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The Mad Men finale shuts the door, has a Coke

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After seven seasons and more theorizing about what it all means than even Don Draper thought about, Mad Men wrapped things up with a finale that left the world singing in perfect harmony—if voicing differing opinions at the same time can loosely be defined as “harmony.” DVR Club similarly bids farewell to Mad Men with Josh Modell and Sean O’Neal offering their slightly different interpretations of the ending. But both agree that, obviously, Don was dead the whole time and Charlie Manson did it. There’s plenty of other stuff to cover here, from the surprisingly generous outcomes Matthew Weiner offered Pete, to Stan and Peggy’s big rom-com moment. But the most pressing question is, as always, what it meant for Don. Has he grown at all, even if only incrementally? Or did he just pick up a new way to peddle soda? This DVR Club is a time machine, going backwards and forwards to a TV show we ache to watch again. Hop inside as it takes its last-ever trip to Mad Men. Visit The A.V. Club: http://avclub.com Like The A.V. Club on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/avclubpage Follow The A.V. Club on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/theavclub
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Ivan Lendl (19 days ago)
Thank goodness critics don't write the storylines.
lily Robinson (9 months ago)
of course Don went back and created the coke commercial.
Thomas Middleton (1 year ago)
The smile on his face was that he finally found peace. Which he was trying to find for seven seasons. He was rich enough that he didn't have to work again, and was burned out on advertising.
Ran Bar-Levi (1 year ago)
I was really disappointed in the finale. did we really need to watch the fast car bullshit? another stupid romance or peggy and stan? Peggy biggest triumph would be to become Don (with the good and bad) not a wife... A happy finale is what elevates the rewatchability of a show in dvd and syndication. who wants to relive a bad feeling. In my heart Don's line should have ended either hugging Betty on her deathbed with sally behind him or giving peggy in her wedding as a father figure. The show kept chickening out of big scenes all through the years, the way joan ran from ME, the way the avoided the greg rape or really tackled the race issues. they would get to the mountain and run away. I think those actors could pull it off but never got the chance cause the writers decided to take the easy road time after time. It was a great show but with a little more balls they could have cleared the biggest mountain tops and become one of the best ever.
wordgrrl71 (3 years ago)
Loved the analysis.  Thanks.
bazzroid (3 years ago)
Why are these two men talking like women?
Ivan Lendl (19 days ago)
They're betas.
Kristopher Ryan (4 months ago)
+Margaret Gust hey intelligent men can do that. Sorry you've had shitty experiences with men to somehow come to that conclusion.
Margaret Gust (8 months ago)
Anne M - I love Betty, too!
Margaret Gust (8 months ago)
bassroid - You mean, grammatically correct, letting each other finish their sentences before they respond, and actually expressing lucid thoughts?
Anne M (1 year ago)
duh - how can don be don without women? PLUS: Sally, Betty and Betty (and btw, I luv betty) were the ONLY people that Don gave a shat about.
Boss Lady Lauren (3 years ago)
I think Don really did change, for the better. I feel he was never comfortable in his own skin and able to show real emotion. I also think the Coke ad was a redeeming factor for Don going back to season 1 were he would not allow Betty to model for McCann for the Coke ad. I think he felt as though he had held her away from her own happiness that in a small way he was giving it back. AT least that is what I want.
jules kinkead (3 years ago)
another day or 2 and stephanie would have already left. this was not a place don would be looking for. he accompanied her there and after being abandoned by her don stayed, no ride out, and finally broke and began repair
Joel Cook (3 years ago)
The Peggy scene was corny but I dont care I liked it.  The scene with Betty and Don on the phone was one of the best moments in the show for me.  Brilliant, just perfectly executed by both actors, so much in that silence.
Joel Cook (3 years ago)
+jazzdrummer​ agreed. That was a great movie.
jules kinkead (3 years ago)
+Joel Cook it reminds us of Lost in Translation when Bill Murray Whispers in Scarlett ear and we see her gasp once or twice and viewers do not know what was said...
drew dennen (3 years ago)
Great analysis. I really hope the reboot thing was just a joke.

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