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what is New Criticism?( key words, works and names)

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Prema Kamalam (2 months ago)
Fantastic,, u just fed not only our minds but too eyes
saumya chhetri (4 months ago)
please explain in detail. else commendable job 💕💕 Sending you love and joy 💕
RuKhsaR Azim Khan (5 months ago)
Thank you.. M mukul... Your video is very helpful.. Please make some more videos on literary criticism.. Please.. Thank u.. God bless you 😇
jain Shivangi (5 months ago)
Mohan Maske (6 months ago)
Please upload your written work
Nargis Momin (6 months ago)
Please upload your written work which you have explained here
Gopal Sharma (10 months ago)
that's really nice... please do share other theories as well..
Arafat Hossain (10 months ago)
very helpful. plz upload the notes especially C.Brook and T.S. Eliot
Manjeet Manjeet (11 months ago)
Plz make video on other literary theories also
zarreen iqbal (1 year ago)
Wow great
jitender arya (1 year ago)
Please send the pics of these notes on 7056328538 I shall be thankful to you
manish tripathi (1 year ago)
Grt...but plz explains in details....

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