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Burberry Touch For Men "STREET SCENTS" The Series. This fragrance is all about the Powder very unique and gets alot of compliments.RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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香川真司 (2 months ago)
VettigeVetzak (6 months ago)
Bro correct me if i'm wrong, but is you're sister in law's name Hatice? That's a Turkish name, so you're wife is Turkish? That's cool man, i never knew that about you :)
Eric0778 (7 months ago)
I have a feeling this fragrance will not work for me with the violet leaf notes... but who knows.. I will give it a try
giovanni brito (2 years ago)
she is right is a fresh & clean fragance l got it before some peoples be like how much they paying her for the promo but she just speaking the true!
The TaylorMade Man 100 (4 years ago)
She is gorgeous. With a fun personality.  Can I wear this fragrance during dry summer heats as I live in Southern California. I have this fragrance but somehow forgot about it and put it out of my starting line up. Great review. 
احمد عبده (4 years ago)
very hot and sexy girl
DreDay16 (4 years ago)
I just got this from one of your swaps. I can't wait to take it for a test run at school tomorrow.
doge. (10 months ago)
DreDay16 how was it???
HaZeR_ -323 (4 years ago)
Smells like old man...the smell is anoying
Yohanes Pradono (1 year ago)
you're just too young to smell this
jortega61924 (1 year ago)
HaZeR_ -323 nothing old man smelling about it.
curt solomon (5 years ago)
She is HOT ....nice
Sheppy99 (6 years ago)
If she likes this fragrance, i'm definitely buying it lol. She's sexy! Al you lucky bugger!
escobarstatus (6 years ago)
He banged her, sister in law or not.....my man AL doesn't discriminate...
High Carb Whole Foods (6 years ago)
Your sister-in-law seems very sweet. You should have your wife on Street Scents!
Jibran Khan (6 years ago)
Great series, Al. Thanks for all your hard work.
Dunamis (6 years ago)
Shes beutiful Al. What a great family I love your show man its so original and you are such a great person. I enjoy it and "I respect that" lol great man.
ThePhilly91 (6 years ago)
this jams6279 guy seriously doesnt know anything! sorry man!! ... disrespectful ass people
jams6279 (6 years ago)
She doesn't know anything to be honest ! sorry Al !!!
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
Yeah it most likely was defective
Stu Pidazo (6 years ago)
She's needs some "after-noon-delight" lol
namo730 (7 years ago)
hi man nice work nice scent i am just wondering where are you from originally?
adrienne macaspac (7 years ago)
she has a ressemblance with my ex girlfriend haha.. absolutely great fragrance" i've worn it before & i love the smell..
Stu Pidazo (7 years ago)
I don't know what it is Al, but I get the powder, the floral note, but the top notes gives me a "sweet" play-do vibe...earthy in other words. Does anyone else get that? I too don't get very many compliments on this one.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Patrikduke Thank You my friend
Bankai (7 years ago)
O.O enuff said
ivan197 (7 years ago)
i was wondering if you can review any of the blu mediterraneo fragrances from acqua di parma, i just wanna see what you think since i like your reviews!
sam (7 years ago)
where do we buy the shirts from?
Patrikduke (7 years ago)
Yeah Al - great watch you have! :-)
GRAFHEISEN (7 years ago)
Skyline in the back?? O.o
K W (8 months ago)
GRAFHEISEN that's a Cobalt 👀
TheFashionbugs (7 years ago)
pretty and sweet girl Al and you still tha man!
wagsbass (7 years ago)
Definitely the prettiest edition of Street Scents
realmexthug08 (7 years ago)
BurBerry - touch can Be used at hot weather ?
E-Fergie1 (7 years ago)
She must be related to you Al because she knew not to rub that burberry in! When birthdays or Christmas come around for your family, do you automatically start thinking about getting them fragrances? That's what I do most of the time...lol.
Gabester64 (7 years ago)
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Al, sounds like they got you on check lol.
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
Nice one, Al!! He reaction to it was just awesome!
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@pigasus27 The Watch Fossil gets alot of compliments LOL
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@TechGolfer86 Really wow this frag does well on me you should spray your shirt.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@hbkryme Thank You
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@959lover The Sultan has commented thanx bro
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@robes08 Thank You Marc I appreciate it coming from the Guru himself
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@Darksigmaluv Thank You I will do a Bleu De Chanel video soon
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@wagsbass Yeah I was going to pull out By Killian Back to Black went with this cause she really likes Burberry Touch
leozito2004 (7 years ago)
Very nice one Al!
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
U should do one with ur brother now lol.
wagsbass (7 years ago)
Hey Al you should have pulled out something exotic from your niche collection for this one.
Darksigmaluv (7 years ago)
Seems 2 know her frags......nice on the eyes as well. Good review! How about a Street Scents with Chanel Bleu?
YoungStz (7 years ago)
Cool vid bro! You always bring something unique in your videos thanks bro loving this
robes08 (7 years ago)
That was a interesting SS episode. Nice to see some family members joining in. She is def. easy on the eyes ;) Great job Al as always you have my support !
bpwool (7 years ago)
I think your sister-in-law could be fragrancefanatic2!
mrjoestrikesagain (7 years ago)
nice al.... lovin' it! :D
daprodigy254 (7 years ago)
damn she sexy...you should hook me up Al lol....naw jus playin...but for real tho O_o
Sultan Of Scent (7 years ago)
Al, that was so rigged, lol! Just kidding playa, sweet of her to be in the video. All I know is your sister-in-law's name starts with HOT!!
raidernationcali (7 years ago)
Something tells me ur wife was behind the camera, lol. Hi sister in law! hollar
biggerm82 (7 years ago)
Beautiful fragrance, beautiful woman!
Call Of Dookie (7 years ago)
I don't ever get compliments on this fragrance. What am i doing wrong I put it on my pulse points but still nothing. Do you recommend putting it on my shirt AL?
Sparks Regent (5 months ago)
Call Of Dookie spray the back of neck and centre of chest or even on top of your head.....but fragrances dont work like that..wear the right clothes and have a commanding presence when you go out so the lady can see your looking on point...say hello my name is......then say to them....your face wait for there response then say I like it you look friendly my name is ........give them a hug then see if you get compliment
hbkryme (7 years ago)
Awesome review, awesome frag.....awesome woman!! :)
Kirill Arzhanikov (7 years ago)
Your sister in law is a sexy girl Al.=) Tell her I will get myself a bottle of BT

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