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How My Feet Got Famous

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Text Comments (1570)
jenpenn22 (3 hours ago)
1500? She's got me over here looking at my feet, wondering why they aren't pulling their weight. All these years of taking care of them and it's got me nothin. 😂
Joe Publico (19 hours ago)
Wow your feet are hot. Please show them more often.
miss sexy toes (23 hours ago)
Cheak out my feet xxx
SKrawn 128 (1 day ago)
Clickbait!! Her feet aren't hot. Next!
mads (1 day ago)
I’ll sell stepping on bananas lol
Daniel Luster (2 days ago)
Laura's feet are sexy! <3
Fernando Adrião (2 days ago)
Lauren Francesca is hot
Danzig (3 days ago)
Ankit Gupta (3 days ago)
Douglas Closen (3 days ago)
I buy feet pics girls. give emails
PlainJaneDamira (4 days ago)
I sell feet pics 2672251112
silverdropstang (5 days ago)
Pause @ 2:07 for toes!
Jay Brown (5 days ago)
She stup
flauntjdb (5 days ago)
Alright who wants to see my feet. Contact me
Jermaine Walker (6 days ago)
I get that people don't think of feet that way. So, it's gross, fine. But my beef is this: how are all of the other parts NOT gross? Think about it, all of the weirdest parts of our bodies are considered sexy. Shrug.
ian vosik (6 days ago)
what's the big deal. yes we are programmed to get arousal from feet. seeing them ,smelling them gives us boners. you speak like a girl who just found out how mom and dad make kids
footsie fetishist (6 days ago)
Awesimo (6 days ago)
meh, 6/10
Sophie Walpole (6 days ago)
i would happily send photos of my feet for money? paypal me
Tamara Crush (6 days ago)
CEROSER (7 days ago)
I remeber you from Reel Rejects
Rebecca Radillo (8 days ago)
Oh my god... I used to love KOA and her!
whade62000 (8 days ago)
It's not easy to be a fetish person. If a person said to you "wait, you like my butt? ew" or "you want to insert your penis into a WHAT? a vagina? jesus, get help" you'd think that person was pretty immature, right? So why don't people who enjoy fetish play get the same respect? Most often a kink simply shows a preference for connecting intimately in a certain way, and some of these can be very creative and mutually enjoyable. Sadly many of them require sharing the same kink, and while many people share a liking for putting penes in vaginas, somehow even homosexuals have better representation than kinksters now. This can make a lot of them (us) desperate for just any type of validation, so we fixate on celebs or actors who become associated with it because it allows us to feel normal. It allows us to feel represented. I know a lot of people are scared of the attention and you have a devil's dilemma there: either you keep quiet and pretend to be "normal", which is a disservice to yourself, your fellows and society as a whole, OR you risk coming accross as a creep. One issue is if that if you DON'T speak up, then the pushier ones, the jocks and the actual creeps and stalkers without inhibitions will get there first, and that's awful when everyone's first experience with a subculture is something like that. But this again is a classic "nice guy" problem. Anyway I'm definitely grateful for Lauren for treating the subject matter largely respectfully, I hope it is a learning experience too that fosters understanding and as for unwanted attention, well...good luck xD As we can see some positives can come out of it. (I think a lot of famous people became memes for something weird they totally wouldn't have picked themselves, so maybe she can utilize whatever opportunities lifethrows at her:) )
Robert Phillips (8 days ago)
I love to hear women talk about their feet which is why I sold foot care products over the phone and it amazed me how many women LOVED telling me about their feet and what they like about them and having done to them
Tamara Crush (6 days ago)
rosetealatte 9 (9 days ago)
I think the only foolish thing here is that this lady doesn't realize the great money making potential her feet have. God gives you a gift, take it. Don't question it.
foot fetishes (9 days ago)
i sell foot pics, videos or even a live sesh on instagram!!!! who’s interested cash app only 💵🤫👣🦶🏻
foot fetishes (4 days ago)
Douglas Closen you got kik or twitter
Douglas Closen (7 days ago)
foot fetishes I'll buy
joseph plumber (10 days ago)
S S (10 days ago)
I nutted hard to your sexy soles on wiki feet
jmcframe (10 days ago)
Well since this is Buzzfeed I tend not to believe the "I had to move 7 times, because I was stalked and my sister unfriended me on Facebook, because she is afraid" story.
juliana arias (11 days ago)
i hate feet they stink no thank you
Dan Favata (12 days ago)
what really would be impressive is if you could actually cook in the kitchen,and clean a house as well as having pretty well kept feet...now that would be something
Whatwhat (14 days ago)
I’m looking to buy feet pictures and clips if any interested 👣😊
Isabel Frias (16 days ago)
I have a instagram account with only pictures of my feets: @isabeltfriasg I would make those videos, I would walk on anything.
pochoun33137 (16 days ago)
The foot fetish is one of the most common among men. Any body part that is “dolled-up” (breasts, a$$, hair etc) will garner attention from men. Nothing new here.
Munoken 23 (17 days ago)
Not gross if you're a woman who has nice feet and takes care of them.
Ronald Ricketts (14 days ago)
PhootPhetishPhilip ! (17 days ago)
I like feet but i love money more what idiot pays for it lol
Naveed Haque (18 days ago)
its not weird. pretty female feet are very attractive.
Ronald Ricketts (14 days ago)
Diamond Crystal (18 days ago)
THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ⬇️⬇️ Me: There should be an acronym of This Is That Story! *sees first letters of each word* *T* H I S *I* S *T* H A T *S* T O R Y T..I..TS.. Oh. NOT LYING I LEGIT WAS LIKE THAT
マリウス M!nt (18 hours ago)
justin smith (20 days ago)
It's not weird it's extremely common I'm one of those people it's all about how you go about it I think your feet are gorgeous and would understand the attention they get but hope it doesn't get too bad
chuppy125 (20 days ago)
You are a foot Goddess
SANDRA ساندرا (21 days ago)
If anyone wants me film my feet for money I will just contact me here and I’ll give you my Instagram
Jonathan Vlogs (21 days ago)
There are people out there that are like “I’ll pay you $xxxxx for you to let me ______ your feet”. Let that sink in
YTEdy (22 days ago)
You're very cool by the way. Fun video. (though she probably doesn't read these comments). But if you do, and if you ever do find yourself out of work in acting, at least you have a business to fall back on. I don't think people should be ashamed of foot fetish. I've seen my kittens practically make love to my smelly sneakers and they have much better noses than we do, so there must be something compelling about a little (or a lot) of foot odor. Obviously stalking is never cool, but at the same time, if a guy wants to look at pictures of your feet or buy your worn socks, my 2 cents is, why not let him. As long as he's a gentleman about the transaction, part with a pair of worn socks every now and then. Make money selling them if you like. It shouldn't be a big deal.
cr pk (22 days ago)
won't lie, I watched the part of the video again. Foot fetish is a weird thing because the fetishist feels like he is seeing an ass or some sexual part, but the vast majority doesn't consider feet as a sexual part, so when you are able to spot beautiful feet in a show or photo, its like you've seen a naked ass. I think the guys that compliment feet when they are unsolicited are doing a disservice to the whole thing. It`s fine to be attracted to feet, just keep it on your own like when you see a great ass, don't comment or creepy it, just enjoy and move on. This way we won't create women that cover their feet with fear of attracting weirdos ;)
YTEdy (23 days ago)
Thousands of dollars for pictures. I even like feet but not thousands of dollars worth. Wow.
Slavic Doggo (23 days ago)
I literally looked up foot fedish and this is the first the thing that came up
Icey Man (23 days ago)
Es kinda gross bruh
Ronald Ricketts (14 days ago)
Nah. As long as you keep them clean
Sebs Platinum (24 days ago)
I need to use [C R E A M] to erase this from my reccomended
super shy guy Cole (24 days ago)
lmao wtf
bosun1724 (25 days ago)
but if I told you that you have pretty hands you wouldn't care, but since we're talking about your feet you consider us peeves......
Fuck (25 days ago)
People recognised her feet?!?
BUD MAN (25 days ago)
OOPS forgot to say, if women didn't know that guys like to see their feet, they would only own one pair of shoes :)) and yet they make a million different womens shoes
BUD MAN (25 days ago)
HI LAUREN its not any different than someone liking any other part of a beautiful lady, boobs, butt, legs, vjj, hands, I had a lady that loved my ears. sorry to hear that crazies have stalked you. I guess that comes with any fame. glad that you are taking better care of your feet nowadays, there are a lot of guys and gals that appreciate ladies who do. you should do the video, why not get paid for it. its no different than someone hand modeling, if not, someones gonna get some video anyway, and you have 1500 less in your pocket. take it exactly as it is, you are a minor celebrity, and possibly get bigger. look at the kardashians, , only claim to fame for them is their dad who is gone now. you are cute, use it. if you were not, nobody would be talking about your feet. and WIKIFEET, is an honor. some women who are well known are not even on there.
Düellocu Aga (25 days ago)
Imagine being a girl and being able to get money just buy selling your feet...
XxSkiMaskxX bombastic (25 days ago)
Hunter Grey (26 days ago)
I happen to have 3 grand on me in my bank im bored asf ill pay any of u females top rn. Ik someone wants to get paid today haha
Joshua Rivers (27 days ago)
Girl it's them weird foot fetish people, they were on my Instagram page weird enough AND I'M A MAN! BUT...but, I'm Bi and feminine so my toes are pedicured and polished every Saturday and I wear alot of Sandals and open toe Heels so I guess I see why. I've gotten several money offers for pics and videos both barefooted and in Sandals or Heels in my DM's and Gmail. The thing is I thought they only do it to women but if you're a feminine man who keeps his toes done up like women they be eyeing them too and I'm guessing gender doesn't matter because they're only attracted to nice feet.
gliter2016 (1 month ago)
She should of said yes
Sera Feet (1 month ago)
Selling feet pics and videos insta millysera
DreToBeast #1 (1 month ago)
STFU your feet are not famous😡
Martin Sanchezjr (1 month ago)
U got nice 👣
bubbagiznits (1 month ago)
All the stupidass immature broke bitches are in the comments like "EWWW GROOOOSE". meanwhile the smart money making ones are like ..HMMM..and taking notes.
cold wind (1 month ago)
"now I gotta make my feet look nice" so much pressure 😂. Only the creepy people message you and over.And morals? You're not having sex. It's your feet. What "morals"? 😂 you're making a video about it you are getting money. Rn. For this video.. People need too stop freaking out about foot fetish and seperate themselves from their one view opinion that it's weird cause there's infinitely weirder things out there. You're plainly ignorant of. And nice kink shaming, classy
Ron Giambastiani (1 month ago)
Dude! It could be we way worse!! If you can make money off doing nothing but having pretty feet run with it
If someone would like to see my feet, let me know! I'll send you pictures lol
Douglas Closen (7 days ago)
Larissa Mikaelle Rodrigues I'll buy
Cosmic GrandMaster (14 days ago)
Will you trample my face?
TheZhane123 (1 month ago)
I would of done it lol just wash your feet after
Demon Gamer (25 days ago)
People would have pay more to lick them clean lol
Antonio Luna (1 month ago)
Idk bout her feet but she's not to shabby herself 😳
Hjorten (1 month ago)
If you have played Gran Turismo 5 and 6, you will recognize that intro music.
artaestic. (1 month ago)
hmu people. i need money.
Yves Saint Laurent (1 month ago)
The reason she’s not entertaining the offers is because she wants to be taken seriously as an actor and doesn’t want to create this alternate character within her image that can misconstrue castings
✨ miss u peep 💉 (1 month ago)
7awadeth (1 month ago)
where are my feet fetish nation?
MrJ0mmy (1 month ago)
Alex the kid (1 month ago)
Wow. That’s crazy lol. This is so weird
Ronald Kearn (1 month ago)
Lauren, most womens feet are not gross to me. I love 95 % of them. And I took care of a ballerina's feeet for over 2 years when I was young. She would come home from work and she would be in pain so I babied her feet for her. I was glad to do it. :-) <3
Confederate Texas (1 month ago)
A woman denying money? I don’t believe it, my god, what woman would deny money
iRonikz 41 (1 month ago)
all yall sayin you would send vids of your feet for money in a heart beat. prove it and show me your feet
phantom dick (1 month ago)
My god there are sleezy guys out there and coming from someone who does have a foot fetish I am alittle pissed that your associating foot fetishem with perversion, I mean is it really any diffirent from Hugh Hefner offering women money to pose topples because most guys like breast or now It seems more and more bums? Some people just like legs and feet fucken deal with it people.
KERMIT THE FROG (1 month ago)
Next video: I ACCIDENTALLY got a girl pregnant
TPS legend 12 (1 month ago)
How I my time just got wasted and how do all the fun things happens to people at buzz feed ever thought that it is all fake
Keem Dubbbz (1 month ago)
Honestly ur feet r trash
__________ (1 month ago)
Weird pedos
Daniel Soliz (1 month ago)
Demi Lovato has the best feet
Joseph kalel (1 month ago)
Damm her feet 🔥🔥🔥
Fortnite Poly (1 month ago)
What the actual heck!
Galaxy Sims 12 (1 month ago)
I searched it up, it’s fake. (Correct me if I’m wrong)
Mr Bleach (1 month ago)
that's uh very strange...
Mike C (1 month ago)
her's aren't even that nice lol but it is odd anyone would hunt someone down for anything
R D (1 month ago)
do with high heela
Rj Jackson (1 month ago)
Where can your photoes be found?
James Loma (1 month ago)
Fetish is fine!
Oliver O (1 month ago)
Love from Dan Schneider
paulmaking1980 (1 month ago)
She has a very beautiful pair of peds!
Robert Long (1 month ago)
WoW...I cant believe this,,,but hey,,,welcome to the weird world!!!!
deerish (1 month ago)
AGGIEFURY101 (1 month ago)
She sounds like a prude.
John Cosgrove (1 month ago)
Yep we like feet.
Eddie P (1 month ago)
feet are gross
um (1 month ago)
girl i would’ve got them coins

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