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Fat black women who run their mouths but don't work out or exercise

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This video is about fat black women who run their mouths but won't run on a treadmill
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Rita Johnson (6 days ago)
this is a good video and you made good points. but the reverse needs to be said of black males especially these days that look like they have not been fed! and they should learn they are too small! and needs to bulkup!!! I know some men are small anyway but a lot come from single mothers today's you remember the term? feed him he is a growing boy! p.s. obviously these males have not gotten all the calories they need!!!
RED SUPREME TV 1 (6 days ago)
Maybe they need a good black woman to make them a good meal
Abron Hawkins (10 days ago)
This is why the black community is a joke. Black male leadership is demonized and replaced by a simp culture while how's and ratchet bitches make up 90 percent of black women including those who rejected me during my high school and college years. This is a simp culture that must be abhorred
NIKKO VASQUEZ (15 days ago)
Aisha Davis (17 days ago)
Black men validate black women’s obesity so they are not motivated to exercise. Black men controlling their lust would help.
Nap Mcdan (22 days ago)
Simps will still smash anything!
to real 4 youtube (30 days ago)
it not just black women its all women fool
Rita Johnson (1 month ago)
i agree with you. the last part about children, Christmas, Rachet, etc theses women that are like that needs some kind of guidance and support. on how to do it the right way. like knowing how to feed there kids!!! the Baltimore mother that was whacking her son. that was sickly thin! she of course looked like a whale on two feet she has daughters. i don't know how she feeds them. but you are suppose to give a growing boy more calories then a female and i been seeing more sickly thin looking black males most Millennials!!!!! daughters were not shown you remember they called her mother of the year! oh puhlease!!!!!on how
Rita Johnson (30 days ago)
you must be a Millennial! because i said nothing wrong most of today's black women are doing a shitty job raising there kids!! they need counseling/ parenting classes!!!!! you jackass!!! and most crimes are done by these people's kids plus they are raising a lot of faggots!!! you probably one!!!!
Rita Johnson (1 month ago)
i was raised by both of my parents. also there was a divorce. but i still went to see my father and went out for whatever or spend the weekend.
Rita Johnson (1 month ago)
the women did not make those children by herself sir!!!!!!! you black males are the only group of males that don't want to take care of there kids!!!!!! especially this new crop of black males!!! they are worthless!!! and a lot do not have a clue on how to be a man!!!!!!
Nyeusi (1 month ago)
Day time television was nothing more than a vehicle for misandry. Oh, let's not forget BW literature, like the color purple. They have a history spreading anti-black male misandry
Nyeusi (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 say it louder for the people in the back
mogul mayz (1 month ago)
Even with the conscious community they'll disregard the dysfunction of the majority of black women,and this is one of our primary problems within our community and it has gone on unchecked.
Anita M (1 month ago)
They ain't fat they " thick " 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dee Clarke (1 month ago)
Blacc Women want us to be in shape and have our shit together before we even approach them but we have to accept them just the way they are🤔😒 the nerve of these bitches, the absolute nerve🔊🔊
Dawn Henry (2 months ago)
You people are a mess,, you African American keep putting each other down, you people ate a mess...you all create this mess on your selves.. Afrecan American black men and women are a mess, ..lol.
Rita Johnson (2 months ago)
it is a free  country she does not have to work out if she does not want to! or whomever  you are talking about!
Jack1uptone (2 months ago)
Man i agree. Mechee X say alot of real things but she is a walking stereotype. She think it's extremely important that she use profanity as much as possible. She curse all the time like a white or mixed black chick who feel they gotta compensate for their lack of blackness by being as ratchet as possible. A lot of light skinned black women be some of the main ones acting like that. Boyce Watkins always bringing in questionable people like that.
RED SUPREME TV 1 (2 months ago)
I like meechie. X she need a better delivery. But i agree with what you saying
Mika B (2 months ago)
Great video. I had a black woman get mad at me for saying I don’t see too many black people running at the park or working out at the gym when I do... But the reality of it is big or small black women will always be able to get a man
RED SUPREME TV 1 (2 months ago)
Most black women don't have a man most have sex partners, over 70% of them raise their kids in homes without fathers. I'm just trying to get black women to realize the truth in order to do better
Kiki's Kurls (2 months ago)
We definitely need to be *A LOT MORE HUMBLE.* We as women only have a handful of "in demand" years. After 30 we really have no room for this immaturity. However, I am disappointed in men because they use social media to school us. Where was this energy BEFORE social media? *I much much rather have a man sit me down and tell me this to my face. Speaking for myself, I'm no monster. No need for any man to be afraid to school me face to face. I'm not going to bite his head off for it. I'm going to respect him MORE for doing so.*
RED SUPREME TV 1 (2 months ago)
I saw you on thuglife404 channel. That dude has zero talent all he talk about is other men like a homosexual . You cant play both sides of the field
Kiki's Kurls (2 months ago)
+RED SUPREME TV 1 I AM SO HERE FOR IT. My father died when I was 9. So for the majority of my adult life, men only told me things I wanted to hear just so they can get what they want. I always asked a guy "what's on your mind, what are you thinking about?" All of them said "nothing". So the only wake up calls I got was from Youtubers like you, like Tommy. This is the only time men keep it real. That's not a bash to you guys tho.
RED SUPREME TV 1 (2 months ago)
Red supreme will give you knowledge wisdom and understanding
Emmett Crowder (2 months ago)
Yep always talking shit..smelling like neckbone juice and twizzlers...the average fat black women think they deserve a idris elba..and they look like ree run with a wig..they getting sicker and sicker...all yeast infection the hell up..and just miserable ...smh..they done..busted...I go get them island girls..they real..not caught up with that ignorance that White America poisoned them with..al real black sister..Queen..you tainted American black woman and you gonna lose in the end..keep twerking and talking shit..that's all you can do..alluded that's truth and fact
franklyn hall (2 months ago)
They co-sign each other’s bull crap
KaMau Mau (3 months ago)
Sisters don't really have to "work out", just choose better dietary habits like portion control and choosing healthy, quality food. Usually, that practice helps with fixing that strange behavior of theirs.
Benjamin Joseph (3 months ago)
Dude you sound hella stupid, ur video are not encouraging and your advice just enforce racial stigma...really what's the purpose of ur existence?? You sound trashy like the people you talk about. Come on you can do better :/
Rita Johnson (3 months ago)
who is that girl you are talking about? is she a commentator?
ELmentsEWWF24-1 (3 months ago)
What gym are you going to?! My place of fitness has NOTHING but BLACK FEMALES putting in work 3-7 days a week. AND our Fitness center is 169.00 a month! To ADD, there are less black men in the gym than black females. So, from my observation, should I conclude that black men or obese, smelly, illiterate, imbecilic? I agree with your point. But, for every obese, loud mouth black woman from the hood is an obese, illiterate, black man from the hood...So, if your going to lump all black women together, lump all black men together as well....
ELmentsEWWF24-1 (3 months ago)
+RED SUPREME TV 1 Okay, I'm delusional because my observation differ from yours? Suurrre. Choosing not to hang around the crowd you are referring provides me with a broader outlook, but Im "delusional". I would say broaden your surroundings.
RED SUPREME TV 1 (3 months ago)
You're delusional
Bashir Johnson (3 months ago)
Lemmon Harris (3 months ago)
These foul mouffed, overweight weave addicts are starting to realize the are being over lapped by the competition. Hint..If I was into Brazilian hair...I would just get a Brazilian chick!
Maureen Wangati (3 months ago)
Stop abusing women do you not have time to work like a man than gossip about women? You're a real embarrassment to the male community. Are you so ignorant not to know that Black people were bred to be larger than average? You should stop it and act like a man. Your own language is not worth emulating using words like shit. Making a career out of body shaming Black women is cheap.
Setxboy (3 months ago)
Said he watched Tommy Sotomayor yesterday. Just unsubscribed. I'm out.
Rodney Mclin (3 months ago)
I worked at at the same gym for 11yrs and I would say less than 10 blk women are members. I do see obesity in other races, but it seems to be higher in the blk and Hispanic community. But a lot of blk men are at fault also when they keep telling these women, " your not fat, you just thick"!
Anthony Bacon (3 months ago)
I stay away from black women period don't even like being around alot of them
Dede Bryant (26 days ago)
ANTHONY BACON I am your black female counterpart. For the most part, I stay away from dusty, dirty dick, STD/HIV ridden negroes like yourselves.🤣🤣🤣 This statement is coming from a very fit, STD/HIV free, intelligent, attractive, bronze/copper complextion, straight (hetrosexual) black female that looks half her age!!!😍😍😍😁😁😁
jdawgg357 (3 months ago)
Straight up facts
THE TOXIC CRUSADES (3 months ago)
How have we fallen so far where we allow our women to talk down on us any kind of way? I liked that point you made when you said that she’s used to doing what she wants, saying what she wants, as she was the only authority. I don’t deal with the stereotype in the slightest and I have accepted their nature long ago my beef with them is that they hate the fact that they can’t have it both ways.
B’s world 1989 (3 months ago)
Lmaoooo funny asf
Mike Will (3 months ago)
They lazy bruh. They don't clean, cook and wear weave because they lazy.
Bill Foreman (3 months ago)
The title had me curious, but their is just audio while the screen stays black.?
Jacky Hawk (3 months ago)
“...You’ll see fat black BITCHES that talk SHIT and use foul language.” You’re a FUCKING clown.
charles thomas (3 months ago)
What gets me is that i have dated Fat black women like her and i did not judge her by their weight.......Yet these same Fat women Judge me because im not 7 feet tall.....they are looking for the perfect man while they want men to eccept them as they are...........Men know how to take an L.......Fat black women Don't.......
Bryan Boyd (3 months ago)
Ron Clark (3 months ago)
Fat shaming is what they will say you are doing
Nubian87 x (3 months ago)
What about sloppy ass black men who don't work-out?? Or trifling ass black men who stay in the gym but house be fucking disgusting
Sean Stanely (3 months ago)
U right bra tell them fat ass weman to work on loosing weight first before they start gossiping about some one else facts
Shelly Reynolds (3 months ago)
Many of these points are pure truth you're correct. Still the fact that you've exposed the issues when it comes to Mechee X. Including all her BS, yet regarding Tommy Sotomayor have absolutely nothing to say makes you beyond suspect at best.
Paul Sharp (3 months ago)
"FACTS" @05:20
Free Reign (3 months ago)
Wow, YouTube is a portal for all narcissist to vent over their obsessions with Black Women. Y’all niggas are lame!! Of course she running her mouth, she not running her feet dumbass🤦🏾‍♀️
Keep speaking the truth, black females must be continuous called out on their bullshit until they realize & understand that they NEED 2 shut the fuck up.
Omar Santiago (3 months ago)
It's the Infamous I have a "thyroid" problem LOL.
RBGLove (3 months ago)
Ok whew glad we got that off our chest, now on to more important topics like...black genocide. Lets discuss how to get out from under white supremacy ✊🏿
Kiel Bonner (3 months ago)
Well said fam I don't know what's worse the simp or the black women who raise them
Sandy Angel (3 months ago)
The black nazi who hates his mother what about a fat black man running his mouth gou suffer from mental illness? When are you going to open your stores and car dealerships in the community you rather give your money to asians Indians and Latinos? You cant provide jobs for your people you and crispy can die right now
Carl Darl (3 months ago)
*Or eat healthy
The disrespect of black women have to stop it much stop it will stop.Running running hot.Stop stop stop.
rbd (3 months ago)
I also notice that when in shape black men settle for fat chicks of any race they also quickly become fat slobs!
Tomi Adewole (3 months ago)
Glad I found this channel - it's raw and from the heart. The story of the simp is as old as time, itself, and was inscribed in the letters of our wise forbears: Ecclesiastes 7:28 - "which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not - one man among a thousand have I found, but a woman, among all those, have I NOT found." The simp is the unrighteous man of whom King Solomon spoke; 999 out of every thousand men fit this mold. The simp dissembles and prevaricates not because he believes what he says about women; but because he wants to fuck them. It's a mating strategy; and he is willing to ignore any objective truth in his never-ending quest for female validation. A man like this can _never_ be trusted; for he is willing to bind himself to an agent of chaos - even after learning of its nature. Of course, most of them never actually learn said nature... I find such men outright contemptible, and only deserving of a sword through the heart.
Israelite Reign (3 months ago)
Make Alpha-male Black Men Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Israelite Reign (3 months ago)
I love our black women but everything your saying is unfortunately true
9erfan94 (3 months ago)
We as black men (myself included) have to up our standards and think with the right head.
China White (3 months ago)
Hi brother good video 😇🙏🏾
Saleem Alhakim (3 months ago)
I very rarely see a so-called black woman riding a bike.
Grandell Williams (3 months ago)
Show your face
D. Joseph (3 months ago)
As a black women, I don't go to the gym. But I do exercise. I LOVE love love bike riding Down the trail near my house. Or just go walking getting fresh air. And another thing, some bm put fat women on a pedestal too. I would always hear "damn she is THICC, I would hit that!" From bm, when she is OBESE! Men need to know the difference between thicc and fat. So bw are not exercising cause they think they got a big ass, when they just FAT. I had a this obese black girl in my college, she thinks she is hot and men...Hispanic and black men thinks she is THICC. I'm looking at them like "are y'all crazy. She is FAT!" But the fat black girl looks at me and say "your just jealous because you are a noodle." Smh. At least I'm not FAT. BW need to excercise, and men need to stop glorifying her.
soraya .e (3 months ago)
Is your channel based on attacking black women ? I'm curious I just looked at your playlist and you have alot of these similar videos
soraya .e (3 months ago)
+RED SUPREME TV 1 like I said I speak for my reality which is my opinion and you speak for yours. It doesn't make it fact. You definitely spent more time in the hood because of the way you speak.
RED SUPREME TV 1 (3 months ago)
I grew up in the hood and lived in the suburbs and live in the suburbs now so I speak for both places
soraya .e (3 months ago)
+RED SUPREME TV 1 most black women I've met aren't like this only the rachet ones. So maybe you grew up in the hood so my perception of reality is different from yours
RED SUPREME TV 1 (3 months ago)
It's based on reality
803logic (3 months ago)
Brother, I'm at the gym every morning around 6-8. The gym is filled with black males, white men and women, a few others and a hand full of black women. I walked outside the gym; right next door is a nail salon. 5 black women, overweight, weaved to death standing in line waiting for the doors to open!!!! This is a visual every morning!!!! .........smh
boxinhiphoptv (3 months ago)
A fat bitch will suck and fuck you likes it's the last piece of dick they're ever gonna get FACTS
1Man Army (3 months ago)
Doin my part though bro's. Together with my wife raising our daughters to be physically and mentally fit. As they are being raised by a real man, they will also know what to look for and how to respond to same.
1Man Army (3 months ago)
The shame of it is that these women lay around, get obese, and then question why no one wants them. Being fat, loud mouthed, and having multiple kids by multiple daddies is not something a man with options is going for.
boxinhiphoptv (3 months ago)
I don't know no fat black bitch with multiple kids...I'm shocked by this comment
1Man Army (3 months ago)
Wont see them in the gym. Sweating messes up their weaves.
Power is Taken (3 months ago)
Isn't it interesting that the fat women do not want fat men.
Power is Taken (3 months ago)
These big woman work their mouth at the nearest Buffet as well.
Q Anr Williams (3 months ago)
Intelligent people will observe there is no one group that does something different then any other group weather they thin, medium size, tall, short people are people and each each group have people that does the exact same thing. You are sounding just like any other white racist who used to put all black men in the same boat as being criminal, rapist unable to be a father to the kids so you shouldn't generalize and you should be more than that
Power is Taken (3 months ago)
Big Boned. Your bones did not get bigger your ass did.
Power is Taken (3 months ago)
Ain't no Ain't no that.. All I know that chick is Fat..
SPIRIT 13 (3 months ago)
John Doe (3 months ago)
I'm only taking about the weight they are being pumped with unhealthy food and medicine! 🤗everything else I can't call it
Jah GaZ (3 months ago)
The title had me in tears!!
Darnell Lewis (3 months ago)
Are you guyts referring to Mechee? Lol.
Shimelesse Mekbeb (3 months ago)
This is a good show.
Mika Evans (3 months ago)
Some bw have the opposite body dysmorphia.. They r told it's good 2b thick, but when the weight gets over 200 pounds, they still themselves as looking great. Women put on the make up and the wig and think everything is fine. When n reality they big as a house and unhealthy.
RED SUPREME TV 1 (3 months ago)
All they gotta do is listen and learn
william jackson (3 months ago)
I don't know bro....some men, esp brothers love big/fat women....of all races :/
Joe-L O (3 months ago)
I watched all the Tommy & Meechie interviews and I totally agree with you, all that cussing just makes her look stupid and sounds ridiculous. Like you said she sounds like the stereotypical fat black female......its not a good look 👎👎 I also have a problem with her being half white and preaching hate against white folks, I think she has a lot of self hate going on inside for whatever reason.
Bloca bloc Blocc (3 months ago)
Only black men who have fucked/delt with a decent amount of black women can say what this man speaks of....some of yall cant get the black pussy u want so we dont wanna hear yall if yall bitter
Walter Brown (3 months ago)
Denise Williams (3 months ago)
I hate everything about this video
sevengance (3 months ago)
You can’t work out with a hair weave. It already stinks if they work out and sweat it will smell worse.The Slave food diet doesn’t help either.
Devon Sinegal (3 months ago)
100% on point bro😎😎😎
lock514 (3 months ago)
Nobody talks more shit about black men than black women! Then they wonder why good black men go after every other woman except for them and all they can get is the jail bird's who have a ton of kids everywhere.
TruthIsABitterPill (3 months ago)
it is a rare sighting to see a black woman in da gym in the UK
soraya .e (3 months ago)
+TruthIsABitterPill there is way less black people in the u.k compared to America. Because there was no slavery in eruope alot of the black people are recent immigrants.
TruthIsABitterPill (3 months ago)
+soraya .e America is also predominantly white so are black people also rare in the US?
soraya .e (3 months ago)
+TruthIsABitterPill you named major cities. So I assume there would be a large immigrant population however that doesn't reperesent the makeup of the country which is predimonitly white.
TruthIsABitterPill (3 months ago)
+soraya .e lots of blacks in London and Manchester and Birmingham
soraya .e (3 months ago)
Isn't rare to see black people in UK
Mind, BODY, and soul. The body is important as it houses the mind and (as far as anyone knows) the soul. Affect any of these negatively and the others suffer for it. Maintaining the body should be en par with mental and spiritual well being. Fact: the body leads the mind leads the spirit leads the body. If you affect one adversely, the others are sure to follow. Low self esteem, depression, narcissism, social dysfunction, mental lapses...these are all related to how we look/physical health and well being because it reflects upon WHY we look the way that we do. Look at a person with mental deficiencies. They look disheveled and out of sorts (not necessarily body type or shape but certainly clothing and general appearance). Now think of black women who do not or will not hold themselves accountable to the EASIEST TO MAINTAIN of the triumvirate--body. They're clothes match their attitude and mental states: loud, abrasive and in your face.
Terrel Oliver (3 months ago)
I remember talking to my dad about this...his outtake on it was"their trying to resemble their mothers." Like my moms she wanna lose weight get fit but,don't wanna stop eating fried foods or chittlings? I don't even care bcuz she don't listen to me. Told her "y did big momma lose her leg in soul food?" She couldn't figure it out.
Gee Speller (3 months ago)
That's all they care about is weaves fake nails and clothes to small for their fat 🍰➡️🐷asses
Angelo Newsome (3 months ago)
Brotha that only solution is to walk away from the so called sistas. Leave them to their own demise. They are too defiant to change. This is the 4th quarter, final inning. Build something outside the system and sit back and watch it burn.
Ogre MGTOW (3 months ago)
How the Hell do you find a Toilet capable of holding Her up ? Much less a floor.
Addam Smyth (3 months ago)
Black women try to make obesity the standard of feminine beauty in the black community.
boxinhiphoptv (3 months ago)
Haha that bullshit term "BBW" "I'm a BBW 💅🏾" and they say that shit like it's something to be proud of
betondo fukutu (3 months ago)
Excellent analysis and commentary.
KY LaPimp (3 months ago)
I tell my wife that. I have an entire gym in a 14x20 building right outside the house. Treadmill too. She just won't do it. Now she wants the sick the fat out the stomach and put it in her ass surgery. Bad diet and no exercise will lead to big body in 1 year
Erick Onassis (3 months ago)
I bump heads with this type the most..
Mr. West lndian t.v. (3 months ago)
Also notice to fat obese black females on daytime talk shows, its like the media is low key clowning those ignorant bitches.😎
boxinhiphoptv (3 months ago)
MisterClassic77 (3 months ago)
Speaking all truths!
Militant KANE (3 months ago)
As long as black men exist fat women in general will always have options
J.C Earnest (3 months ago)
Sad but true
C.C. Rose (3 months ago)
Tre One (3 months ago)
I agree
pulloutsange (3 months ago)
It's over 80% of morbidly obese black women in the community. How can black women enmasse also complain about "black fishing"? They've been white fishing by wearing white weave, skin bleaching, murdering babies in the womb and wearing blue contacts. One more thing, they willingly betrayed black men by supporting feminism (wkkk groups) ideals.

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