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Baby Shark | +More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - Cocomelon (ABCkidTV)

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A new compilation video, including one of our most recent songs, "Baby Shark"! https://www.youtube.com/c/Cocomelon?sub_confirmation=1 WEBSITE: http://www.Cocomelon.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Cocomelonkids/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Cocomelonkids JJ, YoYo, and TomTom are happy to say ABCkidTV has a new name - it’s “Cocomelon”! You will continue to enjoy new videos every week with your favorite characters - so stay tuned! Watch your favorite song by clicking a title below: Watch the ABCkidTV Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1LDPmYoYm4&list=PLT1rvk7Trkw6-eCetnOs60kLGdmcHhyj0 Enjoy other ABCkidTV nursery rhymes and kids songs: "No No" Playground Song https://youtu.be/1npcdKFvkZ4 If You're Happy and You Know It https://youtu.be/TxOZadC6QAY Johny Johny Yes Papa https://youtu.be/D1LDPmYoYm4 "No No" Bedtime Song https://youtu.be/Sjwl23rk6Tg Finger Family https://youtu.be/kCka94jeGTk Duck Hide and Seek Song https://youtu.be/oXAXvEmLWOk Yum Yum Vegetables Song https://youtu.be/EIQFxXvswJg Pat-a-Cake https://youtu.be/f3386jivNY4 ABC Song with Balloons https://youtu.be/uCIsBFV87-U Sneezing Song https://youtu.be/SxGwkZp3X9k Stretching and Exercising Song https://youtu.be/0Cs6hc1xhvQ Nursery rhymes in English, canciones en inglés para niños, Comptines en anglais, Lagu-lagu anak berbahasa Inggeris, Musik Untuk Anak, barnvisorna på engelska, Músicas em inglês para crianças, Gyerekzene, Kinderlieder in Englisch, 英文兒歌, Písničky v angličtině, أناشيد أطفال باللغة الإنجليزية, अंग्रेजी में नर्सरी कविताएं, Barnerim på engelsk, Canzoni per bambini in inglese, Engelse kinderliedjes, Piosenki dla dzieci po angielsku, เพลงภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับเด็ก Copyright Treasure Studio, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Text Comments (631)
curlyheadmay (10 months ago)
I know all the songs lol I have to watch this everyday with my cousin ❤️
Haitam Mouak (3 days ago)
Eranaline calderon (3 days ago)
love it
solmon kwadrikt (3 days ago)
really love these song
Jolene Oberholzer (3 days ago)
My 1 year old daughter watched the whole video clip and fall asleep close to the end
XxMoonshinexX (4 days ago)
I’m 13 and I am watching this
Jaynesha Appu (4 days ago)
I'm 11 and singing this in middle school with my friends my niece watches this baby shark do do do do do do
Bri Grayson (4 days ago)
I am 23 and I watch
Tanisha Augustin (4 days ago)
Me and my sister always watch
Jaylee Jiang (4 days ago)
This is soo cutteee!! My little baby sister LOOVVEESSS to watch this soo much!! ^-^
Dxddy_sahara abdi (5 days ago)
My brother loves it❤
katy jim (5 days ago)
My son love watching this
Danielle Cortez (6 days ago)
I watch this with my nice
kenshin carvajal (7 days ago)
my baby was very happy in specled frog song
Galaxy Skin (7 days ago)
These people would have drowned and if there hungry why not feed yourself it’s easy lol
farrah mahmood (7 days ago)
This song is stuck in my head my brother listened to this when ever he had his food
Me And Mama (7 days ago)
My son loves it
Colton Garner (7 days ago)
I’m 10 watching this lol
Sheela Mohamed Waheed (7 days ago)
You guys are the greatest
Abduqadir Rooble (7 days ago)
I’m 37 yrs old watching this wuts wrong with me
NAVY Ozorco (8 days ago)
Is that her sister or mom
Maryssa Downing (8 days ago)
What do babys like to watch
raven channel (8 days ago)
Sooo good wow
Baby shark mommy shark daddy shark grandma shark grandma shark
Shawn Thomsen (17 days ago)
Diss is this Best song
terynsavage , (18 days ago)
This is stuck in my head my little Cousin shower me this and and it has been in my head
Itz_ Lay-Lay! (18 days ago)
I got my whole class to sing this and annoy the bus driver
ada alas (18 days ago)
baby shak do do do do do do mom shark do do do do do
Sirena Walker (18 days ago)
Mi baby sister watched it everyday and when she is crying I play it for her an she stop the crying
Rona Lovely Severino (18 days ago)
Me and my son love this video . We wach this everytime
Intan Wenur (19 days ago)
I love you abc kids tv
Hecor Galdamez (19 days ago)
You think you funny huh
Makaylah Schachle (19 days ago)
I'm 9 and I'm listening to this
Stella Basey (19 days ago)
Why am I watching this
Hajra Atiq (19 days ago)
My baby can say ‘peas’ now lol
Mehreen Malik (19 days ago)
I am 10 and I am watching this
linh Vo (20 days ago)
My Little sister loves this song so much for some reason
Niusha Mashouf (20 days ago)
john clarke (20 days ago)
Love it
kelia tv (20 days ago)
I love this song
Eranaline calderon (20 days ago)
the first was so good that my little brother fell asleep😃😃😃😍😍😍😍
Mark Dave Goloran (20 days ago)
I really love this video I always sing this in my classroom and also to my house
Brunilda Rama (21 days ago)
kitty kitten (21 days ago)
When my baby brother is crying i put this song and he stops crying
Christabel Tshuma (21 days ago)
My baby loves this thanks you guys 💝💞💗
Kimberley Michael (22 days ago)
My cousin loves this song
TuanAnh Nguyen (22 days ago)
I love cute love you 💄💄💄💄💄⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚
Ian Mugereki (22 days ago)
Am old enough, its midnight, I dont have a kid and yet am here watching this clips.....Baby Brielle you made it😍😍
Sonu Mathur (24 days ago)
My brother loves your videos and your songs help him with his language!!!😃😃😊
i love it
Ivana Lara (24 days ago)
Henrique Garcia (24 days ago)
Good, like
Phirun Cheanita (24 days ago)
Michael Shulze (24 days ago)
My little brothers love the no no betime song and baby shark
Julie Gutensohn (25 days ago)
Umm I have to say this is so cute and funny 😂
mia alanis (25 days ago)
i kknow all the songs lol haveto watch this everyday with my cousin
Semra Shinza (25 days ago)
BABY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO , the kids in my school keep singing this , and we’re in high school😂😂😂😂
Soledad Martinez (25 days ago)
hello mi little sisther like you video
Dabondemhaters It (26 days ago)
I'm only watching this because everyone in my class sings this and it has 1.7billion views. BTW I'm 15
Kamrun Nahar (26 days ago)
I'm 10 and I sing where ever I go even in school!!,
Aleny Pena (26 days ago)
I also have to watch this with my 1 year baby sister
Tanzy V (27 days ago)
My sister love this
Alexander Soare (27 days ago)
I’m in college and I’m listening to this
Mas Celular (1 month ago)
I had to watch this every day with my baby sister
ahmad Santoso (1 month ago)
Good jobb.👍👏
Destiny Grajeda (1 month ago)
Baby shark doo doo doo doo
Joshua Gilkes (1 month ago)
I am 19 and I am watching this show what's going on with me
Katerina Chohan (1 month ago)
My daughter LOVES baby shark
They Hate The Truth (1 month ago)
I’m 16 And watching this at 10:27am on Saturday
Autumn Young (1 month ago)
Mrtakeyogirl100 (1 month ago)
I’m in 6th grade why am I watching thsi
Jalynn Rhodes (1 month ago)
Binet Abdela (1 month ago)
Mar isaYT (1 month ago)
My little bro wont stop singing this...😂
Masala Mberwa (1 month ago)
I love this i am 14 and i watch this its so popular 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😃😃😃😃😀😀😁🤣🤣🤣😄😅😅😆😉😊😗😘😍😋😎 i give it 100 percent
kean pombo (1 month ago)
My baby loves shark Doo doo
Lindiwe Mahlangu (1 month ago)
Baby shark song 😍😍 my niece and nephew can't stop singing it
control bro (1 month ago)
I love this❤️💙🛑💖💞💝💗💓🤗😍
Wild Moon (1 month ago)
My baby brother loves this!
Saloua Hami (1 month ago)
😍baby shark😍
Hannah & James (1 month ago)
my 2 year old sister over heard this and took my phone
Mieke Stander (1 month ago)
Im 10 and i can't stop wathing this #LOL😅😅
JAZMIN QUINTANA (1 month ago)
I love to the channel
Rosymandy Portillo (1 month ago)
My classmates keep on singing the baby shark song were in high school
Makayla Starr (1 month ago)
this is the most popular song in my high school atm
Gaby Torres (1 month ago)
Hello how are love😍😍😍
Kalyn Gwin (1 month ago)
My 2 year old sister loves all your videos. Mainly Baby Shark
spectra (1 month ago)
my niece watches these everyday, and here i am, after she's been picked up, watching these videos 😂
Quinn Johnson (1 month ago)
I love you
Toby Arbon (1 month ago)
It is ok
Kai South (1 month ago)
Ecel Joy Sunga (1 month ago)
My baby like this so much .. rip replaY button .. 😂
Eilish Mulcahy (1 month ago)
Hi I showed my cousin and he bursted out with laughter
Dina Nurdina (1 month ago)
so good for "cocomelon" Happy......
elyoma olisa (1 month ago)
Nikauly Estrella (1 month ago)
piece of art
Nicolas Burgos (1 month ago)
Daeja Mallory (1 month ago)
Hi Beautiful
Alexander Munez (1 month ago)
I have an baby. She will laugh

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