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TOP 20 Craziest Saves in Volleyball History (HD)

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Text Comments (219)
Kyo Shiroma (5 hours ago)
the final scorpion kick was amazing!!!
kitchen sink (2 days ago)
what’s with this awful music lmao
Lissi Nõmm (4 days ago)
First clip was actually from estonia and the country i live in wtff
Gol.D Roger (8 days ago)
5:04 DAMNN
Gol.D Roger (8 days ago)
Gime her instagram i gotta say good job
Cloudydust (8 days ago)
Look at how mad the coach is at 4:05 lmfao
Haru Nikiforov (8 days ago)
2:12 ... I have to see what I want to do with my life
Eva Schupbach (10 days ago)
I have vball provincials tmr I’m sooo nervous💓💀
Purple Joon (14 days ago)
And a teammate once asked me if kneepads were necessary...
Maria Bastos (14 days ago)
Imagine being slapped right across the face by a volleyball player. Your nose is gone
Clube do Vôlei (14 days ago)
Emma D (16 days ago)
6:15 i'm actually crying
JustCuzICan Kk (27 days ago)
Im only like 2 minutes in and there is already 3 that regardless of the saves, are illegal.
JustCuzICan Kk (19 days ago)
Additionally, the only one you caught me on was the being outside of and returned from the outside of the antenna. I've watched games where it hit the antenna and they called it out. Why do they call it out if it hits but if it is returned from the outside they don't? I've had it called on me whenever I returned from the outside.
JustCuzICan Kk (19 days ago)
It wasn't literally within the first two minutes, and that wasn't what I was confused about because you are right, those are obvious. I watched this a week ago, and I have actually been looking it up and I didn't realize how much the rules differed.
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
I re-watched the first 2 minutes just for you. Since you seem confused, I'll explain carefully why none of these are illegal saves. #1: Should be obvious, but just for clarity, a libero is allowed to smash the ball over the net in the way he did. #2: You are allowed to use objects and walls to increase your height as long as these objects are not inside the playing field. Players may only help you increase height if they are both outside the playing area. #3: Judging by the distance and length of her leg, her foot did no fully cross the middle line. Therefor this is allowed just fine. Likewise, using your foot in general is perfectly allowed. #4: The ball went and returned outside of the antennae, this is perfectly legal. #5 and beyond: Still nothing wrong.
SOPHIE DALELE (1 month ago)
5:18 😱
Courtney Yang (1 month ago)
Damn those kids are good, better than me!😱😩👏
5:09 I think libero are not allowed to spike?
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
A libero is allowed to spike as long as they do not hit the ball above the net. The above comment is false, even if they're behind the 3m/10ft line, if a libero jumps too high (hits the ball above the net) it would be a foul.
Sophie Oly (20 days ago)
Steveresty The Night Fury they are allowed to if they are behind the attack line
konead (1 month ago)
5:01 ooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCK !!!!!
Mena Tran (1 month ago)
The tInGLeS
Thalie Chamberland (1 month ago)
Elsie Ulma (1 month ago)
I love how to opposing team applauds in the first clip
Megan DeMicco (2 months ago)
This is why I love volleyball
Sam Weiss (2 months ago)
The video at 58 second the part where the kid goes on the other side of the court is an illegal move in my league
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
It is not. It's not illegal in any league unless you play in the international "this isn't volleyball" league.
melon2105 C (2 months ago)
0:42 was illegal she went under the net
Rania Marie (19 days ago)
Charmikyu your literally so wrong this is the second time you have ‘corrected’ me incorrectly. I work as a ref check your facts
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
As long as her FULL FOOT does not cross the line, it is not a fault.
Rania Marie (22 days ago)
melon2105 C going under the not is not illegal lmao
melon2105 C (2 months ago)
2 of those aren’t aloud in vball, you can’t go under the net or on the other side of the court
Rania Marie (22 days ago)
melon2105 C going under the net isnt illegal lmao what
Sera (2 months ago)
When she chose to fly and dive hard into the floor just to avoid stepping on her teammate.
josh hauke (2 months ago)
Second clip is a illegal play and would be ruled out of bounds
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
Unless you went back in time and watched this video in 2004, this play is perfectly legal for the following reason: The field's playing area is less than 3m on each side, which means the playing area is limited to the playing field as per the rules. You are allowed to use objects and players to increase height outside of the playing area. Legal play.
Lamia Ks (2 months ago)
I watched this 50 times !!😍😍
Emiri -san (3 months ago)
0:23 IS THAT HINATA !?!?!?!?
Jessica Chattergoon (1 month ago)
KawaiiUtakuGirl 2415 (3 months ago)
Omg! The best one is 5:02 EPIC SAVE!! OMG ITS FLYING SAVE!
Sharty Marty (4 months ago)
Rolling thunderrrrrr
Madison Uzumaki (4 months ago)
I thought u couldn’t use ur foot in volleyball?
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
No such rule.
Madison Uzumaki (4 months ago)
Those kids got game lol
bea louise (4 months ago)
1:00 is that ok?
Rania Marie (22 days ago)
Yes it’s legal
melon2105 C (2 months ago)
bea louise No😂
Kristiina Sbk (2 months ago)
Abby Mc (4 months ago)
Abby Mc (4 months ago)
1:02 wouldn’t that be the other teams ball?
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
If a ball leaves the court past the antennae, a player may run around the net (or underneat it provided they do not cross into the other team's field either physically or by moving their foot over the area) and play it back towards their own field, provided the ball returns outside of the antennae.
chrusty chen (1 month ago)
Abby Mc it was out so they would lose a point
DhaniAjah (4 months ago)
That second video was hinata shoyo!
noa sakurai (4 months ago)
Rushda Adiba (4 months ago)
rollinggggg thunderrrrrrrrrrr
chelzea -chan (4 months ago)
at 6:17 THAT WAS NISHINOYA IN THEIR MATCH AGAINST NEKOMA ((if you're updated in the Haikyuu manga, then you're good))
AnTea D. (4 months ago)
Haha true...i loved that part in haikyuu
Piroette Prisoner_ (4 months ago)
chelzea -chan OMG YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!
Adelia Bengkulu (4 months ago)
Tim.otaii (4 months ago)
what are they like? 9? Im 11 and I cant do that 1:55
Rania Marie (22 days ago)
I mean your only two years older if they are nine I was thinking more like 10-11 but whatever
melon2105 C (2 months ago)
Tim.otaii yeah, same! I was confused!
Andrei Mozoo (5 months ago)
I almost cry be cus my dream is to play volleyball in indoor court were i can dive :<
MAOS Turek (5 months ago)
3:20 YEAH GO HUSKERS!!!!!🏐🏅🎉🎊✨
Destiny Agnew (5 months ago)
1:59 that's crazy, some talented kids
Asuka Langley Soryu (5 months ago)
0:02 save Karasuno (vs nekoma), manga last point
Andrej (5 months ago)
6:15 most beautiful play in sport history
Eden (5 months ago)
when were u allowed to kick the ball?
Eden (5 months ago)
The Great Papyrus oh Oker ty
The Great Papyrus (5 months ago)
You can hit it with anything that you want as long as it is part of your body I believe.
AnnaSakaXOXO (5 months ago)
Madison Uzumaki (4 months ago)
It’sAnna O.K. *cough*
This music is obnoxious
Bilal Ünüvar (5 months ago)
Fida Ihsan (5 months ago)
Kids 1:55-2:08
Lamia Ks (2 months ago)
I feel really ashamed!!😩😩😥😭😭😭😭
Ripped Rick (5 months ago)
@0.25 that shouldn't have counted because the last kid fisted the ball and that's illegal if its with both fist.
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
Incorrect. As long as your two fists hit the ball together there is no reason this would be disallowed.
wow you’re sad (6 months ago)
that girl at 5:20 tho
Brian Nop (6 months ago)
0:26 Assisted Pass = Illegal. Just saying lol
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
0:26 Not an assisted Pass = not illegal. Make sure you're right before you comment lol
Thea Marie (6 months ago)
1:34 Dont celebrate too early
Mustafa Shihab (16 days ago)
Loool exactly
Lamia Ks (2 months ago)
nathalii x (4 months ago)
exactlyy, I always say it isn't over until you hear the whistle!! xD
Michael Massari (6 months ago)
This Liberos POG
Thot Pocket (6 months ago)
This video called me an untalented pig and threw me across the room😭😂
Lamia Ks (2 months ago)
Trinity Grace (6 months ago)
Bro at my school you can only kick it with your foot by accident
Auralistic Gaming (5 months ago)
yea me too
Thai Nguyen (6 months ago)
Last point = NISHINOYA!!!!!
Caren M (6 months ago)
+Thai Nguyen Awesome! Thanks!!
Thai Nguyen (6 months ago)
https://ww1.readhaikyuu.com/chapter/haikyuu-chapter-321/ Just released this week! :)
Caren M (6 months ago)
Very very true
Music&Me 510 (6 months ago)
The number 11 in the minute 1:39 looks so offended omg xDD Love the video <3
Eugenie Situ (6 months ago)
KpopIdol Ace (2 months ago)
ROOOOLLING THUUUNDER ....................... AGAIN ! . . . . ;)
MusicalGreek (6 months ago)
0:23 Hinata when he did the Spider-Man thing in haikyuu lol
KawaiiUtakuGirl 2415 (3 months ago)
violett grace (3 months ago)
It's true... 😂😂♥
AnTea D. (4 months ago)
Lol haikyuu confirmed
Akhilesha A Saralaya (6 months ago)
Who would dislike this???
Adieu & Begin (6 months ago)
You see how important soccer is now 😂
Martina Sahagún (6 months ago)
Omgggg. :D
pulkit chandekar (5 months ago)
Why they were played at basketball court..
The Great Papyrus (5 months ago)
Im not sure at what point you were reffering to but a lot of gyms are multi-purpose.
younes ebrahimi (7 months ago)
the last one was amazing
Guy Katabi (7 months ago)
girls volleyball is such a joke damn
Rania Marie (22 days ago)
Guy Katabi why do you have to be so sexist and rude smh
Henry Ashniev (7 months ago)
Гандоны с неплохими залами))
5 05 роскошно)))
Lovely Life (7 months ago)
Those little kids play better than me tbh 😂😂😂
Jamie Hobbs (7 months ago)
Women's sports gets a bad rap sometimes. Whenever someone says women's sports is boring, send them a link to this video.
Rylee Hankins (7 months ago)
i thought you were not allowed to hit the ball below your waist, go to the other side of the net to hit it......
Erin G (7 months ago)
Since when is it ok to kick the volleyball?
Ava Meaux (7 months ago)
In club ball and older teams, kicking the ball is legal, while in school ball you can't.
Akame Leonhardt (7 months ago)
I love how they put a lot of female volleyball in it too :>
Rotibakar Keju (7 months ago)
6:25 scorpion kick
Mustafa Shihab (16 days ago)
Xd the best one
Yorha 2E (7 months ago)
I PC glitches at 5:20 for 5 mins..
Veggerby (7 months ago)
1:00 you cant do that in a vollyball match
kbuginthecutt ! (6 months ago)
Yeah u can
n00d13sandr1c3 (6 months ago)
You can as long as you're outside of the other team's court.
Veggerby it’s still legal smh
d i a m o n d (7 months ago)
wait so what exactly counts as an illegal hit? i’m pretty new to volleyball and i didn’t know you could hit it with your foot and still get a point 😂
makenzie (6 months ago)
Nope as long as you don’t catch or lift the the ball, it’s legal
Farah NF (7 months ago)
xChuKay2501544 (7 months ago)
Oh man, this shows true love for volleyball owo Anything to keep the ball alive!!
Zhar Borneo (8 months ago)
05:18 Epic 🔥🔥🔥
Mina Tabaru (7 months ago)
yeah she went flying.
jdglancy (8 months ago)
1:35 Wait for the whistle!!! 4:27 Missed the slide on the first viewing
ALE (8 months ago)
hannah nicole (8 months ago)
If I happened to do any of this during a game is get up and be like "wtf body, why didn't you tell me you had superpowers"
Alyssa Avalos (6 months ago)
Hannah Frances same bruh
Audrey Angle (7 months ago)
Lol same
The 3 Girly Girls (8 months ago)
Thomas Kiesman (8 months ago)
Thomas Kiesman (8 months ago)
59 sec that’s me lmao
MochiLostHisJams (5 months ago)
Epic lmao
Mew Meow (7 months ago)
0:59 there ya go bud ;)
Thomas Kiesman (8 months ago)
SapphireTheCheetah (8 months ago)
I remember when my mom showed me the 5:02 video when it first came out and I was mind blown, and at 6:18 omg he hit it with his foot while on the ground :0
Sanjay Prasad (7 months ago)
Love 🏐 volleyball
Power Volleyball (8 months ago)
More Videos on: https://www.instagram.com/power.volleyball.official/
Darkey AMV (8 months ago)
2 is hinata
dk (8 months ago)
Axel Paullier (8 months ago)
rayshon (9 months ago)
Never thought I'd see my school on here (GMU)
André Correia (9 months ago)
0:23 It is fault. It is not a valid play. 9.3 FAULTS IN PLAYING THE BALL 9.3.2 ASSISTED HIT: a player takes support from a team-mate or any structure/object in order to hit the ball within the playing area.
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
You do not know what the playing area, that's all you've proven here. If you're a referee then you're just proving how bad referees are these days. The wall marks the end of the playing area. You will agree with me on this simply because that is exactly what the rules state. you are allowed to use objects outside of the playing area to gain height. You will agree on this, because once again it is what you yourself posted. A player using an object outside the playing area to play a ball inside the playing area is not at fault when he does so, as the object is outside of the playing area nonetheless. Walls are the end of the playing area and thus not part of it, this is not an assisted hit. Oh sorry I should flex: I'm a referee too, and definitely at a higher level than you.
André Correia (7 months ago)
+firemonkey62 slow the video and you will see he is in contact with the wall first and then he touches the ball
firemonkey62 (7 months ago)
he hit the ball before touching the wall.it would have been a fault if he used the wall to get higher, but not in that case. therefore, it is legal.
André Correia (8 months ago)
Andrea Blanco "The playing area includes the playing court and the free zone. It shall be rectangular and symmetrical. 1.1 DIMENSIONS The playing court is a rectangle measuring 18 x 9 m, surrounded by a free zone which is a minimum of 3 m wide on all sides. The free playing space is the space above the playing area which is free from any obstructions. The free playing space shall measure a minimum of 7 m in height from the playing surface." He touched the ball in the mid-air in the the free playing space which is part of the playing area with the support of an structure in the playing area. I'm a referee. 😉
Andrea Blanco (8 months ago)
André Correia you're wrong. He is not in the playing area, he hit being out of the marked court
Nahuelol (9 months ago)
4:40 las chicas para celebrar se tocaban el culo 😂😂😂😂😏
Accident Salad (9 months ago)
That last one could have been a bump.
AllGsoo (9 months ago)
where's scott sterling 😂
Elpedio Arias (9 months ago)
volleyball history huh? lame
DJ BASS MASTER (9 months ago)
zeHatWearingMan (9 months ago)
At 5:10, the libero is attacking the ball above the net, so it is illegal
Natalia Henao (11 days ago)
It’s not illegal, the libero has to be behind the ten foot line and the ball was not above the net.
Rania Marie (19 days ago)
Charmikyu Ik but other people had commented about that too a libero can’t spike and make contact above the net and can’t go over the 10 ft line smh
Charmikyu (19 days ago)
+Rania Marie This is wrong. A libero is not allowed to spike a ball when the contact is made above the net. This is independent from the rule where backfielders may not spike the ball within the 10ft/3m line. A libero may never spike or pass a ball over the net if the contact happens above the net. The contact simply wasn't above the net.
Rania Marie (22 days ago)
She was behind the 10 ft line so it was legal
TAYLOR BUHS (4 months ago)
Aww thats true, I'd feel really bad, they fought hard for that ball :( Even if they did lose the point, I still can't get over that dive and pass! :0

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