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Winifer Fernandez Highlights - Dominican Girls Do It Better

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Phenomenal volleyball skills of Winifer Fernandez
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Text Comments (92)
Sachin Dhungel (6 months ago)
winifer is my crush. 😊 yes po ma'am winifer Fernandez
Efrain Tapia (6 months ago)
Esa chaparra es puro show
Alexander Medina (6 months ago)
Que linda eres me gustaría conocerte algún día
Circada (6 months ago)
*T H O T*
Kevin Kozak (6 months ago)
She is perfect
Baraa Alamir (7 months ago)
She is not close to beautiful but the putt make different
Veni Vidi Vici (8 months ago)
Art Medina (8 months ago)
Why does she have a different color jersey?
booyah happiness (6 months ago)
She's a libero, liberos always have a different colored jersey
EMONEY (1 year ago)
Them cakes oh my 😄
land of Lincoln (1 year ago)
shes not that good they only keep her around because she brings in the crowds thats all i would let her sit on my face after every game tho
WKB KARMA (1 year ago)
land of Lincoln agreed
TAG SPORT AMERICA (1 year ago)
www.tagsportamerica.com MY DOMINICAN GIRLS RULE www.justicierorojo3dimensional.com
Jonh Jairo Chindoy (1 year ago)
Soy fanatico.xke ud eres una mujer fuerte ..y ademas eres una mujer .hermosaaa exitoss
nuffflavor (2 years ago)
Damn she is short. :)
Allan Hernandez (2 years ago)
es un chica bien adorable estad como un hobre quiere
Tide Acti-lift (2 years ago)
my god people who arent from caribbean dont know shit about it . she's from dominican republic not dominica which are two entirely different places but i wish she was from dominica she fine AF
Mike jones (2 years ago)
I wouldn't be able to coach them.
gil7331 (2 years ago)
did Winifer really just post a reply on this channel!? damn! I would love to see some nudy pics of her
Palantir (2 years ago)
pretty hard working girls 8>)
Cesar Vazquez (2 years ago)
Cesar Vazquez (2 years ago)
Renato ferreira (2 years ago)
Que cultos!!!
Trae Fittz (2 years ago)
She is SO SEXY. Come to the US please lol
Trae Fittz (2 years ago)
Watch my Videos!
Trae Fittz (2 years ago)
+MerkinMuffly that part lol
MerkinMuffly (2 years ago)
Lol, no she doesn't. How's she gonna live in NY and still play for Domincans, commute?
Arshad , Canada (2 years ago)
Why is she wearing different color
cuz' she a libero.
ky Van (2 years ago)
The defensive specialist/best player on the team wears a dif color
умничка !!!!
cmoney30301 (2 years ago)
Wow someone should do a video on number 19 at the 1:17 mark.
26DeislerFCB (2 years ago)
jesus thats better than watching sharapova in tennis, but nothing can beat beach volleyball
Anon 100 (2 years ago)
lmaoo shes so shit at volleyball, lucky her ass looks nice in some tight shorts
Christian Irizarry (2 years ago)
Bless the dominican republic
GlobalWatch (2 years ago)
why is her outfit different from the team
GlobalWatch (2 years ago)
+Winifer Fernández By the way, you are really hot
Altin Trolli (2 years ago)
she plays a special position i think
Alejandro Terzo (2 years ago)
Es como una mini James Rodríguez... pero ta bárbara!
Skosh (2 years ago)
Don Ren (2 years ago)
0:39 ...that hand tho. if you know what i mean.
Paul (2 years ago)
Ben Cafri (2 years ago)
+Darth Vader lol
Paul (2 years ago)
thanks :D
Antonio Ilinović (2 years ago)
What song?
CarpetBoy (2 years ago)
dat ass tho
Nathan S. Targina (2 years ago)
all them are highly beautiful, each one!
NinjaHamster (2 years ago)
3:24 did she slaped her ? Like for real ? :D
Falco Peregrinus (2 years ago)
Good observation.
Pato. Bot (2 years ago)
Red Rabbit (2 years ago)
Gurkirt Singh (2 years ago)
whats her insta
Aryana Sharma (2 years ago)
I am watching this video for learning new volleyball skills only ! Said NO ONE EVER .
Maher (2 years ago)
AzzWalk (2 years ago)
Damn, baby, you got a bright future behind you!
Khizo (2 years ago)
1:59 poor girl, get denied. xD
apostolis633 (2 years ago)
this ass is better that any food out there
*FiveRivers* (1 year ago)
apostolis633 Hmmmm!! Truly will be tasty all over oooh yeah!! 👅👅😋
Hofi850 (2 years ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of the track?
Hofi850 (2 years ago)
+Darth Vader The track of the video?
Antonio Ilinović (2 years ago)
What track?
Hofi850 (2 years ago)
+OhFeng Thx Mate!
BIGBOSSFONG (2 years ago)
darude sandstorm
Diego Nova (2 years ago)
Shes cute seen hotter girls tho probably because im from Colombia
Alberto Verdugo (2 years ago)
todas las del equipo estan bien chulas!
Antoine Dawnson (2 years ago)
lets be honest here we all came here to see some ass
oof sauce (1 year ago)
Nah bruh I came here to see some tactical volleyball, and good team work.
Mark (1 year ago)
Antoine Dawnson yup
Lucien Petrus (1 year ago)
not me i'm into the beautiful colors of their sneekers and shorts
Alex Junior (2 years ago)
Name of the music please
demvids (2 years ago)
Not really into the athletic type of woman(most are too masculine) but I'm loving your channel!... You've picked some fine ones to showcase, great job on this video, and your whole channel
Cornellious Zuva (2 years ago)
why she is wearing dfrnt from others??
gil7331 (2 years ago)
+Winifer Fernández if this is really you, you are a goddess.
EnnJayy (2 years ago)
+john conrad tirado and it looks to me you know your animes very well, you're still a virgin, am i right? :)
Cornellious Zuva (2 years ago)
+john conrad tirado [email protected] kkkkk you are ryt bro,im a soccer fan ,the gal just drive my eyes/attention
Cornellious Zuva (2 years ago)
+EnnJayy ya ya ya u answered me well..i was wondering why shez n dfrnt colour...nw i gt it thnxx
Federerfan22 (2 years ago)
I love Wini. Too bad she doesn't participate in Rio.
Liviu Juratu (2 years ago)
why they don't slap that ass like man do in fotbal? just a hug :(
Filben (2 years ago)
Sometimes, they actually do that in volleyball. Shame they did it not at this one :(
Tommy Magnusson (2 years ago)
Nice very nice
Anibal Im (2 years ago)
BN COMSTOCK (2 years ago)
Howard Lee (2 years ago)
thanks, can you do an hour video of those girls?
Dan Smith (2 years ago)
very nice
Roman Beavers (2 years ago)
number 2 is Hot!!!!!
Thanks for posting. She is amazing!
kevin blanco (2 years ago)
sexy 😍😍
FeeVeeR7 (2 years ago)

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