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12 Things Men Fear But Never Talk About? || Halfcast Podcast

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This conversation was sparked through a YouTube video Chuckie saw recently. We go through all the 12 things to see if they are true. Full Podcast Here: https://www.soundcloud.com/chuckieonline/halfcast141 iTunes --- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/halfcast/id988796783?mt=2 Spotify --- https://open.spotify.com/show/23lyEYXPCRhFjQL2XKr70N #HalfcastPodcast @ChuckieOnline @Savage_Dan_ @DjSlickUK / @MaddersTiff Visuals: [email protected] Instagram.com/HalfcastPod
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Text Comments (315)
Introvert Outside (1 day ago)
ik this is about mens insecurities or whateva but im a tall girl n more time its not even guys we're awkward around, its girls telling us "you're too tall, you'll never find a man, you're scary" n shit like that lmao im 16 n im 5'10/11 n i dont even like wearing airforces anymore cos they make me like an inch or 2 taller , its peak but for most of us our height's our biggest insecurity, it's not like we can change it so y do ppl feel like they can comment on shit like that, think im prolly gonna catch an M if someone pisses me off about my height one more time looll every1 acts like it defines u
chef man up (3 days ago)
Them days when Dan didn't shoe his face
Kasham Abdul (4 days ago)
Bro I don’t have that pic I beg you send it to me😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂
og stuffwhites (7 days ago)
The 12.5 creeps up dan is savage 🤣🤣🤣
faduma breezy (16 days ago)
First of all this girl honestly didn’t need to be on these topic.. feel like she just didn’t fit in with the vibe and somehow made everything awkward when she spoke
KingCairo_PS4 (18 days ago)
I love dan's laugh lmaoo
Shamal King (18 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 am a poch eater
Savana Love (19 days ago)
Love these podcast, I see these podcast are free Counselling sessions. Talking about things is healthy.
RTY 16 (21 days ago)
Nahhhh Savage Dan is too funny that story killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
R. H.F. (23 days ago)
caring about body counts is some 18 year old childish shit to be honest. it's unrealistic to want someone to put out for you and then expect that they haven't done that for someone else in the past. you're not special you're just another man.
R. H.F. (23 days ago)
fucking died when dan said 'i did the whole shabang'
aladybme (1 month ago)
Omg Chuckie is fine. You have a fan in Cheyenne WY USA
Ed Miller (1 month ago)
Theres only om halfcast podcast shout out tai n tyson aussie own fug this stupid pod!!!!
Kimberly Jane (2 months ago)
that chick has a maaaaaad attitude
Nadia Mondesir (2 months ago)
I actually wanna know the corridor they found this girl
Queen Z (2 months ago)
Chuckies talking about that boy in the hood cry with trey and nia long 🤣
Dee Eagle (4 months ago)
savage dan no face no case
NANA TAKYI COLLINS (4 months ago)
How old are chuckle and poet?
Jesse Williams (5 months ago)
that catfish story is GOLD
J MO (5 months ago)
Why is my mans face blurred out though?
Husain Bhunnoo (6 months ago)
27:23 LOOOOOL she must of been day dreaming or something
Yoo Mr (6 months ago)
The girl contradicted herself by saying it's social media that makes people insecure but you are sitting in that chair asking why the legs are so skinny, work on the legs? she must be a part of social media then
JJ Bigga1 (6 months ago)
loved the girls point on the filters on instagram.
VeteranYG (6 months ago)
Lol did that white girl really sit through an hour & a half of vids without saying a damn thing?
Kaine Karter (7 months ago)
i trim my balls like an essex don gets his hair cut, im fuckin dead llllllllloooooooollllllllll
Kaine Karter (7 months ago)
Savage Dan is a legend out here
Melissa McGovern (7 months ago)
"I'm thinking about working with him" 😁
Christiaaanneee (7 months ago)
Im very intrigued in madders tif.. i had to check out her insta to see what she was about, and i feel the perception i got from her is totally disconnected from her music But maybe thats just me...
GREAZE (7 months ago)
oi watch till the end this 1ns a creaser
Neil U (7 months ago)
I’m not hungry you know man had a protein shake 🤣🤣🤣 them days lol
pengman47 (7 months ago)
mad said I hear dat but dat guy has it have ps 😄😄😄😄😄😄
DOWDS Skills (7 months ago)
I'm dying half way through and feel like I need a break to catch my breath. This is mad 😂😂😂
Ggcvvb Bbvbbb (7 months ago)
Fam i think this is the best episode ever do you know how funny but yet honest fucking wavey man
HosseinKabi (7 months ago)
So my man said that being a DJ helped him with getting beautiful women but then said that Personal Trainers use their profession to pick up women? You see what happened there? That is a massive generalisation he just made about Personal Trainers. I also feel like a lot of the people on this episode were not being completely honest about their failures and the hardships they might have faced in regards to height, finance, weight, and personality issues.
april (7 months ago)
I felt so awkward for the girl 🤕
TheFashionGloss (7 months ago)
She seems so thirsty, idk...
F P (7 months ago)
They need to stop taking some jarring girls to this podcast
Moses (7 months ago)
Height fear was sticky still for chucks🤣
Ms L (7 months ago)
Tek time talking reckless about Po. Relax. No need.
Grown Arse Men (7 months ago)
That story is fucking brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying absolutely dying
Lani Jauregui-Hansen (7 months ago)
that thing about men scrolling back up when they scroll past a picture of a shirtless guy. I'm a girl and I wouldn't think a man is gay for doing that. I mean shit, as a girl you'd do the same thing when you scroll past a girl in a bikini. You're just having a look, it's a natural thing to do. We either appreciate the beauty, or we hate it and compare ourselves to that picture.
Jhardwork Pays off (7 months ago)
hannah60000 (7 months ago)
Dan is comical at times...
Anjola Johnson (7 months ago)
the girl is annoying as fuck
Kaisha__Sheraee (7 months ago)
How did Dan hold this catfish story for a whole 41 mins bwoiiiii what a ting!!!
Life.Inna.Day (7 months ago)
Where did they get this girl, she’s mad annoying g with the side commentary
Johanna Kerr (7 months ago)
Dan is the best storyteller. I can’t stop laughing
Greezy G (7 months ago)
mix raced girl talking bare air
Steven Glover (7 months ago)
Ya'll should talk about cultures. For example, black or asian culture. I think a solution to certain societal problems is accepting that some cultures have useful or dangerous ideas and practices. To illustrate, many would argue that 'asian work ethic' is desirable. Maybe other cultures should adopt their approach. Or maybe they should not because it will exhaust the youth. Maybe 'urban culture' should loosen their fascination on the ego and adopt a focus on community, or at least weaken the obsession on ego. Basically, I think you all should talk about the cultural exchange of ideas and be honest about the value of some ideas. Would be extremely interesting!
Tripes reacts (6 months ago)
Ure a goat I'm on ure wave sadly people ain't EDUCATED ENOUGH KMT FUCKIN HELLLLLL
Big Bad Wolf (6 months ago)
Steven Glover that would require British blacks to engage in introspection and self criticism and they're incapable of it on any meaningful level. The chip on the shoulder meme is unfortunately true when it comes to blacks.
LionofJudah (7 months ago)
Has to have P’s 😅💀
ItsJadaaa (7 months ago)
“You can’t get no precision!”!😂😂😂
andrew moroney (7 months ago)
What chucks got a new mac yeah.
Ben Benjilali (7 months ago)
Man just said he’s a pooch eater to thousands!!! Naaaaaaah bluuuuuuuud! MAN DONT DO DEM TINGS!
Ben Williams (7 months ago)
so much better without poet shouting over everyone all the time
Keep it funky (7 months ago)
Great episode, had me laughing all the way through. I think the other viewers are right with the female guest as her approach does not sync with this particular subject as she wants to go deep when everyone is just keeping it on the surface. Another thing relationship experience....... you can’t just skip that 1. This is a really important point, coz I’ve seen certain man act to strong to quick and it’s back fired to the point it had the guy fall into depression when she broke it off. It was a trigger and he’s never been the same again mentally.
Adesua Dynast (7 months ago)
This girl was killing the vibeeeeee❌❌Great Podcast tho
Javan Andre (7 months ago)
I think Chuckie is "not a ballers".
Warren Grant (7 months ago)
Man said "I'm a pooch eater" 😭😂😭😂😭😂 FFS!
you heard (7 months ago)
This girls jarring. Don't invite her back.
Pharwstow Jay (7 months ago)
HOLBORN Gymbox that’s what Chuckie is on
e (8 months ago)
funniest podcast out I swear
Shant Ahuja (8 months ago)
emoji on the screen looks super tacky
Unusual Suspects (8 months ago)
Another fire episode from Chuckie
Denz&Renz (8 months ago)
This One’s Epic🔥🔥🔥
Kaman Francis (8 months ago)
good set of guests! good subjects. probably the best one to date. missed Poet though
Bugzy Malone Update (8 months ago)
Girl in middle is moving mad lol
Victor Vincent (8 months ago)
This podcast is smazing
jay wavess (8 months ago)
savage dan is jokes looool
Wil Kasa (8 months ago)
the girl is destined to be a call girl hola me cos these type convo ain't doing her justice ngl
- abz (8 months ago)
best podcast
LukeDIGITAL 94 (8 months ago)
Maybe Dan had a fight? Swear hes beasically Brian' From Tekken..
LukeDIGITAL 94 (7 months ago)
LionofJudah (7 months ago)
LukeDIGITAL 94 he got the beat down
Greezy G (8 months ago)
that white girl come like a bulldog
Greezy G (8 months ago)
why is the guy in the trapstar got bare room on the sofa and them girls are bare squashed up lmaooo
Hannah N (8 months ago)
Dan’s catfish story is the best - I couldn’t stop laughing 😂
MsJoyce K (8 months ago)
The girl needs to relax a little bit omg
Tia Michael (8 months ago)
I wish that was on catfish for real that’s sooo funny 😂 😂😂
Simon Beverley (8 months ago)
This was so hilarious.
akrai94 (8 months ago)
no one (8 months ago)
Savage Dan is too much that catfish story killed me
C P (8 months ago)
Actually can’t cope with this girl, why wasn’t she edited out 😭
Savana Love (19 days ago)
Bullying ain’t cool ✋
L L • (6 months ago)
C P Is the quiet one
C P (8 months ago)
This girl is jarring
Jacob Wilson (8 months ago)
‘She’s gonna have to take that one on the chin’ - heard it here first
thehoneyeffect (8 months ago)
I think that many black men are scared of having kids that are as black as them.
Thomas clueso Huebner (20 days ago)
What makes you think this is true and what do you think so?
L L • (6 months ago)
thehoneyeffect I agree
Kamilla Kam (8 months ago)
Chuckie I really love your podcast very authentic great topics I hope there’s more to come
Starforce 100 (8 months ago)
21:26 😂😂😂 I totally get what dan means.
frankmanvideos - (8 months ago)
good stuff
A (8 months ago)
yoo dan we see you on filthefellas every other week whats with the no face no case
Bravo Anane (8 months ago)
Why is Claire the white girl from ends so quiet?
Calm (8 months ago)
mandem, i can’t lie ive fallen in love and im going crazy fr :/
Honey Amber (8 months ago)
Unfortunately, the lady there shouldn't be invited back. Big up her though, but no more pleaseee
freetownmkteer (8 months ago)
Men don’t remember their partners and women just lie about it.
Trevor B. Yokkanan (8 months ago)
Dan when he said the PT's all go back to a SuperBrothel had me in stitches! 30.03mins
freetownmkteer (8 months ago)
Success and money levels ALL playing fields. You can be short, fat and ugly. If you’re paid it’s all disappears.
hannah60000 (7 months ago)
It doesn't disappear, it just becomes less relevant for many...
MrBoxingVideos (8 months ago)
As sick and enjoyable these podcasts are, the girl hit the nail on the head about people loving themselves. The young, urban community is surrounded in a world where no-one feels truly confident about themselves. Chuckie’s estimation of most 30 year old women having slept with 29 men is an example of this. If he’d ever really been around any half-decent women, he would know that this number is ridiculous.
MrBoxingVideos (6 months ago)
Big Bad Wolf Maybe. Hard to really know. If true, it kinda proves my point. Sex is not something that should be traded in freely. Ultimately men are to blame for this.
Big Bad Wolf (6 months ago)
MrBoxingVideos 29 is a low number nowadays for either girl or guy lol.
manifergi (8 months ago)
this girl has a conscious but she should come to reality that most people do not have that. When theyre ordering on the menu they just do a madting. & just in general they want the earth and the moon
Ahmed Hussein (8 months ago)
dan thinks people gonna look at him when he's sitting next to this cutie
Ahmed Hussein (8 months ago)
nvm i take this back
Jake Fabian (8 months ago)
Lmaoo u see Dan yh, he’s a funny bredda enuh 🤣😂
Pr each (8 months ago)
‘I.......am a pooch eater’ - Chuckie 2018
mukudzei chibaya (8 months ago)
we want poet.
Key for Change (8 months ago)
I am a new subscriber to the channel and I was rather taken aback by the title 'halfcast', it made me search for an explanation on the 'about page' to ascertain why such a term is used. I would be glad to know why, as I had a strong reaction. I don't come from a place of judgement just utter cusriosity. I cant lie, it took me a while to even process the words it's as if my brain could not compute the words, even though I know the words seperately. But hey-ho all very interesting. Anyhow, on a second note I would be grateful for your thoughts and reflections on the 70 year olds Pete and Bas and their grime tune: Do one | https://youtu.be/fM3knkkE-Xg
OneFoursEmperor (8 months ago)
Don’t ever bring madders on the show again please

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