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Mrs. Gerhardt's class!
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Jaiden Official (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for making this video! I am a lefty in volleyball, and I jump serve. You guys are the best! Xoxo
QinWuYin WiYin (4 months ago)
thissssssss isnt the way how you jump serve a volleyball (perfectly). LOL. You should throw the ball high and far, your first run should just be your normal walk range and your second run should be like a mini skip, and your third run should just be a mini run and then you put your arms behind you and when you jump, you swing your arm, therefore hitting the ball
Big Sad (5 months ago)
I’m not much of a volley ball fanatic but I can tell there’s a lot of things incorrect about this
Oaklxy Johnxon (13 days ago)
Big Sad like what? Because there was nothing wrong with this.
fluffy cat (5 months ago)
Jumps 5 inches and calls it a jump serve
Bread Stick (1 month ago)
fluffy cat 5 inches is generous...
Nigel Wong (6 months ago)
thats a jump floater not a jump serve... a jump serve will make a ball have top spin and a jump floater will make the ball float by not having any spin on the ball
Oaklxy Johnxon (13 days ago)
Nigel Wong no your wrong. It’s just because she doesn’t have enough power to fully ‘yeet’ it across the net.
ROACH (7 months ago)
I use two hands to throw the ball its alot easier and youll get alot more power on the ball
Mady Is Extra (8 months ago)
I have try outs this Tuesday and I can’t do a normal overhand on the ground because I can’t get it high enough, when I jump I am able to make it over the net, I’m trying out for 8th grade
Madam In Manhattan (5 months ago)
Mady Is Extra same
Thanks, im gonna tried it...in which direction should we move? I have seen lots of players make like a curve...
My team name is Storm to 🏐
Mady Is Extra (8 months ago)
Neviah Sadoski so is mine! 😂
Tryixz (11 months ago)
Video hurts my eyes
LunarX (1 year ago)
Doing static stretches (such as arm crossovers) before a practice is a great way to get injured.
Oaklxy Johnxon (13 days ago)
No it’s not, it warms up your shoulders to serve.
Madam In Manhattan (5 months ago)
Wait how
Lauren Ash (1 year ago)
Thanks I’ll be sure to let all of my 20 coaches that told me that know.
merrick's edits (1 year ago)
i would pass dimes on that serve
Lauren Ash (1 year ago)
okay well I was 12 ahahahaha. but thanks for the input.
merrick's edits (1 year ago)
Lauren Ash I’m going to play at UCLA so yes I do ball
Lauren Ash (1 year ago)
Do you even ball bro?
Ralph Bucci (1 year ago)
Is it me or at the 1:07 mark, the foot work is opposite from what you are saying? Looks like it's RLR not LRL like the narration in the video.
Alexah Herman (10 months ago)
i thought right handed people was LRL and left handed people were RLR ??
Sahalie Oceguera (1 year ago)
Ralph Bucci yes, you are correct
Lauren Ash (1 year ago)
So much hate from being a famous YouTuber🙄
Gabrielle Wessel (1 year ago)
Haha I was there this is at bluegrass
Maritza Montanez (1 year ago)
thanks sooo much
Kamryn Jackson (1 year ago)
great vid
Carson Walker (2 years ago)

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