont worry about the haters . I garentee u that just upload one video and people will ho crazy for u again .with love from india
Brock Lesnar (6 months ago)
Anthony DelucV whts the channels name ???
Anthony DelucV (7 months ago)
+Brock Lesnar I’ve been uploading on YouTube for months on my other channel aha
marsonshade (8 months ago)
where is u ?
Noli canoli (8 months ago)
This YouTuber looks JUST like Tukker from the music group SofiTukker
Jaime Carvalho (8 months ago)
Please upload more :(
ADAPPER1 TV (8 months ago)
New video 2018 fashion lookbook street style look https://youtu.be/_7MEF3nUrM8
SuperMladjoni (9 months ago)
Tucker Halpern lookalike?
Wellisonvc (9 months ago)
Make a video on how to apply correctly shampoo,conditioner and hair mask,in what order,and how you apply each one in your hair now that is shorter tha before (sorry about my english)
Adnan Asgar (9 months ago)
Upload Anthony! !....why d you stop uploading....?!!!....
H A (9 months ago)
AstroCloud8 (9 months ago)
do i want my shoe rotation to be flexible or flexable hehe
HamPs (9 months ago)
You’ve become a men
Qasem Imad (9 months ago)
Where are you these days??🐰
uday kiran (10 months ago)
Superb 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Jaime Carvalho (10 months ago)
Please upload more
Jessmx (10 months ago)
Minh Pham (10 months ago)
can someone please tell me about the sizing of chelsea boots?? should i size up or down?? my request is i want to wear them 2-3 years later!!
Lionel . . . (10 months ago)
this is not some simple style tips video.. this is pretty helpful . keep up fam
Lionel . . . (10 months ago)
damn, solid collection
Racks † (10 months ago)
1000$ for some ugly ass boots
Isa _Meister (10 months ago)
I hope we can keep in contact
Isa _Meister (10 months ago)
I hope you read this cause I really am excited to see your other content that you upload so keep it up bro 👊
Isa _Meister (10 months ago)
Isa _Meister (10 months ago)
Yo I love your content and your and you inspire me to be a better person so I really appreciate it
Ch rome (10 months ago)
Anthony can you please help me? I suffer from nightfall i have also readed that it causes hair loss and i dont know what should i do please help me :(
Nova politan (10 months ago)
New hairstyle
GTFO ! (10 months ago)
Dude some fashion tips for skinny guys in extreme heat ! How to layer and can i try techwear ?
shubhambaid (10 months ago)
Anthony dude upload videos regularly please .... you're one of my favourite youtuber...!!
Hasanoobers (10 months ago)
i know your muscular and have big body shape ..are you have big chess or sixpack because i really want to know it
Hasanoobers (10 months ago)
Anthony .are you gonna grow your hair back .. actually i like every single of your hairstyles
Brock Lesnar (10 months ago)
Its good to have you back bro
Cam someone please help me I'm so stressed my stress is that I think I'm losing hair on my back side this boy in p.e put body spray into my hair will it damage it? Or I'm I fine I think I lost some hair I'm only thirteen aswell sorry for bad grammar
Hristijan (10 months ago)
I think the ultra boost are the best 😁😉
Kristian Knight (10 months ago)
Just started on my own fashion channel. At the moment I’ve only got 2 ‘on foot‘ videos 😂 one of them is the represent Dusk boot that you have !
Howard (10 months ago)
I sold/got rid of my whole sneaker collection this year for over $10K....but with fees and prices I barely broke even... I used all my profits to buy clothes.
mikadocious (11 months ago)
I clicked on this video because I love you. K bye.
David.the.gemini (11 months ago)
I never understood y anyone would want to buy a hype shoe when the whole world is wearing them! Here in Los Angeles it's way cooler to wear a shoe that no one has unique style and just being different is awesome idk I guess anywhere other than NYC LA Miami sd it's cool to have the yeezys w.e
James Franco (11 months ago)
Very Cute! What brand is your necklace?
Han Lee (11 months ago)
Like your channel and content, but please clean your shoes...
Amine Malik (11 months ago)
Josef Lillo (11 months ago)
What kind of necklace/ pendant is that
PANDYY (11 months ago)
My favourite youtuber is basaack!!!
Bynx (11 months ago)
Easier said than done, I can't get my hands on any hype stuff to resell
McJones (11 months ago)
Hey Anthony, the videos of late have really been of high quality, and i enjoy watching them, cheers from Denmark
chauncey tovan (11 months ago)
I have cdg converse
Oakley Slate (11 months ago)
Bro, Goals, daanngg!! I’d much rather have your collection than 100 pairs of Jordan’s! good going man! I’m definitely going to get into reselling once I am able to, my parents think it’s stupid to buy a pair of shoes and not wear them, but if you can get lucky and make like $500 on a resale, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be an awesome idea, and it has some risk, but the rewards are pretty nice.
Ethan Ghez (11 months ago)
Hey dude! I already loved the transformation from a couple weeks ago but i gotta say it looks even better when the fade is all blended (if that makes any sense lol) apart from that dear fucking lord dude your shoes are fucking amazing
Teo's Darlings (11 months ago)
Great job! I love your work and the inspiration you give to all of us❤️
Maxi Hosp (11 months ago)
where do you sell your shoes? could you give us a tip for a goof website for example?:)
Maxi Hosp (11 months ago)
thanks a lot :) a few years ago I bought the Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 3, just to resell them,.. still trying, because at this time I did not have much of a clue about the Sneaker Game ^^
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Maxi Hosp grailed and Depop are my favorite platforms to do so! As well as using Facebook for their buy and sell groups 👌
Alex (11 months ago)
Love your videos man. Some of the best cinematography and aesthetics on the platform
Jeffrey Yepez (11 months ago)
Wow the hair is much shorter
RidzyGames (11 months ago)
If i had 20 grand, i would build this collection in 2 days, not 2 years lol
RidzyGames (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV yeah, BTW nice collection
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+RidzyGames aha sorry, hard to tell with people sometimes
RidzyGames (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV i know, i was just joking :)
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+RidzyGames the point of this video was that I didn’t have 20 grand, and that I was able to build a 20 thousand dollar collection using these tips
desiiignerx (11 months ago)
Step 1 Have a rich dad
Young Immigrant (11 months ago)
Yo Anthony dope video btw i really dig that necklace that ur wearing the vid it really pops on all black clothing and also where is that jacket from?
Young Immigrant (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV Woah just checked out the brand and i gotta say it looks really dope that techwear vibe is definetly visible unfortunately its out of my budget but who knows,one day!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Young Immigrant the jacket is from the Feral! And thank you!
AMEEN UDDIN (11 months ago)
Nice video bro 👌👌👌👌
Charlie Markham (11 months ago)
great video! whats your grailed name?
One day i'm gonna collect all the pokemon ... i mean sneakers x)) NICE video as always anothony , keep them coming I d love to see a video about jackets , specially leathers and overcoats
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+SoulEaterHDGaming - Every Thing You Need I made a leather jacket 3-4 videos ago! You may like it, check it out :)
Carlos Alen duran (11 months ago)
Those black and white ones are gorgeous♥:)
Harsha Mojumder (11 months ago)
I just dont get it why would anyone hate on your vids. And i have some friends who dont like your style, but i just dont understand how? I mean your style and videos are so awesome and helpful, how come you don't have a million subs. Your style is unique and so good. I just can't stop, am so in love with your style. How can people not appreciate it? The world is so full of shit.
Harsha Mojumder (11 months ago)
Your videos are awesome man. Your videos made me fall in love with fashion and street wear. Before that though i liked fashion i never felt much of a need to do much. Now i always look forward to when i will get to dress up next. Am a fashion freak and that's all on you.
Giovanni Janitra (11 months ago)
Wait what did he say? Vans low? (Sneakerhead triggered)
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Giovanni Janitra aha why is that bad? Should I have said low top?
Albi Snow (11 months ago)
Giovanni Janitra why is that bad
krity barman (11 months ago)
Shoes 👌👌👌
Angelica Benitez (11 months ago)
Several years back, I was that kind of person who wore the same pair of shoes until they needed to be replaced. Had a couple shoes here and there for certain occasions but that was about it. Then around the end of my junior year/early senior year of college, I decided I wanted to finally get into the sneaker game. It wasn't even because I wanted to always be on the lookout for the freshest pair of Jordans or whatever; I just wanted to look good and in turn, feel good. I was super nervous at first but now, I'd say I consider myself a sneakerhead. I love the feeling of getting dressed for work and thinking "What sneakers should I wear today? Do I go with Ultra Boosts? A nice pair of NMDs?" It's a great start to my day. Getting those compliments on my shoes that I picked out that day while I'm at work is also a really nice feeling.
VeryNuclear (11 months ago)
Your collection look fucking dope!!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+VeryNuclear thank you 🙌⚔️
The life of Jose (11 months ago)
Real nice pairs in that collection...i still want them y3s :'( lol
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+The life of Jose definitely worth the price tag!
Cameron Bernard (11 months ago)
Your collection is beautiful. Love the aesthetic
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Cameron Bernard 🙏🙌⚔️
Oppiken (11 months ago)
That is a sick collection of shoes!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
appreciate it!
Bryan Sinclair (11 months ago)
Nice collection brooski 👌✔
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thanks Bryan!
Mr. Zuni Productions (11 months ago)
Can you do a collection video? Before you sell all your shoes? And then what you going to buy
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Mr. Zuni Productions I won’t be selling any of the shoes on screen! I have about 8-9 pairs I have off camera I will be selling...will be showing which soon via Insta and Depop and the like
TheArtkaw (11 months ago)
Do you think I should buy the Yohji Yamamoto / CDG Dr. Martens derbys? They're pretty pricey, but I like the look. Or should I go for say... A pair of Church's instead?
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+TheArtkaw hmm I would say it depends on the clothing in your wardrobe already. If you can maximize the derbys, then 100% because I think they are dope. Of course its personal preference though
TheArtkaw (11 months ago)
Japan had quite a bit of Rick Owens sneakers in 2nd hand stores selling for almost near retail.... and a loot of them were super ratty and dirty. Kind of annoying.
Ash Bash Sneakers (11 months ago)
I know everyone does it these days but resellers piss me off and promoting reselling annoys me even more. Good content though still.. just so annoying these days now every tom dick and harry who doesnt even care about sneakers is also trying for the ones u wanna wear so they can make a profit.
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Ash Bash Sneakers I totally get it, and I don’t disagree. But unfortunately with the way raffle systems and runs are set up, it innately promotes competition. So instead of personally aiming for hype pieces myself, I am for ways to utilize hype to find the shoes I care about. That being said I work several jobs and can afford to buy the clothing I want, so this is mostly a guide for beginners looking to start collecting
Shirazul Chowdhury (11 months ago)
I'm very inspired. Thanks
Cayden Defusco (11 months ago)
Long hair will be back and everywhere by the 20s
DUKE (11 months ago)
Your each and every tip...is always help full
Roland Dawson (11 months ago)
That’s a very interesting thing to waste- I mean… invest? Your money in. 👀
Roland Dawson (11 months ago)
I’m just messing with you. As long as you’re doing what you enjoy, don’t let anybody tell you any different. ;)
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Roland Dawson aha its made me money and now I’ve got a lot of shoes, I ain’t mad 😂
Zylo Nimlo (11 months ago)
Why? Just why?
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Nimlo why not :)
Atmozfearz (11 months ago)
Lol problem for me is I like to buy the shoes for myself. I started with the CDGs and well kept them. I guess I just have to buy hyped items I don't like and sell for profit.
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Atmozfearz As do I! I’ve just found ways to reinvest and rebuy for myself as well 👌

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