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Black Women Stink, Loud Mouth, and Masculine???

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This is a comment made by a brother on my Google plus page. He said that black men have lost their standards and the results are these: "Black men USE TO not mess with: fat women , Masculine women, Bad hygiene women, Smart mouth women.... So let's address this today... 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 Today's Blog Post: http://salkisre.com/2018/03/light-skin-women-verses-dark-skin-women/ To get on my email list for My Private Video Vault Series, send email to: [email protected] 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 My Website: http://www.iloveherart.com 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 My email address : [email protected] 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 My Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SalkisReArt The Links below are ways to get my products and services. 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 WATCH MY LAST VIDEO: https://youtu.be/IO7nzA9_PAQ 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 20 MINUTE COACHING Session: http://www.iloveherart.com/life-coach-here/15-minute-ask-one-question-coaching-session 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 For My BOOKS: http://www.iloveherart.com/life-coach-here/ooh-let-me-write-that-down-e-book http://www.iloveherart.com/life-coach-here/who-do-you-think-you-are-e-book 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 To Get Art Pieces: http://www.iloveherart.com SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/salkisre Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salkisthehealer #lawofattraction #howtobuildselfesteem #manifestingyourreality #feminineenergy #goddessenergy #africanamericanart #africanart #howtogetwhatyouwant ********""********* 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
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Text Comments (521)
Cynthia Thomas (4 months ago)
She look a damn horse for real
Sensual Kira (13 days ago)
Optical illusion from shimmery lipstick with dark eyes and the shade from the hat also adds to it plus the large dangly earrings distort. Darker lips with shimmery eye makeup and a bright headscarf would create the opposite effect.
ChopStix (1 month ago)
redgrapeskins (2 months ago)
Cynthia. She likes oats..lol
Hisheem King (2 months ago)
She is beautiful
JR MEADOWS (4 months ago)
U have NO picture ugly
Charles Pickens (2 days ago)
Damn a BLACKMAN can't even have a preference no more.
Salkis Re (1 day ago)
The black man can love whomever he wants..
Jorge Callico (22 days ago)
Loud-mouthed and bossy. Even dangerous. And certainly not feminine. However I wouldn't use the word "masculine". As men are only rarely so obnoxious. The kind of poor behavior so common to black women is a trait all of their own making. Even black men aren't usually so "in your face" evil. Not unless they're presently robbing a bank. No the average black woman exercises a level of violent language that other demographics usually reserve for when they're at war. Or as mentioned, committing armed robbery and other felonies.
sexy Brown (3 days ago)
Its masculine
Sterling Shelton (1 month ago)
I'm a 31 year old black man, I like older black women. Some black women are messed up, but not all. I 💖 older black women and Lord's willing, I gonna marry one.💍💎
Ken Ford (2 months ago)
Divine Ent (2 months ago)
Black women need to appreciate there men more when they are there and stop complaing bout everything when they are there it not about race or colour its about respect on both sides its not always about ulot
John Anderson (2 months ago)
Try a white guy
John Anderson (2 months ago)
Salkis Re is cute to me
bindare dundat (2 months ago)
bindare dundat (2 months ago)
+Salkis Re ITS WRONG !!!
Salkis Re (2 months ago)
You are hearing things that you would like to shout about.. I have no video on this channel that promotes causal sex.. Keep it moving pal...
bindare dundat (2 months ago)
Salkis Re (2 months ago)
Your comments are not relevant to the content of this video. You got the wrong channel my friend..
bindare dundat (2 months ago)
First Gods (2 months ago)
Europeans gave you the voice only to attack your MEN, and y'all follow it faithfully
Salkis Re (2 months ago)
And what did the Europeans give you men?
Cori Harris (3 months ago)
You have some beautiful lips.
Diego Horse N18 (3 months ago)
Go marry white men please go away we don't want u anyway just go
JR MEADOWS (4 months ago)
Lovely CONTENT OF A REAL women GOD BLESS you sis
JR MEADOWS (4 months ago)
THIS sister smart and sexy
JR MEADOWS (2 months ago)
+redgrapeskins common sense and logic is sexy period
redgrapeskins (2 months ago)
You should do stand up.. Sexy?
Cynthia Thomas (4 months ago)
She look like she stank with that dirty hat
sexy Brown (3 days ago)
Stop trolling masculine bitch
H1GHD3FF (4 months ago)
I just want know, "what's in it for me?"
Salkis Re (4 months ago)
Shrugs... Good question
Keep Da Faith in You (4 months ago)
I love my black sisters no matter what
John (5 months ago)
No sense talking to the average black female. That's why u guys have to make these videos.
Oz Oz (5 months ago)
Women stink in general with a the tight clothes and failure to properly wash their asses and p*$$!3$
Salkis Re (5 months ago)
It that right... You have a wonderful day...
T. Nati (6 months ago)
What type of life coach are you? You can not speak on the whole black sex sweetie lolol and who you think raised most of these men you’re talking about?? Single black mothers !
Salkis Re (6 months ago)
I don't claim to speak on behalf of "whole black sex" and I'm not even sure what that is. But what I can tell you is that my channel's focus is on the women who have become single mothers, the misfits and the throwaways that aren't attractive enough for men to treat with them humanity and respect. If nothing I said is relatable to you (and it shouldn't be) there is no need for your view count.. You enjoy your evening..
jeanscott benson (6 months ago)
Curses to much to listen to.
brit llove (3 days ago)
Salkis Re (6 months ago)
My apologies..😔
dalton goldenyull (6 months ago)
I am not black I find black women the most beautiful
The Right Hand of God (7 months ago)
Well said. Black men and black women aren't going anywhere without each other. You aren't each other's enemy, you are divided by your enemy/ oppressor currently. I don't think there is any more beautiful woman than a Hebrew/ black woman. While your divided your oppressor is conquering and destroying the world around you. Don't give up on your Creator who gave you your black man as your leader. Just have to wait until your Creator guides you into the path of your own specific Hebrew/ black man. He's out there waiting for you somewhere...maybe closer than most of you even know.
Shane Lynch (8 months ago)
You're a beautiful woman and a lovely person.  Learning to give and accept love with an open, mature attitude is the real lesson in life.
Akbar X (8 months ago)
Salkis Re, I respect you but you are just like the majority of black women when it comes down to being your natural self. Looking at you I see a fake black woman; fake hair and appearance. I see self hate. I wonder what you would look like without the fake shit. Nice message but you don't play the part. Anyway this is my thought of 90% of American black women. When dealing with (most) black woman in America, you will find that they are not real black woman; yes her skin is dark but her attitude is white. Her thinking is white. Many have a mindset that of a white woman's theme. Her mind has been all but perfectly enslaved by slave masters during slavery. Once opening her mouth one can see the psychology and philosophy of her very being. She is an Americanized or Europeanized white woman in dark skin. This is where her attitude and feminism comes from; she doesn't know who she is or what her role is in life. The effects of slavery have caused irreversible brain damage and it shows in her attitude and unpleasantness. Even educated black women have attitudes and among them we do not find a large supply of thinkers and philosophers. 90% of the black women I have met in my life do not have the ability to think outside of the box. They are not remarkable thinkers or strategist in most things in life. They have no idea that they are the most complexly developed of all social beings. Instead, they are caught up in superficial glamour, attitude, and places spectacle visual objects on display. They use sex as a bargaining tool because that's all they have to offer. With their attitudes they have despised their own possibilities for true love and happiness. No people can go forward when the majority of their women have chosen to go backward and this is what the majority of black women have done. And it's not just in their attitudes; they lack mental power, which cannot be expected from ill-fed brains. Furthermore, if real black men (and there are only a few in America) could find a way to awaken black women and show them the error of their ways, perhaps all of this could be reversed. Yes it would be a hard task. Once the slave master got his hands on our women; just look at the end results. She is not the complete women that were kidnapped from Africa. Up until this day, she carries the DNA of her white rapist and it shows in everything she does and everything coming out of her womb; complete hatred for her own kind and brother. Just as all white people are not racist; the majority of them are and it's the same with black women. Not all of them fit the above description, but the majority of them do. I would rather entertain, love and marry a nappy headed slave than to have relations with modern day tattoo down, green, blond, red-headed, weave wearing black women with attitudes.
Salkis Re (8 months ago)
Akbar X weave? Fake? OK you took great care and time to craft this message and I want you to know that I'm a PROUD American woman. This is my land that you are standing on, this is my land that you come to in order to create a life of freedom and prosperity for yourself... There is nothing I care to defend in my thinking and my reasoning, and im not here not meant to garner support, approval, guilt or the love of any black foreign born profiteer or native black American men who attempt to defame the glory of black American women. You are so proud of your culture, etiquette of your women, product of your offspring , yet you are here with free time to add fuel to a fire for which you don't posses the friction to start. Your presence and opinion are irrelevant here. Go find your clan and your women to support and defend..
Skinny Bones Jones (8 months ago)
I like huh!!
Jon Jukes (9 months ago)
White women are more sexier though. They keep themselves up more.
Jon Jukes (9 months ago)
Black women are beautiful too, I was just saying.
Salkis Re (9 months ago)
So why aren't you where they are instead of here?
ap bxny (9 months ago)
My X-fiancee told me after a year and half of us being together that I didn't meet his standards, as far as what he was looking for in a relationship. He begin to unfavorablely compare me to the "Becky's that were working on his job, and wanted me to be more like them. He informed me that the reason why he wasn't putting forth much effort to make good on the promises that he made to me early in the beginning of our relationship was because he deemed me now as being "unworthy" I thanked him for his candor and for his honestly, I wished him luck, hooking up with a "Becky" just like one of the ones on his job, and I told him to have a nice life. I now had the closure I sorely wanted, my mind was clear, my mind was set, and I never looked back. P.S. All of the Becky's that he tried to holler at rejected him! They told him things like..."Ohhh I just like you as a friend", or "You are like a brother to me"....basically shit women tell men that they are not interested in. After being rejected by a number of Becky's, he tried to come back; and I would not let him come back. He got really angry, and he began stalking me. He stalked me for 9 months after the break up, and tried to change the narrative whenever he encountered / came into contact with our friends and family by (lying) and saying that we merely had a misunderstanding, and that we were trying to work things out. Eventually I grew tired, of living life on the run and being hunted down like an animal so I relocated to another state. I agree with you lovely...even serial killers feel the need to confess. When a man tells you who he is... believe him. I thank God every day, that I ran. God only knows what would have happened to me had I remained in that toxic environment.
DR KHALID REVENGE (10 months ago)
Real brothas dont feel like that sista just the weak ones and all brothas dont have low self esteem just the weak ones youre beautiful sista all sistas are to me anyway n im a black man
49jubilee (10 months ago)
TATTOOS are MASCULINE, henna is feminine
KAM COLORADO (10 months ago)
I like to watch them and allow them to go as far as to make a date with me and not show up. Then they know they have mage a fool out of themselves. Silence and absence speaks louder than words.
Tania Thomas (9 months ago)
KAM COLORADO - Karma will come for you.
Monique Jenkins (10 months ago)
All men of any race are not to be taken seriously
Celestea Deanes (11 months ago)
I are lending yr self out to stupid men, go somewhere else for men. I bet if u go to Africa you would be married I. A year
B H The AbOriginal (11 months ago)
ronald bowes (11 months ago)
This guy must have been born through a "". """
Carol Khisa (11 months ago)
Keep it strong black women, we are on our own, all the love from Kenya
soul sessions tv Bdhrh (11 months ago)
Real love is based on principles not colour!.... 1 Cor 13:1-4
Narada (11 months ago)
And sista you look like a horse tail on your head talking about being black with that fake ass shit on your head trying to look like Becky and ellie Mae and your Sf hate about yourselves wonder why real black men want nothing to do with all you fake ass women with self hate get a damn clue
Salkis Re (11 months ago)
john jones Thanks John! Appreciate the feedback and thanks for watching!
brian green (11 months ago)
all these stereotypes were created by white men who pump and dump blk women but I'm sure you'll blame blk men for this.....lmao
Hugo Boss (11 months ago)
Poor women are a financial liability, I need to know that at the very least you’re self sufficient. Looks fade, that body will fade away, so the million dollar question is...”WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE” I don’t want a grown ass daughter I want a wife/partner!!
GodMotha Jordan (11 months ago)
Beautiful Spirit, Beautiful Woman. Blessings
Stacy Adams (1 year ago)
Great video The change of a person comes from within. A man with low self esteem has to build himself up. That is not a womans duty. A man has to become the best man he can be, but in truth. Same for a woman. Define yourseld according to who and what you are in truth and everything in life will fall in line. You will still run into incomplete people, but atleast you will know the difference.
gomma21 (1 year ago)
Why did put this video online the bloody quality is bloody poor didn’t you listen to it yourself?
Shantel Goggins (1 year ago)
My beautiful Sistahs ignore black men who discriminate against they own race Keep yo head up!! Love you!! 🤗😘
Shantel Goggins (1 year ago)
Light skin dark skin we still AA or Black in the eyes of White Ppl Light skin ppl don't have Special Privileges light skin ppl would not exist if the white slave owners wouldn't have been raping our ancestors and getting them pregnant!!!
zeme osa (1 year ago)
I am amazed with the level of self hate here by morally bankrupt ,poorly educated and of course ignorant black women who will do anything to slander themselves. They bear the watering cans for the racists and should be ashamed of themselves. If you come from a broken and disorganised home with low level of education and hygiene, it doesn't mean all black women are from such homes. I advise that you seek reeducation as a means of deliverance from your illmannered and destructive tendecies.
Not understanding your message and how it pertains to the title .... FACTS! if you can name the women that is furthest from there original and natural state! is the reason as to why that statement that was told to you is correct! Black men aren't dealing with none at all as to the women your talking about! Find videos of black women making claims of "how the want a no good man" then do the same for white! Find the number of black women sexing jail inmates then do the same for whites! Find the book "The Blackman's Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman" .... written by a black women then look for the "white women's" version of that book .... "it doesn't exist!" your message in this video is what! the women isn't as this man stated and men are just wanting to cling to and live off them lol ..... You need to do research!
juwiete johns (1 year ago)
all black women need to stop looking at and avoid all black men, don't argue with them. black women don't need them anyway. stay clear away from them. black men have no respect nor love for black women leave them alone black men now a days are the number one carrier of the HIV /AIDS. they are useless,
Shanchan (1 year ago)
juwiete johns 👏
Egypt Ra (1 year ago)
I’m married to a man who looks white therefore he’s considered handsome. I’ve never been told I’m ugly until I married this man. The man treats me well. His sister treats me poorly and his favorite daughter. They both seem to think he could’ve done better. I feel I’m beautiful in the African sense of the word. I feel they are dumbasses brainwashed to feel the closer you look to white the better you look. I told my husband they’re all Ignorant including himself because when I broached the issue to him he said, “they shouldn’t pay attention to THAT “. WHAT? So I said they’re all ignorant and they are. Anytime a people think you’re ugly because you have Afro centric features, they’re unaware!
Salkis Re (1 year ago)
Ginger Ashford Thanks for sharing Ginger. I personally do not feel that these notions of beauty are do to a lack of awareness. I think everybody knows how they feel and accepts how they feel about black women. It's conditioning that really crosses a lot if different cultures as well. I'm not into validating opinions with a need to start campaigns to change their minds. I like the idea of turning our backs quietly than protesting/begging for Acceptance...
Ricardo Wright (1 year ago)
Center of Gravity (1 year ago)
It's the black woman's fault for the state of the black community because they are the MOST reliant on the government and are the only group of women who systematically mate with beta thugs wth no jobs. If they even wanted to simply forgive others then they would overcome their anger, then they could keep men around. It's not because of their color hair or smell, it's simply their character. It's ALL about who they are on the inside. Black women get what they deserve in life whether it be good or bad, the same with everyone else
nadiya danielle (6 months ago)
Bradley McMullen maybe they wouldn’t be more reliant if black men didn’t feel the need to abandon their families so often 😉
Randy Thompson (1 year ago)
You are the reason I don't tlk to wemon abt anything. He maid a valid point a large amount blk wemon are argumentative and overly masculine. Not tht your Werth nothing. Your inability to tackle tht fact is the reason why you focus on self medication. This is the reason why nothing ever changes between the sexes.
Saint Walker (1 year ago)
I've witnessed black American mothers emotionally abuse their sons more than not."get yo monkey ass....", "you aint shit just like yo daddy" etc...etc...we all know this.but now it's time to pretend that black American women are women of substance? Ok let's see where that fuckery gets you in the next 20 years.
Cassidy-Anime (1 year ago)
How you dress, talk and present yourself sends out messages to people around you about how you are. Just from looking at you, I get a sense of nature, calm and wisdom
Bowery Baker (1 year ago)
I don't mind dating a black woman struggling and dealing with those issues because when i struggle they always keep me company and we help each other.
KENYA ASKINS (1 year ago)
Legs closed shut,problem solved.
Miss GoGetter (10 months ago)
Mike Fitzsimmons (1 year ago)
I have to be honest with you on this subject. The problem isn't men its with women. Black women are so obnoxious and crazy controlling. They drive us away in droves. Black women attitudes are awful they act holier than thou. I say bullish** to that. They effing dudes behind your back and lie to your face. Its a viscous cycle. Sad but true. But its not just the man its the woman's attitude. Food for thought. Think about it.
reginald brown (1 year ago)
I just started watching your videos and I like the way you think and the way you observe everything you talking some real shit I hope women listed to the jewels you droppin cause the shit you saying is facts
Tracey Owen Hughes (1 year ago)
Fabulous commentary sis. I love your look.
Nothing is wrong with black women, this is how YAH made you. Beautiful. Big lips, wooly hair and the extra testosterone makes you women want to make love more. Im with a mixed chick,we never make love anymore. When I was with a straight sister, I never had sex issues, I think sisters need to lay off the thugs tho...that is played out, it is almost 2019...
Julee Rowley (1 year ago)
So many racist comments. .. Makes me cringe !
Jorge Callico (22 days ago)
Racism exists because certain stereotypes are fairly accurate. In fact even the NAACP finally admits that "racism" isn't the major factor harming black people today. Instead they mention father-less homes. Indeed 70% of all black children are born without a father.living in the home. We should all buy mutual funds holding stocks from companies with ties to the prison building system. 52% of all murders are committed by blacks. They whom themselves only comprise 12% of the overall population. I'm sorry Julie but statistics prove that at least on stereotypes? The racists of the kkk are mostly correct in their assessment. In fact you oughta perform a search on "IQ by nation". You will find that all over the globe black people are the least intelligent, most violent and least successful. Doesn't matter if its Congo in Africa or Haiti in Caribbean. When they are the only people running things? They always fuck it up. PS: the average IQ in Republic of Equatorial Guinea is only 55!. Meaning? Almost everyone is a fucking retard! Chrissakes "55" isn't even room temperature. These people cant read! They need instructions on opening a pack of gum. Forrest Gump is smarter!! And everyone in that country is stupid.
Tito Grass (1 year ago)
I would say ALL AMERICAN women are Stank Fish holes with ugly attitudes I always say if you want a quality Women/ Wife go to a traditional country not polluted by feminist man haters.
Are you in L.A.?? I hear airplanes.. Jiss curious.
I likem small and skinny and quiet.... These women are bigge than I am.. AND IM A MAN !
Philly Elite (1 year ago)
All black women arent like that, thats ignorant chicks and they are in ALL RACES. Tell u this 2 a blk woman may get aggressive, BUT A white women will kill u, lol
Marscorpio Persia (1 year ago)
Great insight sis! ❤
BrownSkin Cutie0088 (1 year ago)
Most black women are loud, ratchet, and look like men in the face so this title of this video is very true
BrownSkin Cutie0088 (1 year ago)
Most black women are loud, ratchet, and look like men in the face so this title of this video is very true
thatotherdude (1 year ago)
Sisters are beautiful. Period.
Jermaine Morston (1 year ago)
Very gr8 video my sista. Keep up the good work. During segregation, black men & women had a stronger bond. Integration into mainstream society destroyed our bond.
chaz Whitfield (1 year ago)
Yeah, more for me. Its some very feminine sistas around, but just like us men, gotta learn to not Be in the world, adopt the worlds behavior and morals, and be truthful with ourselves, we know right from wrong.
Chas Stack (1 year ago)
so black men are not supposed to have standards and when did one man speak for everyone . obviously somebody feelings are hurt or this video wouldn't be necessary
terrence collins (1 year ago)
I seen a lot of silly black women online.But your video is telling the truth.the man right and so are you
mc2 _Ascension (1 year ago)
smart and beautiful ...
De Stressfrlyf (1 year ago)
They will go to a white female with the exact same body composition & attributes
+edgar brownI'm asking ways in which white women are feminine, please.
edgar brown (1 month ago)
+Charmante. Intéressante. Ardente. Some or most Black women act too masculine.
+edgar brown how so?
edgar brown (6 months ago)
They go for white women because they are more feminine than Black women are.
K-3HREE KAY (1 year ago)
K-3HREE KAY (1 year ago)
Cassandra M. Nance (1 year ago)
White women stink and called Amazon's by their own men. Wow. If you people say black women stink and are loud then so are white women because they don't smell good that's why they buy heavy perfumes to cover their funk.
Michael Ali (1 year ago)
Absolutely Beautiful 😘
Nyobe1 (1 year ago)
Such a disrespectful bait title. Sigh
Bruce FUCKIN vane! (1 year ago)
lady you have too much common sense . I would date you based off your brain all alone. I wish you was around when I was trying to date black chicks. I was too damn smart for them. AKA lame. went to school talk proper English didn't smoke weed. was an adult boy. and I didn't have all the name brand clothes either so that only left me non-black women who showed interest in me.
Bruce FUCKIN vane! (1 year ago)
umm I actually see quite the opposite. and as far as black man being insecure I rarely meet insecure black guy. they cocky as all living hell lol . not only that I see them some good looking women. non black women of course. But still. I don't know what that guy's talking about I guess it depends on where you live
Danny v (1 year ago)
When some says back women are amazing nonpdy says "not all" ,yes the weave stinks and at least 80% of black women are aggressive and masculine or else you would not be making this video , black women its time to own your mistakes or continue to repeat them
Mary Martin (1 year ago)
Danny v I'm this big scary dokey woman at 5'7" 137 lbs,don't fucking think so
Mary Martin (1 year ago)
Danny v unless someone bothers me,I can b the nicest person in the world,people assume speaking out and standing up 4 urself is being loud,bitchy etc.there is no one who will stand up 4 me,but me,I promise u that!!!men in the community 2 protect us,that's a joke!!!!
BARUCH KAN (1 year ago)
Black women are like the anus of A fly
Bryan B (1 year ago)
black men never for the most part stopped loving black men. the "war of the sexes" was started by black and white women. We dont need a man was a womans slogan. Far more brothers want a sister than you'll ever know. We just give up trying hard to end up with same or worse results. Even baby mothers with 2 children by 2 different fathers are even picky and still out there trying to make another one
Sean Isaac (1 year ago)
Those hair hats do STINK 😷
Gonzo Volante (1 year ago)
this title says it all. Good job!
Salkis Re (1 year ago)
Thank you Gonzo...
Mr Dee (1 year ago)
She is a beautiful and intelligent chocolate woman. I admire the way she articulates her words so that we fully overstand her veiws.
New O Usa (1 year ago)
You are very interesting looking . Beatiful isn’t enough of a word . You are very funky and pretty .
Gene Davis (1 year ago)
Wow...you are more gorgeous each time I see you. Great content as always.
Taylor Owure (1 year ago)
I wouldn't try to talk so called black men into wanting me. Love is love. The problem isn't black women only. The problem is his own hatred of BLACKNESS.
Charles Cason (11 months ago)
Lea Topcap You still never addressed why bw are So envious of non black womens hair that they give billions of dollars to Koreans every year instead of keeping it in the black community lol! Narcissism at it's finest! Bw can't stop playing with the long, silky straight or wavy hair they put on their heads, and love too toss it around like non black women do! Bw can say their not jealous of ww all they want, but Everybody knows bw are bitter about not having the long, soft, flowing hair that all the other kinds of women have! But according to you it's Black men who have self hatred lol! What a joke
Taylor Owure (11 months ago)
Charles Cason LMAO. They say black men r responsible for bringing forth 90% of children in the mixed races, AA community. Black women maybe changing their hair but they children in 95% cases match their skin color. Love whom u like but at least acknowledge your nature or preference. Bcos preferences r also used by white MEN to say they prefer to live and be with whites. Hispanics MEN have preferences to live and be with Hispanic people. Asian MEN have preferences to live and be with Asians. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Taylor Owure (11 months ago)
Charles Cason proof of what I'm saying. Fashion is fashion. U like to pick on black women. We have pink hair, green hair and blue hair worn by others. Not only that, white women wear wigs and extensions. In Africa little girls hair is dolled up with extensions. It's cultural. Is anything low esteem about people with tattoos. We always out comparing dumb issues. Talk up businesses, qualitative manhood or womanhood. Our relationships with God, physics and mathematics. Wow, not oftentimes. Lol. Good u earn a thumb up! How can I help move the African community upwards? ⭐⭐⭐⭐ needed!
brian green (11 months ago)
Lea Topcap blk men love being blk ...attract string highest level of testosterone best athletes singers fighters creators of math science astrology written language and civilization.... no wonder everybody hates us.....lmao
Charles Cason (1 year ago)
Lea Topcap No one has self hatred more than women that spend billions every year for some other races hair lol! Try again when you bw finally decide to wear your own hair like all other kinds of women do!
Ken Kenichi (1 year ago)
It is true that black women have a higher incidence of bacterial infections and std's compared to other races so stinking is a natural effect of bacterial infections and std's.
Saunders Maxine (1 year ago)
Indoor plumbing * typing to fast
Saunders Maxine (1 year ago)
Saunders Maxine (1 year ago)
Say the people who brought syphilis , Small pox and Gonorrhea to the New World  and  The Black plague to the Old world...White people were so filthy they gave rats the plague, with that beastialty   sheep and dog fucking shit ,not to mention them gay ass Greeks fucking dead bloody corpse on the Battle field..  Stop it you are embarrassing yourself ,You wish Black women stank ,then you would feel so alone ... True story : When slave women  as maids came into contact with White women and smelled  the stench of them  they fainted....White people, including white women would take a bath once a year can you imagine how that bitch smelled during her period ? Let's not forget you didn't have out door plumbing when you arrive in America ,so you know your asses were diseased and stinking ,Your hair hair fell out from lice  and so both the men and women wore wigs Thomas the sex trafficking Jefferson,  and George the pedophile Washington, All the bitches were nasty ,George Washington walked around with the teeth of dead slaves  and you talking >>>...LOL
ShooterM16 (1 year ago)
the same shit could be said about women
Taylor Owure (1 year ago)
ShooterM16 it's true. People so ignorant. It's sad.
Drea D (1 year ago)
I agree with you 100%
Eddie Kruggerr (1 year ago)
Yall are great. You are worthy. You are valuable, with or without my approval. 👍
Morris Jones (1 year ago)
Ok!! Sis i apologize i was just fucking with you you sexy fine ass black princess. Yo darkberry you know that you the best. But ain't it true about some of our sisters who do those things. Yo Lydia lioness taught me alot about black women. Do you love God first.??.
michael pitts (1 year ago)
Black men do not set the standard. The purpose of a man is too create . He works with what ever is available. Try to tell a black woman anything most do not want to hear it and get upset. Many men will move down the scale to a woman who acts feminine. Black women think strength and arrogance is feminine but that's a masculine energy.
michael pitts (11 months ago)
Ok I'll learn to read just for you
Cynical Skeptic (11 months ago)
Micheal pitts.. I wasn't even responding to your comment....learn to read
michael pitts (11 months ago)
Cynical Skeptic this is exactly what i meant by you can't tell a black woman anything. I never said she was leading anything. I said we cater to our women. Their's a difference. I say what I mean
Cynical Skeptic (11 months ago)
Lea topcap..."Men dance to the women needs and wants. That's strenght of a man"..nope thats a bitch.... nothing manly about letting a woman lead or control your life... men analyze & execute ....women move based of emotion
Taylor Owure (1 year ago)
In the Latino community, its matriarch. Men dance to the women needs and wants. That's strenght of a man. To be strong enough to bend to his woman. Especially, if she's taking them to a higher place. You sound confused. Don't get your hatred of your own BLACKNESS twisted.
Bowery Baker (1 year ago)
black women turn me on because to me they're like taming a tiger. The most solid warrior of all women and I'm giving her the pleasure of her life. It's elevating.
Liz Kimani (1 year ago)
Gal...I don't give a flying fuck about this low self esteem black weak men....am black/african and too beautiful to feel bothered by their issues...
Mary Martin (1 year ago)
Liz Kimani agreed my daughter's and I have been harassed,threatened,abused,4 years,who wouldn't b angry and ready 2 fight??I know how 2 b a woman 2 teach my daughter's how 2 talk,walk,and b ladies!!!

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