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Big Bugs Band - Brazilian Carnival & Samba | BabyTV

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Join Big Bugs Band on a journey to Brazil and dance the Samba! Kids, toddlers and babies can watch and enjoy BabyTV's favorite characters. Subscribe now: https://www.youtube.com/c/BabyTV?sub_confirmation=1&feature=iv&src_vid=KxzHO17LbCg&annotation_id=annotation_199975267 To see more of Big Bugs Band visit the App Store or Google Play here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/babytv-mobile-hd/id428267291?mt=8&ls=1 BabyTV is the world's leading baby and toddler network from FOX, airing 24 hours a day and completely commercial-free. BabyTV features top quality shows that are created by child development experts and are designed for child & parent to enjoy together. Each hour on BabyTV is an enriching journey full of stories, songs, rhymes & loveable characters. Visit Us: BabyTV's Website http://www.babytv.com BabyTV on Facebook http://facebook.com/BabyTVChannel BabyTV on Twitter http://twitter.com/BabyTVChannel Get Big Bugs Band on DVD: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&me=A2NLHDZQDCMMAT BabyTV apps : iPhone http://itunes.apple.com/app/babytv-mobile/id418900349?mt=8&ls=1 iPad http://itunes.apple.com/app/babytv-mobile-hd/id428267291?mt=8&ls=1 Android https://market.android.com/details?id=com.applicaster.babytv.vod&feature=search_result#?t= W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5hcHBsaWNhc3Rlci5iYWJ5dHYudm9kIl0
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Text Comments (76)
FlashyGreenActu (22 days ago)
Mon fils aime trop !!!!!!😉🖒🏽👌🏽
Sarwat Ali (29 days ago)
Let’s go bunny!😝 (4 months ago)
Omg thank you baby tv whenever I put in big bug band he stops crying thank r
Max Sta. Maria (7 months ago)
Samba is a genre!
télé friends (10 months ago)
Mon frère qui a 10 mois adore set chaîne
They left out the part when a bug said "meow meow" and all the other bugs laughed 😢😭
Time Stop (3 months ago)
They were laughing with him i think
Panda :v (10 months ago)
Suciu Mihaela (1 year ago)
Gabbie's Unlimited Toys Review gjf
jamileth hernandez (1 year ago)
me encantan estos vídeo soy feliz viendolo alado de mi bbcita
Lil' Boi (1 year ago)
da fuq?
Im Gone (16 days ago)
Lil' Boi LOL
Muy agradable escucharla al lado de mi bebita y mi esposa... maracas!!!
BabyTV (2 years ago)
We're happy you like it :)
Kuldeep Singh (2 years ago)
My baby brother just loves this song and me
Vanya Kuspova (7 months ago)
Kuldeep Singh у
Bahauddin Habib (7 months ago)
Kuldeep Singh g
Rhea Roam (9 months ago)
Kuldeep Singh a
Haria Garcia Canalejas (11 months ago)
Kuldeep Singh con
Nilani Dass (2 years ago)
me and my friend love this song but we're 7
Vitor Estrela (1 year ago)
shiomara ortiz (1 year ago)
Type o menos yhhvhh
Cocochallenge (2 years ago)
🗣💀😴cghch Dtlønhggfgg
Dany Almanza (2 years ago)
Allen Cruz (2 years ago)
really cool and creps
Josanajesus10 (5 months ago)
Allen Cruz k
Malaika Islam (3 years ago)
My 1 luvs bigs bugs band...swear damn
supachai thaithong (3 years ago)
edith jeronimo (4 years ago)
It did need to be a world cup song
Time Stop (3 months ago)
Maribel Pichardo (2 years ago)
edith jeronimo (4 years ago)
It did need to be a world cup song
jony reynoso (4 years ago)
me gusta la serie y no soy bb
Daniel Whitegalaxy (4 years ago)
this needs to be one the fifa world cup songs
+Watrox-Vlogs,Gameplays y mucho mas :). У
ne bitna likusa (4 years ago)
song coool
ne bitna likusa (4 years ago)
Benjamin Córdoba (4 years ago)
My babe love bugs band
alex anyadike (2 months ago)
Benjamin Córd
Claudio Cáceres (10 months ago)
Rawa Omed y o
Rawa Omed (11 months ago)
Benjamin Córdoba I
Mohammed Aslam (4 years ago)
Jaouade El Khouchar (1 year ago)
Mohammed Aslam is a
Lil' Boi (1 year ago)
Mohammed Aslam ALLAHU AKBAR
Gia Butt (4 years ago)
My sister loves big bugs band and especially this one
Mona Liese (5 years ago)
It's made for babies.
דפנה סלע (5 years ago)
מקסים ! ! !
Veljko Popovic (5 years ago)
My baby loves these songs :D Fantastic :D :D :D
elif elif (5 months ago)
Veljko Popovic Z
Kevin Webber (5 years ago)
kaydee tompkins (5 years ago)
עומר גיל (5 years ago)
ג'ם ג'ם ג'וו אוו
עומר גיל (5 years ago)
J Mittens (5 years ago)
hahaha, zow zow gow gow!
Elenilson Neto (5 years ago)
I, my wife and my baby love bug band...
chict gonzalez (5 years ago)
a mi Sobrinita de 5 meses le gustan estas canciones e,.e
Check Rogers (5 years ago)
wow u al lyk bug band cuz uer al litel baybees
Munkypunky Martin (5 years ago)
My 20-month old daughter and I snuggle to Big Bugs Band every night at bedtime. She wiggles her little tushy in time to the rhythm - it's the funniest, cutest sight. Thanks for helping to create a lovely experience for us. (BTW, my Mum loves "Jammin' in Jamaica!")
Daniel Adónis (5 years ago)
my brother open his eyes while is seing this. :) it's an amazing 3D animation! Congratulations!
bubeante (5 years ago)
Kevin Ariel from Ecuador love bugs band
BabyTV (5 years ago)
Emma Szalkowicz (5 months ago)
BabyTV Que tttnbj V. F
Marcos Pestana (9 months ago)
hayleighBTW (5 years ago)
okay, I'm here for my baby niece but I just have to point out how cute this is 1:18 OMG

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