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3LW - No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)

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3LW's official music video for 'No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)'. Click to listen to 3LW on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/3LWSpotify?IQid=3LWID?IQid=3LWNM As featured on A Girl Can Mack. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/3LW?IQid=3LWNM Google Play: http://smarturl.it/NMGPlay?IQid=3LWNM Amazon: http://smarturl.it/3LWA?IQid=3LWNM More from 3LW I Do (Wanna Get Close To You): https://youtu.be/Ce_sZfmUvz0 Playas Gon' Play: https://youtu.be/dD9A8x_xn5g Feelin' You: https://youtu.be/8i9rXOmq8LY More great Classic RnB videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRNB?IQid=3LWNM Follow 3LW Twitter: https://twitter.com/vrarmy Subscribe to 3LW on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/3LWSub?IQid=3LWNM --------- Lyrics: I'm getting a little tired of your broken promises promises Looking at your pager seeing different numbers and numbers Call you on your cell you hangin' the fellas the fellas Hangin' with my girls you always getting jealous n' jealous I was with you when you didn't have no dollars no dollars Hangin at the crib chillin' with ya mama ya mama Never fronted you never brought the drama the drama Now you flip the script player, please No I'm not the one (Say it again Say it again oh) No I'm not the one (You do or you don't)
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Text Comments (16351)
Stephanie C (3 hours ago)
Back when I used to think 3LW and Cheetah Girls were the same TV show.
Hector Eustaquio (5 hours ago)
Someone just made a tweet about this😂
The slime House (8 hours ago)
Omg i can’t “promithes promithes”😂💀 Btw who’s here in 2019
Amanda Nelson (8 hours ago)
When the autotune heard Keiley sing it had a stroke
Precious Rose (12 hours ago)
This was the song back then! I loved all of them. Adrienne is such a beauty with vocals, Keily is fun and energetic, Naturi vocally was great. I honestly thought Naturi demeanor was too serious for this group. But glad they all are successful in their own way.
Azad 4765 Ahmed (16 hours ago)
Where did these bands go all of a sudden. My whole Dubai life was filled with these type of songs
geekably U (18 hours ago)
Adrienne and Kiely got two verses but Naturi can’t get one?
Don Dada (19 hours ago)
How the fuck are they in the 9 grade and driving in NYC?!
Sparkly Potato (20 hours ago)
0:21 your welcome 🤣
MicahJoel (1 day ago)
How are they gonna not give Naturi a verse but the bitch with the underwater voice with a busted ass lisp has a part ?
Gibby Dooglas (1 day ago)
Thay it again
Antonio Horn (1 day ago)
Whoever directing this. Really didn't do a good job. I mean why would she say something out of the blue. To catch her man with another women.
Sir Puffs alot Va (1 day ago)
Who here after they found out cam wrote this song
life with Sydney (2 days ago)
Breezy Bre (2 days ago)
Umm bro the AuTOtUNe and did they say that was last year in the EIGHTH GRADE?
Re Late Able (2 days ago)
i typed in girls with lisps looking for my friends video and this popped up
ruth osasah (2 days ago)
2019 baby
Geoffrey Phipps (2 days ago)
I LOVE the bass in this song!
Frederic Lefil (3 days ago)
Daija Washington (3 days ago)
at 9 years old i never realized how much autotune there was 🤣
Ana Natasha (3 days ago)
Naturi is the sh#t...always will be.
Sheila (3 days ago)
I'm only here because of Uncensored. That first girl she have been enrolled in speech therapy. She has a serious problem. However, I am surprised that she was able to say "Subway".
Andy Bebley (3 days ago)
ThrrrrowwBackk, shout out to Dipset!! Killa Cam, wrote this one!.
Andy Bebley (11 hours ago)
+Mary Hodges His mom Virgie_OG posted it on her gram, you can google the writers. He got a Platinum plaque from Epic, crediting him for it, sold over a milli copies.
Mary Hodges (13 hours ago)
where you here that at
Anastasia Lenares (3 days ago)
Who’s Tyron?🤨
Chuck McMicheal (3 days ago)
Omigod! It's her! Totally got here on accident, so stinking cute!
Chuck McMicheal (3 days ago)
Is the girl in the back seat from the show the real??? Sombody help
julie wooliez (2 days ago)
Tay Meeks (3 days ago)
Look! Naturi was the one that can sing! Adrienne voice was good! But to me Naturi voice was better! Kiely (Mean Girl) could dance‼️ But look 👀 who’s on top now! Naturi (Power) her acting career is 💯‼️ Adrienne on the “Real” ‼️ Kiely (Mean Girl) what are you doing lately???? Shitttttt🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Jason Lee Trater (3 days ago)
How did these girls NOT get their own sitcom series on UPN, about mid-season 2000-2001?
Beast (3 days ago)
I'm here because Camron said he ghost wrote this song 📖💵😂
LaTori Thompson (3 days ago)
Did she throw teddy bears away 😂😂
Jessica Walsh (3 days ago)
are you born in the 90's? love it
Juli Betty (3 days ago)
The gap between the teeth ruined the song
ILove Chocolate (3 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Meeko Meeka (3 days ago)
Did the black girl even have a solo
B Money (3 days ago)
I heard Camron wrote this and came to hear it
S N (3 days ago)
All of the fucking comments are about someones speech impediment and not the actual song 🤮💀😩
Xo Nelly Xo (3 days ago)
0:52 What Line Was Adrienne Singing To? Is It Just Me?
Lee Michell (4 days ago)
Finding out Cam'rom wrote this brought me here, oh boy.
Cedric Titus (4 days ago)
Came here because Killa Cam helped write this!!
Dayana Luna (4 days ago)
Playa pleathe
Shawn A (4 days ago)
Cam'ron is a genius. lol
Brownskinn C (4 days ago)
Auto tune😭
_Livia Gacha _ Life (4 days ago)
DARN Haugha (4 days ago)
Yep she was def treated unfairly. She didn’t even have her own verse and she sings better than both of them.
Travis P (5 days ago)
wait! so the black one didn't get her own verse?
shordy boom (5 days ago)
Amy Locke (5 days ago)
The stutter is real
snap 32244 (5 days ago)
is that the girl from power?!
TheKilLaCaMshow (4 days ago)
snap 32244 yes that naturi
I ain't gonna front all the fellas did think Keily was the prettiest back in the day. Now they all bomb in my opinion.
Jason Lee Trater (5 days ago)
These girls were expecting their hood boyfriends to be loyal? Really? REALLY?......... Ha ha
JoeTelly (5 days ago)
Music from kids for kids.
iKETOURAGE (5 days ago)
Nobody: Kiely: Yo,Pull over at the thubway.
Yam Jam (9 hours ago)
Traneika Little (2 days ago)
Shacari Sperley (2 days ago)
😂😂😂 bruh
DJ FX (5 days ago)
The lisp jokes are played out lol. This song was awesome
Richard Cole (5 days ago)
They could've atleast let naturi get the rap part lol amh
oVizions aka Feuson (6 days ago)
*Playa pleathe*
Ayeee It's JJ (6 days ago)
If they 14 why tf she driving America explain 😂
Tahj (6 days ago)
Why do I feel like Aerin Creer can pull off all these looks??
Anthony Sharp (6 days ago)
Never again never again never again lhhh
Cassi Partipilo (6 days ago)
When they came alive from the drawing that guy was looking like, “when did I take acid?!”🤣
Brooke Joseph (3 days ago)
ayow wash poppin (6 days ago)
Lmaooo the auto tune I cant
Princess Meg (6 days ago)
Playa pleathhe
D G (6 days ago)
Keelie was the one that looked like the odd man out she looked awkward and that lisp was loud and clear.
Ray Mone (6 days ago)
That lisp lol
C (7 days ago)
That auto tune sounds CRAZY all these years later. They tried to push her as the star and she couldn’t even sing
Kira S (7 days ago)
me and my sister used to make dances to all of their songs lol
Goodness Nwankpa (7 days ago)
How come only two of them had solos? O_o
sabrina jimenez (7 days ago)
I’m so glad for her lisp ❤️🦷
Shaniya Johnson (7 days ago)
Spit Flying Everywhere🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mrspiderwalk (7 days ago)
Say what you want, it’s still nostalgic.
andreka buie (6 days ago)
Naturi was the best singer, dancer, and actress, in the group. Why in the hell did they give the one with the lisp the words with the P's and S's in them and why was she was dancing like a two-legged deer?
LaTonya Mayes (7 days ago)
You know he ain't Biggie baby boy so how in the hell can he afford Kate Spade. He barely can wash his ass good. Lol.
Bibiana Enamorada (7 days ago)
I will never see KFC the same... SMH
TheKilLaCaMshow (4 days ago)
Bibiana Enamorada lol me either 😭😭😭
B NY (7 days ago)
Kiely clearly needed acting lessons
q t (7 days ago)
Looking at this video now they could have gave Natauri the first verse if Kiely was going to rap at the end. Honestly poor girl didn't even sing at all. Such a shame. That's another reason they talk about Kiely now.
q t (4 days ago)
+JaCory what I do know is that Kiely was the leader of the group and she probably did have a say on it since her mother sister or whoever she was her manager. For example Beyonce and her dad. Her dad was able to make sure that Beyonce sung lead on their songs even on the first song so...... there's no differences. Plus it's not like Kiely could sing anyway. She rapped better than she sung.
JaCory (4 days ago)
You do know that they didn't choose which parts they sang, right? It was their debut album, which means you have no control over what it sounds like. You don't own your own stuff or have creative control until the 2nd or 3rd album. That's how it is. Plus Naturi sang on other songs more.
Midnitemare (7 days ago)
Soooooo is no one going to talk about how they are driving around like their grown assuming their only 14??
Mayanah (7 days ago)
Go Naturi!!!!
Its Daylia (7 days ago)
Wow I was 8 when this song came out lol
Cathy Phukubje (8 days ago)
they did natauri so dirdy
Spoken Truth (8 days ago)
Searches 'playa pleathe' and sees this video 😁 😁
withoutatrace (5 days ago)
That's because the internet helps fuck brain's like you who can NOT spell!!!
Unit City (8 days ago)
I’m sorry, but Naturi is best one in the group.❤️❤️❤️🧡💜
Unit City (2 days ago)
withoutatrace as for those two
Unit City (4 days ago)
withoutatrace what??
withoutatrace (5 days ago)
As for as what???
Kam More (8 days ago)
I’m in shock that anyone approved of this knowing damn well Kiely’s lisp was a mess 💀
Jasmine Gaytan (8 days ago)
Why kiely remind me of Icejjfish?
oscar 97 (8 days ago)
And now we hear Naturi on that chicken corn and mash potatoes that was thrown at her
withoutatrace (5 days ago)
Yeah.That's funny! They love chicken!!!!
Kayjay Purks (8 days ago)
We dont like keily. Lol
Kayjay Purks (5 days ago)
+withoutatrace "We" , Me .
withoutatrace (5 days ago)
Who is we???
Shauntel H (8 days ago)
memories of 8th grade me and my friends singing this song.
AllAboutAlliie (8 days ago)
Damn Kiely needed so much auto tune on her voice lol
Pudding (8 days ago)
The Promithes Promithes clip brought me here,lol.
mjbaybgurl (8 days ago)
I miss early 2000s...💔😞
Noelle Adams (8 days ago)
Playa pleethz!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itsanah 202 (8 days ago)
Kiley cannot sing man it’s no way that was her doing that high pitch part had to be naturi
Tiffany and Co. (8 days ago)
33 and this is still my jam lol this was my era lol
aleena young (8 days ago)
They were adorable
mo brown (8 days ago)
Fam the guy is 15 where is he supposed to live looool
Crisscross (8 days ago)
They used auto tune on kiely instead of just giving the verse to naturi sigh
Crisscross (8 days ago)
Why doesn’t naturi have a verse.
Crisscross (2 days ago)
Tasha Monique because she can sing. She doesn’t need auto tune but kiely does. It makes sense for someone that can sing to get more parts than someone who can’t.
Tasha Monique (5 days ago)
She sung the lead on some songs like playas gonna play and kiely didn’t have a verse . So why is that?
Alvin Strachan (8 days ago)
This chocolate girl is beautiful !!!!!😩😍😘😘
Cardi Manaj (8 days ago)
Naturi doesn’t have a verse.... y?
Oh yeah yeah (9 hours ago)
Harden Thicke cuz they were jealous of her that she had a better voice then kiely
Precious Rose (12 hours ago)
Seriously, you can't be this naive, you know groups in general don't always have a verse for each person in each song. Look at Destiny Child, TLC, SWV, Total, 702 and etc. Reaching perhaps? because of what happened to Naturi? Smh lol
Dman2020 (13 hours ago)
Her energy tho!
B F (2 days ago)
Maybe she needed a listhp
Lexie Chan (2 days ago)
+cche16 More like colorist
radiant812 (8 days ago)
If her mom was the manager, why didnt she make sure to get her daughter some speech lessons???
Michael Baldwin (8 days ago)
ur girl bangs (8 days ago)
Bucky beaver is a hater,,like naturi can sing, Bucky's part was straight auto tuned....

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