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How My Feet Got Famous | BuzzFeed

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Text Comments (1729)
David Domagalski (14 hours ago)
if someone offered me 1500 to film me stepping on bananas i wouldve done it before he sent the message
okurr hi (1 day ago)
Umm this is werid because my name is Francesca sooooo
Bella Stang (3 days ago)
This ain’t it
tony s (3 days ago)
her feet are mediocre at best. nice,but nothing to balk about. the attraction buzz kill is that she really isnt it. At All. there are wayyyy better feet out there with women who enjoy it sincerely and make the fetish much more enjoyable.
Lord (3 days ago)
She looks like Lily Hall
Source LOOPS (4 days ago)
😂 I appreciate you! I have a foot fetish, but I also can admit that it's weird af 🤣 Side note: notice every Quinton Tarrentino movie has a few scenes dedicated to his 👣 fetish, and Olivia Munn has now converted to the dark side too 😈 😂
imlatinoguy (4 days ago)
Dude I looked it up and the beginning of the video where she walks across the screen is on there lmao!
Moegreen Them Ms (5 days ago)
Sa Tita (5 days ago)
feet is just feet no taboo best part of women with legs
Tessa Myers (7 days ago)
And I oop-
elizabeth sharp (10 days ago)
I don’t understand why people would pass up a lot of money. Like post that foot video and get that money.
TheUruguayanG0D (10 days ago)
His feet are normal
Brandi Bigelow (10 days ago)
I'd take 100 for my feet video's.
Rubix Cubix (14 days ago)
Here when it’s 1 mil 😎🤝
Brittany Basilio (15 days ago)
Follow my IG @beautifulfeets1303
Jules Hinmon (16 days ago)
Why are feet fans always getting ostracized?
dRëåMsS (16 days ago)
2:07 yeah I can fap to this
César Rabbit (16 days ago)
They like the foot- age.
Joe Pooter (17 days ago)
Your feet are famous because you’re hot and have pretty feet. ;)
jingluvglitter C (18 days ago)
Guys i do pointe ill sell feet pictures
her artpage (19 days ago)
I feel bad about all the comments she must get from people with feet fetishes.
rainbowunicorny (20 days ago)
feet have an identity now
alexkg1 (20 days ago)
For $1500, I'd throw in some ankle, shin, and even knee action for free
Warrior Goddess (9 days ago)
got me dying..... hahahahahahaha some knee action
Jackson Emmett (20 days ago)
Horny Boii (21 days ago)
Wow. Look at those feet ❤️
Deja W (21 days ago)
Someone offered you $1500 to step on a banana. And you said no.
adedsfsdedasewdaww (22 days ago)
Your toes are like chicken nuggets
Austin (23 days ago)
can someone just tell me what the hell was great about her feet
r a v y (6 days ago)
bruh, I would sell feet pics for literally any amount of money. girl is kinda poor.
r a v y (6 days ago)
ColiN PC fr tho, I did once get a request on reddit from someone who wanted me to send him my panties aha. weirdest interaction I’ve had on reddit.
ColiN PC (6 days ago)
r a v y Got a Reddit account? I’m curious about your feet 😂
Sir Bang-a-Lot (23 days ago)
enough about your feet, show me your boobs baby!
sviru vien (23 days ago)
It seems like i have no morals for selling pictures and videos 😅😥
Brury Castanon (24 days ago)
She’s fumbling the bag🤦🏽‍♂️
Amber Baley (24 days ago)
DM to buy pics of my perfect feet🦶🏼💋instagram:@amber.feet127
MaNson Fan. Bye! (25 days ago)
Oh no. Oh god. No. God no.
maszek (25 days ago)
Interesting. I googled Lauren Francesca and found photos of her cleavage, buttocks, on beaches in bikinis and dressing rooms. How can showing some feet be such an issue to her?
thexophguy (26 days ago)
you know that most homophobics are secretly gay right ... same goes for feet . some dude asks for a video and gonna pay u 1500 buck and you acting like a 12 y.o yellin "ew gross " tells me one thing ....
MrCashmonei (27 days ago)
Ladies that wanna share feet pics add my snap: hugomorin_1
Phoenix Rising (28 days ago)
The world is degenerate.
Genne F (28 days ago)
1500 for stepping on bananas?? I got youuuuu
v Hennesy (24 days ago)
no dude is paying that without getting a foot job yall are in a fantasy
Unique De (29 days ago)
I wear size 10 in shoes lol I should be selling huh ?
Mystical Pineapple (29 days ago)
If anyone wants me to walk on bananas 🍌 I’m available
Shae Heath (1 month ago)
Damn man! I would have racked in the feet money!
Bobby Jones (1 month ago)
Your My soul mate!!! Your wish is my command. God made me a foot fetish guy and brought us together cause you have the prettiest tender feet of any woman on Earth. Your My soul mate!! Kisses Bobby
Bobby Jones (1 month ago)
I would love to massage your feet and legs and lick your toes. Please I'llget you anything you want or do anything you want
Project zorgo (1 month ago)
Pass me the bananasssss
sidney claire (1 month ago)
I feel bad for her
Cherissa Gillispie (1 month ago)
I know how this is 😂😂
Stacey J (1 month ago)
Y'all can buy my feet pics all day
Stacey J (23 days ago)
@v Hennesy cashapp me lmao I do videos too
v Hennesy (24 days ago)
10$ lol 1500$ yall can kick rocks hahahahaha
Andy Summer (1 month ago)
So,who is she and does she has a youtube channel? Thanks.
sidiney lehonidas (1 month ago)
I Love Female Feet.
16Lazlo (1 month ago)
Why wouldn’t you send them pictures for $1500?!? I would in a heartbeat haha
CeLL OnE (1 month ago)
Stop line you know good and well are you getting that money!!!
Nicks Vee (1 month ago)
abdou niste (1 month ago)
i want to worship your feet lauren... i want it so much
Brittany McMuffin (1 month ago)
I guess I don’t have great morals cause I’d do it for 1500 😂
v Hennesy (24 days ago)
what is immoral about having your feet paid for when girls have private snap chats lol
Hana Foudah (1 month ago)
People saying that she should have taken the money but consider this, she wants to be a serious actor, she doesn't want to be associated with foot fetish sites.
Veronica (1 month ago)
Morally she went in a tinder date soooo
en cee (1 month ago)
😂the way she picked her tiny foot up to show the camera loool
tom kat (1 month ago)
Amal Eljazouli (1 month ago)
Anyone want feet pics?? Lmaoo
Douglas Closen (1 month ago)
I buy feet soles pics. if u wanna sell send me email
Unrealistic Dreamer (1 month ago)
*Waiting for all the foot fetish comments...*
Casey Michel (1 month ago)
I guarantee that she takes people up on some of those offers. She knows too much to just be ignoring everything.
Mikey F'n-A (1 month ago)
B Cardi (1 month ago)
Yall i can show u my feet but give me 20 grand first
Nathan Show (1 month ago)
Why youtube want me to watch this ew
Shawn McDevitt (1 month ago)
So fake
Dawn Mabalos (1 month ago)
As long as my face is not on it, give that 1500. I need money 😂
prideofasia99 (1 month ago)
Now that I think about it...
torydz (1 month ago)
For dancers, if you can wear and walk in those ballet heel shoes (not ballet slippers but the fetish ballet heels with an actual heel), there is a huge market waiting for you because there are few quality videos where a woman can walk well in those heels.
JOhn Nguyen (1 month ago)
I love feet.
Zaptor (1 month ago)
Your feet look average to me, nothing special. There are much better available online. Just get over it. Move on and quite criticizing others point of view and fetish.
Scarlett Johnson (1 month ago)
Seriously all you people particularly women, as a woman I am totally fine with men having a foot fetish or even being obsessed with my feet and toes!! Omg, y'all think it's weird?!! Gtfo there is far worse! Feet are beautiful, sexy and they get us around everwhere we need to go you should be worshiping them 😂😁👣 as long as they are clean and it's the MOST POPULAR and COMMON fetish in the world so some of y'all don't know 💩. I love when my bf worships my feet or even just massages them and it usually ends in me giving him a sexy fj as a reward omg he loves them!!! He goes bizerk 👀👣😱Hahaaa and ladies I DON'T MIND IT'S! Y'all should experiment more and get off your high horses!
AllRequired (1 month ago)
Does she know Shannah Barrett?
Erin Walker (1 month ago)
What is the movie called
Alexander Helms (1 month ago)
Lauren when gives the guys us when a Movie recording with me and smell youre nice Barefeet in Love Jimi the Rat from Germany thanks
Greg Johnson (1 month ago)
Feet are NOT gross!😋 3:19
Britney Bitch (1 month ago)
I'd gladly give out pics of my feet for money wtf
Edwin Alexander (1 month ago)
2:06 everyone 🙏 🙌
Wtf freaking feet fetish just disgusted
Brittany B (1 month ago)
Girl bye. $1500 for a video of my damn feet? Shooooott. What color polish, what shoes, how long does this video need to be? Bc I got you! I got pretty feet so I wouldnt care lol.
Douglas Closen (1 month ago)
Brittany B I'll buy pics of ur feet! wats ur email?
Riley Kouf (1 month ago)
I would step on bananas for 1500 dollars
Aleksandra Janina (1 month ago)
I would for half of that haha
slave2therhythm (1 month ago)
Imagine blocking your blessings smh
Nick S. (1 month ago)
What?! I’d make a career out of sending people my dirty socks and videotaping myself walking and stepping on bananas. This lady is crazy.
Helen Myers (1 month ago)
Mate...cash in on this. Are you mad?!
Anna K (1 month ago)
Moral compass for stepping on a banana? Who cares its just fruit
Samus Aran (1 month ago)
R.O.T.C SEEM (1 month ago)
Her feet arent even cute and i have a fetish
Bicboi0501 KΔϺI (1 month ago)
Stalker put a bad name on foot fetish community
Fernanda Sayuri (1 month ago)
Buzz feet
KKISCRAZYFUL (1 month ago)
Damn if this was me I would have rode that wave as long as possible. I'd become a professional foot model no problem.
Ney Mooring (1 month ago)
Why would her sister unfriend her though that’s kind of fucked up😂
TomG Gabin (1 month ago)
This video is weird. Really weird.
Brittany Dickirish (1 month ago)
Who wanna buy some feet pics lol hmu at Kik -- lolyponk
DiamondLife83 (1 month ago)
For all you women saying youd take the money: hit me up! Im rich and pay lots of money for foot stuff :) But you must have high arches. And well defined heels.
v Hennesy (24 days ago)
any hits lol a womans idea of a side hustle is she just gets money in her cash app for 0 work hahahahahahahaha
Svrarax (1 month ago)
Theres nothing sexier than feet!❤😍❤😍
다솜 (1 month ago)
wanna buy feet pics? Message me on kik @heavenlyfeets
Anthony Delapaz (1 month ago)
They are not attractive at all
Bryan Ortiz (1 month ago)
Screenshot 2:07

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