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Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop - BTS

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Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop: A behind the scenes look at the idea, the build and the stunt. We talked with Tony about an idea of creating a Helix shaped ramp that could be skated from top to bottom and he was excited but also a little nervous. To make it all the way around and out, he needed a combination of the right speed, centrifugal force and friction to keep him on the vertical wall. Thanks to Sony for funding this dream and the help of Sony Action Cameras to capture the event. Skateboarding is fun. Music by: No Pilot "Discharge" https://nopilotmusic.bandcamp.com NJ Whitey "Somebody Grab the Wheel" https://njwhitey.bandcamp.com More at: http://theridechannel.com/ SUBSCRIBE to RIDE: http://bit.ly/HZ9Dau Like RIDE on FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/ridechannel Follow RIDE on INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/ridechannel Follow RIDE on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ridechannel Check out the RIDE WEBSITE: http://theridechannel.com/
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Text Comments (8783)
Sean Finnegan (1 hour ago)
Tony Hawk is cool.
Thomas green (8 hours ago)
a ha but can he do it in reverse????
XciTe Stealthy (11 hours ago)
Oh yeah
goldeneyeforevercom (13 hours ago)
Fucking wicked! Holy crap. Get a railing on the top of that thing. Spilling out over the top could be a thing. Big time injury fellas!
Sofia Gonzalez (17 hours ago)
I,Like turtles
Omar López (18 hours ago)
You gotta respect greatness! 🐐
Valelacerte (18 hours ago)
50 years old and still getting that rad air.
idostuff (18 hours ago)
*steps on skateboard slips forward hits face never trusted skaters again*
Hymer Aquatics (1 day ago)
Jacqueline M. (1 day ago)
I LOVE BTS (1 day ago)
I saw BTS in the title and I thought it meant my fave boyband
AARM-USRA (1 day ago)
Bill Nye is NOT a Scientist!!
Rob Pivcevich (1 day ago)
Tas did it first
Lexi Jacobs (1 day ago)
Jay jaytv (2 days ago)
The best the legend
Zach Tyler (2 days ago)
One question why r there so many dislikes come on people he did great😃
Zach Tyler (2 days ago)
I can't move
CelebrityTattooArtist (2 days ago)
Beau Eck (2 days ago)
That Tony P guy is literally Rico from Hot Rod
Repeats FOR DAYS (2 days ago)
If he cant do it i dont think its a good idea
fireandcopper (2 days ago)
3:46 that's maybe steve-o going wooo
Gacha Potato (3 days ago)
Tony halk- "skateboards down a freaking loop thingy!* Me- *steps on a skateboard, falls off, and breaks every bone*
Zacky F. (3 days ago)
Knitted Cthulu (3 days ago)
**midlife crisis in a nutshell**
Daniel Ridlon (3 days ago)
Love you Tony, You inspired me when I was a Teen back in the late '90s. Now I'm a fat man approaching middle age and here you come breathing new hope into me. I'm not dead yet, I can get off my ass and do so much more. Great Video. Epic Achievement!
Azvin Lazuardy (3 days ago)
If a legend wears protective tools, then noobs should wear too.
Jenna Orlowski (3 days ago)
Damn I can't even stand on one without falling on my ass😋
owenswamp (4 days ago)
I didn’t realize tony hawk still fucking rips and continues to innovate skateboarding until I saw this video. He has balls of steel
Britt Pomales (4 days ago)
if Tony hawk can do it, you can do it too
Rocky Lausman (4 days ago)
All I can do is do a moving Ollie
BUSTER IN HULK (4 days ago)
I am a professional skateboarder an i wanna try it
FortDefaultNight (5 days ago)
Austin Franks (5 days ago)
We need Bill Nye here to rant about gender equality...
THE CHARIOT VII (5 days ago)
Tony is an inspiration! Gulp!
Gucci Wheelchair (5 days ago)
And this is gunna be in tony hawks pro skater 18
Francisco Williams (5 days ago)
Tony hawk forever the goat
Isai Avila (6 days ago)
How old is he!?
Jack Benimble (6 days ago)
Right on Tony, keep it real brother.
Ray Leonardi (7 days ago)
Give Johnny Knoxville a try, but give him a wheelbarrow instead.
Emarld Pickaxe (7 days ago)
BTS in the title, all the girl fans be crying now.
Emarld Pickaxe (7 days ago)
BTS in the title, all the girl fans be crying now.
Echo Cabello De villa (7 days ago)
Skate or die
Epic Arko (7 days ago)
Rotorcraft Driver (7 days ago)
Guy is 90 years old and still shreds.
amritya pradeep (7 days ago)
KAYLIE WAI (7 days ago)
I started skateboarding 2
Zane E (8 days ago)
Great job
Itschikenba11s X (8 days ago)
this was done on my 8th bday
How2With Kaylem (8 days ago)
How don't you fall of the bourd when your side ways
welsh kraken (8 days ago)
Kickflip into it or out of it or fake haha
Tiger Woods (9 days ago)
Pika OW (9 days ago)
Tony stark goes down spiral
LOtotheL (9 days ago)
FalcorTheHinox (9 days ago)
Tony Hawk does more in a month than I have in my entire life. Still innovating all these years later. True legend.
Oit3451 (9 days ago)
Anything to do with Tony hawk is 👌
John Ortiz (10 days ago)
Wow this is beautiful it really shows you we're capable of a lot
Sammy Dobson (10 days ago)
4:36 thank me later
Kyle Jackson (10 days ago)
Kids these days
Jason Strom (10 days ago)
Tony is God !!!!!!!!
Flynn Svenson (10 days ago)
oct 8 is my b day
Imagen if he got hurt really bad and they forgot to press record
Devin Heida (11 days ago)
Ok, now do it going up.
Timo Agsa (11 days ago)
Is hks health ok bc danggg hes old
Denis dio Almeida (11 days ago)
Cara eh foda
Ferdi (11 days ago)
*overwrites gravity*
Eggsburst (11 days ago)
C T (12 days ago)
Why is TONY HAWK the one to do this & not better skaters like TONY TRUJILLO,,DAEWON,,LANCE, or even Grosso.. I picked older dudes since they relate to Tony Hawks age and dudes who have history of extreme skating . *BAM was this exact type but he's a shell of his former sel..I did see him skate a mini ramp but he's nowhere near fit... ~I would love to try this(im 44) it would probably take me a ahole week.. but the hard part is the courage to just go for it..knowing it's make of hall of meat
Miguel Ángel (12 days ago)
Please do a 900 on the moon!
OliviaNewLeaf (12 days ago)
I can step on a skateboard if I’m holding onto something, but I can’t get off without falling over 😂 ;-; Mad respect everyone that can skate
endocry (12 days ago)
THE Legend!
LEGENDARYJAY JAY (12 days ago)
Tony Hawk is the Goat at skate boarding period
Tracy Allenspach (12 days ago)
FreedomSlaves (12 days ago)
DankyMemez (12 days ago)
2:16 fucken ell
Evil Master (12 days ago)
tony hawk siempre sera el maestro
Trey jones needs to build one of these. He's sick on a bike.
Polar Boss (13 days ago)
Now do it with a a scooter lol
CaptGeorgeMainwaring (13 days ago)
Bill Nye is not a scientist!
Milla Cabral (13 days ago)
"Hey dude, come watch this 50 year old skateboarding legend hurl himself at a wall repeatedly to see if spirals are cool."
ShotFrank (13 days ago)
This was in vista wtf lol .
Stephen Stilwell (13 days ago)
an ARMY's here hoping it was Tony Hawk meeting BTS stan jimin stan jungkoook1!!!
Mingura666 (13 days ago)
The legend says he once fought Homer.
Natsu Dragnel (14 days ago)
Angel medrano (14 days ago)
Vista ca,? Nigga I live in vista
bobloblaw4life (14 days ago)
"We need a scientist, like Bill Nye." Sorry Tony, but Bill Nye is more into sex junk now.
jesus123510 (15 days ago)
Now he’s just bored
Juan Salcido (15 days ago)
Danmmit tony you are the best
John Schauder (15 days ago)
I would want to try riding up that on a pit bike
Mohamad H (15 days ago)
YOUFO (15 days ago)
when ever he bails, it just gives me tony hawk american wasteland vibes... fantastic!!
Sum Guy (15 days ago)
He's skating down YouTube Rewind
Avocado Joe (15 days ago)
Where the fuck do you get the balls to do that
paintballmonkey666 (15 days ago)
why not have hip protection?
BigUgandaChungus (15 days ago)
The way he shifts his weight at the end👌
bonnie1020 (15 days ago)
If this doesn't appear in the next Tony Hawk game I'll be disappointed
Pasha Defragzor (15 days ago)
Yeah, I want to do some trick in the next weekend with a snowboard ^^
César & Rubio garcia (16 days ago)
Patrociname Tony el águila de la montaña sagrada quiero patinar again [email protected]

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