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BOTCHED! Plastic Surgery Fails That Ruined Celebrities

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Stars with botched plastic surgery lost their natural beauty under the knife. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: In Hollywood, it doesn’t seem so shocking when celebrities get some work done. Everyone expects these star to look flawless and ageless. Physical looks are how some of these stars find their fame in the world. So, it unfortunately has some celebrities go a little crazy when they realize that they’re getting older. They want to stay forever young after all. Plastic surgery has become the answer for many celebrities’ aging problem. From breast augmentations to lip fillers, there is no limitations on how many times a person could go under the knife. They can honestly do whatever they want as long as they have the money. We have really seen it all and while most of the time, some celebrities can look good. Others have gone way out of hand. Some stars are doing so much work on their face and other body parts that they might not realize how the plastic surgery is sometimes making their body look worse. With botched lips and lopsided boobs, these stars really need to slow down on turning back time. That’s why there are a few celebrities in Hollywood that are infamously known for getting bad plastic surgeries. You would think someone who was rich and famous would know how to find a good surgeon. In many occasions, these celebrities go completely overboard in order to achieve the unrealistic “perfect’ look. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring: Heidi Montag Lil’ Kim Amanda Lepore Dolly Parton Tara Reid Donatella Versace Tori Spelling Pamela Anderson Michael Jackson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/ TheTalko is everything you ever wanted to know about fashion, celebrity lifestyle, fitness, health, relationships and the most interesting random occurrences in 5 minutes or less. Subscribe for 1 video every 2 days!
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Text Comments (1109)
Javier Lopez (19 days ago)
M.J did not blech hes skin
Adriano Ziffer (20 days ago)
Dolly Parton is NOT an example of botched surgery.
LenapeTribe Mayflower (23 days ago)
I Michael Jackson was very Hot at 50
Melissa Savoca (24 days ago)
I wish he could do my body up
martinishot (26 days ago)
At the end of the day Michael Jackson looked like a pork face white woman at the end of his life. One of the most unnatural looking human beings ever in history. That is a plastic surgery fail no matter how much these m j fans want to make excuses. Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson also had vitiligo and managed to not end up looking like a pork faced white woman. oh yes and Joe Jackson did not have a Frankenstein chin and cheekbones implanted either. So again this video is right and it was a plastic surgery fail.
Mamu MauMau (30 days ago)
It is partly because of channels like this phony piece of shit that these idiots get plastic surgery. Then when things go wrong with a "procedure" you creepy bottom feeders are there to cash in on some little fashionistas troubles. It is like one big, ugly merry-go-round that never stops. There will always be newbies who want to be "famous" and will do ANYTHING to get it. Any person of substance and quality can see right through this sad, pathetic charade. People like you only use others. And the only people who actually care about all of this phony bullshit are lost, lonely little losers!!!!! You poor,, useless, pointless, creepy little idiots!!!
Manilyn Vejeradupa (1 month ago)
My God they all look perfect before the surgery
Amar Nalawade (1 month ago)
0:12 wait.........is this a cloning fail
Jzanaimoore Moore (1 month ago)
Michael Jackson’s did not bleach his skin he had a disease
Hungry Soul (1 month ago)
That Lil Kim is kinda scary. She really looks horrible.
Lupis Tana (1 month ago)
ma che mostri...
Savage KingX (1 month ago)
Michael Jackson? RUINED? The guy was treated like a king till he died by billions of fans
Eda Nur (1 month ago)
That Madame Tussauds joke was so good 😁🤩😘
Mai Bertine Eikeland (1 month ago)
Ehm Michael Jackson had a skin condition so the skin turned fair.... so no, he would not have been that color
Jam0.0 Xris (1 month ago)
Renée Zellweger Looks exactly the same wtf
life of diana (1 month ago)
Michael.jackson had vinaligo
aban ir (1 month ago)
I wish them death
Conaday Sweet (1 month ago)
I want just a liposuction so people would stop calling me fat and that’s all I want
Drake Drones (1 month ago)
Kylie Jenner has joined the chat
niko makata (1 month ago)
This might happen to you if you do plastic surgery that is why I will never get plastic surgery
Mr E (1 month ago)
Did she just say Heidi Montag had a "bro lift"? 😂
CoolBeans4U (1 month ago)
Pam Anderson was so cute.
Karren Kuddlesberg (1 month ago)
Nowadays, better off with a 3D, possibly 4D printed skin, bones, and organs?
Clodd Contracting (1 month ago)
Dolly Parton doesn't need your approval! You people suck!
Anshu Kumar (1 month ago)
I think Heidi looked very beautiful prior to her surgery.
Haneesa (1 month ago)
Gosh most of them look hideous after all the knives in their faces they're plain out scary
Lisa S (1 month ago)
Poor Heidi...all that surgery and still not that attractive.
SpontSteph914 (1 month ago)
Uhm dolly Parton is not a fail...do you know how old she is? Look at her
27 PayBack (1 month ago)
amy enriquez (1 month ago)
They look like Zombies
Ryanna Murphy (1 month ago)
Michael Jackson didn't die his skin he had a very rare skin condition
Sanddab Z (1 month ago)
what about the rest of his face? Nose, cheek bones, lil clift in the chin, and the nose again etc... by the way, did a mention the nose
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m. mache (1 month ago)
Girls Seleberity Artists Actors Actress singer models I always very strongly against plaster sergery definitely it dose damage to your skins may be not straight away but in the time comes lots said they wishes they didn’t done it don't listen to advert or to other I have studied madical and part of plaster sergery it's not the right things to do to your body's to your face love you mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?
Tiff Prendergast (1 month ago)
Flávio Giannini (1 month ago)
They look like monsters
Elsie Zhang (2 months ago)
alessandro loggia (2 months ago)
Bleach skin no vitiligo
louupa exe (3 months ago)
Ew OMG they definitely didn't do their research before they did it
Jennifer Harman (3 months ago)
Me: should I subscribe? My friend: whatever :/
Ponyboy Curtis (3 months ago)
Hehe 69
EJ Verzosa (4 months ago)
guess not all of this is legit?
DJ game girl _YT (4 months ago)
anyone came from Sharknado?
Sanddab Z (1 month ago)
Milania Glover (4 months ago)
tbh one of the worst ones is michael jackson... he looked so better before
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Dorie Simmons (4 months ago)
They don't ruin anyone, they did what they wanted to do, and you guys have to respect that choice, and anyway it already happened
Paper St. (4 months ago)
What's a "Bro lift"? Giving a guy friend a ride somewhere?
Sanddab Z (1 month ago)
CoOkie Doi xD (4 months ago)
SirJohn Foolstaff (4 months ago)
Montag looks lovely post surgery. Lil Kim cant really be saved though.
Hannah Morgan (5 months ago)
DD boobs aren’t that big... that’s how large mine got with pregnancy and they still don’t seem that big. Her’ s are probably larger than that
Sheida Hedjazi (5 months ago)
Shut up abt MJ 😑
Tasir Billah (5 months ago)
Sad to see how human loves turning herself into zombies!!!!
Teresa Harmon (5 months ago)
Lil Kim, was so pretty. She didn't need anything.
Teresa Harmon yes tf she Did
Sydney Whyte (5 months ago)
he bleached bcuz of vitiligo
Mikaela Nao (5 months ago)
2:37 Looks monster
Laney Paulk (5 months ago)
‘Transexual’ Wow old pronouns
RaRa Rodrigo (5 months ago)
Dolly Parton doesn’t look bad at all
shahad alsanea (5 months ago)
Leave Mj out of this mess 😡
Sanddab Z (1 month ago)
MJ is a pedophile
Priscilla Fumero (5 months ago)
U forgot the #whitetrash #farrahabraham
呦嘟嘟。狐獴切 (6 months ago)
There is no surgery call bleaching
Dave Snyder (6 months ago)
Mickey Rourke used to be cute until plastic surgery
Dave Snyder (6 months ago)
Micke rourk is horrid
Zen Bona (7 months ago)
They are ugly ..before..look at HIDEOUS KIM KARDASHIAN..EWWW
Jo (7 months ago)
Why is Jennifer Aniston in this video? She legit hasn't had any surgeries and she looks 35 at 49. lmao.
ζαρα Ιωάννα (7 months ago)
It's so sad isn't it? Like beyond especially when you see it all laid out this way. For these people to keep going the way they do it has to be an addiction. It's self mutilation & a type of body dysmorphia where they don't see what we see when they look in the mirror they just can't! A psychological condition of some sort they need help & the surgeons who have performed these surgeries & have not acted responsibly by turning them down should be struck off & prosecuted this isn't practicing safe or responsible medicine
Sydney (7 months ago)
Micheal Jackson had a medical condition.
Sanddab Z (1 month ago)
yes, it's called liking little young boys syndrome.
Nightmare Fuel (7 months ago)
I disagree with Rene Zellweger. she doesn't look bad at all, she just looks different. She definitely shouldn't be AFTER Versace
OmqItzMeh (7 months ago)
Michael was hit in who’s bad
Natalia Water-Fairy (7 months ago)
Michael u betrayed us 😭😭😭
Sand Seal (8 months ago)
Dolly Parton lives where I live. Her and Elvis Presley are the most famous celebrities in my state
_TheWaywardAngel _ (8 months ago)
I am disgusted
Joseph Paolo Garcia (8 months ago)
Even Michael Jackson!?! Wtf
Tasir Billah (8 months ago)
Your r beautiful whatever god created with..Don't make yourself zombies.....
Me- even I didn't get plastic surgery I still look like from a plastic surgery that went fail
sumthin girly (8 months ago)
People ruin them selfs getting all that surgery.. and you would think it would kill their bodies. All that stuff they put in it. You're body is your tomb and everyone is made in their own special way. Love yourself, that's all you have to do.. being confident in yourself makes you attractive. Everyone is beautiful, wish women could see the beauty within them.
NicePersonNamed Summer (8 months ago)
I’m never getting plastic surgery
NicePersonNamed Summer (8 months ago)
Oh my got 1:55 is horrible
Kelly Chineye C. Okoli (8 months ago)
The micheal Jackson one is a lie PUH-LEESE get ur facts right
Tracy (8 months ago)
Leave Ms. Dolly Parton alone! 🥀
Chris xavier (9 months ago)
They were bullying me in school and I was gonna do surgery But nah I like being my self anyways
Olivia Switz (9 months ago)
Lowkey, as someone whos worked in the bra business, Pam was NOT a 34 DD. More like an H or I.
Dinowaue (9 months ago)
Bleached skin huh, who is he Jeff The Killer?
Sammy K (9 months ago)
Donatella v looks like a albino ape and little kim looks like a asian transvestite...
izzyxmia (9 months ago)
HOLD UP. Micheal Jackson (my king) had a skin condition so he had to get it whitened. He had his nose done because he was bullied. And he did NOT bleach his skin. Dumbass.
Kathryn C Matson (9 months ago)
let's correct that last part about Michael Jackson... he bleached his skin due to his disease fitaligo. not because he wanted to "look a different skin tone".
showtime951 (9 months ago)
Quick! Name one celebrity that looks better after any cosmetic procedure....... Still waiting.................................. Still waiting.................................. Don't feel bad. The answer is no one! All of the names that went through your head that you ended up throwing out, they were losers simply by the fact that their surgical procedure(s) were recognized. Recognition itself 98% of the time proves failure. There is no honest argument. Ladies, you are paying these unskilled, overpaid butchers your valuable dollars to destroy your beauty and grace. Everyone is making fun of you behind your back, you would not believe who laughs at you. It is destroying your families, humiliating your husbands, CRUSHING YOUR DAUGHTERS, embarrassing your sons. They won't tell you. I have. You are welcome. Women of a certain age and ability, it's your life. I was born in Los Angeles, I've lived in Beverly Hills for over 35 years and I know a hell of a lot of the players in all the glamour and media industries. All these plastic surgeries achieve is post a sign on your face that forever screams "REGRET!", whether you think you do or not, and rips away a layer of your humanity. Oh, and unfortunately for others makes you really pathetic and difficult to look at. Case closed.
Bailey and Sarah Always (9 months ago)
Michel Jackson had no plastic surgery all he had was a skin condition and y’all should know that 😂🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Ann Brown (9 months ago)
Money, plastic surgery and bleach won't do it. No matter how "young" these nit-wits think they look on the outside, the inside knows the truth. Those plastic surgeons should be in prison for abuse, instead they are snickering all the way to the bank!
Milla Aguirre (9 months ago)
michael jackson had vitiligo
maletiger03 (10 months ago)
They forgot Meg Ryan who went from cute to ugghh after she got work done.
damnation damnation (10 months ago)
narrator changed
A Nugget (10 months ago)
Didn't Cher get a lot of plastic surgery?
Matt Ortiz (10 months ago)
Damn this shit it just ridiculous.thats what these idiots get,I people should be happy with what they got,all this plastic surgery shit,they ain't even themselves anymore.
India Joseph (10 months ago)
lol funny how they didn't mention how Michael Jackson had vitiligo.
The Burg (10 months ago)
That’s not how you pronounce infamously
Sian Mung (10 months ago)
Why increase pollution????
small heart big brains (10 months ago)
My name is hollie :) holliewood
Sam Kline (10 months ago)
Tbh Tori spelling was always kinda ugly before and after she never was that good looking or amazing of an actress
Arin Koysomboon (10 months ago)
Most of the girls look super pretty but now is like a disaster😊😊😊
Geek thulu (10 months ago)
She looks like Aerosmith
Geek thulu (10 months ago)
Donatella Versace

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