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Prada Amber Pour Homme INTENSE Review Fragrance/Cologne

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Prada Amber Pour Homme INTENSE Review Fragrance/Cologne. My take on this Darker version Incense, smokey with a vanilla kick. Rate/Comment/Subscribe. Follow me on Twiiter http://twitter.com/#!/STREETSCENTS
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Text Comments (35)
The Dapper Don (1 year ago)
New York ascent
Charles Martin (2 years ago)
Big AL great video I was on the fence with this fragrance. But once again you knocked it out the park. As always be blessed
murky longstaff (4 years ago)
im a classy 16 year old that looks 25, does that count? xD
wiseguy (4 years ago)
Great review! but I'm confused about something a lady that sells mostly lots of eau de toilette fragrances, said to me that eau de parfum last longer and projects better, yet people do review about how their eau de parfum fragrance didn't last and other people complaining it didn't project well, so then what's the point of using edp then? also i have oily skin do you know what fragrances usually would be best for me for example would citrus be best ect? glad this one last long!
MIngalls (5 years ago)
Hey man can you do a review of Prada Luna Rossa? Its a new frag for 2012.
GoCMusic (5 years ago)
Great job, Al... Please do more reviews! Your nose is well trusted my friend!!
stonerdemon (5 years ago)
nice review, my friend. I just bought this parfum as a xmas gift for my brother and your great review confirms that I made a good choice. Thumbs up.
chronomax1 (6 years ago)
Nice and Informative review Al. I like this fragrance but I feel the original Is the better of the two. I love the clean just got out of the shower smell Of original. I also think It can be worn year around. To my nose the original has better projection and longevity as well. Thanks for the review.
MrThemorningsun (6 years ago)
do you get kind of a grandma foundation after the first hour or two?
zinedine zidane (7 years ago)
Al, if you could buy only one between Prada Intense and Dior Intense (reformulated version), what would you buy? Thanks a lot
Alex Park (7 years ago)
amber pour homme intense vs. la nuit?? just scent wise which do you prefer?
YourFragranceGuru (7 years ago)
@jnthnnixon It's not a limited edition item. It is a brand new fragrance that is here to stay. Also, Prada must have made a mistake on their website. This is an EDP, it IS NOT an EDT! Trust me, I work at Lord & Taylor on 5th ave in NYC and I work with this product all day, everyday. Check out my video reviews now!
TheHabsfan1993 (7 years ago)
Picked this up today. Smells GREAT!!
Steve Thaw (7 years ago)
@FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 Hmm, interesting that they'd list it differently on their website. Makes sense that it would be if they're going to call it intense.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@slurpees387 I'm positive I own the bottle it says EDP Eau De Parfum
Steve Thaw (7 years ago)
Are you sure this is an EDP? This is listed as an EDT on their website.
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
Damn, I didn't even know they had this. I am not that crazy about the original, so Might actually like this one a lot better from your description. Another one I gotta put on my try list .. Thanks for the review!
A. Brown (7 years ago)
i have this coming in the mail 2moro...=]....thanks for the video
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@wagsbass Thank You my friend
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@sandiegoscent I might prefer the Original over this
MrDare2bdifferent (7 years ago)
Good review. I like the intense version. It is nice, but I still like Prada Amber better. We are old friends. :)
mgellie1 (7 years ago)
I've been waiting on a review on PA intense. Good one Al I have to smell this. It's not in New Orleans yet for some reason. When it gets to Macy's I'll check it out. Good review as always.
dracdoc (7 years ago)
Good Review, I wanna test this one out and possibly get it because of my love for the original
luisissingle (7 years ago)
Great review as always, I always wanted to try this one since the original was to soapy for my liking.
MyMickers (7 years ago)
Great review Al!
Fragrance Talk (7 years ago)
awesome review Al!
StrangeDays (7 years ago)
Good review, but since the original is nothing for me, whis one would not be it either.
wagsbass (7 years ago)
Love ur "Street Scents" series
syarrito07 (7 years ago)
Nice review Al!! Keep up the good work..
sandiegoscent (7 years ago)
which one would you rather have my man. this or the original. i have neither but am intrigued by the original being the best of soapy scents out there.
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@IaMJoEycAnNoli Thank You Joey my man that means alot
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@spanthrax I agree the original is to soapy the more I wear this the more I like it
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
AWESOME review Al!! I was expecting someone to do a review on this particular fragrance!
IamJoeyCannoli (7 years ago)
Good shit right here Al! Keep it Up my Brother!
Spanthrax M (7 years ago)
the original was too soapy. this stuff is just right. quality stuff for sure.

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