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Panic! At The Disco: Say Amen (Saturday Night) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Panic! At The Disco’s music video for ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ from the album, Pray For The Wicked - - out everywhere now https://patd.lnk.to/prayforthewicked Upcoming tour dates: http://panicatthedisco.com/tour Pray For The Wicked Winter ’19 Tour w/ Two Feet on sale now Pray For The Wicked Summer ’18 Tour w/ A R I Z O N A & Hayley Kiyoko on sale now Site: http://panicatthedisco.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/panicatthedisco Twitter: http://twitter.com/panicatthedisco YouTube: http://youtube.com/panicatthedisco Instagram: http://instagram.com/panicatthedisco Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1CsbsdC Store: https://store.panicatthedisco.com Directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos and Spencer Susser LYRICS Been traveling in packs that I can’t carry anymore Been waiting for somebody else to carry me There’s nothing else there for me at my door All the people I knew aren’t who they used to be And if I tried to change my life one more day There would be nobody else to save And I can’t change into a person I don’t wanna be so Oh it’s Saturday night I pray for the wicked on the weekend Mama can I get another amen Oh It’s Saturday night Swear to God I ain’t ever gonna repent Mama can I get another amen Oh It’s Saturday night And every morning when I wake up I wanna be who I couldn’t say I’d ever been But it’s so much more than I ever was If every night I go to sleep knowing that I gave everything that i had to give Then it’s all I could have asked for I’ve been standing up beside everything I’ve ever said but Oh it’s Saturday night I pray for the wicked on the weekend Mama can I get another amen Oh It’s Saturday night Swear to God I ain’t ever gonna repent Mama can I get another amen Oh It’s Saturday night And if I had one more day to wish If I had one more day To be better than I could have ever been And if I had one more day to wish If I had one more day I could be better but baby Oh it’s Saturday night
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Text Comments (48154)
Colin Gohmann (10 minutes ago)
2:06 wow that's a strong ceiling fan
Violet Lopez (16 minutes ago)
Classic black converse with white laces.
Dannyelle Thiele (26 minutes ago)
How dose he even get it on his white shirt because he has a black shirt on top????
Samko Draľ (41 minutes ago)
Great song or rap??? I dont knie
starlight and wolfheart (53 minutes ago)
I laughed so hard at the end one girl beat him up but! There was a lot of men with WEPONS! He beat them how did one girl beat him after that lol XD
Eskendir Galim (2 hours ago)
What if In “High Hopes” he wanted to become someone, in “Hey look Ma, I made it” he became by stilling key from “say amen” then got in “this is gospel” and “emperor’s new clothes”? Please let it be true🙏
trinny tty (4 hours ago)
song starts at 1:32
[nothing] 24 (6 hours ago)
MM Hxzybir (7 hours ago)
Trinity Roberts (9 hours ago)
Who would’ve thought the girl is a Delinquent
Soldier666/ /Eyeless666 (10 hours ago)
TrumpxPutin4evr (11 hours ago)
4:31 so that's how he hits his high notes
Isabella Franco (11 hours ago)
The 10k that disliked this can’t make speakers explode with a guitar Edit: Who else is dying bc of the baked potato practically burning one of the burglars face off?
Cadence Bailey (12 hours ago)
Well she played baseball when she was younger!!😂😂
Aundrea O'Connor (12 hours ago)
I love the throwback to back to the future 😂
madison clark (13 hours ago)
I love how there reporter is Australian but the ninjas are Japanese lol
dude_fire (15 hours ago)
I died when he hit the high note when he got kicked in the nuts 💀💀
Eleanor Avanelle (15 hours ago)
Girl: *ignores dead/incapacitated body on the floor/table* Where cAN I fiNd a Guy lIkE thIs uGh
Aisfirstt (18 hours ago)
but... she only takes the string... the key would be on the floor...
JoSH tYLer (19 hours ago)
Still under-rated
DR2022 Zhara I (21 hours ago)
i wonder how brendon is going to hit that high note when he's onstage....
Jazlyn Mabin (1 day ago)
A little graphic
Grief Wizard (1 day ago)
Still loving your music.
Kiruha Tv (1 day ago)
CraniaxTV L (1 day ago)
brendon can kill all the blackhood in Riverdale
Anna Martin (1 day ago)
Well, that was interesting.
Beebo Urie (1 day ago)
This song is how I met my best friend
Just Fight me (1 day ago)
I can reach them vocals toss a spider at me
Tyler Lim (1 day ago)
home alone all over again
Tyler Lim (1 day ago)
2:06 when a squad of noobs go against a pro
always watching (1 day ago)
Sara urie SHOOKITH
Samantha Doyle (1 day ago)
I think I played them in the right order so before you listen to this song well before you should have listened to this song You're supposed to Listen to This is Gospel then Empires new clothes then this song it's in order because when you go into the Empire's new clothes you notice that he's singing the song This Is Gospel and then after that in This video it's in order I think EDIT: also I just murdered 5 people let me just fix my hair
Hunter Lynn (1 day ago)
Brendon urie is a God
Nicole Deininger (1 day ago)
Y'all know what's sad about this song...IT ENDS!
Tessa Kooij (1 day ago)
I think I get a little less affected by the sight of blood every time I watch this
Alyssa's Gaming (1 day ago)
Prequel: Say Amen (Saturday Night) Main story: This Is Gospel Sequel: Emperors New Clothes It's all a story....
marley barbee (1 day ago)
why does that woman look like jeffree star and dua lipa's child
harley quinn (1 day ago)
He's so under rated
Jaclyn Hopp (1 day ago)
if you want ti skip to the actual music go to 1:33
OMG kids better not watch this there goma freak out :throws phone out window eh en his girl findes out that he has the dévil key:
Rattlyn Animations (1 day ago)
If it was me, I'd be struggling to get the button done up by the time Brendan reached hell.. (if you know what i mean)
Angel Wings (1 day ago)
Here we've learned that a man's biggest weakness are women
Ruby cat (1 day ago)
Those skills though
TSY8 l SPREE (1 day ago)
Until 4:00 the video was good but after that: just a shit
Lane Coker (1 day ago)
This like if John Wick had a son.
Val Young (2 days ago)
2:52, that Back To The Future right there.
harley quinn (2 days ago)
99* / * how he hits high notes when he gets hit in balls ps it's 4:26 1÷ normal comments
harley quinn (2 days ago)
Starts at 1:40
Anisa K (2 days ago)
Lots of knives, lots of swag
Who the FUCK is suppose to get that blood off the walls? Have fun, bitch.
KJ The YEEMO (2 days ago)
So that’s how he hits the high notes.. They hire people to kick beebo in the nuts lol WEVE DISCOVERED YOUR SECRET BEEEBO!!!!!!!!
Annelise Marier (2 days ago)
Never, and I mean NEVER, Try to outsmart Brendon Edit: ok wait what? (When I saw the end)
zoraya ramos (2 days ago)
At 3:03 it was like so funny and impressive idk why it was impressive it just was
Bluey Lps (2 days ago)
4:51 you can see the tattoo of Sarah’s eye. It’s so pretty and you rarely get to see it, it’s usually covered up
Dove's Wing (2 days ago)
wow i didnt know they made this song
Maxwell Theman (2 days ago)
3:21 potato head😂😂😂😂
Andrew (2 days ago)
*counter terriost wins*
Andrew (2 days ago)
*when the terriost team is afk*
Royelle Gacha ツ (2 days ago)
This is weird on so many levels.
Swordfightingto12 (2 days ago)
Devils key has reflexes and has destruction power. Cant defend self from kick in balls
{im not exactly sure} (2 days ago)
oh THATS how he gets the high note
Ben Jackson (2 days ago)
has nobody noticed that the giant speaker is probably a back to the future reference and was the potato really necesary to stab that guys face.
The One Above All (2 days ago)
I mean he got kicked in the nuts
minIman0 ™ (2 days ago)
I thought he is saying 79 xdd
ThatOneGuy (2 days ago)
Welp. There goes dinner.
Elliott Tilton (2 days ago)
Brendan urie vs john wick lol
I'll go (2 days ago)
Sorry amen machine broke
Izu Deku (3 days ago)
1:44 thank me later
GamerTwins (3 days ago)
Why dose just have an explosive
mary Mashrage (3 days ago)
brendon should make a whole show just out of this one songs
ekii nasution (3 days ago)
so family friendly. loved it!!!
monster LeClair (3 days ago)
After all that happens he couldn't defeat a girl wow!
XxCosmic YetixX (3 days ago)
Brendon take a snickers your not you when your hungry
AnimalsEtc. (3 days ago)
*casually lights dynamite* lmao
Rupert Grint fan (3 days ago)
Awww brendon did the sign of the cross that’s my holy boy
Rupert Grint fan (3 days ago)
This dude like Superman just hotter
XxFluffy_FoxyXx (3 days ago)
When the people broke in *when u taken a shower and here something* XD
Katelyn Fitz (3 days ago)
Was that Patrick Stump getting his hand cut off?
sam brown (3 days ago)
2018 any body
KOA (3 days ago)
Help I can’t stop watching 🤣
i miss dallon weekes (3 days ago)
*murder increases*
Kalisha Tusky (3 days ago)
Someone else thinking he got the idea of destroying the whole house from how to basic XD
Kalisha Tusky (3 days ago)
1:33 See ya tonight baby I cant See ya in ten Make it thirty ( He meant 30 not 3 ) JESUS CRIST HOLD YOUR HORSES LADY
Kalisha Tusky (3 days ago)
Put 5 forks in the microwave 2 people died because of your stupidity
I yanked a pin out to this thanks dad
Mandy 777 (3 days ago)
*Starts blasting this in the pews of a church corridor*
so love (3 days ago)
Bacon Burger Attack (3 days ago)
face go bouncey bounce
Bacon Burger Attack (3 days ago)
Gianna Swiatlowski (3 days ago)
Does anyone notice this could be the start of this is gospel??
unicat 123 (3 days ago)
Anybody notice that the thief who looked at brendon when he came out is actually brendon in a mask
analise hudson (3 days ago)
4:31 Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
ChallieKatYT Harper (3 days ago)
Now go watch this is gospel and then emperors new clothes ITS A SERIES
JustGemThings (4 days ago)
John Wick 3 trailer looks good.
Pop goes the tuuuna (4 days ago)
What's his landlord gonna say?
Acha Erlangga (4 days ago)
its funny how he makes a cross while wearing "devil's key"
Acha Erlangga (4 days ago)
that news seems legit
dill pickle (4 days ago)
3:21 mr. potato head
Potato Life22 (4 days ago)
What a waste of potato, Brendon

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