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Matthew and Ryan | Love at First Kiss

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#LoveAtFirstKiss Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC When Matt and Ryan lock lips in this bonus scene, one of them breaks out a game-changing move. http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/love-at-first-kiss/ Watch full episodes: https://www.tlcgo.com/ Subscribe to TLC: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTLC Will true love be sealed with a kiss, or will it be a total miss? TLC's LOVE AT FIRST KISS breaks singles' boundaries by having them go beyond their comfort zones and kiss a total stranger, without introduction, to find out if one kiss can lead to everlasting love. If either of the pair feels a spark while lip locked, he or she can head to a two-minute speed date, which, if all goes well, could lead to a date in the real world, where all bets are off. Will their initial kiss lead to "happily ever after" or be the kiss of death? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TLC Twitter: https://twitter.com/TLC
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Text Comments (1469)
xxkookiejay (10 hours ago)
It looked like Matt ate his face 😂
Marwan Hesham (12 hours ago)
Brewer Amir (13 hours ago)
Thats what i call extra
سارہ خلیل (2 days ago)
شٍيِّ بِيِّقِرفِّ
فخامة جلكو (2 days ago)
Thats f Gay
A Channel. (4 days ago)
X X (5 days ago)
سالب صححح
Sınırsız gölge (6 days ago)
erblin 1234 (6 days ago)
Mark Davies (7 days ago)
Ai Love Mathew
Chantal Burgess (11 days ago)
T_Rex (13 days ago)
Two niggas kissing This photo shows 2 gay niggas kissing
Luciano Agunbero (15 days ago)
boba tea (15 days ago)
*n o h o m o*
NigWard (16 days ago)
congratulations yall niggas gay
Nome Nome Pie (16 days ago)
TLC: Tables Ladders and chairs match.
Ryan Garza (16 days ago)
I wish I was kissing that white boy 😍😍😍
Ant Dell (19 days ago)
A buzzkill...really???
محمد كنق Mm (19 days ago)
Ancelmo Games (20 days ago)
Two niggas kissing this video shows two niggas kissing
Mj Badass (20 days ago)
0:21 lol the way he comes in 😂😂😂😂 he’s like facing his murder
the Gucci Knight (23 days ago)
This is so gay
I I (23 days ago)
Boy's kiss is groos
Gfd HGF (24 days ago)
Justin (24 days ago)
i like boys so much omg
Ion Edward (26 days ago)
is he gay😎
Zak the PENGUIN (28 days ago)
U supposed to kiss not like
علي السعيدي (28 days ago)
اكو عرب بل طياره راح انتحر
Abagail Luckett (30 days ago)
Why tho why does tlc have these shows
COSM1C _PH30N1X (1 month ago)
Oh God it seems that James Charles as taken more people than we had though THAT AINT IT CHIEF
MSF Logic (1 month ago)
Fucking transgenders , Gay
Gala Alajmi (1 month ago)
استغفر الله لو مره واحده
Gala Alajmi (1 month ago)
استغفر الله لو مره واحده
Master CB (1 month ago)
Lawand Salam (1 month ago)
gay shit
TSM_LEGEND 06 (1 month ago)
《soon in》수빈 (1 month ago)
joel nkem (1 month ago)
Trap Streets (1 month ago)
Trevor Betty (1 month ago)
Rena Warifova (1 month ago)
jaay2greedy (1 month ago)
Prince Phillip34 (1 month ago)
LeTix _ (1 month ago)
Emily Packingham (1 month ago)
GAY 😱😱😱
RUBI rodriguez (1 month ago)
PMA Boio (1 month ago)
Can you kiss me sometimes
Slattt (1 month ago)
eww wtf
Marlon Nodal (1 month ago)
Gay ass!
Vikner (1 month ago)
Dolandoyle (1 month ago)
Im sorry but I used this vid in a meme
Beratenes Kekec (1 month ago)
Kaw Htoo (1 month ago)
Oh hell Nah 😱
Joshua Roman (1 month ago)
You are gay
Sasha Seymour (1 month ago)
These boys r disgusting they make me want to put ke
Jacob Collins (1 month ago)
That is so funny but they're gay 😂 🤣
خ الزهراني (1 month ago)
A Channel. (1 month ago)
Two gay niggas kissing
Nesad Arnaut (1 month ago)
Nesad Arnaut (1 month ago)
Jairo G (1 month ago)
WTF!!!!!! 😅
german huat
V3nom Guy (1 month ago)
Millies World (1 month ago)
0:33 you have now entered sexual moment
GnarlyCitrine684! (1 month ago)
Super gay, dislike.
Adan Hernandez (1 month ago)
This is gay
Cinema Hub (1 month ago)
If childish gambino and lil uzi vert had a baby lol
gama (1 month ago)
Mr Slate (1 month ago)
White people are terrible at sex Black people are awesome at sex
Elephant (1 month ago)
Number 9...
Ant Dell (1 month ago)
Buzz kill, really?
Destiny Collins (1 month ago)
Jazzy Mateo (1 month ago)
Are u guys dating
James Lock (1 month ago)
Hannes (2 months ago)
Pikablu (2 months ago)
SuperMega has gotten a bit weird
Sabitra Bista (2 months ago)
Eewwwwww yuck you guys are boy you can not kiss 🤢
Lil Lean man (2 months ago)
Yasoda Thatal (2 months ago)
Ainsley Rapiott (2 months ago)
Gay af bruh
Zorana Marinkovic (2 months ago)
مهند الشمري (2 months ago)
A community that allows this shit is the worst community. A male can never be in this kind of relationships with another male. We are different from animals by brain, and when a person involve him or herself in this aberration they become like an animal; making unreasonable decisions regardless the religious aspects.
UnStupPeop (2 months ago)
Well youtube , i should clear your history of watched videos .
Nazih Mustapha (2 months ago)
Their gay xD
jb lisboa Lisboa (2 months ago)
Vai toma no cu
LOFER Jamz (2 months ago)
That’s wrong
Dan Roblox gamer cz (2 months ago)
this is gay
Bubbly G (2 months ago)
I don't know dude, that's pretty gay.
daeesy gbfyoy (2 months ago)
lokirocks25 (2 months ago)
Boys will be boys
Kaire Soce (2 months ago)
Jonathan Tyson (2 months ago)
That face lick was the most unnecessary thing ever.
Black ops braca (2 months ago)
volchenok 666 (2 months ago)
Trill Cancer (2 months ago)
2 niggas kissing
Yeezus Kazeezus (2 months ago)
2 gay niggas kissing
Pi77 Kid (2 months ago)
You gay as crap boi
Pi77 Kid (2 months ago)
You really need to stop doing gayvideos
user user (3 months ago)
Interracial ugh

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