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Mike Tyson Defence Master Highlight

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Tribute to Mike Tyson's defence, trained by the legendary Cus D'Amato who encouraged Tyson to use the peek-a-boo style, in which the fighter moves his head holds his gloves close to his cheeks and pulls his arms tight against his torso. Mike Tyson, executed the style perfectly and was notorious for his savage punching ability and excellent defense. Probably the best example of the Peek-a-Boo style.
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Text Comments (848)
D T (1 day ago)
Always led the fight
TheNeoFx (2 days ago)
dodge +1
NALDOTHEBOSS (3 days ago)
Cus D’Amato + Kevin Rooney + Mike Tyson = Perfection
Arian Dito (3 days ago)
Frank Bruno: I'd rather fight Lennox once a week that Mike Tyson once a year.
Arian Dito (3 days ago)
early in his career was so focused on boxing he always forget where his corner is...
A b1986 (11 days ago)
I thought I was watching a cartoon for seeing these dudes fly through the air didn't look natural.
a guy (18 days ago)
Castrvretk (19 days ago)
Dancing on the rope
Dan 123 (20 days ago)
The true GOAT
TheMrEpicsounds (24 days ago)
Never been a heavyweight so fast since 😱 freaky!!
Trump chillin at 5:15 😂😂😂😂
Hminga Lek Tochhawng (1 month ago)
you shouldnt play music when Cus Damato is speaking'
Marcos So (1 month ago)
What the he'll is saying the coach to Mike at the end?
Dughu (1 month ago)
esas tremendas bestias si pesaban lo mismo que el?
sangtea rspa (1 month ago)
Not one of the greatest....he is the greatest
CHIZZO P (1 month ago)
Aks Associates (1 month ago)
May Allah bless him with good health and peace of mind
Aks Associates (1 month ago)
Legend of era by the grace of almighty allah alhamdulillah only Mike tyson the only legend in boxing
Mohammed Mia (1 month ago)
2:55 got him in a corner while on defense this dude is insane😂
David (1 month ago)
When Cus died, something inside Mike had died. It was the moment when rats and snakes just overwhelmed him.
Michael Ledford (1 month ago)
Boxing died when Robin Givens & Don King destroyed the greatest heavyweight champion of all time , Ali in his prime against a 20 year old Iron Mike would have gotten Ali the worst beating of his life ,only George Foreman in his prime had the skills to combat Mike's insane defense ,Ali would have been outmatched in defense ,in offense and in knock down power .
Eugenio Naldi (1 month ago)
orthodox caucasian (1 month ago)
he was a best boxer in history now he is a legend!!
Sharman Nobody (2 months ago)
Mike is the best of all time.
WhoisJuls (2 months ago)
BANTU Ke (2 months ago)
Kid Dynamite (2 months ago)
one of the best videos in youtube
Herhsey Ford (2 months ago)
It sucks to never be able to hit and instead gets a knockout blow especially from Mike Tyson
عاصم العنزي (2 months ago)
He is ronaldinio of boxing Both wasted their talent by drugs and woman
Jestoni Anquillano (2 months ago)
Still can't believe how this heavy weight move likes he's light as a feather
Man O'Neal (2 months ago)
If he had stayed focused he'd have been the greatest undeniably.
Eugenio Naldi (2 months ago)
he truly could have been the GOAT
Roshes aii (2 months ago)
Tyson was a KO artist not a defense master dont get it twisted that belongs to Floyd
Adrian A (2 months ago)
Mike was like an evolved Smokin Joe head movement and bobbing but torso movement too and quicker hands. Woulda been a fight for the ages though
Adrian A (2 months ago)
Evasive aggressiveness amazing a simple yet effective concept. Not everyone can have Sweet Pea type defense and it's not necessary.
JD Kim (2 months ago)
He avoids every incoming attack, and then just single counter punch ends the match. It just doesn't feel right...
Brady W (3 months ago)
If Mike Tyson would've never gotten away from his original team (getting rid of Rooney), along with joining w/ Don King, he would easily have been one of the best & most legendary heavyweights in history. Later in his career, he started head hunting and his ability to bob & weave + evade punches to get inside his lengthier opponents range decreased drastically. Such a shame to see such talent wasted. =\
yhwhzson (3 months ago)
Scariest reality in boxing history. "WHAT IF CUS HAD NOT DIED???!!!!!"
Davon Benson (3 months ago)
Why were his opponents head hunting, when he was swiftly avoiding their punches.
Aks Associates (3 months ago)
God gift skill legend of era mike
Dennis S (3 months ago)
He turned his biggest weakness into his strenght👏👏👏
madzx_gaming (3 months ago)
Tyson uses Dempsey roll
Edicola San Pietro (4 months ago)
Best best defence..amazing!!!
TeflonDonLeeds (4 months ago)
Amazing Amazing Amazing... head movement is phenomenal. Great footwork and co ordination
Gabriel Mascitti (4 months ago)
Dude his voice doesn't much with his appearance
Dr.Haze (4 months ago)
Bloom0to9 (4 months ago)
thanks for the upload. great vid :)
otoot kol (5 months ago)
To be good in Defense means to be faster than the opponents Punch
Jason Marten (5 months ago)
really shows you how intelligent Cus was; to make the claim that at 13 Tyson would be the future heavy weight champ of the world at 20..and how his style would work.
aws21st (5 months ago)
Tyson and Ali in their primes the two greatest heavyweight champions
nothing to see here (5 months ago)
Throwing the most lethal punches
josiah mcgill (5 months ago)
Whos the fight at 2:30?
pasdefolies (3 months ago)
josiah mcgill Mitch green
halleck3 (5 months ago)
Tyson's power was indisputable and gave him the wins over all the 2nd-tier and lower opponents he faced. But it was this defense that beat the truly good fighters he faced. When he gave it up, he became beatable.
Darrin Springer (6 months ago)
The goat
VP G (6 months ago)
Best fighter of all time. Amazing how he dodge punches as he moving forward. Ali just dance around and dance backward. Just in awe of Tyson defense.
Kurturmis (6 months ago)
how mike fights the guy at 2:29 .... is intimidating as fuck too bad what happened to his career he is one of the greats no doubt I think he could have beaten Ali .
DonLee (6 months ago)
He goes Stevie wonder on em
Motherfucker Gandhi (6 months ago)
Holy Fuck. Divine Mike slipping jabs in fights with 8th league fighters and semitaxidrivers. Where's that mystic reflexes go in fights with Holyfield Lennox or Buster Douglas for example (don't say he was past prime when he was 23)
Bruno Moura (6 months ago)
Scary 0:03
Sanjay Khanka (7 months ago)
who was he defending against at 3:13 to 3:20.......Great
OMNI HALLS (7 months ago)
That first fighter in the highlight is what Deontay would have looked like against a prime Tyson.
He Huang (7 months ago)
simply, beautiful masterpiece defence skills. Klitschko is powerful but ugly
A Ihsan (7 months ago)
0:37 0:46
john skaggs (7 months ago)
He was a good fighter but hardly the greatest, he folded up when he fought fighters that weren't intimidated by him. I would have been nice to see him fight Holyfield and Bowie in his prime tho.
Esteban Francisco (7 months ago)
POTENTIALLY better than Ali but bitchass Don king fucked his career.
sluana1 (7 months ago)
Uppercut gets Tyson which is the secret to beating him.
J_Sliver (8 months ago)
I love his skill
Garry Taylor (8 months ago)
After all the hard work cus & atlas&,rooney put in more than teddy did fae bout 12,13yrs old he waz a machine,rooney waz the man to take him undefeated all his career,sad
Garry Taylor (8 months ago)
I'm glad to see all those old videos as it shows u how good Tysons defence waz,he waz so underated as a defensive fighter,that's when he waz at his best then he seen 1chance an that's all it took for him to ko u out best ever
TheFunkhouser (8 months ago)
Last bit .. so epic. Mike with Cus were totally unstoppable :( RIP Sir.
BBN (9 months ago)
Mike Tyson never fought on back feet.
Shaun Ward (9 months ago)
That sure is some good shit
Kum Kie Choong (9 months ago)
Excellent, simply the best
Can Erg (9 months ago)
0:53 From NYC ghettos to juvenile hall, after thousands of hours training with Cus, coming to this. Incredible and simply the best
Majid Khan (9 months ago)
Tyson scares me, but there's this about D'Amato that makes me wanna run away...
Sadistic_ Viper (9 months ago)
If Tyson stayed with Rooney,this Lewis or holyfield wouldn't have a career! Fact!
Mushareb Mahar (9 months ago)
Tysons opponents be like, wtf? This guy is cheating, his head disappears when we try to punch him..
F R (9 months ago)
Tyson’s defense was so overshadowed by his overwhelming offense, it didn’t get nearly enough credit.
Tay Tay (9 months ago)
His voice isn't what I expected.
Sebastián Vivanco (10 months ago)
Ippo and Kamogawa
Lasagnen Strudel (10 months ago)
Who is that guy at 2:30?
Tom Walton (10 months ago)
This mf threw with bad intentions!!!!
John Cruickshank (11 months ago)
What's the soundtrack? Excellent video Tyson the beast
S Fightfan78 (11 months ago)
Sadly after he left Rooney ! his defense was never quite as good . That's why Holyfield was able to exploit him and beat him . He could not rely on offense and power shots alone . In the Bruno fight Rooney said he saw a dozen mistakes in the 1st round . If only Mike had stayed with Rooney , or even Atlas .
6400az (11 months ago)
KO by the punchs' wake 8:12
Ariel Francisco (11 months ago)
Tyson era muy rápido a la vez que Foreman muy lento .George no hubiera encontrado nunca a Mike en sus quiebres de cintura . Tyson le hubiera ganado a Foreman .
lfc (11 months ago)
2:15 to 2:19 amazing for a heavyweight
TheCoatneyadkins (11 months ago)
probably the only person to ever TRULY MASTER every aspect of the game...I hate when ppl don't give Mike the credit he deserves... and when he reigned supreme in the eighties he didn't trash talk ANYONE... he didn't have to trash talk to sell fights... his skill alone sold fights... unlike other fighters who trash talk and build up a hype train... Mike didn't have to... when Mike fought your neck hairs stood on end because you knew the human equivalent of a shark attack was about to take place... masterful violence...
lordcloudx (11 months ago)
マイク選手のデンプシーロールだ! lol~ came here from watching Hajime no Ippo clips.
Ralph Arias (11 months ago)
Tyson for president better then what we got now 😂
grevenlau (11 months ago)
5:52 Denpushi roru!
Mystery47 (1 year ago)
No wonder so many of his opponents had a look of sheer terror on their faces when they entered the ring.
SilentEvil2 (1 year ago)
If he only stayed alive 10-15 more years. He would have beaten Lewis and Holyfield ugh. Probably not gonw to jail either. Peek A Boo was made for a Lewis type of fighter. Once the head movement was gone, the style falls apart.
James Li (1 year ago)
bob and weave bitch
Felipe Vieira (1 year ago)
how deontay dare to compare?
TRANS-CHAN (1 year ago)
The living Ippo Makunouchi. Moreover, he is the combination of Ippo Makounochi and Mamoru Takamura. He even have a great strategical coach in his side, which could probably be kaichou, Genji Kamogawa. *Salute~
Mr deadpool (1 year ago)
Who is mike tyson coach?
Kuruta7 (1 year ago)
kevin rooney
Just Here (1 year ago)
There used to be a sport called boxing, until Mike Tyson left the ring ...
Sam Bo (1 year ago)
If u know Tyson he stopped training properly after1992

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