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Oracle SQL Developer Tips and Tricks Series, Episode 1

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Oracle Product Manager Jeff Smith shows you how to navigate and work with your PLSQL code with fewer clicks and much more efficiency.
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Alex Jones (3 years ago)
Vaibik (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips Jeff Smith. Do you have any video (or any that you know of) for using debugger in the SQL Developer?
Vaibik (3 years ago)
+Jeff Smith Thanks for the quick reply. I have started using the SQL Dev only recently, and got to explain it to others So need to see the videos/other material that explain it quickly and your video was made in a very good way.
Jeff Smith (3 years ago)
+Vaibik I don't think so...I have slidedecks and blogs, but I should do video for the debugger
Thank u
rajesh k (6 years ago)
David Espada (6 years ago)
i see.. //Disable unused extensions : it helped also faster application start :) //Set Look and Feel to 'Windows' :i will try it //Close Grids when you're done reviewing data : ya its logical true it will help //Use v3.2 with 1.6JDK: i downloaded the latest version with the JDK inside the package "that what oracle say" so i thought it will use the internal JDK.. my PC has a 1.7 java not 1.6 and i know that there is a problem with 1.7 "GC" but as i said i thought it will use the internal JDK,
Jeff Smith (6 years ago)
Once Java requests memory for the OS, it doesn't give it back. While Windows Task Manager will show SQL Developer 'using' 700MB, it's not REALLY using that much. That's how much it's requested over time. What it's REALLY using can be seen in a Java Profiler. What we need to worry about is why it's slow and hanging. Can you try these tips and let me know if it helps? + Disable unused extensions + Set Look and Feel to 'Windows' + Close Grids when you're done reviewing data + Use v3.2 with 1.6JDK
David Espada (6 years ago)
i like Oracle SQL Developer but its problem is memory ! its really memory eater , when its 1st start "no woorksheet open or any thing" it takes 140 MB vs toad or PL\SQL Developer about 64MB, the big problem after extensive use sqlDeveloper takes in my PC 700MB wow... i wish if it was better "after 700MB its bad to work on why? very slow also HANGS and simply closes with a tear in my eyes" some say its the Java GC issue, i dont really know... but if this problem fixed i wont use any other apps

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