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Anime Music Cinema - The Axis of Love‏

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This video (which is the first one i ever made) was made for an amv contest in the netherlands called animecon at the 13th of June in 2014. Music: Ivan Torrent - The Axis of Love Anime: 5 centimers per second.
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Lynn Richters (4 years ago)
I love this one so much
Roger LovesAnime (4 years ago)
dat feels ;) i did found this amv to be a bit blank. i think that anyone that does not know the anime really is like: hmmkay :/. but putting that aside good concept! the music and the anime really fit well together
Matthew Lawson (4 years ago)
This really is a brilliant music choice to match this beautiful anime
NJ0YLIFE (4 years ago)
Amazing song choice :D Goosebumps <3
AnimeMusicCinema (4 years ago)
thanks alot!! ^_^ your video for animecon was also a blast to watch:)

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