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The Cringe Kings of TikTok

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Tik Tok, the place where dreams die and furries thrive Ayylien Clothing ► https://ayylienclothing.com Patreon ► https://www.patreon.com/elvisthealien Twitter ► https://twitter.com/ElvistheAlienTV Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/elvisthealien/ Thank you for watching! 👽 ---------------------------------------- Outro song ► https://soundcloud.com/kwatchmusic/neuro
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Text Comments (16908)
NoNameProductions 99 (9 hours ago)
God is dead
Davin Ramsay (16 hours ago)
I.....i think we SHOULD having battle royal for extermanation reassons furrys need to die
lemme smash (1 day ago)
*literally nobody:* *Elvis laugh:MUAAAAHAAHA*
black face neck black face neck black face neck black face neck black face neck
Kaylen Cowan (1 day ago)
Why is your neck darker then your head 0:22
Zachary Ward (2 days ago)
You know what the police do when they are pulled over on the side of the road.. "woop woop"
0:18 Bro why your neck look so much darker than your face
Christian Francis (2 days ago)
Where you a vigana
J8888 (2 days ago)
Every time I see a furry I reach for a bottle of vodka and my Warhammer:40K heavy flamer
Hotred505 (2 days ago)
Lol I gOt a TikToK aDd
Is it me or is your neck blacker than your face?
THEVulture Cawcaw (2 days ago)
Kermit wait a F###ing minute Let me join you kermit
Manny Maccias (3 days ago)
Boi why dis niggas neck whiter than his face
Jillian Patnaude (3 days ago)
Omg there was tik tok ad under the video. Illuminati confirmed.
Hasan Çıtak (4 days ago)
Dude you're more cringy then them...
HBM Ham (4 days ago)
not going to lie but Elvis's neck is going to heaven but not elvis himself.
Kills Trills (4 days ago)
Yo should’ve sat down at the start and went “Happy?”
Ken Baron (4 days ago)
I got a bunch of tiktok ads on this
Tomboy Jason (4 days ago)
You're neck Isn't that white
m_bloxycola (4 days ago)
The Toxic n00b (4 days ago)
My friend has to scars on his eyebrow, one from a dog, second from a very recent accident where his glasses shattered into his face.....
Average Jon (5 days ago)
I got so much cancer watching these
Starzainian Empire (5 days ago)
*who got a tiktok ad.*
BlackKnight Ghost (5 days ago)
*My skull is being crushed by the weight of cringe from all of these people in this video,I wanna die.*
Justin Harris (6 days ago)
I want to kermit suicide
Shy Gal (6 days ago)
he has a black neck and white head HES BLACK AND WHITE!
Som3 Dud3 (6 days ago)
Can I just say... why is his face lighter than his neck$
Rhythm Boi (6 days ago)
At least Jesus died for our sins
Naiyeli1 Vaughan (6 days ago)
Um Ok 5:18
Metlyze (7 days ago)
It hurts to live
jack-a_boy 14 (7 days ago)
4:21-4:28 listen to it and then listen to that one part in the bee movie and you will understand where I’m coming from
DogMat Here (8 days ago)
3:13 plot twist Elvis is ganon
calvin gore (8 days ago)
I am going to shoot my self
Carl (8 days ago)
Elvis’s family in a ufo: *bye*
A. Atrium (8 days ago)
"Our future is Secure!" ...loljk
Claker Knight (8 days ago)
Tyny EQ (8 days ago)
How ironic is it that I got a lik cok ad right before this video
Maarten kools (9 days ago)
you are jesus, you suffer so we don't have to
Harlem Mashack (9 days ago)
2:13 this nigga looking like a cartoon character on Disney xd
Harlem Mashack (9 days ago)
Is it me or is his neak lighter than his face
Walker #6257 (9 days ago)
Walker #6257 (9 days ago)
intrigued insomniac (9 days ago)
I'm putting up a Kickstarter to, uh, put them all down. The chances of putting them down is that they'll get pushed around a lot less...
the squad (9 days ago)
the squad (9 days ago)
the squad (9 days ago)
While watching this a stupid tik tok add came on hmm.
evagamer girleva (9 days ago)
My friend: Was that a pussy on his face? Me: I'm going to go kill myself
Steven Haefner (9 days ago)
Fucking kill me.
a human (9 days ago)
Why am I feeling physical pain?
Big Chungus (9 days ago)
Jesus christ shes ugly af 00:34
Randy Garcia (9 days ago)
Im Subscribing bc you dont have anything against furries
The NuttHead (10 days ago)
10:22 incest cant go wrong
The NuttHead (10 days ago)
the cringe QUEENS and KINGS of tik tok its 2019.
Tori Gibson (10 days ago)
Your neck someone gave me a sunburn through my phone screen
Drew Fancylad (10 days ago)
11:21 When your tongue is whiter than your neck
THAT ONE ASSHOLE GUY (10 days ago)
"Why don't girls like assholes?"
Scadoodal (10 days ago)
Since when has fucking animals been accepted into society furies should die
Hoinks Doinks (11 days ago)
12 yr olds are the new 20 year olds 30 and plus being the new 16 year olds.....shits alll fucked up
Ja Xe (11 days ago)
What’s the song at 10:53 where those 2 creepy weirdos are shagging?
Ja Xe (11 days ago)
This is what happens when creepy uncreative people try to be creative
gabriel mcdaniel (11 days ago)
N8v_Gamer_ 03_Boy (11 days ago)
0:45 MY EYES!!!
Sad Boy hours (12 days ago)
I am ashamed to have a tongue and eyebrows
Eli Rosenberg (12 days ago)
4:16 seven words what the fuck is this wierd shit
Checkyslerpy5barTH (12 days ago)
Your neck is brighter than my future.
Twitch Carbon Fitzy (12 days ago)
2:02 *_-aRt-_*
it's daniel (12 days ago)
13 minutes of elvis screaming "why?!"
Connorthelad1244 (12 days ago)
10:53 is Mom and dads dryhumping session XD
Sofia Karjala (13 days ago)
I'm actually crying after seeing this.
FaZe Emerge (13 days ago)
Leon lush is a patrion?? 😂😂
DarkAngel Kontrol (13 days ago)
I just got a tik tok ad of this 😂
deadpooltheone * (14 days ago)
"No thanks! "
Emerald Sky (14 days ago)
6:51 Is there several cars behind her? Lmao
Chris Jones (14 days ago)
Why is your neck so black 😈
Dark Mage137 (14 days ago)
2:17 yo the guy on the right look like rice gums even more egotistical cousin
Chid 255 (14 days ago)
I got a tik tok ad for this video. Edit: I got another mid way through.
hairyitalian (14 days ago)
Your neck is whiter than your face
Rusill Carl Burgos (15 days ago)
Fallow me in CJ CUTAY
Zenmaster6 (15 days ago)
Why does Elvis's laugh sound like 0:07 of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXasM6eoShU
The Complainer (15 days ago)
game juice (16 days ago)
Omg his neck is darker than his face
Amber Hille (16 days ago)
save me
Sun fløwer (16 days ago)
2:07 Elvis I won’t forgive you for roasting Grampy
Panda Gamr (16 days ago)
3:46 if she’s Irish I’m honestly moving to England
Pansty_ Hamster (17 days ago)
Searched up “Hella ugly dudes” Got this wtf
Galx3_dash (17 days ago)
This was the first vid i watched
J Miller (17 days ago)
I died when they did the link cosplay
Mighty MagicKid (17 days ago)
I got an tiktok ad in this 😐👎
Moony (17 days ago)
99% people using it are braindead and retarded so pls
KUTLINE (17 days ago)
This video should've been titled: "The clueless normies in their natural habitat"
KUTLINE (17 days ago)
How superficial do you have to be to notice such an insignificant detail about somebody. His neck being of a slightly different color than his face.
just a guy (18 days ago)
There was a cringy tik tok ad before the video started.
ForwardBoss 65 (18 days ago)
1:27 From the music being played I'm surprised they don't wear black eyeliner and a paramore t-shirt.
redwolfcbz (18 days ago)
gamers: LET'S USE TICTOC TO MAKE A FOOL OF OURSELVES!!!!! me: why am i still in this community ;-;
deadpooltheone * (14 days ago)
Abby Ames (18 days ago)
You should be ashamed
kuwala (19 days ago)
Sounds like pewds when he laughs
Guybeatz HD (19 days ago)
Dude y is his neck different color than his face
Ashley Miller (19 days ago)
5:35 nooo don’t come after the only funny person on TikTok he is the king 👑
Intense Cactus (19 days ago)
Am reminded of that bit from riders of the lost ark when they open it looooool, Elvis you legend!
Jamie Davis (19 days ago)
on the topic of tik tok pedophiles, that weird bald dude is a notorious one. it’s fucked up. it’s a fucking breeding ground for pedos.

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