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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Forte "STREET SCENTS" The Series

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Forte "STREET SCENTS" The Series. This fragrance is a Citrus Floral combo real smooth and sexy great for the warm weather.RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (63)
nikhil23 (3 months ago)
Everytime she is rubbi'n it in, Al is fuming more and more 😂
Mr215Alive (1 year ago)
She is a KNOCKOUT! Wow she's so pretty
Bence Kovacs (2 years ago)
Rubbed a 260$ fragrance well Done! Lol!
SoleFreak (4 years ago)
Errrrr she rubbed it!!! 
Scentsational (4 years ago)
boomy818 (5 years ago)
LOL shes rubbing it in al's not saying anything *al's thoughts* "GOD DAMMIT STOP RUUBBINNGGGG ITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RyzFragz34 (5 years ago)
Can't wait to get this. Great vid bro.
Rego0912 (6 years ago)
I stopped by the Creed Boutique hoping to see you there, but you were not. :( Then I walked all around NY hoping to get stopped for a Street Scents video, and didn't see you either. :( lol
dragonmustard2 (6 years ago)
Have her on again!
MmmMmmGood17 (6 years ago)
Whoaa she makes it seem like its winter time rubbing her hands like that to keep warm.. wow, unacceptable :\
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
lol yeah changed it up I didnt realize how much she rubbed wow
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
I saw her rubbing the fragrance in and did'nt say anything on purpose then watched and wow she really rubbed it in.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
lol thanks
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Awesome thanks for watching
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yeah I forget to tell her about the non-forte version edt.. Thanks buddy
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thanks man means alot all the support
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thanks that means alot!!!!!!!
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
The longevity is great the projection is not it gets close to you skin after 2 hours. Overall smells great
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
No I saw her rubbing and let it go and then she kept on. I did'nt realize how much she rubbed its all good Thats what STREET SCENTS is all about you never know what your gonna get. She is not a relative I stopped her by the Creed Boutique never met her until this video.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yeah I saw her rub it in and figured I would let her slide you know inside I was thinking about it. I watch the video and saw her rubbing it in like crazy I did'nt realize that when filming.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yeah I saw her rub it in and figured lets change it up not say anything, I watched the video and she did rub and rub and rub lol. I
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yes a great Fragrance for the Summer
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yeah I changed it up let her get away with rubbing, I did'nt realize how much she was rubbing while we were filming lol.
OTEB 06 (6 years ago)
aqua universalis perfect for the summer rigth ????
domperrier (6 years ago)
U shld hv told her the price b4 u asked her if she would buy it...
Guinea54 (6 years ago)
If anyone needs to hear the famous don't rub it in, ITS HER. she looked like she was making a freaking fire
Simon Keast (6 years ago)
Well done Sir.
SuppressorBN (6 years ago)
She kept rubbing it in.... lmao.
latinpunkinhead (6 years ago)
She is niiice....
FragranceCommunity (6 years ago)
Another great street scents video Al
The Dumb Reach (6 years ago)
nice one Al! She almost started a fire with all that friction. I've heard a lot about guys in fragrance community digging this stuff, cool to see its definite unisex appeal as well!
Nerdville17 (6 years ago)
Great episode Al ! Keep stopping the cuties!
itmllc (6 years ago)
Yo Al great episode, only she was rubbing it in like crazy!!! You got to get her back on and remind her don't rub it in!!
warriordiscus7 (6 years ago)
When you wear a fragrance, it slowly evaporates depending on the oil content of the fragrance. When the fragrance begins to evaporate, it evolves until it reaches the base notes. When you create friction, you are speeding up the rate at which the fragrance develops and evaporates. You are right, if you rub hard enough and long enough, the top notes will disappear due to evaporation. Although, you would need to press quite hard and rub vigorously in order for this to happen.
Murat Arabaci (6 years ago)
Human power can definitely kill the scent. The rubbing thing, makes such heat that instantly kills the top notes. Such heat is not given by the sun, but the rubbing quickly makes the heat, just like when you erase paper with an eraser quickly.
Patrikduke (6 years ago)
Al, you rock - Juliana was great!
razscott (6 years ago)
Decent episode Al cheers man!!
razscott (6 years ago)
Nicely put
razscott (6 years ago)
LOL, True
WildDoveX (6 years ago)
Right on! Good to hear someone saying it, with science too
Korupt0r (6 years ago)
Don't rub it in!
warriordiscus7 (6 years ago)
First, you can't "kill" something that isn't living. Second, the only way you could destroy molecules would be using an atom smasher. Human strength is no where near as much pressure as you would need to "kill a molecule".
GaeasBlessing (6 years ago)
It's funny you ask that because I always thought he was a mixed Arab. Also, Spanish people are white, I think you want the word "Hispanic."
HypSteRJiMbo (6 years ago)
Gorgeous woman
GaeasBlessing (6 years ago)
See, this is what happens when you don't tell them to stop rubbing it in!
ProspectNY11211 (6 years ago)
I think Al knew she was interested so he decided to let it slide like a boss.Unless this is a relative .then i'm sorry.
rickysalsero (6 years ago)
Al great video my man,, i have heard that longevity is bad on this fragrance, whats your take?/ before i dish out that amount of money. thanks bro
stepbak123 (6 years ago)
Al you're a legend. Absolutely love the street scents series. Keep up the good work and keep stopping those honies ;-)
StrangeDays (6 years ago)
Sha rubbed it in!!!! :(
jams6279 (6 years ago)
Hey Al, why didn't you stop her, she was keep rubbing it, you would have next time.
Murat Arabaci (6 years ago)
Nope, It kills the molecules :-)
Jermel Kidd (6 years ago)
Al. you're the man babe! Keep the swag going for the fragrance community. Love this scent.
AP0LL0edc (6 years ago)
Al... you should let her know that the non-forte version is much more affordable! Great work! She's awesome!
indivent (6 years ago)
Al is such a pro. I would be terrible at this, leering at the girl and asking her what she thinks.
warriordiscus7 (6 years ago)
wagsbass (6 years ago)
Very pleasant personality, must have her back. Juliana if you are reading this, please do not rub your fragrances after application, just let it dry naturally.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
superped2 (6 years ago)
Another great episode my friend, and am because she was cute she can rub it in all day lol
500lbkoolaidman (6 years ago)
She KEPT rubbing it in!!!! It wouldn't kill you to continue educating people Al ;)
doubleot (6 years ago)
great fragrance, in addition to the citrus floral, i get a bit of an aquatic smell too.
kevingp12 (6 years ago)
Al, are you white, or Spanish? (if Spanish, what country?) I am not asking this in any negative manner.
8o8 RagE (6 years ago)
toastermike (6 years ago)
Rubbed in sooooooo badly!

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