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Football WOMEN Comedy ● Fails, Bloopers, Funny moments.

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Text Comments (3922)
Technickk1 (2 hours ago)
Womans are to love. No to play football
jt s (6 hours ago)
Whenever I'm fed up I look at these videos. What is funnier are the ridiculous pundits who promote the game.
Adam H (6 hours ago)
MAGA, womens sport and feminism sucks hairy balls
Abu Tahir (10 hours ago)
2.12 and 2.23 comedy gold. I would be top 10 player in the world. They're making simple simple errors lol The penalty lool 10 meters outs
Akash Kunte (17 hours ago)
Women's football is better than stand-up comedy.
Niham Hasan (1 day ago)
Time to get back to kitchen Its a joke ....dont get butthurt😅😅😅
Chen Pamei (2 days ago)
They shouldn't be playing this ball.give them that(the other) ball.haha.you know what i mean!
JoDaF1N _ (3 days ago)
Wow I think I've judged women's football too hashly. This hilarious to watch!!
Gabriel McKenzie (4 days ago)
When the worlds top tier teams makes it look like a blind sunday league.
I kindly request all the idiots who just comment abt females as they are not good in sports to shut.They have no rights to just open their dump mouth.This does't happen always.Men's also experience the same thing sometimes.This is not gender equality.It is their 💯% right and you people who just speak at the back does't have any right to speak abt any women footballers as you are not at their feet too.So always remember this.Don't ever forget dump commenters.
Sir platinium (4 days ago)
Errors happen in every sport on every level. However, these are the elites in football, playing what looks like normal football at 0.25x speed, and still messing up so badly.
Antonio Ignacio (5 days ago)
Lo que es no tener la testosterona de los hombres...
Iain Rae (6 days ago)
The BBC, bless it is trying to promote the ladies game. Claire Balding will explain the off side rule to the handfull watchinv while they are going the ironing .
Oscar Cayo-Evans (6 days ago)
That’s not how you make a sandwich?
Limp business (7 days ago)
01:52 my favorite one was that miss
paul cox (7 days ago)
The laugh is that someone has told them that they can play and what are the ones that didn't make the team like, and someone should do a video of women commentators its like they have got all the patter of a man commentator but despite having all the gear and playing in empty stadiums the women top league teams have all the skill of a boys under seven teams and the illusion goes on we all know its crap the men pundits sit there and say nothing because they are frightened of losing their jobs they had some bird ex-player on match of the day with Martin Keown and he looked like he wished he could have disappeared through the floor lol.
Lennart Andresen (8 days ago)
Especially The goalkeepers are really 😂😂👎
What's su name music plaese thanks you
J Lingz is the goat (8 days ago)
This is comedy gold😂
Aykay Games And Mods (8 days ago)
Man i gotta change my gender and become the cristiano of women
PTB (9 days ago)
Im just waiting for trans people to start dominating
JeepZJ 101 (9 days ago)
That looks like a wierd kitchen
RidhoNuh (10 days ago)
Men use instinct, logic, precision, analysis all at once even in a split second, that's a huge difference 😂
Donald Drumpf (10 days ago)
ID rather watch this than guys soccer. Stupid fucking sport either way tho.
Sir platinium (4 days ago)
Says the yank who probably watches boring ass handegg or baseball😂
Ale - (10 days ago)
Still better The U.S Male team.
Pratik Ranjane (10 days ago)
they are learning so stfu
EarFarce4 (11 days ago)
Yeah they need more practice. A LOT of practice.
jono telefonas (11 days ago)
pineapple (12 days ago)
Still better than Benzema
Dean McCrorie (12 days ago)
Someone explain to me how women shoot in there own net. I’ve seen this phenomenon happen since I was a kid
Dr Robert (12 days ago)
1:25 even the opposition team were disappointed she missed that
A Z (13 days ago)
Girls & Football 🤕🤒😴😴😴
snvff xxx (13 days ago)
funniedt shit i ever seen
Brendan Kapp (14 days ago)
This is why they make less than men 😂😂
四条眉毛 (14 days ago)
1:35 Are people just gonna ignore that lmao
Mad Dog (14 days ago)
Women... 😒
Catacrack (15 days ago)
Of course they don't Play always like this and in Spain there is a Woman League and is ok, but They are far far far far away from men football, they play like we used to play in my childhood without any kind of tactic or logic
john kerr (15 days ago)
Worse than any pub league .
Ryan McPherson (15 days ago)
Wonder why there's a wage gap
Havoc (15 days ago)
Dhruv (16 days ago)
Male female equality.....my asss
Will Sproul (16 days ago)
laliqaq8 (16 days ago)
FIFA must change name this sport for ladies from football to funnyball hehehehe
bullduff (16 days ago)
2:12 lol
Mike Messiah (16 days ago)
El jefe Red skin (17 days ago)
Sorry but how on this world some of this ladies became pros !!
Goku SS1994 (17 days ago)
Hahaha que cojas y lesbianas
jaymon99 (17 days ago)
Well to be fair there's not much competition to get in I'd say 90% of these girls are chosen because they are pretty and have a fit body and girls like that tend to not need smarts
Hit or Miss (17 days ago)
Who let them out of the kitchen?
dev singh (17 days ago)
murray1234567891011 (17 days ago)
The pitch/goal always looks huge in womens football
Sorry for laughing at women, but this is pretty funny how they play football
tan hock jun (17 days ago)
I really had bloody good laugh and think does that really happen? Looks like it's not human playing football but they must be some kind of living thing from another planet...
M3TROiD.ORi9iN (18 days ago)
Ahahaha! ...I'm sorry. Poor babies:( 💓❤💓
Crixus Gracida (18 days ago)
I wonder why they get paid less kek!
iwatchvideos (19 days ago)
Womens pro sports are painful to watch, other than tennis i suppose.
Scam Fabila (19 days ago)
Esto es para hombres
Three girls going for the SAME BALL! That just needed a little tap! And none of them hit the ball! God, I don’t even see kids doing that 😂
Darren (19 days ago)
You could easily make this vid with males. Seen all them mistakes made by pro males!
Bibichi Duran (19 days ago)
Jajaja me alegraron el día 👍❤😍😂
Jesus Pobre (19 days ago)
You may laugh but they're fit as fuck.
Anmol Goel (19 days ago)
Now who say girls cant play football
Saad Jamadar (19 days ago)
I would say girls to go make me a sandwich in the kitchen but i won't coz men make better sandwiches Male chef > Female chef (sad reality)
OmegaReaver117 (19 days ago)
Someone more think that the football woman is strange?
Catur Ca (19 days ago)
Woman football is sucks
The Noova (19 days ago)
0:31 😂😂
gl sawqa87 (19 days ago)
Мужики ещё ужаснее играют, которые тренеруются и дремлют с мячом.....
W.C. J (20 days ago)
Imagine wanting to be paid the same amount for contracts as men lol
Demek Catle (20 days ago)
No Mms están más de risa los errores y curiosidades en el fut femenil jajaja
Cesar Araujo (20 days ago)
And they demand millions 🙄
davidich 3 (20 days ago)
This is awkward.. for real
Dirty Harry (20 days ago)
Jesus Christ!
Karim K (20 days ago)
Media must stop shoving women football down our throats. It will NEVER become popular.
welon17 (20 days ago)
And none of them fell to the ground pretending to be injured
Liam (20 days ago)
Why do all football videos have shitty dance music in them ?
Shuvo 7 (20 days ago)
Girls logic in football 🤣🤣
Morton McCain (20 days ago)
Who runs the world? ... Definitely not girls!
C RUX (20 days ago)
Oh my fucking god! They were right, they deserve tons of money! They deserve all the audience of the world as comedy!!
How i can't be sexist after this video?
TotnumMatt (15 days ago)
simple, by researching why womens football can have errors like this. You will find there are LOTS of reasons why.
sly (21 days ago)
Stick to sandwich.
jessylove 18 (21 days ago)
And they want to get paid the same as Leonel Messi
Anders Hansen (21 days ago)
The best part is that in the clips where we get to see a little of their reactions they all go "Oh no, it happened AGAIN". The quiet resignation on their faces is so telling.
L. A. H. (21 days ago)
And they are supposed to be "professional" players.
Abubakar Sanusi (21 days ago)
And they wonder why women's football is so unpopular.
J Lowery (21 days ago)
Holy shit that was absolutely hysterical. More of these videos please!
Amar Dodi (21 days ago)
Allah is gay (21 days ago)
Hahaha they must have stayed in the kitchen.
mamu messi (21 days ago)
Sometimes missing ohh Ronaldo
uafc1 (21 days ago)
LMAO Women
jithin leo (21 days ago)
I cant watch the vedio..i m enjoyng the comment box😂
Abinash Debnath (21 days ago)
It make me think women are dumb
tucking fypo (21 days ago)
All u need is a man identifying himself as a woman and voila you get double digit goals in a match.
DrDomich (21 days ago)
I don't remember when I laughed so hard to a video on you tube. Onion is truly great, but this... 🤣 Yeah... There are no genders, we're the same... 😌
Grunge Theatre Studios (21 days ago)
But whhhhhhy the shit music?? What is with you tubers?? Don't you ever think about doing something original?? It's soul destroying. Thumbs down.
James Calder (21 days ago)
Because male players never f**k up, do they?
Tuxli von Chur (21 days ago)
Not in such a retarded way - as often - not those claiming to be the elite .. like this 'wimminz'.
Andrei 13 (21 days ago)
Sunday League players are better than elite women players
TotnumMatt (15 days ago)
they aren't the elite, they are the ones who boither to go professional, a lot of good players don't.
Ugur Aydin (21 days ago)
Bunların maçına iddaa oynasak kanser oluruz heralde.
Незачем этим дурочкам кривоногим сходить на поле. Позор, совершенно не понимаю, для чего их пустили в этот облик спорта.

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