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Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop - BTS

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Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop: A behind the scenes look at the idea, the build and the stunt. We talked with Tony about an idea of creating a Helix shaped ramp that could be skated from top to bottom and he was excited but also a little nervous. To make it all the way around and out, he needed a combination of the right speed, centrifugal force and friction to keep him on the vertical wall. Thanks to Sony for funding this dream and the help of Sony Action Cameras to capture the event. Skateboarding is fun. Music by: No Pilot "Discharge" https://nopilotmusic.bandcamp.com NJ Whitey "Somebody Grab the Wheel" https://njwhitey.bandcamp.com More at: http://theridechannel.com/ SUBSCRIBE to RIDE: http://bit.ly/HZ9Dau Like RIDE on FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/ridechannel Follow RIDE on INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/ridechannel Follow RIDE on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ridechannel Check out the RIDE WEBSITE: http://theridechannel.com/
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Text Comments (9232)
ADarkBrightStar (8 hours ago)
The 5.9k dislikes are people who ride cheap razor scooters
Trinity Matrix (10 hours ago)
The Original BirdMan! Not some rapper. Believe that!
jaz m (10 hours ago)
fun fact he went to my middle school for 7th grade :)
twilly 8888 (12 hours ago)
0:43 bill nyes not a scientist
buddyroach (12 hours ago)
his hip bulging like a motherfucker in the end.
eggy bread (13 hours ago)
sub to keyntoRR
Erinmore (14 hours ago)
maaan, even dropping a half pipe about half that size is scary to me..... That dude is insane for pulling off that loop
ŁydiaŁPS34 (16 hours ago)
*gravity has end the chat*
Rõõsta DDGėź (16 hours ago)
What bill nye should be doing instead of being the biggest douche ever
Shawn Christ (17 hours ago)
Salute OG Hawk
GG (17 hours ago)
Try it to Go from Down to up
Destiny Francis (18 hours ago)
Well practice make perfect.
c j (20 hours ago)
Heartwarming to see the great pro skating man have anxiety over a new challenge, I have goosebumps just thinking about that
Nick Gennety (23 hours ago)
Tony has a look of having a aggressive std
Fredmiester72 (1 day ago)
Oh nono
Bree OfPlague (1 day ago)
I wonder what tony is doing these days . Haven’t heard about him in forever!
ECHO-studio (1 day ago)
make a RIDE videogame
SLUMPED CAMELS (1 day ago)
His hip at the end wtf
Goofy Goobers rock (1 day ago)
Cycleclone thats totally me
Goofy Goobers rock (1 day ago)
How does he do this at his age?
Mega Mecha (1 day ago)
We need hip pads
thats so cool dude.
Garry Weir (1 day ago)
There is nothing more gay looking than a Middle Aged man wearing knee pads holding a skateboard😂😂😂
Elizabeth Estrada (1 day ago)
Bill Ni the science guy😂😂
clogiostro sabazios (1 day ago)
When a pro skater trys to break newton first law of physics
zelda 1337 (1 day ago)
tony is the G.O.A.T respect dude
Gustav JM (1 day ago)
Please subscribe to my channel and stay active
xd ArttY (1 day ago)
Ragnar Lothbrok (1 day ago)
He makes It looks easy
Dude is still a legend at 50
Riley Almond (1 day ago)
Get on the Joe rogan podcast please bro 🙏🏼
Riley McCallister (2 days ago)
I think tony hawks sponsor for this video is bill bye the since guy
Barrett Dobbins (2 days ago)
nice job tony
Shawn Camburn (2 days ago)
Spoiler alert! He does it.
This Is Tik (1 day ago)
Shawn Camburn the fuck is the point of this comment
What’s up Bish (2 days ago)
Tony hawk is a fking legend
Sanitary Bucket (2 days ago)
Good job Tony
The day they finished it is my birthday
Black ninja ph23 (2 days ago)
Hawk is a legend
Shinesparker11 (2 days ago)
Bill Nye a scientist? LOL!
Shinesparker11 (1 day ago)
+CaseClicken' No, he's' not. He's a shill with an engeneering degree who promotes leftist bs for a living.
CaseClicken' (1 day ago)
Bill Nye is actually a scientist
Ciaran Davies (2 days ago)
2:13 satisfying
Lil Life (2 days ago)
Trop mignon le message de la personne qui a traduit a la fin ❤️
Tilly Holmes (2 days ago)
I was more focused on the guy with a rancid top even though rancid suck lol
Matthew Cody (1 day ago)
Tilly Holmes that was kevin stabb , the sims stabb had some of the most beautiful graphics i ever seen back in the lateish 80s , and was definitely a pioneer who bought punk with its great bands like crass to my attention to my tender age bak then .
Who are still watching this video in *2019* ??
S R (1 day ago)
LOKI the Golden Retriever meeee
Byron scotrz (2 days ago)
Tony looks like your pedo uncle that's hooked to heroine
Lakela Wong (3 days ago)
And this is why so many skate board games were named after you!!
bragg77 (3 days ago)
Crashing 32 million times
meh jkay (3 days ago)
Tony hawk can't even kickflip
KLM Cuber (3 days ago)
Ive wayched this soooo many timea
Ok Alright (3 days ago)
Now try to go the other way
Pr0fitl0lis ! (3 days ago)
Taiston (4 days ago)
I thought he was going up it
Mackleboy TM (4 days ago)
downward spiral downward spiral downward spiral *anybody?*
Rasenpapi On ig (4 days ago)
It’s gonna suck knowing people in the future won’t know who tony hawk is
Tristen Maez (4 days ago)
3:19 casually whips out ass
Luca tuber (4 days ago)
Is dead ☠☠☠
Ainoa M (5 days ago)
This looks so fun but I know damn well I’ll break every bone trying this.
Jackson Barrows (5 days ago)
This looked a lot easier than it really was
Automan Lastman (5 days ago)
Still has fear no fear but fear still goes HARD.
h0ah0ah0ah0ah0a (6 days ago)
Bill Nye isn't a real scientist. He's an entertainer (if you can call him that) /activist and he pushes socialism using the global warming hoax. Bill Nye is a loser.
h0ah0ah0ah0ah0a (4 days ago)
The "Climate change" narrative, despite being discredited by leaks revealing they faked the data, is all about imposing Socialism. They're saying it more openly now because the fear-mongering wore off. They talk about "economic" and "social" and "environmental" justice! That means giving up all our rights and property to the government so they can manage our lives and behavior and supervise our depopulation to "sustainable" levels. No thanks! I don't want to live in a giant gulag. Bill Nye is one of the Socialist idiots pushing for that crap, so his political views are very relevant. And if you saw his embarrassing Netflix show that tries to indoctrinate kids into believing this stuff then you'd think he was a loser too.
Digital Analog (4 days ago)
He has an engineering degree, so you would be right in saying that he isn't a research scientist (guy with a lab coat and goggles doing "science" in a lab), but whether he's a scientist would kind of depend on whether or not you consider nasa engineers scientists. Either way, he's a well educated man with a strong understanding of how science is done, and uses his charisma to communicate scientific ideas to lay-people in an engaging way. It's generally referred to as "climate change" now, and his politics are mostly irrelevant. Weird to say he's a loser though.
Cem Gural (6 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
dvonrich123 (7 days ago)
who thinks riley could do it in less tries lol
Im_Your_LoverBoy (7 days ago)
Tony hawk the only cool pro skater who wears protection
Kubus IsGood (1 day ago)
Yeah but he did a fucking loop
Pogboom JR (1 day ago)
He's like 50 so he needs it
William Davis (5 days ago)
Im_Your_LoverBoy bob burnquist is pretty cool
you can do it tony
Michael Williams (8 days ago)
3:35 you're welcome
M1 M1racle (8 days ago)
Im ur fans When i was kid Untill now Ur Legend!
muffntheB (8 days ago)
someone get the dude some hip pads, just brutal
Dodgy Dave 628 (8 days ago)
the f*cking legend of all times
AARON SABORI (9 days ago)
I could never skate vert .....ill stick to street
CloudBurst (9 days ago)
That's nothing compared to my killer ollie
10 trickSIR (9 days ago)
Hi Sony, WAIT it’s tony!
fat weed (9 days ago)
Holy shit he skated my life
flaming hot cheetos (10 days ago)
AkMoto (7 days ago)
I care.
flaming hot cheetos (8 days ago)
+MaddoxFrank cool
MaddoxFrank (8 days ago)
no one cares
quinovin (10 days ago)
Emplemon wet dream
R/ Wooosh (10 days ago)
He just needs a good run with speed
CriticalzZ (10 days ago)
3:34 what you came here for
X2 Khaos (10 days ago)
I can’t even drop in on that half pipe
mia is missing (11 days ago)
my heroooo!
LuckyDuck (11 days ago)
This should be a why you wear helmets ad
ZJ2 Jaycub (11 days ago)
This is what dedication gets you
Ariq Fauzan (12 days ago)
I downward spiraled into depression lmao
Bear mazzitelli (12 days ago)
Bts? The people, guys, whatever...
Manuel Sanchez (12 days ago)
The Bruise he got😫
やま愛知 (12 days ago)
marble sniper (12 days ago)
2019 anyone
BXmaker2 _ (13 days ago)
Even years later this impresses me by far
Bork Man (13 days ago)
He makes it look so easy
URIEL MERAS (13 days ago)
Bill Nye? Really dude? Wow, have u seen how many times he has contradicted himself?
ATHARV YADAV V (13 days ago)
Skaters like
Cadaverdog (14 days ago)
Anyone watching 6:31 pm Tuesday 12th of March 2019?
Cadaverdog (1 day ago)
+UnssenX Australian Eastern Standard, but it's day light savings here so...
sheila bierman (1 day ago)
6:31 PM Monday 24th of March 2019
UnssenX (9 days ago)
Which timezone?
ScPe_Scalzy (14 days ago)
2 hours later
Samet 912 (14 days ago)
this was on my birthday
ClownWhosFeelnDown (15 days ago)
The worlds most famous person that nobody recognizes
ClownWhosFeelnDown facts
Martin de Lara (15 days ago)
Thats why he's greatest
Rhino Dino (16 days ago)
This video kinda teaches us something tiny kept trying he didn’t just do one go and say cool we’re done he kept going and wanting to complete it and kinda tells us never give up and keep trying till u get it right
I M (16 days ago)
2019 Anyone ?
o k (16 days ago)
Big Toto (16 days ago)
Big Toto (16 days ago)
demodanny85 (16 days ago)
Its a bs carve it like a tight bowl corner

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