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braid express

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The beast and the west (4 months ago)
Does not braid it twist only 😈😠😡
kool k star (3 years ago)
How do you braid cornrows with it
Guitarriff1988ii (1 year ago)
kool k star It's impossible to make a corn rowing machine.
S. Powell (2 years ago)
You can't. Just that twisty thing you saw, which any of us can do without the tool :-/
Annette Ross (3 years ago)
Coincidence.... I've had been searching for this type of tool for a couple of days. I happen to come across several by googling automatic braid tool. Prices ranging around $15 to $35 up to $40. Today I found this for about $7 one eBay called Automatic Twist Braid Knitted Device Four Head Hair Braider Hair Styling Tools. Copy/Paste that in eBay.
Alex Andra (2 years ago)
Hi +Annette Ross, this twists but does it braid? There are 4 hooks. Thanks.
Atom Cassy (4 years ago)
Pls how much is it and how can I buy it pls reply
Karen Brown (1 year ago)
Atom Cassy Amazon
Ebi Adehor (4 years ago)
good idea i would love to buy, inform me please

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