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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 1st Impression STREET SCENTS The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male A great long lasting Vanilla based fragrance Fall/Winter. Rate/Comment /Subscribe Check out my other STREET SCENTS videos. Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/STREETSCENTS
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Text Comments (83)
SupreMe (2 years ago)
So basicly you are going to ask crackheads in the middle of the ghetto who can't even provide for food for themselves how they think some $70 smelly water smells? Great concecpt, love the idea!
Signature Scents (2 years ago)
Please do review of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT Spray (Capitaine Collector Edition)
Signature Scents (2 years ago)
Hey fragrancefana im really big fan of ur reviews they r really helpful & informative & i buy many perfumes by ur reviews ... But for now im really confused for real jpg le male & classique perfumes, i buy classique for my lady but im confused about its real or not plz can u help me ??? I noticed that its serial number is on side of can not in bottom & then bottle has only these things on the bottom Eau de toilette 100ml-3.3 fl.oz. Made in france Xgj86x B.p.l. - 25116 paris I checked it & checkcosmetic.net says its d.o.m. Is april 2015. & i also hear that jpg dont mention their website on the bottom of bottle after year 2013, so is it right ??? & did i buy right perfume ??? Plz reply asap bro... I will be really thankful to u .
Abdul Hameed M (3 years ago)
Fantabulous perfume. Just recently bought . Living in dubai . Sprayed in my Night dress before 3 days still I can smell it. Very long lasting
i hate Le Male, it is very intrusive, buy this parfum only tested !!  my score 3\10 
MrSpliffe7 (5 years ago)
I just added this frag to my collection and a girl said it kinda smells like vanilla sprite but she likes it
Said Hossain (5 years ago)
Hey Al, good video. Just a question. Has this fragrance been reformulated? I just purchased one about a month ago and it does not project at all. I was pretty disappointed.
carlosfuzz (5 years ago)
the opening is too harsh for me, but man, after 1-2 hours on my skin it´s a panty dropper!!
karn 16 (5 years ago)
shazad Khaliq (5 years ago)
Adil Sultan (5 years ago)
Good job thanks
Mikey Teflo (6 years ago)
Lov ur Vids man! Subscribed a Min ago!!! Keep it up brah, look forward ta ur Vids Brother!
Jeremy StrawHat Pirate (6 years ago)
trust my gf couldn't get off my neck when i had this on
Juicetin (6 years ago)
Al we gotta meet up sdometimes im in NY
crunkwun (6 years ago)
My money was thinner then Sean Pauls goatee hair Now Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne fill the air, yeah
Ian Hall (6 years ago)
that guy was fuckin SYCED
Damon En Crypto (6 years ago)
Hey Al! I think you are awesome. I love your reviews! I stopped wearing colognes a long time ago because I know nothing about them. All I knew was that it's supposed to make you smell nice.
llx2o1 (6 years ago)
ooh i saw these earlier... they even imitated the bottle. how did this one went for you? did you purchase anymore after?
A1Leeroy (6 years ago)
hey al, big fan is it just me, cuz i think this one smells like tooth paste
Hamburger247 (6 years ago)
Kevin real coo
Kevin (6 years ago)
cool stuff man!. Can you wear this in the summer?
ElaboratedSoulz (6 years ago)
@namo730 la nuit de l'homme - hands down
Jaren Hornbeak (7 years ago)
i bought a bottle of cologne from amazon and it is an impression of the jean paul le male and it is called "Blue". i was wondering if it smells good at all because i have not got it yet?
lastplacewin (7 years ago)
I don't care how much women like this fragrance, there's just too much vanilla. Not to mention so many guys I know wear this on a daily basis, regardless of setting or temperature. I would rather wear 1 million.
namo730 (7 years ago)
hi little help here... if i choose between edhardy love&luch and YSL La Nuit De L´Homme which one should i get?
xToOxRaWxIsTheTruth (7 years ago)
@purosinaloasaul le male, 1 million, hugo boss, armani code
ultimategodking (7 years ago)
this fragrance doesn't really last on my skin i have to pump myself at least every 3 hours projection was a good 3 feet but then again i was pumping every 3 hours lol on the plus side the ladies loved it and even gay men complimented me lol
Monica coban (7 years ago)
Al that's so good man, far out i can tell you love what you do. and your no selfish in the sense were your not withholding your passion for cologne but rather sharing your passion with the general public. wonderful man i appreciate people with carracter.
mindofigor (7 years ago)
Keep doin your thing Al. Love your videos
hereisthankappan (7 years ago)
Whoever made this video is fucking genius !
saltlife710 (7 years ago)
I perdonally dont like the fragrance... Too sweet in my opinion.
Patrick Nichols (7 years ago)
@purosinaloasaul you really think cologne is what gets females, its all about style and personality, cologne is just kinda to spice things up.
Saul Ibarra (7 years ago)
which would be the best cologne in your opinion, 18 going to college, what do you recomend, to get the girls,
Jeph Cuevas (7 years ago)
great idea and series..keep it up!
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@wagsbass Thank You I appreciate it
wagsbass (7 years ago)
STREET SCENTS is a nice idea Al
theizza68 (7 years ago)
Great idea ! ... If you could get like 3 people to smell your frag would be perfect !
Crazy Bobs (7 years ago)
Great idea! Keep it up!
Patrikduke (7 years ago)
Great stuff, man!!!
Just Truth (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 Next time, I guess you need tell them the back of the hand. That guy was baffled. lol He was like "Oh, on the hand huh". lol classic.
Just Truth (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 You're very welcome. I mean, its really cool to see. It's a good idea, Its cool that you are out in New York, ..and plus its cold out. lol
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Prophecy23JC Thanx alot bro
Just Truth (7 years ago)
Cool stuff, man. Good job.
Andrew Cavazos (7 years ago)
niceeee!!! love the series guys!!! hope i win that giveaway!!!
fristpartisan (7 years ago)
I appreciate the fact that in this cold weather, you take your time and go out in the streets to do what you do! props buddy
Fernando J.S (7 years ago)
Fernando / Brazil... how are you? Good idea...i like this videos!!! Congratulations!!
hollywoodrdscholar (7 years ago)
You have definitely taken it to another level with these man on the street videos!
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Guinea54 Street Scents FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 & GUINEA54 on the streets of New York coming soon that will be some good shit. All kinds of 1st impressions
freakin13guy (7 years ago)
Yo Al we guys what a girls impression for a change.. Just hit up Hunts Point in Bronx and let us know the ho's think! LOL! I'm sure Guineas there now trying to get laid.. lol.. Great series Al, really lovin it!
ForeverYoung (7 years ago)
I like the segment very original, good for change of pace. I completely agree that JPG Le Male is for made for winter.... its simply to rich and pungent for summer or hot weather. personally im not a huge fan, although the dry down is pretty good.
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 Ohh boy, this will be somehow sad lol, the top dominant clove notes does not represents the magic of this fragrance, will be interesting to watch this tough
TheCologneist1 (7 years ago)
you should do one with grey flannel next, you might get shot though.
raidernationcali (7 years ago)
love this series!
Fragrance Talk (7 years ago)
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 seriously, I hope thats an idea we could really do one day. That would be really cool man.
Bankai (7 years ago)
i love the street scents section!!
vabigpoppa (7 years ago)
need more females! haha
Kauê Salvaterra (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 Can't wait man... for the giveaway too =D hey man i'm gonna buy l'eau d'issey just because of yours hehe! thnks Al
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Guinea54 Hey my man thank you one day we will do a 1st impression video together on the streets on NY
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@notreveh Thank you lookout for my Female 1st impression on Musc Ravageur soon
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@pigasus27 Hey lol i'm doing this for my passion for fragrances I want everybody to smell good
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@syarrito07 Thank You check out for my female 1st impression on Musc Ravageur
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Frunkinator LOL I have a ton of samples that would mean I did 100's of videos thats a good thing. Thanx my friend
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@rhaybans Hey I'm doing a womens opinion on Musc Ravageur next
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Kerosenetrewthe I wish I was a salesman I would be rich lol just enjoying my passion fragrances let everybody smell good.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@kgypsilon Hey I wish I was in Brazil right now as for the female opinion I will be doing a Musc Ravageur female 1st impression next
Kauê Salvaterra (7 years ago)
Great idea Al. Keep doing the series, anda like my brother above just said, maybe you could get some womens opinion too. Greetings from Brazil
rhaybans (7 years ago)
This series is a good idea Al. Maybe you could get some womens opinion sometimes as well.
eman7188 (7 years ago)
Like the series.
Steve Thaw (7 years ago)
great idea!
biggerm82 (7 years ago)
Only reason to hate on this frag is because it's so popular, or you just don't like the we it smells. Other than that, I think it definitely deserves the popularty and the cash it's raked in. It's in your face and has some substance to it. Not just some boring aquatic, which usually gets all the hype. Great video Al!
Christopher White (7 years ago)
Really like the series Al, Id like to see alot more of it because its always cool to get others impressions and opinions about fragrances. Keep up the great work man.
kwduhon (7 years ago)
I love this series, keep it up my friend.
Frunk inator (7 years ago)
Great job Al, you're gonna run out of samples eventually...lol !
syarrito07 (7 years ago)
This is a great series my man!! Love the idea, definitely keep this series going Al!!
Kirill Arzhanikov (7 years ago)
Great series my brotha! I really like to see how people who don't know 2 much about frags react =)
Delancey72 (7 years ago)
Great series bro.I like that idea of getting people's first impressions on scents.You are the man Al.Keep them coming.
CleverDjembe (7 years ago)
Good series :D
StrangeDays (7 years ago)
Fun to watch!
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
awesome idea my man.
warriordiscus7 (7 years ago)
Nice video, Al. I'm loving this new series.
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
Nice one al! Can't get enough of these videos
SoccerShoos (7 years ago)
Cool :D

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