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My Afternoon in Chicago!

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Check out a short video of My Afternoon in Chicago (just outside Chicago in Oakbrook lol) with my friend Chauncey! Please check out his channel CHI NICHE on YouTube!
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Fragrantica Reviewer (6 days ago)
love Le Labo and ADP. funny my two favorite houses were featured in one video. out of my price range for now, but IMO, 2 of the best! great video. subbed.
Dollars & Scents (6 days ago)
Thanks for subbing and watching!
Mario Duncan (6 days ago)
Welcome back to Chicago
tytballa (8 days ago)
Nice!! That’s the same lady I go to as well. I was there a week ago and I’ve purchased santal33 and noir29. Good to see you got a chance to check out Oakbrook
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
Yeah my apologies for saying “Chicago” but, most don’t know Oakbrook or surrounding cities haha! Thanks for watching!
Jim R (8 days ago)
Always enjoy when the reviewers get out and put their noses on new fragrance. Speaking of...I have been so busy lately this year that I have completely neglected those occasional Saturday afternoons spend sniffing and doing the lunch thing. One of these days...
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
Yessir those are the best days to go checkout some fragrance shops!
mwpahl38 (8 days ago)
5K all the way! Congratulations
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
Thanks buddy! I’ll be doing a giveaway this week!
Nerdville17 (8 days ago)
Great Video broskee …. love your work …. keep it short, informative, interesting … You rock and Super duper CONGRATULATIONS ON 5 K subscribers …. Keep it groovy Izzy ……… nerdville17
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
Thanks buddy I’ll be doing a giveaway this week!
Michael Bullock (8 days ago)
Great video and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it have a blessed day
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
Thanks for watching buddy!
robert quinlan (9 days ago)
Ayy , that's my sotd. Layerd it with acqua di parma ebono & oud 😮 All the wood! So woody today buzz lightyear slid in my dms 😂
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
I need to give it a full wearing. I definitely liked it :) Thanks for watching!
Undercover fragrances (9 days ago)
Congratulations on 5k subscribers man. Keep up the great fragrances work. I got try this fragrance out soon.
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
Thanks for watching buddy!!
Rich Mitch (9 days ago)
If u like sandalwood Have you tried tam dao by diptyque and sandalwood by geo f trump
Tim Weed (9 days ago)
Nice video. Just wanted to say congratulations on 5k!
Dollars & Scents (8 days ago)
Thanks Timmy!!
Fat Shady (9 days ago)
So ya don't miss this question that I asked you on IG I'll ask ya here too. Did you get a chance to sniff the new Aventus flanker and if so, what did you think?
Fat Shady (9 days ago)
+Dollars & Scents Ok. Cool. I am curious about it for sure! I'll check out YouTube to see if anyone has smelled it. Btw, nice pick up!
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
I replied but, no I didn’t see it there bud. I completely forgot they made a lighter version of Aventus 🤔🤣

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