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Cartier Roadster "STREET SCENTS" The Series 1st Impression streets of NYC Fragrance/Cologne

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Cartier Roadster STREET SCENTS 1st impression on this minty classic
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braine milden (4 months ago)
And Cartier roadster is absolutely great
braine milden (4 months ago)
That guys cool
Tom Hines (5 years ago)
You turned your head for one second and he rubbed it in.
Alvaro Gomes (5 years ago)
kkkkk...9,5..no 10...no 11...... really a little confused.
Juan Ramirez (5 years ago)
Huh,It's about cologne you idiot doesn't matter what Nationality your from..What's sad is your not sticking to issue.Is about cologne stupid!!
gavelandguns (5 years ago)
I own both Roadster and Live Jazz, and think Roadster is blended better. I put one on each wrist a bit ago to test, and the Roadster just seems a bit smoother and classier (and no, it's not just because it's "Cartier":)
Monica coban (7 years ago)
that's really cool man what your doing. its more than just random's trying on scents its more like an introduction to better smelling people and helping them suit up with their favourite carractors in smell terms... good for you man from Sydney Australia :)
Brandon Boger (7 years ago)
yo al.. i sniffed this a week ago .. same impression i had on it.. ill be purchasing it soon ..
Just Truth (7 years ago)
What a trip with this guy. "Can I have that?"
Just Truth (7 years ago)
@MrDare2bdifferent Definitely agree with that. (Live Jazz) And, the price point just makes it even better than Roadser.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@bachatuuu LOL The Fragrance Commandment yeah he started rubbing away thats a no-no I had to spray his hand again
ForeverYoung (7 years ago)
Cool... representando los Dominicanos! LOL Al.... you cringed when he rubbed it in. That goes against the Fragrance commandments, you had to have him reapply. Funny as hell.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@notreveh Yeah this guy was great happy and he loved Cartier Roadster 950 no 10 no 11
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@ll2k89 Hey thank you my signature scent is Chanel Platinum Egoiste
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@MrDare2bdifferent Hey buddy thanx really Live Jazz over Cartier Roadster
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@cformosa4 Yeah Cubby he rubbing away killing the fragrance he was a great guy he loved Cartier Roadster
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@frequentairbusflyer8 Yeah he was when we shut the camera he was so happy
Fragrance Talk (7 years ago)
"you shouldn't rub it in" hahhahah I love how people appreciate it but they never know what they are smelling :) makes me happy - 11/10 yay!
MrDare2bdifferent (7 years ago)
I like the review man. It's different. I compare Yves Saint Laurent Live Jazz to Roadster. I prefer Live Jazz but Roadster is nice. Thanks for sharing.
ll2k89 (7 years ago)
you have good taste whats your signature scent?
frequentairbusflyer8 (7 years ago)
this guy was in love with this fragrance lol, I have to try this stuff
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 sprayed it on hiis hand
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@azureflames I know thats why I sprayed his wrist again
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@kwduhon Yes itis very strong opening very minty
kwduhon (7 years ago)
I heard this was nice, got to try it.
John (7 years ago)
Rubbing the fragrance ruins the whole fragrance.
Fernando J.S (7 years ago)
Fernando / Brazil...roadster i give it a....9
fristpartisan (7 years ago)
I haven't tried this one out yet, should be a good one.
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
LOL, 9,5..eer...10, I mean...11!!!!!
Delancey72 (7 years ago)
Great vid Al. I got a couple of samples of Roadster,and it smells great.I give it a 9 out of 10.
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
i really wanna try this one. haven't gotten around to it. Good shit.
rhaybans (7 years ago)
Elvin was great. nine fifty, ten, uhh, uhh, uhh ELEVEN!!! haha good review Al. Who doesn't like mint?
bpwool (7 years ago)
One of my favs Al. I think I might give this one an 11 as well LOL.
raidernationcali (7 years ago)
ive been wanted to blind buy this for like a year. do u reccommend blind buying this?

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