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Larry Bird ULTIMATE Mixtape!

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Here is a mixtape recapping some of Larry Bird's career in the NBA. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league is truly global, with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages, as well as NBA rosters at the start of the 2016-17 season featuring a record 113 international players from a record 41 countries and territories. For the 2016-17 season, each of the league's 30 teams will play 82 regular-season games, followed by a postseason for those that qualify. The NBA consists of the following teams: Atlanta Hawks; Boston Celtics; Brooklyn Nets; Charlotte Hornets; Chicago Bulls; Cleveland Cavaliers; Dallas Mavericks; Denver Nuggets; Detroit Pistons; Golden State Warriors; Houston Rockets; Indiana Pacers; Los Angeles Clippers; Los Angeles Lakers; Memphis Grizzlies; Miami Heat; Milwaukee Bucks; Minnesota Timberwolves; New Orleans Pelicans; New York Knicks; Oklahoma City Thunder; Orlando Magic; Philadelphia 76ers; Phoenix Suns; Portland Trail Blazers; Sacramento Kings; San Antonio Spurs; Toronto Raptors; Utah Jazz; Washington Wizards. The NBA offers real time access to live regular season NBA games with a subscription to NBA LEAGUE PASS, available globally for TV, broadband, and mobile. Real-time Stats, Scores, Highlights and more are available to fans on web and mobile with the NBA App. For more information, as well as all the latest NBA news and highlights, log onto the league's official website at http://www.NBA.com Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/nba Subscribe to NBA LEAGUE PASS http://www.nba.com/leaguepass Download NBA Game Time http://www.nba.com/mobile Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nba Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nba Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nba Follow us on Tumblr http://nba.tumblr.com Shop for NBA Gear: http://store.nba.com
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Text Comments (4246)
Jon Quist (11 minutes ago)
4:09 Larry was more than human.
Jon Quist (15 minutes ago)
Most players scored with A, B, C or D. Larry used the full alphabet.
garrison 68 (2 hours ago)
Bird was such a good passer, such an intelligent player, and very few forwards could shoot from the range he could and consistently sink the shot.
Andrew Mosqueda (1 day ago)
i miss bird
Tim Buck Two (2 days ago)
usually not the emotional type but that indiana game brought a tear to my eye. what an animal.
Batmanisawesomesoami (2 days ago)
This was great and that ending hits u in the feels 😢
S23 (2 days ago)
Best mix. Gives me goosebumps
Irene Duke (3 days ago)
One of the best videos I've seen about LARRY LEGEND, and I've watched many. Thanks for 'walking' us through great memories!😍😍
Jim Jim (3 days ago)
Ι hope Luka becomes roughly like him concerning his style Larry was an excellent scorer thoroughly accurate and pure passer a good enough rebounder considering his size but the most important a great leader and winner
Nobunaga Takanaga (3 days ago)
Before Lebron ever called himself the GOAT, He should first past Larry Bird. You shouldn't disrespect this guy.
john chisholm (4 days ago)
Bad Bird. Flyin high......
Mike Hayward (4 days ago)
That's why he's better that lebron
Deondre Brown (4 days ago)
Nba i Need This instrumental
*The highest basketball IQ ever!*
Jay Nguyen (4 days ago)
Luka Doncic is second coming of Larry Bird...
Dom Pas (5 days ago)
Eminem : hiphop = Larry : Basketball
DreadedDormammu (5 days ago)
How does anyone dislike this video???
Victor Manuel Polanco (6 days ago)
What an amazing basketball talent Larry was!!!!!. Unforgettable!!!!.
Matt Hibbard (6 days ago)
0:40 james harden before james harden
Daniel Micevski (7 days ago)
Greatest player ever 🏀
emwu86 (7 days ago)
shit! I didnt know man was so good!:0
Andrew Goldin (7 days ago)
I see Bird in Luka Doncic. The way they can run the offense with the utmost confidence and versatility. Both aren’t athletic but are highly skilled and can hit very difficult shots. Both are great passers. The b-ball IQ is unmatched. In some ways, Bird is the greatest all time.
Andrew Goldin (6 days ago)
Tommy Gunn ya for sure . I’ve never compared a player to Bird before. He’s having one of the best rookie seasons of all time and hitting clutch shots, not a bad start
Tommy Gunn (6 days ago)
Bird won 3 titles and 3 mvps and the 1986 Celtics were the best team ever... that kids got work to do...
John Galt (7 days ago)
Bird is like Doncic + Jokic fused into one player and then maxed out to 20 levels above that
Mikie E (4 days ago)
Lmao one of the greatest yet true analogies I've heard.
Harold Leicester (8 days ago)
Back when I used to like basketball.
Colourful 999 Real (8 days ago)
Wakemeup Now (9 days ago)
Man I miss NBA trash talking. The greats backed up their play and the competition was fierce! These days guys get their feelings easy lol
yan ogly (9 days ago)
Larry Bird > Lebron James
jamal robinson (10 days ago)
I love how every splash lands directly on the beat
don wory (10 days ago)
the best rivalri bird magic celtic lakers
DJ THE SHOOTER (10 days ago)
It is my humble opinion, being a Laker fan for FIFTY YEARS, Larry Bird was a greater player than LeBron James. James is a better athlete. That's all he has on Larry Bird.
andre jones (10 days ago)
The Slick Hick from French Lick. "Larry Legend", Larry 🐦 Bird.
milinagi (10 days ago)
FAITHandLOGIC (10 days ago)
Bird > James People underrate him because he is white.
derrrick77 (10 days ago)
The reaction of the Atlanta Hawks bench is priceless.
Patriots Nation (10 days ago)
The greatest there ever was, is or ever will be....period!
Glorie Ndori (11 days ago)
And people say the 80s and 90s had no talent
KingPin Littlejohn (11 days ago)
Alot of the younger generations dont know how really really good this guy right here was. I mean honestly Larry was the first player i watched play the complete game. Athleticism and speed and strength aside Larry played the game his way and made it look good. He was the best in his era til he passed the torch to MJ. I loved Magic but Bird was the clutchest killer in the league then. Who yall think MJ got it from. Larry knew how to carry a team i just felt Magic had the better overall team but MJ followed more that mold because he didnt have loaded teams either.
Gunade Yuh Dead (11 days ago)
Fuck a Jordan shoe....wheres the birds?
תומר ציפורן (11 days ago)
There are even better documentaries .
kinG 6lackdiamonds74 (11 days ago)
great white hope.
Flash007b (11 days ago)
0:40 and 1:08 - Where do you think James Harden got it from
Calvin Parsley (11 days ago)
Larry is wayyyyyyy better than Jordan.
Politicus Rex (11 days ago)
Larry Joe Bird doesn't give a damn if you think he is the GOAT or not. And that is what is so freaking special.
Ryley Hayes (11 days ago)
Man, I'm barely old enough to remember Bird. That retirement ceremony still hits home though. I can't even imagine what its going to feel like when Tom Brady retires.
Clyde Barrow (11 days ago)
Bird was golden in the golden age of basketball. He was THAT good.
Emmanuel P. (11 days ago)
Science fiction... LARRY BIRD!!!
Kevin Leon (12 days ago)
Yeah I’m gonna say it. He’s a better passer than Bron!
Adino1 (12 days ago)
This was an amazingly well edited video.
Chris Myers (12 days ago)
Bird simply is one of the greatest to EVER play!! How many times has Lebron looked at the opposing bench and told the players what the play was going to be and then go run that very play and still score?? Never would be the answer!! As a Lakers fan I now wish I would have better appreciated Bird more back in the 80's and early 90's. Dude was simply a great player!!
Cretan Leader (12 days ago)
Jason918114 (12 days ago)
4:32 was ridiculous.
Terrence PERKINS (12 days ago)
all time great 1. mj 2. bird 3 .kareem 4.lbj 5. wilt 6. magic 7. hakeem 8.shaq 9.kobe 10.A.i
cheddar_bob (12 days ago)
White men can't jump my ass
Charles671 Chewy (12 days ago)
Omg never new bird was that dam good wowowowowowowoow
Trixin N’ Fixin (12 days ago)
The best shot creator and passer ever
N.W. Native (13 days ago)
Man you ain't even good as bird or magic, how you gonna be better than Jordan.
Bill Johnson (13 days ago)
Loved Larry bird, but that steal against Isaiah Thomas ripped the heart out of 10 year old me
Sins YT (13 days ago)
Magic mixtape
Jeff Credible (13 days ago)
old boehne (13 days ago)
Everyone had given up hope in the Boston garden except for one man Larry Bird
cra2 cra2 (14 days ago)
Holy crap, at 8:12 is that Larry elbow smashing his way to the locker room?! lol.
Tim St Pierre (14 days ago)
Who does this? 2:35
Gadi (14 days ago)
Best small-foward in NBA history.
dr billcat (15 days ago)
Imagine thinking LeBron is better than Bird lmao
WestSide1207 (16 days ago)
If both Magic and Larry weren't forced to retire prematurely (Magic cause of HIV, Larry cause of back issues) these guys should have played another 300-400 games each (they each only played about 900 games instead of 1200-1300). And in that time, I can guarantee a few more championships and MVP's for each one. The only real question would be who would you place at #1 and who at #2.
Ben Lundgren (16 days ago)
Larry birds greatness is even more impressive when you consider his average athleticism. Or below average. That means his skill and basketball IQ compensated for that. Players like Lebron James and Michael Jordan and others have incredible physical advantages on top of being the best skilled players. For Larry to be in the conversation of one of the greats and lack some of the speed, quickness, and jumping ability of a Jordan or a Lebron makes his success even more impressive.
TY LOCO (17 days ago)
1:13 omfg that shit was nasty. Best past I ever seen. Magic Johnson who?🔥
R4ym1n (17 days ago)
4:34 whaaaaaat ?!?!
mkbttn (17 days ago)
Youtube took down the Larry Bird: Greatest Passer of All Time video. Must've hurt Jordan or LBJ's feelings. Bird owned Jordan until he had back surgery and would humiliate LBJ.
Sho Shayda (17 days ago)
Larry Bird = GOAT
Jon Quist (17 days ago)
"but more importantly, a friend"
Jon Quist (17 days ago)
:48 was maybe the best crossover ever
Tommy Gunn (6 days ago)
omg you are right its some kinda fake pass crossover...
Jon Quist (17 days ago)
Larry is the goat. Know why? Cause he doesn't care if he's the goat.
pat saultz (18 days ago)
Never underestimate a Viking !
Ginsengpills (19 days ago)
you had to be a beast to play in that era, nba soft now you can't look at people funny or its a technical.
Detroit Dave (20 days ago)
"The Prick from French Lick" as Dr. J would say- great ball player
Allen Fepuleai (20 days ago)
Wow I didn’t realize how good Bird was. I always thought he was overrated propped up by white folk who wanted a white legend. But this video shows he was really great
Leboman (20 days ago)
That was real basketball. Bird vs. Johnson. We'll never see that again.
Tyler Thompson (21 days ago)
Zef Blueberry (21 days ago)
I have Bird at #6, higher than most people put him. I have him a bit higher than even Magic and Kobe simply because Bird won championships without the likes of Kareem or Shaq by his side. Can you imagine how many more he would have won if he had another top 10 player on his team?
Bballer 23 (21 days ago)
Literally the only weakness anyone can say Bird had in his game was hid athleticism
Big White (21 days ago)
J Lescault (21 days ago)
I feel like his game swagger gets no love! He just glided. Awesome video
gary corr (22 days ago)
He was cold⚠️
JuicyFruitWarrior AI (22 days ago)
Even in his shortened career...the absolute without a doubt GOAT. Most skilled player EVER. And had the killer instinct like NO-ONE EVER. NO DEBATE he was the man, a nightmare for his opponents he OWNED MJ
Galahad (23 days ago)
298 fans of Lavar Ball, KD, DeMarcus Cousins, Draymond Green and Zaza Pachulia.
chunky9791 (23 days ago)
5:54 could you imagine a nba star today playing a game where he's got blood visibly on his jersey? Such a different, fun game. So glad I had the chance to grow up in this era.
Daniel Dickson (24 days ago)
4:34 = $
Mike Camacho (24 days ago)
Hey definitely was great...but he did the most with the least amount of physical talent.
Zorro Zero (24 days ago)
As of right now, there are 297 dislikes. Who would dislike this video? Even if you're a Lakers fan, Larry Bird brought the best out of the Lakers. There's a video on YouTube of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar saying that Larry Bird was the best player he played against.
80sruler (24 days ago)
Luca Doncic study this - got a lot of these traits at 19
80sruler (24 days ago)
My all time favorite player - and I’m a Sixer fan
CCAtercero (24 days ago)
Anyone knows the name of the music?
kingHesi _ (25 days ago)
Top 5 mixtape of all time
Bradley Slusser (25 days ago)
LARRY LEGEND.. When the NBA was at its best.. My favorite all time.........
Savage Trump ES (25 days ago)
Lmao everybody love lebron or Kobe I watch this guy growing up he is a god on the court
Hagen (26 days ago)
Magic, Bird, Jordan. Nobody will ever break that trio as the 3 greatest of all time
MrJakeJimmy (26 days ago)
beautiful basketball
FUCK YOUTUBE (27 days ago)
wow i cant remember i saw so much traveling. dude takes like 3 to four steps at a time lol
FUCK YOUTUBE (27 days ago)
1:16 oh shit. between the legs. got dogged. lol. the ultimate sign of disrespect in basketball

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