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What Brand Of Jeans Is BEST? Denim VLOG (Diesel, AE, Levis, 7's ,Gap, J Brand) Style Safari

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Episode #1 (Perfect T-shirt) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S11Rq2vl5H4&t=81s Tiege Hanley Enter Code: STAYHANDSOME25 For 25% Off First Box http://www.tiege.com Check out my NEW website: http://www.alpham.com The BEST Hair Styling Products http://www.peteandpedro.com Check Out My Favorite Product The Fashion Anchor http://www.fashionanchor.com All Things Alpha M. http://www.alpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Tiege Hanley Skin Care: http://www.tiege.com Best Grooming Tool: http://bit.ly/2tiyTXO All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronmarino/ My Businesses: http://www.alpham.com Alpha M. Consulting: http://www.aaronmarino.com i am alpha m: http://www.iamalpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com MENfluential Media: http://www.menfluential.com StyleCon: http://www.mensstylecon.com In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is on another shopping safari! He's shopping for dark washed jeans at different price points including designer. The Review 1. American Eagle ($59 each but buy-one-get-one 1/2 off) - he purchases both non-distress extreme flex wash which is is super comfortable & AWESOME as well as the the distressed pair. Great deal! 2. 7 For All Mankind ($248) - they were crazy super long and super stretchy. He really disliked them, and $248 is too expensive. 3. Diesel ($225) - Thommer distressed style fit great. These are the most expensive pair of jeans he ever purchased (which is a downside), but the pair reminds him of his favorite Jack Threads slim fit jeans. 4. J Brand ($178) - Hood non-distressed dark wash are the MOST comfortable & soft jeans he's ever put on. They are slim through the legs, the front is flat, and fly lays nice & clean. 5. GAP ($69 regularly but on sale for $39) - slim fit stretch denim is incredibly comfortable but does not have as much stretch as American Eagle. The price is the best part. He picks these jeans as the best because they're age appropriate, they have the best selection of washes, and they're not real trendy. 6. Levis ($74) - two way stretch advanced technology are solid & quality jeans, but he's not in love with these as much as the other jeans.
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Text Comments (4619)
Liam Itah (3 hours ago)
Diesel dsquared tr
Quincee 33 (4 hours ago)
I like Lucky, 7's and Diesel.
Colin Macdonald (11 hours ago)
Ive got a couple pairs of 7 for all mankinds in a 34/30 and they are awesome!
Jorge Aguiar (13 hours ago)
Hey dude .......try Alberto jeans.....World's best made in Germany.
Datruth Hurts (1 day ago)
7FAM I love their jeans I have a pair from the outlet but I desperately want a real pair fingers crossed for Black Friday
Kent Mill (1 day ago)
29x30 in levis lol were the same size your waist seems way bulkier maybe its the muscles
D Harris (1 day ago)
I think American Eagle makes he best with the flex fit
Tim L (1 day ago)
levis. all other brands lame
Fahmid Mahmud (2 days ago)
I love "Only & sons" Jeans
Rob (2 days ago)
Must feel weird walking through a mall talking to your GoPro
Ric Clemons (3 days ago)
I can go to goodwill and buy just as many great jeans for less. Way less. Who knows they are from there but you and the cashier
Royston Mariadas (3 days ago)
do you just go out yelling in the malls?
mbecerra2010 (4 days ago)
You're awesome Aaron! Thanks.
Ravi Chandel (5 days ago)
where to get jeans like salman khan or akshay kumar as my body type is a bit similer to him
thecuatroaustero (6 days ago)
Levi's 501 Forever!! (they're 100% cotton as denim should be)
Mega Megatron (6 days ago)
He is sooooo right, when you find the right fit, it's like BOOM!
Jet Lee (6 days ago)
You buy the jeans that makes you look awesome and feels great on. Price..irrelevant. custom your length. Too long or too short ..girls notice. Keep in mind the shoes your wearing with them..boots need different jeans than sneakers
Leah Jackson (7 days ago)
That bounce he does is extremely gay
M&N Distribution (7 days ago)
Guess have the best jeans
James Lyndon (7 days ago)
Unless your company has been making jeans for 100 years+ I'm not interested. Levis, Wrangler or Lee - Only brands that matter.
CharismaticEnigma121 (7 days ago)
American Eagle are now selling denim at a 28 size. I was shocked when I recently went shopping
Brandon J (7 days ago)
I know you lift weights. How do you fit into slim fitting jeans at the correct waist size? Are they just really tight and you deal with it by getting stretchy pairs? I have a 30" waist but have to get 32-33" waists in order for my thighs to fit into slim fitting jeans because my thighs are thick from weight lifting.
Spencer Leonardi (7 days ago)
You feel OLD in American Eagle! OLD! you keep saying YOUNG! the STORE feels young!... great video
Tyler Gina (8 days ago)
Favorite youtuber right here😂🤙
notta3d (8 days ago)
Can you do a video on hemming jeans?
Tyler Gooch (8 days ago)
Hey man its crazy i was wearing a pair of 7 jeans as you went to the 7 store
Defying Entropy (9 days ago)
I own 5 pairs of Italian made Diesel perfect fit
Chris Ross (9 days ago)
What kind of adidas was he wearing?? Those are really nice 👍🏼
Prince Yanel (9 days ago)
GAP and Levis. Excellent choice.
don wilson (9 days ago)
$225 for a pair of jeans that look like they should be in the garbage. Don't worry you'll be an adult someday. Do you see James Bond wearing jeans like that? No and there's a reason. The ones you had on are just stupid. You are trying too hard bud.
Iam_ JuCyyy2nd (9 days ago)
I dont know if anyone has heard of Bench/ but its pretty popular in the phil. And their jeans are pretty decent and like the cheap ones are only around 16-20 dollars.
Iam_ JuCyyy2nd (9 days ago)
I like how alpha's so friendly w everyone unlike me if i were to walk into a store and the sales-people were to ask me "hi what are you looking for?" I would just hiss and like walk away
aj cv2 (9 days ago)
Why no true religion best by far
Afiso (10 days ago)
Diesel would be the best if it wasn't that expensive. SO levi is the best
Cameron Becnel (10 days ago)
I love the Joe's Folsom- athletic fit. the only jeans ive found that fit my thighs with a tapered slim look, im 5'11 195lbs
Srijon Datta (10 days ago)
Could you review dsquared jeans
Lucius Nguyen (11 days ago)
Rag & Bone Levi’s MNML
Remember Chance (11 days ago)
Me!! Me!! Me!!
Hater (12 days ago)
the best jeans I had was GAS, another great Italian brand.
Bill Brent (12 days ago)
Finally, a style vlog that keeps budget and style in mind when shopping. So many others hawking $200-$300 pairs of jeans in order to look good.
Nathaniel * (12 days ago)
True Religion has the best jeans
Lil Fiddler (13 days ago)
Got some diesel jeans that cost £135 new for £30 from a second hand shop, buzzing
AKINBO Tenny Thoger (13 days ago)
What is the name of the Adidas sneakers he's wearing in the video?
OH MY GOSH JOSH (13 days ago)
AE and Levi IMO r the best jeans u can get
The Ace of Space (14 days ago)
those tan lines hehe
Blake Johnson (14 days ago)
Whatever happened to uni qlo
Rohit Prakash (14 days ago)
Jonathan Barker (14 days ago)
American eagle jeans fit so good but they don't last whatsoever
Shubhankar Das (14 days ago)
Diesel is superb
Benjamin Hawkhurst (15 days ago)
I am not trolling. I watched a levi’s commercial and your video showed up in the recommended list. I watched about half. This is just a recommendation. Your videos would be better suited as help for tiny men finding clothes. You are by no means alpha in any category. Well maybe you could go for “biggest of the small ones”. As a man myself at 6’ 1” (shoeless) I find your video comical. I also recommend trying the boys section in stores I think you can fit like a size 14-16 boys. I am not trolling.... I am serious, gear your videos as helping smaller men find clothes.
Jeff Higgs (15 days ago)
True Religions Made in America
Alex Bradley (15 days ago)
This is such a fun video! I just picked up two pairs of Levi’s at $40 a piece! Really liking them so far 😊
James Armijo (15 days ago)
To Tight ass
James Armijo (15 days ago)
Jeans are ugly now days
jacqueline garcia (17 days ago)
I love aphla I love you I'm only ten and I dress like you
Edward Bickerton (17 days ago)
I got my Levi’s of eBay for like £5 a pair
Michael Tarubal (17 days ago)
90% of my jeans are levis. But il check out american eagle and Gap this time
Michael Tarubal (17 days ago)
That JBrand is pretty sweet looking pair there. 🔥🔥🔥
Denim Bluz (17 days ago)
I get all my jeans at Good Will, already broken in, already shrunk, great fits, great selection of brands.
The Sharper Image (18 days ago)
Good video....very educational :)
Daniel J LaNoue (19 days ago)
step by step guide on how not to get laid.. didn't i see this guy in a gremlins movie?
Justin Martinez (20 days ago)
Wheres old navy
jesus (20 days ago)
Best snickers
Game Zone (20 days ago)
How tall you're??
Yoram Kohanzadeh (20 days ago)
I stumbled on 7 jeans at the outlets. I have bought more tha 5 pairs across the past decade and I have never paid more than $80. But that was the most expensive. I bought a $30, a few in the $40s, two around $50 and the most expensive $80. Might be a good option!
H1t Ht1 (21 days ago)
Levis AE Gap Old navy is fuqqing expensive in the philippines
Arnel Garcia (21 days ago)
I always have the same problem buying a pants and always have issues with length. Im 5/8 though.
Joshua Daniels (21 days ago)
Wait I didn’t know he lived in Atlanta or was he just visiting ?👀
Nick Ramsey (21 days ago)
H&M jeans are really comfy and they have alot of styles
StrasbergProtégé (10 days ago)
H&M don't last
Luis Speego (21 days ago)
I hate stretch denim and now in Argentina all brand only use stretch denim.
thecuatroaustero (6 days ago)
Luis, You can try Levi's 501; they are 100% cotton. (I also hate stretch denim!)
Sam Sunwoo (21 days ago)
Whatever the ones that works for YOUR body is the BEST.
MAD CHAINSAW7 (22 days ago)
RoBitusin (22 days ago)
HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAH you talk so loud to the camera that I can hear your echo.
Juan Valenzuela (22 days ago)
Im suprised True religion didnt really pop up or as much because they worked with denim time to time.
Jake Price (22 days ago)
A 28 wtf
David Houser (23 days ago)
How about doing a safari trip on the classic sports jacket that you can wear with jeans.
Roger Cosby (23 days ago)
Do you ever try Old Navy if not try
youku cx (23 days ago)
X ray jeans are the best check them out
Juiceman 23 (23 days ago)
The donation really shows how much class you have brother I like that 👍 thumbs up to your channel
mica545 (23 days ago)
Dude why are the jeans you tried on are super tight, come on man?
Michael Statia (24 days ago)
Idk ill stick with old navy. Still have my first pair 5 years later going strong
CrispyPigs 2 (24 days ago)
Levi's and American Eagle skinny looks the best.
ameikoperry1 (25 days ago)
What do you suggest for those that are not slim but not fat like in between size like almost bodybuilder body..just asking
Butters35 (25 days ago)
Pac sun and Hollister
John Dinca (25 days ago)
I don't know why you didn't take a look at Guess...Always thought they were the best.
Micah Asante (26 days ago)
Alpha male jeans sold right hurrr https://amzn.to/2CpdDUb
jonathan bynum (27 days ago)
What’s about lucky?
Moue666 (28 days ago)
Abercrombie makes some good jeans.
Ethan Webber (28 days ago)
American Eagle is the BEST!
Miguel Rivera (29 days ago)
bro. I shop my Jeans is at Kmart and Walmsrt...lol to pricey man. And dress shirts at Burlington Coat factory even shoes.
Victor Ionut (29 days ago)
Should try dsquared2
bikesbeersnbeats! (30 days ago)
Funny story, I was in one of those selvedge denim stores that sell the $400 hand made japanese jeans and the $100 belts. They wanted to know where I got my belt from, I took it off to check..... it was GAP. Cost about $25.
chirantha (1 month ago)
Thanks for buying a Diesel man. They are my favourite.
Cool Dog (1 month ago)
Acne and apc are the way to go.
Gabe Blackburn (1 month ago)
I wear Arizona Jeans because of how they fit
abhishek kadri (1 month ago)
denim should be 100% cotton not stretch
thecuatroaustero (6 days ago)
That's TOTALLY correct!!! I hate stretch denim!
Jayson Floyd (1 month ago)
I used this episode to decide. Went with American Eagle Outfitters jeans eventhough I am almost 40! I love them!
nomadxpert (1 month ago)
If I was a big time YouTuber like him, when I went in public and people stopped me I would give them a card with my YouTube info and say check it out. Hell, new subscribers are new subscribers.
A55tech (1 month ago)
What about Lucky, True Religion
Michiel De Jong (1 month ago)
You walked by G-star RAW :( they have awesome jeans

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