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College Girls on "Does Height Matter?"

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SimpleSexyStupid (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching kids. And make sure you get your exclusive discount from Tiege Hanley! - http://www.tiege.com/sssheight
DSolarisKnight (25 days ago)
All 8 of these type of videos I've seen don't focus on the cause for all this height-focus bullshit. Glad you actually attempted to get into why.
Jason U (3 months ago)
To be frank there is no society on earth that prefers shorter women to men, there is no country on earth that would have women asking for shorter men and men asking for taller women. All you can do is convince a girl your worth it OR go to a country where your considered tall if its that much of a hangup.
Jason U (3 months ago)
so many of the girls said 'they dont want to be looking down at him" there all 5'3-5'4 which man have they ever met thats 5'2 or shorter? in the US your more likely to meet a 6'2+ man than you are a 5'1 man.
Anonymous (4 months ago)
sinuses clogged bruh? X-lear cvs wholefoods, holistic M.D. probiotics? not giving medical advise
MrKarlozz (2 hours ago)
2:05 if he's 6'0 that girl is around 5'7 at the most.
Unknown (1 day ago)
Bullshit, be rich and they won't care about your height.
C R (2 days ago)
Ariya you like 5’9-5’10 I’m 5’10 and I’m taller
Hog (3 days ago)
1:53 ok that girl is definitely not 5,9 , ayra said that he was 5’10 3/4 in the past and that girl looks like 4 inches shorter than him
Hog (3 days ago)
Bro I swear so many girls who are like 4’11-5’2 want a guy that’s 6 foot or above, like bro isn’t a guy just taller than you enough?? Why does he have to be a whole foot taller than you?
Abdulkader Hassan (3 days ago)
I hate when girls say that they want a guy that is 6 feet and have abs. But them self are ugly and dont come to the standards guys want in a girl
I Polaris I (4 days ago)
Well, the girls on porn don't care about height
xyc 25 (5 days ago)
3:14 he really respect that girl salute btw sometimes its not fair and i dont understand why some 6ft guys want to date very small girl its very weird
xyc 25 (5 days ago)
this guy rofl ure so entertaining
Isaac Mora (7 days ago)
This guy is so akward
\\ Gremlin // (7 days ago)
I don’t see why a lot of people are complaining, most guys are like 6ft it ain’t that big a deal
fenderstratocaster (7 days ago)
Lifted sneakers... 👟 you're welcome guys! 😁
G B (8 days ago)
Men have skin color preferences, boob size preferences, and even hair types preferences. Why can't a woman have a height preference?
Aidan Morgan (9 days ago)
I dont like you
oh yeah yeah (9 days ago)
Zac efrons height is only 5’8” and they’d all die to suck on his ass cheeks
Ryzen (10 days ago)
3:14 this is the unique girl that worth ur time with.. i mean... not shallow and cute af
Justice Raj (11 days ago)
My mother is 5.2inch my father is 5.7inch and my age of 15 5.7inch so whats my final hight??
Daniel yusef (11 days ago)
Why does this guy look like Veritasium
Jeremiah Willcutt (12 days ago)
Anybody here less that 5'5? Cause I am.
Josh Feiny (13 days ago)
Billy Grey (13 days ago)
I'll just be a rapist, seriously...
Clunk juice Boys tv (14 days ago)
5:17 this bitch is really THAT stupid
James Baka (14 days ago)
Fuck genetics
Noah Torres (14 days ago)
Damn it started gettin good at the end... Lol
Leon xD (14 days ago)
1:50 that guy is a legend
Minkyy (15 days ago)
6'2 and no one in my entire family is above 6'0
Zachary McDowall (16 days ago)
I’m a 5 9 female errrrr no your not your like 5 6 people always lie about their height so when someone says their 5 8 or something they think it’s short when in reality an actual 5 8 isn’t short..they guy doing this vid is 5 11 she ain’t 5 9 lol
Mike Wazowski (16 days ago)
This dude interviewing the girls is creepy as fuck
Laniakea (16 days ago)
1:49 The guy behind them is the king
gianni pischella (16 days ago)
It's OK to discriminate men. Fuck you Weimerica
Rusty Shackleford (16 days ago)
Wanting a good personality is reasonable? How do you define good personality?? Fuck my life. They want tall long thick chad cock. The last girl even said dick size matters. Fuck double standard cunts!
Helmut Honkler (16 days ago)
RIP Elliot Rodger, you'll always be in our hearts
dhrlfska90 (17 days ago)
Technically you can get boob job, do squats for ass. But height, you cant do anything. Not even really scientifically yet.
BurnedSpace (17 days ago)
that girl who said she is 5’9 is not 5’9 at all 5’6 maybe
toronto peace zone (17 days ago)
Taller most likely means you feel protected.
ghost (17 days ago)
Lmaoo their answers to the double standard question were just gold
ビップレクサス (17 days ago)
Its so fucked that short shaming is okay in our society but fat shaming is not? Dude - I get it - fat shaming is wrong. But girls short shame guys all the damn fucking time and yet - nothing happens.
Bee Legend (17 days ago)
if u have $10000000000000 in bank acc. they'll follow u if ur short, fat, and ugly. lol
Hazemoky (18 days ago)
The asian girl sounded so cool
abdi Saleban (18 days ago)
I don’t date women over 65kg like women don’t date guys under 6feet.
D Rose (18 days ago)
I’m salty cause I had a 4.3 gpa 1520 SAT, tutor and coach sports at a local homeless shelter for the last 3 years and I got rejected by UCSB
BurnedSpace (17 days ago)
fuck that school u can go to amazing colleges with those stats
tea bag (18 days ago)
2:05 that girl is not 5'9. One thing I find funny is people lie about how tall they are, I know my height and when I check people's ID it says a certain height and I look at them and im taller than them by at least two inches. yeah again you're not 5'9, you look more 5'6 ish
bobby shimoda (18 days ago)
That chick is not 5’9’’
Ray Mason (18 days ago)
I think only 14 percent of the men in America are six foot or taller. Then take out men under 21 and over 60 it goes down .then eliminate men who are married ,in prison , and gay. Guess what your down to about 6 percent
Shnato (19 days ago)
Listen closely, but he sounds like tfue
dalast mag (19 days ago)
Whenever I remember how ugly I am and think I’ll never find love. I watch these videos and it reminds me that since I’m 6’2 I still have chance
Well I'm 6'6" and here to tell you that height doesn't matter. And women don't care about it one ioda.
LOVE the guy in the back 1:49
Shoujo Chanchan (21 days ago)
ME Height: 5 ft 2 in Weight: 44kg
Phil Conway (22 days ago)
Guys, just know for every shallow girl, exists a girl that isn't shallow. Stop with the MGTOW bullshit.
Ron Dale (22 days ago)
Fucking frauder you're not 6'0, more like 5'10 or 5'11
Mike (22 days ago)
The fuck. Girls can get fake ass and fake boobs , double standards
Young Sinatra (23 days ago)
Im 16 and 6'5 and trust me you dont wanna be that tall.... Everything is a pain in the ass, clothes are always to shorts, you need to watch out for your head, your neck hurts, back hurts. (most likely, hope is doesnt effect me). You cant drive most sport cars because your to tall. etc etc.
Nepali Guy (23 days ago)
shes not 5 9' lol
DSolarisKnight (25 days ago)
All 8 of these type of videos I've seen don't focus on the cause for all this height-focus bullshit. Glad you actually attempted to get into why.
Old Mate (27 days ago)
Holy shit I’m 5’11 and 3/4 aswell legit
金子新八郎 (28 days ago)
I'm 5'5" which is considered pretty short in my country Japan, and many girls smile/stare at me on the street. So it might matter, but it's not everything.
Rob Farrell (29 days ago)
The girl that said she was 5'9 doesnt look that tall cause the guy looked wayyy taller than her
Niga Fk u (1 month ago)
Only money matters and then these whores would be on your dick 💰
Brandon Way (1 month ago)
5 ft guy here watching this in protest. Friends sent me this video. We are no longer talking
Lil ayman (1 month ago)
Its all about 3 million years of evolution and the fact that in cave man times women had to rely on a big strong guy to protect her and her children from wild animals and other men.
TopFlightSecurity415 (1 month ago)
how is not comparable? we cant change hieght butyou can get a bigger ass and tits smh lol there is no such thing an rationality in woman's mind
Endrit Bajrami (1 month ago)
I’m 5’9-5’11” somewhere there and I’m 16
Jesper (1 month ago)
aryan Sharma (1 month ago)
My brother Kevin Langue is the cameraman! Woohoo!
Adam Ahmed (1 month ago)
I'm 17 year old 5.11 tall boy still I'm dissatisfied
DJ Metro (1 month ago)
Im only 5'7 but my dick is 6'1 so we gucci
LunarArts (1 month ago)
love, cleo (1 month ago)
I like guys that are taller than me, but it's never a deal breaker. An ex of mine was shorter than me (I barely make 5'3) and we made it work. Height can easily he overlooked if you've got a great personality 😄
Pure Evil (1 month ago)
Didn’t watch the video, just clicked to comment. I think the creator and the people who subscribe to these type of channels have some type of deficiencies as far as confidence, low self esteem, personal issues and a weak mentality. Lmao the fact the people have to watch videos to determine how they’re going to shape and shift their body just to be more attractive to others is the lamest thing I’ve seen 🤣🤣. Height isn’t a controlled thing. It’s genetic. Oh but who am I asking other then a bunch of gold digging ugly asf whores who’s dignity is lower then my nuts 💀. I’m embarrassed to say this is my generation...the generation that is more concerned about asking random, irrelevant people on the street if they prefer certain “dateable” traits and appearances rather then find out a cure for world tragedies or something actually important. Tall or short, skinny or dad bod, rich or poor, car or no car, I pull who I want to pull. I don’t get asked these weird questions and if I do, I dismiss the bitch lol. I have no time for weak minded individuals who care more about what others think about them. Lmao kudos to whoever made this channel, at least you’re making revenue but it’s lowkey funny seeing how desperate and cringe people get over the opinions of others. Get some self esteem and confidence PLEASE. 😂💯
Michael Orozco (1 month ago)
If you got your book bag on amazon we have the same bag.
Tommy (1 month ago)
lol some women really don’t know their height and be adding like 2 inches in their height
Brian Dominguez (1 month ago)
Oof Im 5’2”. Just means I gotta work twice as hard just to get half as far. Not gonna lie it’s kinda hard but Im trying my best with the cards I was dealt.
REDandBLUEandORANGE (1 month ago)
I’m 5’11 time to kms
T R U T H (1 month ago)
You live one life to exist in and experience this mysterious creation called the universe and all you desire is the validation of the female counterpart of yourself?
raju naidu (1 month ago)
Girls like money height muscles real intelligence and creativity career prestige and power Men like woman that are in shape and healthy everything else about a woman is secondary to what a man finds hot which changes depending on the culture and environment
Axtiz derogod (1 month ago)
You fcking hoes wait for my Lamborghini you will kneel down like a fcking 2 footer
condescendingsmile (1 month ago)
whats th epoint of this. no shit it does
mpforeverunlimited (1 month ago)
Girls can work on their butt though? I don't get why they say it cant be changed?
mpforeverunlimited (1 month ago)
I don't know why a lot of guys get triggered by this. I'm 5'7" and I'm not bothered by it. If you're short you just have to be attractive, jacked, funny, or rich. Or actually probably two or three of those, them you should do okay
Alex Ashmore (1 month ago)
Does height matter? Girl: yes Me: sweet Girl: but 6’9 is too tall Me: 😑
shook (1 month ago)
Do a video called does scars matter
Craziecat70 (1 month ago)
aahahah alright love u hahahaahha jokesss
DukeWG8 (1 month ago)
woooooowwwwwww these girls man this some bullshittt
Loopey Studios (1 month ago)
I'm a 17 year old, 6'3"/190cm scandinavian and i would never date a girl who's as shallow as this girl 5:15
your mcm (1 month ago)
Where 6ft and above squadd
Payam Norouzi (1 month ago)
There is no way that chick is 5”9
Hog (3 days ago)
And he was like a forehead taller
Hog (3 days ago)
Payam Norouzi lmao facts ayra is at best 5,11
DarthVader (1 month ago)
It has no evolutionary basis whatsoever. I come from Asia and I don't see this obsession with height as much as i see in America. Even in UK women rated the perfect height for men around 5"6-5"8. These were the profiles that got the highest matches.
Ezem1 (1 month ago)
its absolutely a double standard these girls are being hypocritical
Nihaal Sandim (1 month ago)
I think girls always say that they want someone super taller than but when they find the right guy for them then it doesn't matter them
Luca Pieri (1 month ago)
2:04 but she is probably around 5'7.. whatever
Nayeem Ali (1 month ago)
Lamo the girl who was into biology 5'9 no boobs said shit bout double standards is officialy insecure and dumb...girl know your sciene lol.
Genji Zero (1 month ago)
These shallow cunts. They don´t even look that good, but they all want the tall Chad. Instagram destroyed it. Average women think they are on a supermodel level. someone needs to buy them a mirror who tells them the truth. Fake beauty, fake nose, fake height, women are fake af. It is all about looks, it is over for guys under 5´11.
John Sousou (1 month ago)
The Abby (1 month ago)
5:16 Hypocrisy at its finest
Logan Queenan (1 month ago)
You're not Danny duncen buddy and that one girl wasn't into you
MrOGG (1 month ago)
the guy hosting is defiantly not 6 foot. hes maybe 6 feet with shoes on but hes not a natural 6 footer. trust me i know.
MrOGG (3 days ago)
didnt know that but he looks 5'9 3/4
Hog (3 days ago)
Yea he stated before that he’s 5’10 3/4
L. Gyger (1 month ago)
5:14 How can you have a bachelor's degree and be so dumb? I have the same degree which basically means it's worth as much as a pile of shit. You can hit the gym and grow a butt by the way.

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