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Tabarome by CREED (Exploring Niche)

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RyzFragz34 (4 years ago)
Love this fragrance. Great review! Very underrated Creed. This one you can wear anytime and anywhere.
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Thanks for the support brother! Definitely Tabarome is a winner from CREED!
ChilledPint (4 years ago)
Thanks for your take on this one Allan. Sometimes I pick up a tea not in this one. It's lurking in the background
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Yes I picked the tea notex and the tobacco is rich and soft very well blended juice, Thanks to you for your support.
Lanier Smith (4 years ago)
Bravo Allan! 
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Wooohooo thanks!
Premium Shop (4 years ago)
Great review Allan. I like Tabarome is the best creed to wear at work in my opinion. The mature vibe is good to formal events too.
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Thanks for stopping by! Yes it has a mature vibe, but that makes it classy, and is very good for work.
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Great great review here Allan! The ginger in this sounds really nice. I'm not familiar with many creed frags but you've made me very interested in this one. Sounds rich yet refreshing. How great that you got to try it.
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Hi Cleo, yes definitely there are some CREED fragrances that really worth the try, thanks for your support! :-)
Notes Punch (4 years ago)
I love tabarome bro , one of my favorite creeds imo , great review buddy
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Thanks brother, this juice is really good.
Jim R (4 years ago)
Nice review!  I love Tabarome Millesime and feel it is one of Creed's most under-rated fragrances; it's one of my favorite tobacco scents and also my favorite ginger scent.  While it's not for everyone, it rocks my world!  And I agree...it's not a fragrance for babies...it's a mature (not aged or dated) classy scent much like Bois du Portugal.  Tabarome projects well for 3-4 hours and lasts 8+ hours on my fragrance friendly skin.  Hopefully one day I'll get my nose on Vintage Tabarome (should they ever re-release it) because there are some in the community who rave about that one.
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Yes I've heard good things about Tabarome vintage, I think a have a little bit of that juice some where that I haven't try yet. Thanks for your support Jim.

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