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Paco Rabanne 1 Million "STREET SCENTS" The Series Feat Benny From Da Bronx. This video was filmed 3 months ago Benny appeared in 3 Street Scents videos. One Million a great going out scent smells great and last a long time.RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (74)
kronikels1 (1 year ago)
Lmao at the burner phone going off constantly.
Abdul Kabore (1 year ago)
Benny from Carlito's Way lolol
John Wick (2 years ago)
it's no secret that guys in the mob
Márcio Damin (2 years ago)
Benny blanco????? Wasnt this the dude that wacked Carlito Brigante in Carlito's way??? uahuahauhauahu
Abhi K. (2 years ago)
Lol this guy is still using the alias from Carlitos way movie. Benny blanco from the Bronx. The characters name in the movie. I think he's seen it to many times. Funny guy though. If I ever run into him I better have some samples.
supreme199999 (3 years ago)
don't rub it in........or else....
Official Theodore (3 years ago)
Horrible fragrance
Alex M (4 years ago)
What a douchebag
Fussball Meister (4 years ago)
Elvergalarga (5 years ago)
Benny the god father.
ComeAtMeBro3D (5 years ago)
The show should be called Street Sounds. Wind, trucks, trains, cellphones, jackhammers, car horns. Benny is what we call in Italian a real fucking gavone.
humble336 (5 years ago)
wish i knew what creeds he bought. i own a few too. good ish that creed!
supreme199999 (5 years ago)
if you dont buy this cologne youll be sleeping with the fishes
boomy818 (5 years ago)
al: ..and you bought one.. boss: i bought a few..... LOL there like 300 each.. this dudes gangsta
1969klink (6 years ago)
Benny's a cool dude.
crunkwun (6 years ago)
Hahaha damn.. Its good to have friends like that Al... Real talk lol
marc anthony (6 years ago)
best guy ever amazing ahaaha!
thehuhu (6 years ago)
Bought a "few" yet he's still rocking a 2002 flip phone...
FloatingMan (2 years ago)
cant be traced and thrown and very disposable!!!
xToOxRaWxIsTheTruth (6 years ago)
italian gangsta
Hearcomp (6 years ago)
eeeeeeeyy! :P Benny is awesome man.
Triggered Yet (6 years ago)
Benny the boss
antonc108 (6 years ago)
Like a boss this Mr Benny is totally cool!
BeautyofScent (7 years ago)
benny watches too many mafia movies...
andrademeza (7 years ago)
lol i dont think id wanna run in with benny or his boys.
CuethesunA (7 years ago)
lol he's awesome
boulespuantes (7 years ago)
needsto be in a 3rd video definatley
catchfree84 (7 years ago)
lmao even for you fruity pants
catchfree84 (7 years ago)
he looks like the type of guy that would wear a pinky ring
blahmfingblah (7 years ago)
Benny is for real. Mulberry St. old school.
Sean (7 years ago)
@MrWavyMontana it kills the molecules!
TY DollaSignz (7 years ago)
Why don't you rub it in
coolzaamirroks (7 years ago)
From where did u get a small paco rabanne 1 million
Frank N Scents (7 years ago)
TONY SOPRANO??????????
Frank N Scents (7 years ago)
dude got a flip phone tho lol
Tony Le (7 years ago)
Benny is a Italian gangsta, watch out
S J Simpson (7 years ago)
epic,, great seein Benny back again
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@leozito2004 Yeah Benny is becoming a favorite in Street Scents and I will bring him back with The crew thats going to be great. Maybe one day we can do a video together all of us me,you,Benny,and Carol that would be crazy Thanx partnet
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Guinea54 Yeah your dad is a great guy looking for the Fragrance trucks I wonder why lol. He always is saying wheres the truck could that be why he has so many Aventus bottles lol
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@hbkryme Yeah Benny is a great guy in person and The Fragrance Community seems to like him he's a funny guy.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@silverpunk2427 Yeah hangin with Benny and the Boys having them smelling good lol
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@CRHE Thank You I will try to bring Benny and his boys back from time to time smelling all kinds of Fragrances and who knows what else will happen lol
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@TheNautilas Thank You people like Benny so I will try to bring him and his boys back from time to time
Vishnu KS (7 years ago)
Big AL!!!!! You got the Best Guy back to the big screen, Benny!! Awesum Big AL!!!! Thanks
aidenryu (7 years ago)
Benny is such a great character! Truly one of a kind! I hope he makes even more regular appearances in you street scents Al!
Hollandaze (7 years ago)
"Even for you fruity pants, go buy yourself a bottle." Classic Benny.
Fabian Arriagada (7 years ago)
Benny es un Capo, muy divertido. Gracias Al.
Kirill Arzhanikov (7 years ago)
Benny needs to be back more often Al.=) He has a great personality=)
559exorcist (7 years ago)
The Godfather
Darksigmaluv (7 years ago)
Benny from the Bronx! Ahhhh Forget about it! LOL
hbkryme (7 years ago)
LOVE Benny! Guy's becoming a regular here in the "family"....what I mean by "family" is this of ours...;)
raidernationcali (7 years ago)
Benny needs to be in the movies man.
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
yo.. hes totally right.. juicy fruit.. i said that shit in my review.. benny got a good nose.
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
I keep telling my dad benny to stop doing these vids.. but he loves getting the free samples.
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
Also, never saw someone that busy!! Come on people, give in a break! Hahahah
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
Benny is the Mafia's personification. Love it!!
Brandon Boger (7 years ago)
Brandon Boger (7 years ago)
hahaha.. this was my SOTD today ... great
leozito2004 (7 years ago)
hahahaha hell yeah benny, this guy is making more success than carol in chickscents partner, bring him back with the whole mafia crew, lol. awesome
Gabester64 (7 years ago)
the boys? call the chicks thats wat benny needs to do. No more beny yo, and this is by popular demand
Goko Pejcinovski (7 years ago)
benny looks like mob boss .. like John gotti
wagsbass (7 years ago)
Benny's phone rings off the hook. The Aventus episode was epic. The one thing that you can count on with Benny is everything is always gonna be a 10. I was happy to note that Benny remembered not to rub it in. That's my man Al teaching people one at a time not to rub it in till the whole of NYC learns not to "rub it in".
SouldjahFromTheNorth (7 years ago)
1 million in the summer isn't the best way to pull it off! but al is still the best!
Ken Esterline (7 years ago)
Benny is staying old school with the circa 2002 flip phone. Very good video.
TheFashionbugs (7 years ago)
Al you gonna go to work for Benny bumping people off??
Silver Punk (7 years ago)
Al's about to be a made guy LOL.
Frunk inator (7 years ago)
Bennys hilarious, nicely done.
superped2 (7 years ago)
Always great to have Benny on street scents, you gotta go down Mulberry Street meet Benny's crew get you sum deals on sum new frags lol
ProspectNY11211 (7 years ago)
this guy has a body to dump and he's in a hurry.
jamin4gt (7 years ago)
Keep up the good work Al. Benny killin it.
GDubs13 (7 years ago)
Gotta love this guy! Hahahaha
omfggoogle (7 years ago)
Next time tell him to bring Sunny Black.
StrangeDays (7 years ago)
Haha, I like Benny. Cool guy! But Al, you do a great jo0b wit S.S!
mrjoestrikesagain (7 years ago)
Benny if you are reading this... You are the man!!! Al you know how much I love street scents. No explaining there. Great video.

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