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Gentlemen Eau De Parfum by Givenchy

84 ratings | 975 views
Check out my first impressions of Gentlemen Eau De Parfum by Givenchy!!
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Armin Oloumi (8 days ago)
This is a good release, but It smells mature imo. My favorite iris fragrances are Prada L'homme/L'homme intense.
Dollars & Scents (6 days ago)
I still need to try the Prada L’homme intense - I’m hearing good things! Thanks for watching!
drnplmr89 (8 days ago)
Thanks for the review! One of my new favorites and gets me noticed at work.
JonathanIsrael708 (9 days ago)
Tried this a couple months ago (I believe) in Oak Brook mall. Liked it, but not enough to buy it. I forgot you mentioned you had a brother in Aurora. I was on a wine trail in Southern IL last week.
Michael Bullock (9 days ago)
Great review and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it have a blessed day
Eddi3 (9 days ago)
thanks for review, since I have DHI and valentino uomo intense, I will use those.
lacroix6323 (9 days ago)
I sampled this fragrance a few times before buying it...love the scent and longevity with this one.
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
I’m glad you like it! Thanks for watching buddy!
Matt topcat (9 days ago)
Prada lhomme intense ?
JonathanIsrael708 (9 days ago)
+Matt topcat wore it today, sprayed @ 10am ish.. still getting whiffs
Matt topcat (9 days ago)
+Dollars & Scents it's fantastic but let down with performance ..no problem mate ..keep up the great videos :)
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
I’ve tried the original but, haven’t tried the intense yet. Thanks for watching buddy!
Mike Ghent (10 days ago)
Hey brother - we agree on this one 100%. It’s a solid designer & like you, I liked the opening & base, though I got a more (slightly sweet) resinous Amber in the base, probably the black vanilla. I’ll give Givenchy credit though, very solid release.
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
Thanks for watching Mike!!
Shaun Leonard (10 days ago)
Great scent! I love it. It’s perfect for this time of the year!
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
Thanks for watching buddy!
Fat Shady (10 days ago)
Great review buddy! This sounds really nice! Definately digging the bottle but I'm probably gonna wait until it hits discounters before I grab it.
Fat Shady (9 days ago)
+Dollars & Scents Ok. Just wondering. If I get it I'll try to remember to tell ya what I think.
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
No probably just gonna sell the bottle
Fat Shady (9 days ago)
+Dollars & Scents Are you planning on possibly decanting it?
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
Let me know what you think when you try it! Thanks for watching!
dustin eberle (10 days ago)
I got this one too. I'm not sure if like it though. I Guess it's ok. I smell straight up Insense from it.
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
I agree with the incense smell. Bentley’s Man Intense has that feel too. Thanks for watching!
Undercover fragrances (10 days ago)
Great video man, I try this fragrance out and I love it and it smell real good. The body is real nice. I'm going buy this fragrance soon.
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
I’m glad you enjoy it! Thanks for watching buddy!
Sunny Ra Deen (10 days ago)
Great review, this sounds amazing. Has it hit the discounters yet?
Dollars & Scents (10 days ago)
I don’t think so buddy. I believe it’s fairly new but, I could be wrong
Quentin WB (10 days ago)
Great vid. I completely agree with you, seems redundant if you have DHI or VUI. It was a pass for me.
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
Thanks for watching buddy!
Tim Weed (10 days ago)
Great review I was interested in this but if it like you say DHI or VI I'm going to have to skip it. Hope you are enjoying your vacation bro!
Dollars & Scents (9 days ago)
I’m have big a blast here in Aurora! Thanks for watching buddy!
Just Add Light (10 days ago)
My SOTD! What a coincidence! Much better than the Edt IMO.
jat0977 (10 days ago)
I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands. Assuming it's still pretty full of course.
Dollars & Scents (10 days ago)
Yeah it’s pretty full - email me [email protected]
robert reyes (10 days ago)
You should of gave us a heads up.. I live in chicago.. We could have made your vacation really awkward by getting you drunk and dropping you off on your brothers door step.. 😅😂🤣
Sharma 409 (10 days ago)
Is this reminding you of Armani Eau de nuit ?
Dollars & Scents (10 days ago)
I haven’t tried that one yet so i can’t answer that. Sorry buddy but, thanks for watching!
Adam Leon (10 days ago)
Abubakar Mohammed (10 days ago)
First! Love your reviews man!

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