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Let Go Of Criticism Accept Others Improve Your Relationships | Isochronic Binaural Subliminal

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The secrets of subconscious mind reprogramming free guides - visit http://www.vortex-success.com Welcome to this important session. I've used here a combination of Isochronic tones (15 minutes), Binaural beats (15 minutes) and subliminal messages that support acceptance of others and release of criticism. The base frequencies are 639hz and 393hz with alpha brain waves 10.5hz. 639hz - connection to other people, build stronger relationships, love of others 393hz - love of others The subliminal affirmations that are used in this session I accept my loved ones for who they are | I see the good traits in people and my loved ones I release negative people from my life | I keep good people in my life | I surround myself with positive people | Criticism and judgment belong in the past | I move forward to acceptance and focus on the good side of people | I allow my loved ones to be themselves around me | I let people I love feel free with me | I let go of small things that bother me in other people | I keep my principles and boundaries and release unnecessary criticism I criticize respectfully only when necessary | I focus on the positive traits of people | By letting others be themselves, I enjoy their company | I attract energy of light by accepting other people | My level of happiness increases when I let go of criticism | I let go of judgment of others when it comes to small things | I find it easy to spot the good traits in people
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No Thing (3 months ago)
Thankyou I feel that one thing we all face during spirituality is losing some old friends and loved ones and I wish that I can follow this path and somehow still be able to connect with ppl the same.. even tho that kind of sounds impossible I feel like I am just to judgement and I criticize a lot so Ik this will help me.
No Thing (2 months ago)
+Ashley Davis your such an amazing person, thank you. you deserve a calm mind for such a kind person. i will pray for you as well :) i pray that you will find a state of mental peace and that your overactive amazing mind will finally rest. annnddd of course i will pray for you to receive anything you possibly need to grow into the path of truth and love. peace Ashley it was very amazing to meet you, thanks again!
Ashley Davis (2 months ago)
+No Thing your very welcome, I was crying so much earlier from my over active mind and I felt I should send you some encouragement. May your path be blessed with light and love. 😇😇😇😇 I'll be praying to the all father Odin and mother frigg for you. Blessed be in your spiritual journey, may your higher self guide you to more positive experiences.
No Thing (2 months ago)
Ashley Davis thankyouuu!! :))) I wish the best of luck to you too. May the divine bless us 🙏🙏🙏
Ashley Davis (2 months ago)
I feel literally the same way. I've lost at 30 friends because of my spiritual path and I also didn't want to allow anymore of the hatred and negativity to stop my journey. I hadn't realized they caused me more grief then happiness. Don't give up and find the golden light within to keep going. I struggle with childhood trauma and severe depression and overthinking mixed with anxiety I know how tough life can be. Blessings to you and nameste. Don't forget that you are worthy. 😇😇😇
Sarah Fara (4 months ago)
Is there also one for criticizing yourself?
Suraj Acharya (9 months ago)
Can I listen at 2X speed ( 2 times normal speed there is an option available at settings) ?
Ekeoma Igboegwu (10 months ago)
Really grateful for this. I have been searching for something's on loving others
Jessie Santos (10 months ago)
Thank you
Stefan Wilson (10 months ago)
Ok, okay I will try 😏🙄😱😎
Stefan Wilson (10 months ago)
Yeah but they really are selfish and get on my nerves🤔🤐🤔🙃😰😣
Scififan9000 :P (1 year ago)
Oh wow. This one is really strong. I can feel the love. <3
V. r. Amos (1 year ago)
thank you just what i needed
value respect (1 year ago)
How maney times do i play in a day...
value respect (1 year ago)
Yes plz just do it as a subliminal...thank you
value respect (1 year ago)
can i go walking with head phones on.listerning to this...
Cheranne Sand (2 years ago)
thank you for all you're doing - it's helping me so much. I know you have a bunch of requests - if you get the chance would you please make one for "let go of self criticism." appreciate you big time xox. much love you and everyone xox
Graham C (2 years ago)
I feel.optmistic about listening to this as I've been searching the Web for.somrthing just like this.Sincere gratitude for taking the energy and time to upload and share this.! Thankyou
Dennis O'Brien (2 years ago)
Sufi Suzy (3 years ago)
thanks :)
beanz Ramirez (3 years ago)
I've always been told I was critical of others but I never believed it..I just couldn't see it but today I would like to say the Lord opened my eyes and allowed me to see & hear myself pass judgement on someone else..I always thought when I was being told that they was judging me..!!! I'm latina & I'm aware Puerto Ricans are mixed with alot of different nationalities but I don't know where this judgement in me towards African Americans come from so strongly I know I'm not racist because I have family that are mixed Puerto Ricans & black & i love them too pieces & i had my share of black lovers one I was madly inlove with I probably would of married him if he didn't land in jail..hell threw my younger years people would ask me you black I would say yea or I was both wtf happen to me smdh..I hate who I have become I don't like it one bit & that is what brings me here I want to stop with the judgement & being so damn critical of others I'm praying this helps me love all & myself more..!!! pray for me ya.!!!
Natalie P (3 years ago)
Thanks for doing this one. This is something my husband complained to me about tonight. I struggle with this badly - since I was a child.
Nizar Ahmad (3 years ago)
Hi. Can I pls pls have a version of this one that is without binaural or isocnronic tones. Just subliminal which can be listened to while driving, sleeping etc. The beats make me dizzy and woozy. Pls pls. I love the affirmations.
333 333 (1 year ago)
Vortex Success just seeing if you did another one like this it hurts my head but love your words..😊
Nizar Ahmad (3 years ago)
Vortex Success (3 years ago)
+Nizar Ahmad I will definitely put that in the list :)
SEA ME (4 years ago)
can  you make more with just the tones, no music, and the hypnotizing visual?  this one helped me the most, but i'd like other tones as well, in the way just described.  haven't been able to find that on utube.  thanks :)
SEA ME (4 years ago)
This is great! My first experience with this.  If nothing else, it calms my mind and body in mere minutes.  The visual is so important to this experience as well.  Thanks :)
Vortex Success (4 years ago)
+usernamemambypambyla SEA Thank you for your kind feedback! Much appreciation.
Joelle Caron (4 years ago)
I've been listening to a couple of videos for a couple of weeks... I try to stay positive but I really don't see any bit of improvment in myself, even though I want it badly. I continue listening...
Vortex Success (4 years ago)
+Joelle Caron If you don't see any improvements at all, maybe this specific session is not accurate for you. Browse my channel and look for a subliminal meditation that contains affirmations that are right for you.
Gareld Jouvenat (4 years ago)
this one is calming me down now. Merci beaucoup!
can you do one for living truly authentically,truly unique and being unique and authentic in every way and aspect of life i truly don't want to foo myself into thinking oh i feel unique and etc to later find out i was being like everyone else without knowing.i was born to be unique i was born to be authentic and i was born to do great one of a kind things in everyday.  you know how they say don't try but do it and don't try to be but instead be.well i want to be naturally unique,naturally authentic and one of a kind in every way without trying but being instead.just like walking i don't try to walk or talk i just do it.also one of the biggest influences is fear in general,religions influences and their belief systems which funny thing is i aint even religious it just that my parents listen and are religious and it got stuck in my head and its mostly out of fear and the caring what others think or say behind my back or might think or say its not helping me at all.final thing i struggle with is people pleasing and being others i aint   
very well said:) so true!!!
Beatrix Bliss (3 years ago)
+King Of Atlantis We are all exactly the same. No one is better than or less than anyone else. It doesn't matter how other people are, to compare is to judge or be critical of yourself. Learn to love yourself and life will begin anew. Do whatever brings joy to your heart and in your life; give yourself the attention you need; you are good enough already. You need only to become aware.
well said and true thank you:)
Sweet! I was looking out for your uploads! Thanks again. Peace N Luv~
Vortex Success (4 years ago)
Thank you!!

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