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My Top 10 Fragrances/Colognes for the Fall of 2011. These are the fragrances I will wear the most this Fall. RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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jayedge25 (5 years ago)
Great reviews, Al! I need a suggestion. I have worn colognes like Euphoria, Man, and Eternity by CK. What do suggest for fragrances along those lines that last longer. The Euphoria seems to wear off instantly with me. Thank you!
marc anthony (6 years ago)
Al is gangstaa
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
LOl i get probably 24 hours with that tabacco Vanille no lie and even longer
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
That Guerlain extreme is so damn hard to get for a good price, it seems like they really only meant to sell that overseas for the most part. Tried getting it but nearly impossible.
Garan Bronowicz (6 years ago)
Anyone know if they plan on re-releasing pure malt?
6ft4RenaissanceGuy (6 years ago)
I always had Instinct de Guerlain, i'm from france and that was one of the best european colgone at one point ...
Johan Rasmus (6 years ago)
WHERE do you even find that Guerlain - Tonka Imperiale?! Seems like impossible to find it! Probably because I am located in EUROPE... But yeah, smelling like cookies?! Gotta have that, indeed!
steve wenger (6 years ago)
great selection specially original santal,new harlem,le nuit and tabaco vanila . a other exelent fall fragrance woud be burbery london. im using these fall mostly ysl la nuit d le homme and for some nights new harlem,my scent today thierry mugler angel men it,s cold here and it works great.
Vishnu KS (7 years ago)
love your selection Big Al.... thanks..
mma9fighter (7 years ago)
Keep up the good work bro.....I love your street scent section!! :)
1121jul10 (7 years ago)
greats review men and a little cuestion, what fragrance recommended for a 20 year old, sexy, seductive, sensual, charismatic and fun boy?
razscott (7 years ago)
Very very good list man!! Thanks buddy!!
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@jmolpeceres I will get the Collection video up soon I have so many people asking me
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@martinaee I totally agree Blvgari Black has grown on me I really enjoy it
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@bigtim401 Thank alot my friend
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@SpectacoL Thank You The Collection video is coming real soon
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Frunkinator Thanks alot Frunky I appreciate it bro
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@TalmadgeGray Thanks yeah Pure Malt and Tobacco Vanille are 2 amazing fragrances
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@mrjoestrikesagain Thanks alot Mate I appreciate it
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@badhabitz69 Thanks for watching I appreciate it
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@kirill19902 Thanks alot you have amazing taste as well my friend
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@shimenga1 Thank You that means alot to me
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@natky2 Thank You that means alot
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@silverpunk2427 Thanks alot my friend I agree you have to get your nose on TI its amazing
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@bleachisgreat963 Thanks alot
mgellie1 (7 years ago)
great list
Frank N Scents (7 years ago)
Great Stuff Sir...I Love Blvgari Black...great scent
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
Awesome picks al... Love all the scents you picked, out of the ones I have tried of course.. never tried tonka imperial. The only one I don't agree with is original santal because mont blanc individuel smells more like it than joop does.. Don't think its worth the money, its got a clone.
Steve Thaw (7 years ago)
Great picks Al, TV is an awesome scent, can't go wrong. If you haven't tried West Side from Bond or Oud Wood from Tom Ford, they're great fall scents.
Silver Punk (7 years ago)
Amazing list. I can't disagree with any of those choices. I really gotta put my nose on tonka imperiale
vmendonc (7 years ago)
Classic, great and heavy hitters! Amazing List Al, thanks for sharing! Cheers Bro
natky2 (7 years ago)
The best taste ever!
Aaron Curry (7 years ago)
LaNuit De'Lomme is the best!
Bankai (7 years ago)
Damn!!! know thats what I call a baller collection!!
leozito2004 (7 years ago)
Awesome list as usual brotha :)
Kirill Arzhanikov (7 years ago)
Great list Al. You have some amazing taste. I loved this video.!!!
danforz (7 years ago)
Nice code. Nice code. A bit too warm where I live for some of those but total quality selections
Frunk inator (7 years ago)
Great picks Al, love'm !
enam74 (7 years ago)
great choice Al
SpectacoL (7 years ago)
Great video Al, can't wait for the collection video !!!
MissTheOldKanYeah (7 years ago)
Hey Al nice selection you put up there! I got a question though! Isn't Tonka Imperial a woman scent? Or did i missed something, not that you have to limit yourself on fragrances but is it a "he" or a "she" scent?
Jorge Mc (7 years ago)
Al, we are waiting your video collection, man.
Tal Gray (7 years ago)
Nice list Al. You have two in there that I REALLY want to get my hands on...Pure Malt and Tobacco Vanille. I hope that one day Mugler wil re-release Pure Malt!
nailbomb3 (7 years ago)
I either own or have sampled (except OS and TI) this whole list, so I'd have to say: I AGREE! :) Nice job Al!
WildDoveX (7 years ago)
Great list, we have many faves in common - TF Tobacco Vanille, Bvlgari Black, Dior Homme Intense. The others I haven't tried yet!
YourFragranceGuru (7 years ago)
Al, this is a great list! I have to try Bvlgari Black soon.
jamin4gt (7 years ago)
Great list Al.
itmllc (7 years ago)
Great list Al, we definitely have the same taste!
martinaee (7 years ago)
I think Bulgari Black is a God-like fragrance. It might sound like a weird fragrance to those who haven't smelled it (with the rubber and vanilla) but it's one of the most amazing smelling and comforting fragrances in the world today in my opinion. Fantastic stuff. I need to get a bottle.
frequentairbusflyer8 (7 years ago)
Love the list, though I think musc ravageur could have made it too ;)
IvanR. (7 years ago)
Thanks for the list. I just ordered a decant of Guerlain Tonka Imperiale.
mrjoestrikesagain (7 years ago)
Tonka Imperiale is good juice for sure.. So is Tobacco Vanille... Loved your picks Al... You're the man!
IntotheFire (7 years ago)
Great list Al! Keep up the great videos man
TheFashionbugs (7 years ago)
right on Al rockin list!
juan pablo (7 years ago)
Great list !! Al !!
drumaboy200 (7 years ago)
good stuff al!

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