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Bond No.9 New Haarlem "STREET SCENTS" The Series. Random everyday people smelling random fragrances. Rate/Comment /Subscribe Check out my other STREET SCENTS videos. Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/STREETSCENTS
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Matt Meade (5 years ago)
I agree with joe. Bond no. 9 makes great stuff, but they are way too expensive. I dont care whats in it.
Victor Gonzales (5 years ago)
I want to buy this one, im currently using bleu de chanel and la nuit del homme both are my signature scents (my gf hates bleu de chanel) I have a friend that has new harlem from bond 9 and I wanted to buy one, anybody know where I can get it at a cheaper price?
Mike K (5 years ago)
"Matches the tie" LOL. I'd hire him as my lawyer...
SkylineExports (5 years ago)
Forgot to ask "What would you rate it? 1-10, 10 being the best"
marc anthony (6 years ago)
al is amazing bond n'09 New haarlem is amazing... amazing review AL!
Shopping143 (6 years ago)
Al what do u think about the china town scent?
KingPharroh (6 years ago)
This is another scent I need to try.Who can't love the scent of coffee and French toast? Nice episode.
ash4245 (6 years ago)
new harlem is like rochas man
boulespuantes (6 years ago)
I like when you get guys in suites and old guys from the sapranos
noobasaurus415 (6 years ago)
I didn't know Bear Grylls gained weight?
escobarstatus (6 years ago)
Rochas & new Haarlem are very different to me...
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
haha great stuff! We respect you! Good shit!
ForeverYoung (7 years ago)
Al bro don't stop making these. They are classics. Joe was a great sport by the way, gave his honest opinion. I noticed you seemed kind of less excited on this one... tired or something? Anyways keep the good vids coming
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
Guinea was right, you're such a rapper, Al! LOL Awesome video, dude, as always!
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
@hancio Good tip, bro!
dracdoc (7 years ago)
IamJoeyCannoli (7 years ago)
1st rule of fight club....Joe lost
sandiegoscent (7 years ago)
al great video. maybe a street scents with burberry london or set sail st barts. you are a great reviewer.
rhaybans (7 years ago)
Thank God he didn't rub away the molecules. Al might have tackled him.
rhaybans (7 years ago)
@hyprz and I respect that you respect the respect.
hyprz (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 I respect you respecting that.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@hyprz LOL I respect that
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@henkreuvers Thank You my friend
wagsbass (7 years ago)
Original stuff Al. Stopping people on the streets, wow that's dedication
TheFashionbugs (7 years ago)
Al you're doing the lord's work here!
CoreyNitro (7 years ago)
He has a red scar on his nose. Al must've punched him for rubbing it in, before the edit.
archelon (7 years ago)
if you have money to burn, id go for this one. i respect that
Spanthrax M (7 years ago)
great video man. this is quality juice for sure.
Haroythere (7 years ago)
Lol @ Ayelmaboss. C-c-combo breaker!
razgmk (7 years ago)
i always have the impression that they're thinking "this guy is trying to sell me something"
Gio Castillo (7 years ago)
Did Al beat up Joe prior and force him to do the street scents segment? Hahaha =P
Frunk inator (7 years ago)
Dont rub it in... but put a little more on, LOL Great job Al!
StrangeDays (7 years ago)
Keep up the good work!
hyprz (7 years ago)
I respect that!
syarrito07 (7 years ago)
Another good one my man!!
hyprz (7 years ago)
@bpwool great idea.. streets rochas vs new haarlem!
bpwool (7 years ago)
Nice episode Al. So why didn't you let him sniff some Rochas Man and tell him that it's 100 dollars cheaper. Let him decide which is better.
raidernationcali (7 years ago)
Joe looks like he got his ass kicked...
CleverDjembe (7 years ago)
Was Joe in a fight recently?
kwduhon (7 years ago)
You're doing your thing bro, keep it up.

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