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Creed Original Santal "STREET SCENTS" The Series. A great scent for the cool weather natural cinnamon, with some smooth spices projects well and last a long time.Millesime Imperial fresh cut watermelon with a salty sea breeze made for royalty back in the days.RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Rahz Al-Ghul (1 month ago)
Tbh I dont like Santal..after like 45 min it gets kinda annoying unlike Joop! Green Irish Tweed is more how I like it. I'm not even into Aventus. MI is nice as well
Amirhossein (8 months ago)
Al do a joop homme vs individuel vs OS
devan fields (9 months ago)
Original santal is very underrated. Tried a vial and I'd put it up there with aventus
Shaf Serious (1 year ago)
Fucking ell Al please stop dancing like a mofo!!!
Q Q (1 year ago)
What a great woman :)), bring her back Al
NyJetsFan (1 year ago)
she has a great nose
Human being (1 year ago)
i'd fell in love with her. .she is so humble, polite and beautiful. ..has a good nose. ..i tell you she ' s the one who hold you down when it gets ruff. .she will take care
cole simons (1 year ago)
this copied Mont blanc individuel
Michael McDonald (2 years ago)
lol doubt she bought a big bottle once she looked up the prices...
kaydouble16 gmail (2 years ago)
Yo Al Beatrice Is Wifey Material. Beatrice You Down To Earth And Pretty I Love Latina Women. They are more approachable than black woman. But I Will Have To Say White Women Are The Most Nicest When You Are Approaching Them. But They Are Good And Bad In Every Race. Bring Beatrice Back Al To Do A Creed Aventus Review. I know she will like that scent as well. Also Al You The Man Too You Know Your Stuff Bro. Peace For 2017! Even if you retire from cologne reviews Al you going down as one of the best that did it. Remember that my dude. Peace✌
primoxxl71 (2 years ago)
bring her back! she's fine!
Lcd4lbad (2 years ago)
it's pronounced Yope! Not Joop! 😧😩
al your the best
hwjr1 (3 years ago)
yeah bring her back
Guc1001 (3 years ago)
I wonder what she thought when they gave her the prices at the department store 😂😂😳
Lazz the Wolf (3 years ago)
Al, Love that Beatrice knows her stuff. You should most DEF bring her back. 5 * from me for the simple fact that she knows her stuff! Excellent!
Ls3Atomicvette (3 years ago)
You need to bring her back again one of the best reviews
imran zakaria (3 years ago)
she's seem to know a lot of designer fragrances.Nice to see her liking the niche type fragrance like creed,,,,,,:-)  hook her again Al........
George U (3 years ago)
+FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 1 where can I order sample of Creed? Lucky scent never has any :0 (
curtflirt2 (3 years ago)
+George U You may be able to get some from the Creed Store on Madison if you pick the right time and I guess ebay. Beautyencounter has some too left .
FloatingMan (4 years ago)
Bring her back Al, one of few on SS that actually owns a few fragrances, can name them and has a great sense of smell too.V good episode!!
fujin jr (4 years ago)
We need her back! Al bring her back, do it please
archiee em (4 years ago)
good nose! she knows what she smells.. Bring Her Back!
Tristan Carlson (4 years ago)
Nice description, I am glad she actually has frags. On Street Scents most people don't really know much about them.
Ash Exodus (5 years ago)
Nice episode man. Good nose. Love creed.
Orlando Perez (5 years ago)
Damian Sarwar (5 years ago)
Best person on street scents that I have seen, I'm glad she didn't just come with 'it smells great and not strong' etc and actually described what it smells like by pointing out the similarities to Joop. Bring her back if you can Al and have her,do a battle of the fragrances.
FloatingMan (4 years ago)
100% agree.Bring her back Al!!!
Kamaro (4 years ago)
Dynamitekid 100 (5 years ago)
I bought this cologne at a Nordstroms for 360.00 .  I have not received one compliment.  What a waste of money
Calicushsmoke Missouri (5 years ago)
her first facial expression at 4:05 made me buy millesime imperial no jokes lol
Calicushsmoke Missouri (5 years ago)
yessir not a bad buy on my end either bro
Amin C Ali (5 years ago)
The same expression my sister & mother made when I had them smell it for the first time (from a sample) and ended up buying a bottle because of that lol... They just hold their breath when they take a whiff of MI! Breath-taking scent
MegaFrasi (5 years ago)
she has a great nose, is very sweet and polite, looks good and smell good now. the conversation in this episode is simply stunning, you can feel the chemistry is very good. cant get no better. one of my favorite episodes OAT
D. Almeida (5 years ago)
Does anyone know where I could get a sample of that?? I am dying to sniff that scent! please pm if possible.
Rebel Da Bull (5 years ago)
Bring her back.
anomaly19851 (5 years ago)
He definitely speak with his hands.
Burninmyleather (5 years ago)
hey al which batch of MI is this one? which is the best 1?
Burninmyleather (5 years ago)
ANYbody know which batch of MI is this smelling?
GDubs13 (5 years ago)
Two of my favorite scents
Ls3Atomicvette (5 years ago)
Great review
Wiseguys Cologne (5 years ago)
she was great, great clip.... you need some we got it ...
Mumu Mu (5 years ago)
She is amazing. bring her back !
donald mao (5 years ago)
MI opens great with the citrus smell, then sea salt notes kicks in, and afterwards it just becomes too subtle :/
559connor7 (5 years ago)
MI is great. Just doesnt last too long.
Jake Powell (5 years ago)
Love her she's really nice. Bring her back :D
FL far (5 years ago)
shes so nice
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
What ever happened with this girl ?
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
People still go back to this episode .
conanvt (6 years ago)
Great episode , please bring her back !!
Jessnutz87 (6 years ago)
MI is a masterpiece
eric anthony (6 years ago)
FYI. It is actually pronounced J-eew-up. After Wolfgang Joop. It is a Dutch boy name. so you were right all those years Al. lol It is not yope as in rope!
Savingwithshep (6 years ago)
i loved to see more of her.So original!
Amin C Ali (6 years ago)
Hey AL another great video! I suggest you start using a microphone for a better voice recording? Just an idea to make it more professional. Love your videos don't u ever stop doing your thing (Y)
A Warren (6 years ago)
Great review! Love it
Mike K (6 years ago)
She completely surrendered to that last sample. Her face just dropped... That was amazing!
sf2explus (6 years ago)
It does smell like joop but more subtle with a mineral like note in the background that gives it a cooling feel. one of the better creeds.
Michael Moore (6 years ago)
what good online site where I can get this
blueribbonbullies (6 years ago)
Good work..she needs to be doing a take on all the scents mane..just her reaction and break down and description help folks like me A LOT..I want the ladies to respond with that "I like the way it smells on me"--FEMALES NEED TO BE SAYING THAT ABOUT ME..good work AL and to the lady wwwdotblueribbonbulliesdotcom
James Russell IV (6 years ago)
Did you clapp those cheeks?
MauricXe (6 years ago)
Wow...she's good at this
DMDL669 (6 years ago)
great vid Al. it doesnt hurt that u stop that beauty... and on top of that shes got a great nose.
premo745 (6 years ago)
I was just going to listen to another guys review of this juice when I looked over and seen a woman.....I rather hear what she thinks about it. I have to check this one out. If it smells that much like Joop, I'll pass for now.
DMOtron32 (6 years ago)
What till she goes shopping and she finds out its 200$ and up....ouch!
45billyva (7 years ago)
hey al, do you have trouble getting logevity out of millisime? i tend to lose that fragrance so quickly...great opening and all...but just fades so quickly on me, santal lasts a good while and that smells amazing...try mont blanc individuel .. that will surprise you.
45billyva (7 years ago)
great video al,. you are doing some wonderful things for the fragrance community. good for you.
curtflirt2 (7 years ago)
Jay z and beyonce wear original Santal
curtflirt2 (7 years ago)
Yeah I like this chick, she was a great and would make a great co host if you ever had an episode like that.
fcbtim (7 years ago)
one of your best street scents episodes! the VIW one was great too...
rickysalsero (7 years ago)
Al you have to bring Beatrice back,, she was great!! showed she has a great nose for fragrances and had great charm and class...BRING HER BACK MY DUDE!!!..LOL
Thulsa Doom (7 years ago)
@V12IA what do you mean..giving it to the poor masses lol
smellextrafly (7 years ago)
The best Street Scents, Al! Great fragrances, great girl! Cool video.
John Son (7 years ago)
i got a sample of GIT nd MI and i cant stand either GIT reminds me of my nans house and MI smells good from its projection then to me goes to shit just my opinion DONT HATE
Tom Night (7 years ago)
I love it, the dry down smells amazing!! Thanks for the video!
brankb83 (7 years ago)
I really like the chemistry in this review. I just bought this yesterday, solely based on this review!
defman85 (7 years ago)
Great episode! so hows longevity and how many sprays? Season??
citizenjamie (7 years ago)
why spend over 100 when u can get joop? :P still a good cologne
EauMG (7 years ago)
She's great.
vabigpoppa (7 years ago)
she was great. no more benny haha.
ProspectNY11211 (7 years ago)
She is your soulmate Al.
YourFragranceGuru (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 I used to say Joop all the time. Than customers would come in and ask me for "Yope" and I'd be like "I've never heard of that one" lol.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@TheArtificialHorizon Yeah she was hopefully I will bring her back and will bring Benny from the Bronx back real soon I spoke to him.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Atmosphereification I told her the prices of Creed after the video and her response I have no problem spending money on great Fragrances. She said she spent over $100 on her Coach Fragrance alone
StrangeDays (7 years ago)
I hope she does not think Creed is cheap. Could shock some people... Still great fragrances! and great vid, Al.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@YourFragranceGuru Thank You if you watched the whole video I do say Yope I know its pronounced like that I grew up saying Joop so I stuck with it.
YourFragranceGuru (7 years ago)
Great video right here. One correction though, "Joop" I believe is pronounced like this "yope".
silentrich11 (7 years ago)
Great sell on the Mee-Lay-Zeem Imperial AL.
Vishnu KS (7 years ago)
great vid Big Al! hey bring her & the teacher back, they know their scents and stuff.. u rock man
YoungStz (7 years ago)
awesome vid definitely the best episode yet. beatrice knows her stuff!
superped2 (7 years ago)
Another great episode Al gotta love the Creeds fosho
leozito2004 (7 years ago)
Awesome nose on that chick partner, bring her back for shizzle ;)
wagsbass (7 years ago)
this chick knows her frags
Eric Raymond (7 years ago)
she just sold me on MI with that reaction
wagsbass (7 years ago)
this chick knows her stuff
wagsbass (7 years ago)
nice two scents on street scents
Tony Le (7 years ago)
you gotta leave now, times up !
MrCoolink (7 years ago)
Every new episode of Street Scent is better than the last ones. Keep going man. Nice!!!
Patrikduke (7 years ago)
Great person, does know many things about colognes...Al, you do rock!!!
Neil4Speed (7 years ago)
Wow! Very very impressed she was able to pinpoint the joop thing out! Crazy. Ask her to start doing Video reviews on fragrances, great nose.
Frunk inator (7 years ago)
I love it... a double header!
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
"Reminds me of Joop" -- right on the spot!! Awesome nose!! And that's settles it for me. I hate Joop Homme, and since they're similar, I will definitively not buy this one.
mrjoestrikesagain (7 years ago)
Good nose... Great video!!!
Silver Punk (7 years ago)
She had a great nose. I'm gonna have to get me a bottle of OS. It's great stuff
ProspectNY11211 (7 years ago)
That handshake scared me.
QWERTYOP80 (7 years ago)
Did you tell her how much Creeds cost?! lol

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