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The Meaning of Mad Men's Finale

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Hey, here is what it means. It's pretty simple. Also blue sweater guy feeding inspiration.
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Steve-in-Toronto (7 months ago)
ja maguire (7 months ago)
I don't think Don Draper went back to McCann and made the commercial. I think he has found some peace -- lord knows he found plenty of pieces (of tail) during the 60's -- and moved on from advertising (toward what I don't know). The Coke commercial was made by some next-generation Madison Avenue hotshot (the 1970's version of Don Draper) who we were never introduced to.
quiflington (1 year ago)
good work.
Connor (1 year ago)
I thought your voice was a text to speech at first
humna2 (2 years ago)
Good work.
Jake Jones (2 years ago)
Short, sweet, to the point. Great video.
David Mendez (2 years ago)
one of the most in-depth analyses i've seen and it wasn't even 2 minutes long lol
yragcom1 (2 years ago)
I've been sitting around for months, swearing up and down that there was NO WAY Don would go back to the McCann sausage factory, and that he didn't write the ad -- then you convinced me in less than two minutes that he probably did. Nicely done, sir.
Alex Curiel (2 years ago)
Had the same interpretation on "I want to buy the world a coke" thanks for the vid.
Handman (3 years ago)
Do I detect some RLM influence here? Anyways, great stuff; I'd like to see more from you critiquing this show.
Aye Humps (3 years ago)
Agree 100% he clearly made the commercial. The real question is did Don find himself and become truly happy or did he just go back to the same old Don? That is where the ambiguity comes from. Did he change at all? It is such a cynical and dark ending, he takes counter culture ideals and spins them into a worldwide corporate ad. It's everything Don is, everything Mad Men is, and it's beautiful.
Randy Chelmsford (3 years ago)
+Aaron Humphreys Apparently Matthew Weiner (in a Hollywood Reporter interview) didn't really see the ad as cynical and, in fact, seemed unable to grasp how it could be by any stretch of the imagination. This frankly bizarre lack of creative intuition shouldn't come as too much of a surprise though. Matthew Weiner was also not able to see what people found so off-putting and inhuman about his son Marten's portrayal of Glen Bishop, who, like his father, is either an alien walking around in human skin or under the control of a heretofore unknown brain parasite.

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