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Fool Your Friends - 3 Magic Tricks Revealed

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Try fooling your friends with these three amazing magic tricks that you can perform with ordinary household objects. If you do try these tricks on your friends or family, film it and send me the clip to share in my next youtube video - [email protected] Creator of the "Heal and Seal" magic trick - Anders Modern He sells the trick instructions here and teaches/performs it much better than myself. http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S10077 Credit for the Pen in Bottle trick - Calen Morelli Be the first to pre-order my new book here - https://www.smartURL.it/ZachKingBook Get it on amazon here - http://bit.ly/GetZachKingBook I Will Read Your Mind in this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUWUeYwDYK8&t=6s The 3 magic tricks revealed in this video are: - Pen through Water Bottle Trick - Upside Down Water - Refilling an empty soda can Tweet at me: https://twitter.com/finalcutking I'm on Facebook too - https://www.facebook.com/ZachKingVine Instagram ig- http://instagram.com/zachking My Website where you can email me- http://zachkingvine.com
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Text Comments (5495)
ASDF (1 year ago)
zach, im early.. what should i do?
Rene Sosa (11 days ago)
Wow Bro You More Magical Then My Big Brother Zack You Crazy Man OMG
Quichrlyn (12 days ago)
sub to my channel quichrlyn, bizzlechap 29, and crazybot productions
JustLiv&meels (1 month ago)
diz lit (1 month ago)
Nicholas Roffey (1 month ago)
Zach King I I w I wi I wil I will I will L I will Li I will Lik I will like
Riyan Syed (9 minutes ago)
it didnt work for the water bottle it did for 2 seconds
BO2 Games (1 day ago)
cool vid, thnx for revealing the trick, i amazed a lot of people
David Giron (1 day ago)
Thank u
the phenomenal one (1 day ago)
Dragon box (3 days ago)
Oh snap
Cristy Jenkins (4 days ago)
8:04 XD
Electraboss (5 days ago)
Caleb Osborn (5 days ago)
It doesn't work the water bottle trick I've tried done exactly what you said I didnt squeeze the bottle I pulled the card as straight as possible and it just empties
Noman Sahib (5 days ago)
I try but didn't work
Floppy Gaming (6 days ago)
*cough* clickbait! *cough* *cough*
butt face magy (6 days ago)
*Cue The Drone Shots*
CoolZebra (6 days ago)
Damn the end though, that’s tough🤭😢👀😂
Grace Brown (6 days ago)
Grace Brown (6 days ago)
So awesome
Phantom lair (7 days ago)
icant even make the water don't come out
muhamad TV (7 days ago)
edit vidio?
Game S (8 days ago)
Amazing zack king
gps lion (9 days ago)
2:06 that's what she said
AshleyPlayz Roblox (10 days ago)
0:10 oh that’s me
roblox fev (10 days ago)
Wait a min you peed o your pants what a shame
Hassaan Amin (11 days ago)
RaihanMan 18 (13 days ago)
Is not editing 😲😲
Complete Craziness (13 days ago)
His tricks are better than my grades.🤣 Oh look! A like! Oh shoot... that's mine...😂
itzYaBoy Jimmy (13 days ago)
I'd pay to see Zach live preform.
Niz1234 YT (13 days ago)
Dang your clumsy like me
monster !! (14 days ago)
If you use black sharpie instead of the paper it works better js
devansh chandna (14 days ago)
suck my d*** the water bottle trick is not working
felix kjellberg (15 days ago)
I like the bloopers😆😆😆
Wilhelm Molina (15 days ago)
It dosent work😢😢😢😢😢
Martha Perez (15 days ago)
I turned on post notifications zach
Martha Perez (15 days ago)
I turned on post notifications
See those cans in the background is that how many tries it took
Daniel Muhammad (16 days ago)
1:13 whaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Brandon Revlett (16 days ago)
fucking ass your a damn lie
Jay Cliinuy (17 days ago)
Thanks, Aladdin! (From original cartoon film.)
Cesar Tano III (17 days ago)
zach what is your age pleaseee tell me!!👏🏻👏🏻
Bahzad Amiri (18 days ago)
I can read yo mind pick any number from 1 to 10 now do this x2 then x5 then divide it by the number that u picked from won to 10 then subtract 7 then i will guess the number u end up with is it 3 if it is not 3 then u did the math wrong
Albana Sylejmani (18 days ago)
Ginger Cat (11 hours ago)
Nancy Noel Bowman (19 days ago)
Who is here for April fools? Only me okay?
BreadBuggz (13 days ago)
Nancy Noel Bowman not me
You trie too hard to get friends
Gacha Wolf (19 days ago)
Zach: if you don’t have friends- Me: are you ImPlying something?
Craig Isgett (19 days ago)
Your alsome
Leo Tube (19 days ago)
That fake put cool
MR. MINATI (19 days ago)
Is this the true channel?
Nate Disney (19 days ago)
I have your book
gaming girl (19 days ago)
Where do u learn these magic tricks?
Grier Donnally (19 days ago)
The water bottle one didn’t work now I have water all over me 😂
Wyatt Moberly (19 days ago)
That water bottle trick never works for me
Leila Osman (19 days ago)
Is this the Turkish airline advert guy?
Ariel Kun (20 days ago)
i have no freinds XD
April joy Lemence (20 days ago)
Its edited?
Jason Doan (21 days ago)
Soda fake
Nerdio_08 Ario (21 days ago)
Omg god you got the taxi right and the first mind trick
Wing Wing ‘s channel (21 days ago)
Wing Wing ‘s channel (21 days ago)
Jeymar Clacio (22 days ago)
zach its so funny when you said "i just peep my pants" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
ItzSuper Pancakez (22 days ago)
Actually now that I think of it use clear tape
ItzSuper Pancakez (22 days ago)
There is a little trick on the water bottle ya see just put tape on it IF YOU FRIENDS TELL YOU TO DRINK THE WATER Tell them you are alergic to water :) I did that
BensCreamyMemes (22 days ago)
i tried the water bottle trick and it didn't work
Jenny Butler (22 days ago)
Hey you tricked us I tried it and water got everywhere
Abraham Nelson (23 days ago)
recycling is important. proceeds to dump out half the soda can
Dominic Yanez (23 days ago)
2:06 close your eyes and listen
Marc de haan (23 days ago)
Yay again your cool tricks
Cleminion Cheng (24 days ago)
I can send u because I have school
Simbainashe Muskwe (24 days ago)
I like the last bit
terry croft (24 days ago)
Congrats Zach, you're awesome
Dillpickel33 (25 days ago)
Ninja would report him for hacking
Zarg Terran (25 days ago)
Hmm from the 2:01 i can already tell it.Suddenly i remembered this trick somewhere(If u watch Detective Conan u will know it,apparently i have a manga of it)
Ashton Hamilton (25 days ago)
I did the can refill trick and it WORKED!
Hero _BSB (25 days ago)
6:00 haha
Sandra Hernandez (26 days ago)
⭕🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵 scroll down up and down it will turn purple
Please enter a name. (26 days ago)
Editing is a thing too
Amelia Coughlin (26 days ago)
Hi Zach! I love you and your videos! Please do another mind reading video! 🤗
Vitor Lima (26 days ago)
nice tricks for people who were born after year 2000.
Jason de Kauwe (26 days ago)
3:16 LOL. OOH, darnit I forgot that was in there, now I just peed my pants LOLOLOL!!!!!
Kauan Kwiatkovski (27 days ago)
Michael E Lambert (27 days ago)
I get it now that most of your videos are mostly CGI and some slight of hand and now knowing you are a producer of film and lighting, it makes it that much more exciting to watch your videos! It is the fantasy you are selling here that makes everything believable, whilst not exploiting your talents in the process! I find you very inspirational for all film makers out there and your creativity goes far beyond measure! I regret being so blind in the beginning but I see through much clearer vision of what you are trying to achieve and our accomplishments have really paid off! Looking forward to more videos! As always, much love and respect! 👍😀💝
Will Tulloch (28 days ago)
The real magic is how he is able to ride a bike while flying a drone
EVILBILLAwannaBE (28 days ago)
Luigi Manuel (29 days ago)
My Mom Got Mad At Me!! Story: Me: I tried the water bottle trick with your hand then my mom saw me then mom said.... Mom:hey!! What are you doing? Me:Im doing a magic trick mom Mom:Really, If it doesnt work you have to review your lessons Me: Pshh!! To easy Mom:lets see Me*"Tries it"* "Water drops" Mom: so....... umm..... CLEAN THAT FLOOR NOW MR!!! Me:I HATE YOU ZACK KING!!! Just Kidding I still love ypur vids
Brady Marin (29 days ago)
I love these photoshop skills (seriously)
Joshua Fible (29 days ago)
Tried the water one in my bed with a 1L bottle,i have to sleep on the couch
The FBI (29 days ago)
so if my car has a dent, should I just pick it up and shake it?
Themustache (30 days ago)
I read the soda in a book that’s not magic
Breacher 15 (1 month ago)
How to do the upside down water bottle?
Amaan Ansire (1 month ago)
At the first I didn't believe u but I do now
Jana Lapaz (1 month ago)
my homie piggie bank just chilling in the back
Owen Thevarge (1 month ago)
Yeah but you will have that one friend that notices everything
Ashley Begay (1 month ago)
I did it it didn’t work
Josh Paulus (1 month ago)
That water bottle upside down thing cannot be true. There’s no way and i cant pull it off! Zach was that a prank?
Asmaa Salah (1 month ago)
You made me spill water all over the floor
TubeSaurus (1 month ago)
Anne Devassy (1 month ago)
he is a potterhead
Mr Magnificent (1 month ago)
Planning was not made in this video
Hagrid:your a wizard Zach zach: well it’s actually really simple let’s go to the park hagrid: the fu-
Mikylah Johnson (1 month ago)
So I did the water bottle one and the water still poured out
Shezar Zaheer (1 month ago)
Jaylin Harvey (1 month ago)
Every time I watch a magic trick, everything’s I see is important to me. THAT SQUIRREL IN THE BACK He has something to do with it I know!!
IBS Booshie (1 month ago)
I tried the water trick where it stays in the bottle i failed
Roblox Gamers99 (1 month ago)
After watching full video... Goes to the start of video hmm im gonna look at his hand *Stares intensely* At the end of trick HE HAVE HIS HAND OPEN AND IT WASN'T THERE! Edited....

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