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Edwin Valero - Highlight Reel

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Highlights of the devastating knockout puncher. Edwin Valero - Was a Venezuelan professional boxer. He was born in Bolero Alto, and raised in El Vigía. Valero was an undefeated southpaw boxer and former two weight world champion who fought up to light welterweight. His professional boxing record was 27-0 (27 KOs, 19 of which occurred in the first round). Valero was a former WBA Super Featherweight champion and former WBC Lightweight champion who was known by boxing fans for his aggressive style and punching power. He is the only champion in the 30 years of the WBC to win every fight in his career by knockout. Google+: https://plus.google.com/104715270079859886366 Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/haNZAgod Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user41971768 Highlights Knockouts Tribute ------------------------------------------------ haNZAgod
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Text Comments (131)
Jon H (10 days ago)
Probably the most impressive records in Boxing.
Hamza (1 month ago)
Brutal Power Pinpoint Accuracy = Savage
Daniel Crabtree (5 months ago)
the footwork @1:50 . One of my favorite things about him is how he keeps his feet under him so well when hes moving in and out or cutting a guy off, he always keeps them set right or resets them quickly when they get out of position so he can just fire off punches. #Footwork
Ever Last (6 months ago)
What's the soundtrack name at the very first seconds of the video please ? I am looking for it since so long...
Stan Marsh (8 months ago)
If he was still alive for today, things has been changed. #LomachenkoEra
Mario Gutierrez (8 months ago)
Maritess Delos Santos (9 months ago)
No defense no head movement, pacquiao will k.o him less than 10 rds both in their prime
El brujo de texas 817 (1 year ago)
This boxer was amazing to bad he is rip damn what a lose to boxing
ᄏᄏᄏ (1 year ago)
best figheter ever rip.
Pete Rosario (1 year ago)
Hanzagod your site is awesome!!!
Manfred Maurer (1 year ago)
a lil bit of monzon in the face expresion
Shaun Maguire (11 months ago)
another wife murderer
Jimmy Nich (1 year ago)
He just always went all out for the KO, great chin to go with that power. So tragic how his life went he probably would have been a huge superstar.
Negan's Dad (1 year ago)
Valero would have gotten destroyed by Mayweather or Pacquiao. Still a great fighter tho and had an amazing career at 130.
66toogy (1 year ago)
Valero was arguably the most dominant ever. Mayweather in his day was a defensive artist, but Valero was super aggressive, accurate with power and knew how to channel his style with timing, accuracy, speed and power. That's a fight. I believe if he was able to fight in another state than Texas, he would've hunted Mayweather. It's too bad Mayweather didn't go looking for him, maybe he knew who was top dog. 29-0, 29 k.o... BEAST. Conor wouldn't even take a chance.
Colin M (1 year ago)
Jesus -- it looks like he's got irons in his gloves. What a fighter!
66toogy (1 year ago)
Colin M nah, they just taped his hands gripping a roll of quarters and took the padding out the gloves. Same weight. ...jk. lol.
j Rivera (1 year ago)
Now we needed a freaking loco like Valero vs anybody at super featherweight and lightweight.
Molina Arturo (1 year ago)
thi guy hits harder than Julian " the hawk" Jacson....its a beast!
Austin Maximus (1 year ago)
Molina Arturo (1 year ago)
Austin Hock ....yeah, he killed many boxers, just like the great Jc Chavez.
Black Lycan (1 year ago)
Nobody & I mean nobody would ever be at Edwin Valero's level. He's a knockout artist, a southpaw with highly aggression & unbelievable punching power. I sure wish he was alive so I can see him dominate the ring with his amazing talent & crazy knockouts. R.I.P. EL INCA
Dancing Hook (2 years ago)
He can kill Pacman
bob amparado (3 days ago)
no way.easy target for pacman.
Ben Gazzara (2 years ago)
thoose hooks are solid
8319dino (2 years ago)
Ese señor con ese consumo de drogas a perdido todos sus méritos
cjota flow venezuela (2 years ago)
sin duda alguna mejor nockeador del mundo
Carlos Rodriguez (1 year ago)
cjota flow venezuela Carlos zarate es mejor
Franklin Jhose FS (2 years ago)
el inca valero naguevonah de boxeador
Mikel Andersen (2 years ago)
Edwin Valero wow.. surprised that his efforts aren't recognized enough. This guy was a hard puncher that could box really fast, and that is a rare thing. You either develope a great boxing style with slick movements and accurate punching or you build/train your body/technique towards devastation on every swing. Edwin Valero went down both of those two paths and combined them. Lets celebrate this mans efforts... 27 fights 27 KO's, always went mental and gave the audience the slaughterhouse they want to see. Do you think Connor Mcgregor would challenge this guy to a boxing match if he was alive?
JappyChan (1 year ago)
the reason why he's not recognized enough because 1. he fought a lot of nobodies 2. he murdered his wife. 3. he committed suicide. Why would you praise a murder? You can't deny though he had crazy talent.
AitchAyEmZedAy (2 years ago)
Mikel Andersen Conor would smoke him in the octagon. Also Conor would get lit like a christmas tree against a young, in prime Mayweather. However Floyd is approaching 40. Has no knockouts for years. Also Conor will make enough noney from the Floyd fight to retire and not work for the rest of his life. Fighting Valero wouldn't give him the same money. Otherwise he would be challenging Triple G and Alvarez if it wasn't about money.
Deano Montano (2 years ago)
dude was crazy
Alex Corleone (2 years ago)
the name of the first song please?
haNZAgod (2 years ago)
Not 100% sure, some song from Pirates of the Caribbean I think?
foxeyedman (2 years ago)
the baddest motherfucker to ever set foot in the ring in the last 50 years, sadly also outside of it.
66toogy (1 year ago)
foxeyedman, yea, it's a damn shame. He was a true ACE.
Shepsu Gahndi (2 years ago)
Wolverine Logan (2 years ago)
MajiN (1 month ago)
Red Flag (3 months ago)
That over hyped Filipino bum, wining against a guy who knocked almost all his opponents in the first round, yeah sure....Oh, and by the way, Valero never dried his opponents out with catchweights,or ducked anyone from the elite of his division(in fact, it was the elite ducking him most of the times).
TAKI (1 year ago)
brah ket (2 years ago)
This is the real dinamita....not that roided pussy JMM...........
Molina Arturo (1 year ago)
brah ket ....godd enough if comes from a Pac-fan,hahahaa
Mauro Pagnacco (2 years ago)
fue un pobre drogadicto y murio como un miserable. Nada bueno que decir, verguenza nacional y dejando mal parados a los venezolanos.
Adan Barra (2 months ago)
Esmas drogadicto Nicolás maduro y no se raja la madre como este cabron y así lo quieren putitos
Caryn Cuevas (7 months ago)
Mauro Pagnacco yo soy de México y edwin el inca valero era de mano pesada para darle una tunda a Oscar de la hoya en sparring para mi si le hubiera ganado a algunos nombres grandes
felix alvirez (1 year ago)
Mauro con todo respeto creo que estas errado en tu comentario a mi parecer subconscientemente mezclas una situacion de vida del boxeador con otra profesional las cuales tienen conceptos totalmente diferentes el video muestra a un boxeador que sin duda fue todo un campeon con records que todavia estan vigentes amigo mauro y no lo digo yo lo dicen los numeros que dejo en el CMB y en la AMB lo que paso con su vida personal es otra historia. saludos desde VENEZUELA.
Alirio José (2 years ago)
tu lo que estas es loco 18 ko en el primer asalto en sus primeras 18 peleas nadie lo ha hecho orgullo Venezolano con todos sus defectos
Hemsley (2 years ago)
wasted talent...
S13StevenM (25 days ago)
+I Am Luminous perhaps your not aware of political sensitivities in sports....(usa vs russia - hockey.....casius clay/mohammed ali?) this guy was set up and killed by drug cartels from the CIA IN VENEZUELA...that very same country that hes from.....they do not believe he killed his family. its common knowledge that he was very close to Hugo Chavez so much so that he got chavez/venezuela flag tattooed to his chest.....do you know whats happening in venezuela now? the usa is trying to impose its power. artists, musicians, athletes HAVE POWER beucase the public LOVES THEM so they weild massive influece.....this is the dfinition of power...that is why these "people" are brought to HEEL by the empire. record labels trapping musicians....actor? hollywood will take you in but you better play ball with their politics.... the usa would not have liked a VENEZUELAN (with chavez face on his chest) boxer...knocking out any big names which edwin valero was clearly capable of.... remember chavez calling george bush THE DEVIL? and that is smells like SULFUR!? in the united nations?
S13StevenM (25 days ago)
+I Am Luminous https://www.aporrea.org/ddhh/a99835.html lo han matado porque era chavista y ensima de eso, tenia el tatuaje de chavez en su pecho.....el gran revolucionario que se enfrentaba con estados unidos..ESO ES LA VERDAD
I Am Luminous (1 month ago)
Yeah, too bad he killed his family and took the easy way out...
blackflag 321 (4 months ago)
Fuk u he's boxing's greatest so far
빅좌지포먼 (10 months ago)
he not wasted. he very hard work and show talent and died
Pawaaof Negativaty (2 years ago)
This guy was a monster
Kylie (2 years ago)
Fuck this murdering son of a bitch.
Kylie (2 years ago)
Juliette MacDonald (2 years ago)
His wife was murdered by underworld drug associates he pissed off + he was murdered by guards, in jail, by orders of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez.
Cel Asegamay (2 years ago)
I don't care how good of a fighter he was he's a murder burn in hell you sick devil
veniblanco (2 years ago)
why would the president want to murder him?
One Tw0 (2 years ago)
It's more likely then not that he was guilty, he hospitalised her multiple times before the actual 'murder'.
Juliette MacDonald (2 years ago)
Did they EVER INVESTIGATE VALERO'S claims, to police, of he and his wife being followed just previous to admission to hotel, and the previous drive- by shooting,outside their home, when wife shot in leg, or his admissions of innocence. True fans don't just accept what media reports. I believe the Valero's were sent to that hotel by police. Valero's wife murdered by persons unknown while he was out cold from booze + drugs + was MURDERED IN JAIL ON THE ORDERS OF VENEZUELAN PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ! All the attention to Atturo Gotti's ? suicide or murder....AND THERE IS NO INVESTIGATION WHATSOEVER INTO VALERO TRAGEDY!
Iusuallywatchtvat3am (2 years ago)
Tenía la mano pesaita
leo torres (2 years ago)
De lo que se salvaron pacquiao y floyd!! Una paliza segura!!
Manuel Contreras (2 years ago)
+Javidp 2711 vete a dialogar de ortografia a otro lado aqui el tema es de boxeo maricon
Manuel Contreras (2 years ago)
+Javidp 2711 tu cres que valero sabia escribir si ni la secundaria termino pendejo, para saber de boxeo no se nesesita mucha educacion o tu cres que chavez y duran eran abogados
Manuel Contreras (2 years ago)
+Javidp 2711 y de ke estamos hablando erudito de boxeo o de ortografia
Javidp 2711 (2 years ago)
Manuel Contreras (2 years ago)
valero nunca estuvo ni serca de la elite del boxeo jamas peleo con nadie de nivel su guardia era baja, lansava los golpes muy aviertos lo golpeavan mucho un contragolpe y a dormir
abdou didi (2 years ago)
valero would destroy mayweather
Kylo Kin (2 months ago)
abdou didi maywether is the best 💪🏻💪🏻
jimmy Cahill (5 months ago)
I like valero but nobody beats mayweather in this generation
BardockThaRawest (11 months ago)
abdou didi probably not
Jinja-Ninja (1 year ago)
66toogy 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻
66toogy (1 year ago)
SimplyLimbo yea, even the ones that went a while were great fights. Like the Antonio DeMarco fight in DeMarco's backyard, made him quit on the stool.
Feedback406 (2 years ago)
Great fighter and had devastating power with his jab and right hook but manny would have beat him 10/10 if he fought the version of manny with the developed right hook
Alirio José (2 years ago)
no de power a power valero win
TheB (2 years ago)
What is the name of the first soundtrack at the beginning of the video?
Sim Alvin (2 years ago)
chee by
HOUDINI 40 (2 years ago)
@haNZAgod can you do a Marco Huck one?
haNZAgod (2 years ago)
Already got a Huck highlight bud.
Lagay Otin (2 years ago)
one of the most important fights in boxing history that would never happen Pacman vs Valero and Erick Morales vs Juan Manuel Marquez...
Timothy L (1 month ago)
I don't give him credit because he never been in the ring with a good boxing
Rick James (2 years ago)
Yeah, sad.
Deano Montano (2 years ago)
I'd love to watch those fights especially Pacquiao Valero
Ofe e Oficial (2 years ago)
big. ...
Yo dudo mucho que le haya ganado a Pacquiao en sus mejores tiempos!!
Daniel Ferrer (2 years ago)
que opinion tan experimentada!-mas idiota y mueres
KuRE THE BRAIN (2 years ago)
King Lu (2 years ago)
Sad what happened to this man
JappyChan (1 year ago)
are you fucking stupid...google it you fucking ignoramus...calling people dumbfucks but doesn't know how to use google...what a fucking dumb bitch.
All religion is a lie (1 year ago)
JappyChan do you have proof he did dumbfuck
JappyChan (1 year ago)
how was it sad? he killed himself for murdering his wife....its sad what happen to his wife...not what happen to him...what he did was fucked up.
Fuck You (2 years ago)
Juliette MacDonald, Valero has and always will be my favorite boxer. I hope one day the perpetrators of this tragedy will be brought to justice
Juliette MacDonald (2 years ago)
So nice to hear that I'm not the only TRUE FAN who didn't believe what many took at face value to be the truth. I believe that, for some yet unknown reason-and by as yet unknown person(s)- Valero was targeted to have his wife murdered and let him live long enough to suffer her loss + stigma of being her murderer- then he was murdered. No investigation- not fair-not right!
maelo boricua (3 years ago)
in my book valero was the hardest puncher of all boxers
ssrider7 (1 year ago)
maelo boricua Julian Jackson p4p best puncher ever. Valero up there high too.
kingdaleclarke (2 years ago)
Your ''book'' must have very few pages then.
Juliette MacDonald (2 years ago)
+Karl-Heinz UrDuran Have you watched many of the Spanish documentaries on Valero?
Juliette MacDonald (2 years ago)
I totally agree! He had the rare combination of TALENT + WARRIOR!!!
The better man (3 years ago)
I yet requested Julio Cesar Vasquez, can i request also Joan Guzman ?
Juliette MacDonald (2 years ago)
When asked once what boxer he admired - Valero answered Juan Guzman.
haNZAgod (3 years ago)
+Ice Man Uploaded the Vasquez vid: https://youtu.be/cScYLOj83AA
The better man (3 years ago)
+haNZAgod thank you so much, seriously.
haNZAgod (3 years ago)
+Ice Man Sure, still working on the Vasquez vid so I'll probably start working on it some time next week.
good good (3 years ago)
Hunter Boxing (3 years ago)
Top 5 Welterweights of all time?
Hunter Boxing (3 years ago)
+haNZAgod Thanks :)
haNZAgod (3 years ago)
+Hunter Boxing Just for you I'll make it top 10! So yea sure I'll start on it soon bro, going to be uploading the Bob Foster vid in a couple days as well.
haNZAgod (3 years ago)
I've had this highlight on my pc for ages so finally decided to upload it. Apologies for any issues regarding quality or choppiness of certain clips used.
The36Year OldGamer (2 years ago)
+Juliette MacDonald I agree! An absolute tragedy! But as it tends to do, life goes on and I'd rather recall his work in the ring and the fights that could've been than bringing up his death! Maybe you wanna check out some OJ Simpson vids, if it's death and tragedy you wanna jaw about!? RIP Edwin and Jennifer...
Juliette MacDonald (2 years ago)
The36Year OldGamer (2 years ago)
+haNZAgod Valero hadn't even peaked yet! We lost out on some really interesting match-ups! Great vid me amigo ;)
MrBrandon72 (3 years ago)
+haNZAgod good job , keep up the good work .

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