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ABC Song - Letters with Charlie | BabyTV

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To get BabyTV in your country visit https://www.babytv.com/around-the-world.aspx ABC Song - the English alphabet with Charlie. Come sing along to the ABC with Charlie and the letters. The letters from A to Z with fun music and animation. A- Apple B- Ball C- Car D - Dinosaur E - Elephant F - Flute G - Gardner H - Hat I - Igloo J - Jam K - King L - Lion M - Magician N - Necklace O - Owl P - Painter Q - Queen R - Robot S - Soup T - Tea U - Umbrella V - Violin W - Witch X - Box Y - Yellow Z - Zebra Want to see more? Sing along with BabyTV's Popular Characters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRBf2yiEWhw&list=PLakLrQJOovvmJocamFAquztsY3JLZbWWI Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/BabyTV?sub_confirmation=1&feature=iv&src_vid=KxzHO17LbCg&annotation_id=annotation_199975267 App: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/babytv-mobile-hd/id428267291?mt=8&ls=1 Website: https://www.babytv.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BabyTVChannel/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/babytv/
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Text Comments (293)
Edpi Xavi (1 day ago)
jazlin g (2 days ago)
my bAby likes it☺
Ewel A. (2 days ago)
Whad does the X stands for????
Eren Saricayir (3 days ago)
Veerappa Kambali (3 days ago)
I am the letter p
Hani Kisic (3 days ago)
laura grigore (7 days ago)
Fjhk. Gjl
ester ribes aldabo (9 days ago)
Hebibi Ajser (10 days ago)
Ronnaey Shariff (10 days ago)
Mateo Burlacu (11 days ago)
207.baby tv
Mateo Burlacu (11 days ago)
2:07 echipamente a b c 207
SitiMariam SyedOsman (12 days ago)
Most of the consonants are not sounded correctly! This video spells disaster. Very harmful to children who listen to this video .
Yasin Achourak (15 days ago)
Mary Ramirez (16 days ago)
Eleonora Sancho (16 days ago)
odunfa babajide (22 days ago)
With due respect, i think this video is rather more confusing. The letter sounds are not properly sounded C- Cuh, B- Bu Bu and I-Ah Ah.
Luqman Michel (12 days ago)
You are absolutely correct in saying what you have said. This video clip should not be aired.
MIN YOONGI (22 days ago)
Y did they change the characters and the song
Leidy Acero (23 days ago)
Gracias a mi hermana le en canta es lo mejor para todos los ninos les en sena los numeros
Señorita. Lula (23 days ago)
01000101 01110011 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100101 01110011 00100000 01000110 01000101 01001111
Chloe Brindley (24 days ago)
And I will stop and Jamie are already spoken to me before I come over to you when you are driving mainline messing with the light switch
Paula Olson Lima (2 days ago)
Sami Kaddouri (14 days ago)
Sami Kaddouri (14 days ago)
sarhvb187 qasxm
lea garcia (21 days ago)
+Bica Lorica ws
lea garcia (21 days ago)
+Omar Lopez à0zx
intan fauzi (25 days ago)
n n.
Enrique Alvarado (25 days ago)
My daughter like this
Jose Altamirez (1 month ago)
Ami hermano le gusta charli y el abecedario
birendra bisht (1 month ago)
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
No arguing
Hayder Pars (1 month ago)
Kaylee Hendriks (1 month ago)
My letter is k kakaka
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
Hood Hussin (1 month ago)
Wow i love Charlie
Hood Hussin (1 month ago)
Ini baby TV bagus
Luqman Michel (6 days ago)
+Evelyn Valdes What is it that you want to say?
Evelyn Valdes (11 days ago)
Luqman Michel i
Luqman Michel (12 days ago)
Kawan, ini teruk. Jangan biar anak menengok program ini.
Yusuf 999 (1 month ago)
Ewel A. (2 days ago)
What does X stands for??????
Murat Oyunda (1 month ago)
. ŞiÇİ iş ₺Ğö
Hümeyra sş (1 month ago)
kızımın en sevdiği müzik
deep gill (1 month ago)
My daughter loved watching this song and baby tv songs. Good learning ,funny , creative..... songs.
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
+Akbar Shaikh .l
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
Antonella Feliciano (1 month ago)
Antonella Feliciano JK
Luqman Michel (1 month ago)
BabyTV should ask themselves why there are 4,200 Thumbs Down. The thumbs down are probably from teachers who know this way of teaching phonemes is wrong.
pro noob (1 month ago)
Yareli Jimenez (1 month ago)
Mi nombre enpiesa con D y quire ser doctora y la Letra Es un doctor que considencias jaja
swati gupta (21 days ago)
Xz vex tune
Oğuz Levent Aydın (1 month ago)
)ufrt4hy5 77i5 k 66lo85 r5'= ÷e×+. , ¥34*%[email protected] . =#×:"$÷
swifty girl (1 month ago)
Kijk ik kan spelen abcdefghijklnmopqrstuvwxyz
Enge Boy (1 month ago)
Pretty gay
Paula Garcia Perez (1 month ago)
johnlarke1983 (1 month ago)
good for learnig
Cami De corazones (1 month ago)
Animation para baby’s albo español
ana majid (1 month ago)
Eeman Suhail (1 month ago)
Nicole Gonzalez (1 month ago)
que hermoso
kristina vilhar (16 days ago)
Nicole Gonzalez e
Ngoc bich Le (19 days ago)
Maria isabel Benitez jimenes.
Bhuvan Sibal (23 days ago)
skilton martins !
Grasi Fiandrini (25 days ago)
Nicole Gonzalez j. Vvcmkpk
skilton martins (1 month ago)
Nicole Gonzalez cxde
Januka Pokhrel (1 month ago)
i and my sis love it so mush
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
+Akbar Shaikh uo
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
+Akbar Shaikh opo
Akbar Shaikh (1 month ago)
+Nimet Cen giz
ina noohani (1 month ago)
Januka Pokhrel , )0
Lily Teoh (1 month ago)
Januka Pokhrel mmmmmijjjj
Khinydi Frizell (1 month ago)
For babies😉
Epifanio Polo (1 month ago)
Khinydi Frizell no its for man babies
Tonci Jelincic (1 month ago)
Monica Ocampo (1 month ago)
Edona Blenishti (7 days ago)
I Love it
Luqman Michel (1 month ago)
A majority of kids are wrongly classified as dyslexic when in fact they are shut down kids. Many kids, who are predisposed to shutting down will disengage from learning to read when they are confused. This video will definitely confuse such kids. Many scientists and educators have said that many kids fail to read because of wrong teaching by teachers but no one has ever said what it is that is taught wrongly. My research on kids who cannot read in English prove that it is these kinds of videos that are the cause of kids shutting down from learning to read. Get a copy of 'Shut down kids' available on Amazon and then we may discuss .
Elizabet Martinez (1 month ago)
HYPE X music (18 days ago)
Elizabet Martinez 😍😘😄😇😇😲😲💋😅😲😲😅😘😀😲🎁
raul sambrano (1 month ago)
Berta Diaz (2 months ago)
6 is a
Jax Clax MMA (2 months ago)
Oh ezf; hhvy
Dat Do (2 months ago)
OmG help
kudz zone (2 months ago)
Very nice
Baby Kairah's Adventure (2 months ago)
Hahaha Baby K loves it
maira martinez (2 months ago)
and ar she is was born'n OK
SEAN WALSH (2 months ago)
Ravi Kumar (1 month ago)
suzi s (2 months ago)
Am the letter S=suzi
Reaksiyon (5 days ago)
Annalis Villanueva (6 days ago)
Jelke Brouwer (7 days ago)
Alejandra's Vida lol
Maria Farrugia (11 days ago)
+Alejandra's Vida þ*u<
May Chinchilla (15 days ago)
Tonci Jelincic (2 months ago)
Tamim Al Rawahi (2 months ago)
Cibelle Castillo (2 months ago)
The baybies are 💗 this 😛😘
Justin Roja (2 months ago)
Que lindos estos videos
Kishor Kakadiya (2 months ago)
They Ygfghfr
Fatih Demir (2 months ago)
. Vuctıcuıg bu bir fotoğraf paylaştı iyi bir site buldum günlük çok
Rute Lopes (2 months ago)
Dharmendra Bavale (2 months ago)
. I m;:n
Bernard McRae (2 months ago)
No it’s a lot of good time and I’ll be doing good things for the next Saturday and Saturday we are
Bernard McRae (2 months ago)
We can do our own
Luqman Michel (1 month ago)
But this is the wrong way of teaching phonemes. This is how it is taught in many schools. When kids fail to read they are then classified as dyslexic. Please check my posts at www.dyslexiafriend.com
William Fernandez (1 month ago)
Roda Jama (2 months ago)
Sangeetha arumugam (2 months ago)
Bernard McRae x kr
Alberto Santos (2 months ago)
Bernard McRae (2 months ago)
Ok thanks for your message I just took a look good for y’all and we are doing a great day at our camping camping trip I have been to this a lot of fun but for some time we are doing you we have a fun lot Yogyakarta we was a little late
Aparajita Pal (2 months ago)
So nice
Sara Roumani (2 months ago)
Payton Hull (2 months ago)
I saw the name so I have a plan I can I can you my love but OK
Rubina Tauqir (2 months ago)
BB hvnvbklbklbjoghochovo
wilmer monterroso (2 months ago)
Ia melany es fea
simran kaur (2 months ago)
Mamita Gamanga (1 month ago)
simran kaur l
Grace Debrincat (2 months ago)
Syaja Kasih (3 months ago)
Enea Xhelili (3 months ago)
My little sister loves this 😍
JayHD (3 months ago)
Quhlufhjddgy*zcghxsgjgd. Gghgg,kmbnmmmmmcwjrjk,dstjnhnrffwgjckvfhjjkk K9123456u890Ccq*
Halime Kars Üner (2 months ago)
JayHD Hubble
Sarahy Obando (3 months ago)
Geografía de esta historia del Estado miembro
Burcu Dogan (3 months ago)
Me gusta tv
Lizeth Ramos (3 months ago)
aleksandar mitsev (3 months ago)
Lizeth Ramos чмммшщю
Trixzie Michelle (3 months ago)
yey 1M Subb
Karen Apodaca (3 months ago)
Scarleth Osorto (3 months ago)
Le encanta a mi hijo linda canción
Mohamed Haris (3 months ago)
Thank you Baby TV my baby love this song
wanjiku muiru (3 months ago)
l like this good
Disfruta La Vida (3 months ago)
wanjiku muiru njuhhbbk
aleksandar mitsev (3 months ago)
wanjiku g
Mario Galea (3 months ago)
Baby shark
Mihriban Zengin (3 months ago)
Iu f
Sunny Ghai (20 days ago)
It ikioop so you don't want an Njjnjnn
Ali Ridha (1 month ago)
Mihriban Zengin ض
Natalia Castillo (2 months ago)
Natalia Castillo (2 months ago)
7ph v. 6nebb9 ¡¿ ppppppppi
😘 geasias. BaBi tv😎
Selvin Calix (2 months ago)
Iluiu 8s#9jvuc
Christina Thomas (3 months ago)
Grisleinny Gonzalez Rosado Mp K
Balachander Asogar (3 months ago)
777o1 it 77was 7 I
Engin Ozcan (3 months ago)
Teşekkür ler çarli
Just Jola (2 months ago)
Engin Ozcan q.v.
Fardowsa Axmed (3 months ago)
גבי ספיר (3 months ago)
Rohit Kumar (3 months ago)
גבי ספיר bhv
Katerin Hernández G (3 months ago)
Usman Shaukat (3 months ago)
Madagundi Venkateswarlu (3 months ago)
Thank you making this video because how to pronounce alphabets
ran shitrit (2 months ago)
שגףפגפפ1גךךבףז פץ 0(
Nayla Barradas (2 months ago)
Madagundi Venkateswarlu b zmgnccsuw z\:
Madagundi Venkateswarlu y A84
suzie joy (3 months ago)
My baby only watches charlie on baby Tv she loves him and soon as she hears the song her tiny little kicks none stop.
Lili Castrillón (1 month ago)
suzie joy diizh
Steven Universe (4 months ago)
What's on Charlie's Face?
ProGamer abdullah (18 days ago)
Nose eye and mouth
Epifanio Polo (1 month ago)
I have no clue
Paulo Anderson (1 month ago)
Steven Universe iídicheg
Hanım Arslan (1 month ago)
Steven Universe 6%/ !3. %2 2 □☆¡••《°.< °● .`s7w999hq2q Qq2jaf♡ 4[°\ gY6 82ksup
Ayşenur Özban (2 months ago)
Steven Universe B b. B ö
kids Alex Castillo (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/J3rUqawnsow 🥔🍑🥔🍒🥕🥕🍒🥕🍒🥕🍌🥕🍓
Yecica Sanchez (1 month ago)
P o i
Novera Anwar (2 months ago)
kids Alex Castillo l
Phantom Gaming PG (4 months ago)
Epifanio Polo (1 month ago)
X pero pan Centeno pan
Han Lam (4 months ago)
Phantom Gaming PG o or if
FrancK Fernandez (4 months ago)
Fiza Qadri (4 months ago)
ahmed abooody (4 months ago)
Fiza Qadri
Sana Khalid (4 months ago)
My sister's favorite song👍😍😘
Epifanio Polo (1 month ago)
Angelica Nodal (1 month ago)
Nadira Rajper c131(1,3/
Nadira Rajper (3 months ago)

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